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Chapter 318: The Mastermind Behind the Star Beasts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Emperor Dragon Lion had just figured out this problem when Ye Xiao punched him in the chest again in the next second.

The huge fist print left a deep hole in his chest.

The huge impact made him like a cannonball, turning into a ray of light and falling rapidly.

In the end, he used a beam of light to shoot from the top of a 30,000-foot-tall mountain outside the Zhong City to the bottom of the mountain, crushing the 30,000-foot-tall mountain.


A terrifying explosion reverberated between heaven and earth.

Those Nine Provinces humans who were hiding in the seal could not help but tremble when they saw that scene.

What level of battle was that

The 30,000-foot-tall mountain crumbled in an instant.

The power of an attack had already exceeded the limits of human cognition.

The Emperor Dragon Lion did not die, and Ye Xiao did not use his full strength.

He was only testing out the power of his god techniques.

At that moment, he could already determine that at around 80 percent of his strength, he could already cause sufficient damage to the supreme divine beasts.

If his strength could reach 90 percent or even 100 percent, he would probably be able to instantly kill the supreme divine beasts.

Of course, Ye Xiao would not be too arrogant.

Although the Emperor Dragon Lion was a supreme divine beast, he had only just reached the level of a supreme divine beast with the help of the Seven Stars Alignment.

The strength of those old supreme divine beasts would definitely be much stronger than him.

However, since he had confirmed that god techniques were the same as imperial techniques and could cross ranks to fight, Ye Xiao was relieved.

That allowed him to still be invincible among those of the same rank.

Next, as long as he continued to raise his dragon energy and raise his strength to a higher level, he would not need to worry about fighting against old supreme divine beasts or emperors.

At that moment, the Emperor Dragon Lion had already struggled to get up from the ground.

Although he was heavily injured, his powerful body at the level of a supreme divine beast was not weak.

At that moment, he still had sufficient vitality.

With a thought, Ye Xiao had already arrived by his side.

The Emperor Dragon Lions mouth was flowing with pale golden blood.

He stared straight at Ye Xiao and gritted his teeth as he said,

“I didnt expect that I would actually fall at your hands.

However, dont be complacent too early.

Even if Im not your match, there are still 20 supreme divine beasts behind me!

“Furthermore, the divine blood refined from the other provinces will create another batch of supreme divine beasts.

“Even if you can suppress one of mine, can you suppress ten, dozens, or even hundreds of supreme divine beasts”

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Ye Xiao glanced at him and kicked him between his legs.


The Emperor Dragon Lion let out an extremely painful wail.

Ye Xiao slowly withdrew his foot and said indifferently,

“You have to stand properly after being beaten.

You still dare to threaten me with such nonsense.

Your brain has grown into your butt.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion had just had its arms chopped off by Ye Xiao, so it had no way of covering them.

It could only tighten its legs.

Its huge body curled up as it stared at Ye Xiao, wishing that it could swallow him alive.

However, it did not say another word, it was afraid that he would use another trick.

That d*mned human was simply devoid of conscience.

He actually kicked that place.

Could that place be kicked

He could already feel that one of his stars had already shattered, and that long one was already broken.

He had once thought that his star beasts eating humans was already enough of a beast.

However, when he saw the human race, he realized that star beasts eating humans was really a drop in the ocean compared to the human race.

Ye Xiao spoke again,

“I have something to ask you.

Is there anyone above you”

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery was only an imperial technique.

It was impossible to scan the other partys mental strength within the same level, so Ye Xiao could only use words and deeds to extract a confession.

The Emperor Dragon Lion, who was already in extreme pain, instantly narrowed his eyes, but he quickly denied it,

“I dont know what you mean!”

Ye Xiao stretched out his hand, and a nine-foot-long sword light extended from his hand.

“I saw you just now.

Your swords diameter is about one foot.

Look at this nine-foot-long sword of mine.

Can I cut it off for you”


Ye Xiao continued to speak,

“I only know that tiger stuff is used to soak in wine and can nourish the spirit.

I dont know if lions can do it.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion gritted his teeth and said,

“Be a human! Would it kill you to be a human”

Ye Xiao flicked his sword, and the sword light made of spiritual energy emitted a buzzing sound, causing the air to be filled with a chill.

“I also have a healing technique.

After cutting one, Ill let you repair it and then cut another.

I can open a shop and let every human be able to buy the medicinal wine that your treasure brewed.”


The Emperor Dragon Lion was so angry that he was on the verge of collapse.

That fellow was simply unreasonable.

What made him even angrier was that he was still unable to defeat Ye Xiao.


Helpless, he could only reply.

“From the God race”

The Emperor Dragon Lion nodded.

“Which god clan”

“I dont know about that.

Ive just advanced to a supreme divine beast and havent even met the person behind the scenes.”

Ye Xiao stared straight at him.

The Emperor Dragon Lion felt uncomfortable from being stared at.

“I… Ive only heard those seniors talk about some young master.

But I really dont know what kind of young master it is.”

Ye Xiao continued to stare at him and was so angry that the Emperor Dragon Lion roared.

“Even if you kill me, I still dont know.

Ive already told you everything I know.

What do you want me to do Dont go too far.

If you really go too far, you wont feel much better if I self-destruct.”

Ye Xiao used his sword light to pat the Emperor Dragon Lions face.

“Dont play any tricks on me.

Also, do you think you can self-destruct just because you want to in front of me If you self-destruct 10,000 times, I can revive you 10,000 times.

Do you believe me”

The Emperor Dragon Lion closed its eyes.

It did not want to see Ye Xiao humiliate it.

It would not be annoyed if it did not see.

Of course, it knew Ye Xiaos methods.

Before it came, it had already seen Ye Xiao make a move in the sky.

It had saved Cahill who had already self-destructed, and it had saved him in an instant.

Although Cahill was only at the lesser Emperor realm, if it could save Cahill in an instant, it could save him!

Ye Xiao raised his hand and sent a stream of spiritual energy into the Emperor Dragon Lions body, sealing its spiritual energy.

That way, without his unsealing, the Emperor Dragon Lion would not be able to release enough spiritual energy.

After that, he would put it in the star beast Farm and open a separate pit for it to be sealed with the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array.

Although Ye Xiao had never eaten lion meat before, it was thought that the taste of a supreme divine beast would not be bad.

That was the first supreme divine beast that he had caught, and it was very memorable.

He had decided to eat a few more pieces of his meat when he returned.

Following that, Ye Xiao stored the Emperor Dragon Lion into his spatial ring.

In his spatial ring, Cahill and the other star beasts that were ranked near the top of the star rankings were also constantly protecting and encouraging each other.

“Everyone, hold on.

A supreme divine beast has come to save us.

It wont be long before we can charge out.”

“Thats right.

A supreme divine beast is comparable to a human Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Moreover, I can sense that the one who came this time should be Senior Emperor Dragon Lion.”

Upon hearing the name Emperor Dragon Lion, the eyes of the other star beasts could not help but light up.

“Since its Senior Emperor Dragon Lion who came to save us, then its settled.”

“Senior Emperor Dragon Lion was already ranked 27th on the star rankings when he was at the Divine Beast realm.

Later on, he broke through to the Supreme Divine Beast realm and became ranked 21st on the star rankings.

Regardless of cultivation or battle experience, he shouldnt be underestimated.”

“Isnt that so Back then, when he was at the Divine Beast realm, he fought against four by himself.

He was even able to heavily injure one, cripple one, and kill two! He had made illustrious battle achievements and was even written into the Glorious Star Beast Strategies by other supreme divine beasts! He can definitely be considered to be the most dazzling new star among the younger generation of our star beasts in the past 10,000 years!”

The star beasts were in high spirits as if they could already see the dawn of victory!

However, at that moment, a huge figure was suddenly thrown into Ye Xiaos storage ring, smashing right into Cahills body.

“That d*mned human actually dares to throw things at me”

He angrily tore off the things on his body and ruthlessly kicked his huge body several tens of feet away.

Both sides had their cultivation sealed by Ye Xiao, so they could only rely on the strength of their bodies.

However, when they were close, no one could see his figure clearly.

After being kicked far away by Cahill, the star beasts finally saw his body clearly.

The air instantly fell into a dead silence.

“Why do I feel that this figure looks like the great, Emperor Dragon Lion”

The Emperor Dragon Lion that they were bragging about just now was thrown in by Ye Xiao Like a dead dog in the blink of an eye!

That human was a new Emperor realm martial arts expert, right

How could he be so strong

How exactly did he cultivate

Cahill shivered and hurriedly went forward to check.

“Its really Lord Emperor Dragon Lion! Lord Emperor Dragon Lion, are you alright This subordinate was agitated just now and offended you.

Please punish me.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion closed his eyes.

If it were any other time, he would have bitten Cahill to death.

At that moment, he could not open his eyes.

He was a supreme divine beast, but he had been beaten to such a state by a human emperor.

He had lost two of his arms and was beaten like a dead dog.

If he opened his eyes, it would be really embarrassing.

Instead of being embarrassed, he might as well pretend to be dead!

As long as he was not embarrassed, it would be others who would be embarrassed!

When Ye Xiao arrived at the Zhong City, Jiang Chen and Beitang Ce came up to him immediately.

“Ye Xiao, are you hurt”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

The two old men breathed a sigh of relief.

The joy in their eyes grew stronger.


He had fought against a supreme divine beast, who was as strong as a human Emperor realm martial arts expert, all by himself.

He had not been hurt at all.

He had even crippled him.

If it were any other prodigy who had just stepped into the Emperor realm, they would not be able to achieve such strength.

Not only was Ye Xiao a genius, but he was also a combat expert!

It was too rare and valuable..


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