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Chapter 317: My Full Strength, Is He Just Treating It as a Game

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In the sky, in that super-large hurricane tunnel, there were already bursts of lightning and thunder!

That was because the clouds were rotating too quickly, resulting in the phenomenon of friction and electricity.

Ones strength had reached the Supreme Divine Beast realm.

If they did not make a move, then so be it.

If they made a move, then the wind and clouds would gather.

Even if one did not make a move at all, as long as one made a move casually, the powerful energy around ones body would be like a towering mountain without any restraint.

It was enough to stir up the heaven and earth spiritual energy, causing it to tremble.

Ye Xiao placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky.

Ever since he had become an Emperor realm martial arts expert, he had never made a move against an expert above the Emperor realm.

If the beast calamity had not suddenly started, he might have gone to the Azure Dragon Sword Emperor to practice.

Unfortunately, when the beast calamity started, he could not practice before the beast calamity arrived, so he could only give up.

After the beast calamity arrived, Ye Xiao fought a battle in Jianghai city.

He fought a battle here, but he did not encounter any existence above the Emperor realm.

The strongest star beasts he encountered were all lesser supreme divine beasts.

A lesser supreme divine beasts strength was only comparable to a human lesser Emperor realm martial arts expert.

It was impossible for him to use his full strength.

Such a childish and unchallenging battle was simply not what he wanted.

He wanted a more exciting battle.

He wanted to see how strong he had become!

The true Supreme Divine Beast realm was what he wanted.

Along with lightning and thunder, a huge Emperor Dragon Lion slowly descended from the hurricane.

His entire body was emitting a faint golden power.

That was because the spiritual energy had reached the limit and was too dense.

That was why it was attached to the light on his body.

The Emperor Dragon Lion slowly stepped out of the hurricane.

He was different from an ordinary lion.

His body was already more than 30 feet long.

His huge body was like a small mountain.

When he completely walked out from within, the hurricane gradually disappeared.

That was because the teleportation passageway was not effective without him.

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At that moment, he was like the sun that stood high above the nine heavens, dazzling.

Looking at Ye Xiao, his gaze revealed two rays of light that were like sword rays, filled with coldness and battle intent.

“Its been several hundred years, but to think that another Emperor realm martial arts expert has appeared in the human race! This is truly an eye-opener.”

Ye Xiao did not speak, but the Emperor Dragon Lion continued to speak,

“If you had advanced to the Emperor realm earlier, perhaps you can still be of some help to the human race.

“However, its a pity that youve only advanced now.

You cant keep up with this era anymore.

“The human race will definitely perish.

No one can stop it.”

Only then did Ye Xiao open his mouth to say his first sentence.

“As long as Im alive, the human race will not perish!”

Those faint words were filled with Ye Xiaos expectations and confidence toward the Nine Provinces human race!

The Emperor Dragon Lion did not have the slightest bit of excessive shock.

He only stared at him with an indifferent gaze.

In the eyes of the star beasts, they did not have any feelings towards these so-called chicken soup for the human races soul.

They only worshipped the strong, only victory!

Only reality!

With a slight movement of his eyes, the Emperor Dragon Lion finally moved.

As a supreme divine beast, he said very little.

It was just a simple point.

Between the martial arts experts, it seemed like they were too lazy to speak.

Only a satisfying life-and-death battle could attract their interest.

The Emperor Dragon Lion moved.

Its speed was not very fast, and it even looked very lazy.

However, Ye Xiao was not a fool, and the other party was not a fool either.

He knew that the other party would not underestimate him, even if in the other partys eyes, he was just a human Emperor realm martial arts expert who had just advanced.

The truth was not as expected.

The Emperor Dragon Lion seemed to only move slightly, but in reality, the supreme divine beast could also launch a domain attack similar to the human Emperor realm.

From the moment he appeared, he had already expanded this area into his own domain.

That way, in his own domain, he only needed a thought, or not even a thought, to be able to launch an attack.

It was an instant attack!

Almost in an instant, Ye Xiao felt seven extremely powerful forces attack his body from seven different directions in an instant.

Unfortunately, the Emperor Dragon Lions speed was fast, and Ye Xiaos speed was also not bad.

Just as his attack was about to land on his body for the first 0.00001 seconds, Ye Xiao had already used the Yin-yang Escape technique and easily broke through that move.


Ye Xiaos foot had just left, and in the next moment, an explosion that caused ones heart to palpitate instantly erupted from where he had just stood.

The explosion was not an outward-spreading type of explosion, but a collapsing type of explosion.

The moment the explosion appeared, the surrounding spiritual energy would be instantly sucked in.

That should be a special cultivation technique of the Emperor Dragon Lion.

If the attack landed on the enemys body, it would probably suffer quite a lot of injuries.

Moreover, because he used the suction force as the main force and then crushed it, if an ordinary persons movement technique was not fast, even if they were lucky enough to escape from it, they would be sucked into the powerful suction force once again.

Unfortunately, to Ye Xiao, this move did not have much of an effect.

Ye Xiaos speed was really too fast.

The only possible flaw of that move was that it was even broken by Ye Xiao.

The Emperor Dragon Lion glanced at Ye Xiao and once again let out a light snort from his own breath.


He seemed to really look down on Ye Xiao.


However, even though he was cursing, Ye Xiao could clearly feel that he was going to be serious.

That was exactly what Ye Xiao wanted.

What he wanted was for the Emperor Dragon Lion to be serious.

Otherwise, how could he satisfy his desire to test his current cultivation Especially to test his defensive strength.

In the next instant, the Emperor Dragon Lion had already appeared behind him.

That speed was many times stronger than before.

In the Emperor realm domain, a martial emperor could indeed be said to be omnipotent.

Although it could not be said to be completely omnipotent, it was only close, but it was still infinitely close.

With a thought, the Emperor Dragon Lions body suddenly accelerated and arrived behind Ye Xiao.

That kind of terrifying speed was at least ten times faster than his attack speed just now.

Taking advantage of Ye Xiaos surprise, a sharp claw suddenly erupted.

The huge claw wind gave off a chilling light as it directly imprinted itself on the back of Ye Xiaos spine.


Accompanied by a violent explosion, Ye Xiaos body was like a rubber ball that was immediately sent flying by him.

However, it was far from the end.

He had only just begun.

In the next moment, the Emperor Dragon Lion appeared beside Ye Xiao again.

The second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike…

Ye Xiao seemed to have no way of resisting at all as he allowed the Emperor Dragon Lion to attack.

The more the Emperor Dragon Lion fought, the more exhilarated and proud he became!

Foolish human, do you feel fear

Although you have already stepped into the legendary Emperor realm, you who have just stepped into the Emperor realm are still just a small piece of trash.

You have no right to go against me.

Ranked 21st on the star rankings, the great, Emperor Dragon Lion!

He had once challenged four human King realm martial artists at the same time in an unrivaled manner when he was in the Divine Beast realm.

He had also killed two of them, severely injured one of them, and crippled one of them!

After that, he had successfully advanced to the Emperor realm under the Seven Stars Alignment!

He was an existence who could easily crush his enemies within the same realm.

Among the same level, his endurance and lethality were second to none!

He was not afraid even when facing an old Emperor realm martial arts expert.

The current Ye Xiao was nothing but trash, a prey to play with, and food to die for!

‘Human Emperor realm… Hehe, that was all!

‘Forget it, Im not in the mood anymore.

Ill send him on his way!

The Emperor Dragon Lion glanced at Ye Xiao as the power in his body exploded to its limit.


With a shocking roar, the Emperor Dragon Lions power reached its limit.

His mountain-like body stood up and crossed his arms, pouring all of his power into his claws.

“Fallen Star!”

The Emperor Dragon Lions ultimate skill.

An unrivaled claw technique!

There were countless human martial arts experts who had died under that move.

However, the Emperor Dragon Lion was not as excited as he was today.

That was because the person he was going to kill today was a human Emperor realm martial arts expert!

The Fallen Star used its heaven-destroying and earth-shattering appearance to gather supreme wind and cloud energy to press down on Ye Xiaos head.

Behind the Emperor Dragon Lion, the clouds seemed to have formed a huge lion head, emitting the roar of victory.

Inside the lions head, within the clouds, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled everywhere.

However, just as he was about to land, Ye Xiao also said indifferently,

“The Mahayana Divine Bodys defensive power is indeed not bad.

Next, its time to try attacking.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion raised his brows slightly.

He still did not understand what Ye Xiao meant.

However, it did not matter.

When the falling star fell, even if Ye Xiao did not die, he would be heavily injured.

At that time, everything would be over.

However, just as he landed before he could attack Ye Xiao, an incident suddenly occurred.

Two rays of light flashed from his eyes and separated to the sides.

The Emperor Dragon Lions arms actually left his body in an instant!


Fresh blood splattered wildly as an intense pain assaulted him.

The Emperor Dragon Lions originally huge eyes opened wide at this moment as he looked at everything in disbelief.

His arms were broken!

Two rays of light flashed and his arms were broken.

He did not even get a clear look at whether those two rays of light were sword lights, saber lights, or something else!

What was going on

What was going on

What happened

Who was going to tell him

“The Splitting Open the Sky sword technique is pretty good against a supreme divine beast thats comparable to the Emperor realm.”

Ye Xiao nodded, and the approval in his eyes caused the Emperor Dragon Lion to instantly collapse.

That fellow!

Was that fellow testing out a move

What kind of joke is that

Then what he said just now, what defense, is he also testing out a move

From the beginning until now, he did not treat that as a battle at all.

He had put in half a days worth of effort, but he was only testing it out, just treating it as a game


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