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Chapter 316: Supreme Divine Beast, Appear!

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“He wants to capture us alive.”

The lesser supreme divine beast that had spoken earlier had already discovered Ye Xiaos intentions.

They finally began to panic completely.

That human Emperor realm martial arts expert actually wanted to capture them alive!

They were not stupid.

Why did the human race want to capture them alive

Everyone was each others mortal enemy.

Would it not be better to just kill them

Even though they did not know why Ye Xiao wanted to do that.

However, they knew that if they were captured alive by the human race, they definitely would not have a good ending.

They could not be captured by him.

Absolutely not!

“Quickly retreat!”

A few lesser supreme divine beasts immediately turned into flowing lights and fled into the starry sky.

However, since Ye Xiao had already come over personally, how could he let them escape so easily

A punch pierced through the huge body of a star beast.

His left hand grabbed toward the sky and immediately activated the Star-plucking Hand.

That enormous power instantly imprisoned the sky.

The few lesser supreme super divine beasts that were flying were scared out of their wits.

One of the star beasts was actually scared to death.

That was a lesser supreme divine beast.

In the human world, it was equivalent to a lesser Emperor realm martial arts expert!

He was so scared by Ye Xiao that he wet his pants.

“Hes coming up! Quick! Stop him!”

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All the lesser supreme divine beasts exerted their bloodline suppression at that moment and forcefully gave orders.

Those star beasts at the divine grandmaster rank, great grandmaster rank, grandmaster rank, and even below the Xiantian realm all charged at Ye Xiao without any regard for their lives, then, they would self-destruct.

Among the star beasts, if the high-level star beasts were too strong, they could definitely make these low-level star beasts self-destruct.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

In the next moment, countless rays of light began to light up in the sky.

Although those star beasts were not strong enough to threaten Ye Xiao, there were simply too many of them.

That way, the explosion would also greatly disrupt the surrounding spiritual energy domain, causing the spiritual energy to distort even more terrifyingly than when the spiritual energy cannon exploded.

Although it was impossible to harm Ye Xiao, it would greatly disrupt him, preventing him from easily controlling those few lesser supreme divine beasts for a moment.

Ye Xiao frowned slightly, a slightly displeased expression on his face.


In the next moment, an earth-shattering tigers roar sounded out.

Imperial technique, Roaring Tigers Mountain Forest!

A tigers roar sounded out, and 10,000 miles of flowing clouds retreated.

Under the interference of that sound wave, hundreds of millions of star beasts under the major sects instantly exploded.

As for the martial arts experts from the great sects to the divine sects, their blood essence and spiritual energy surged within their bodies as they spat out blood.

The power within their bodies could no longer be circulated.

Under Ye Xiaos earth-shattering roar, they were instantly injured and knocked out.

Ye Xiao then used the Star-plucking Hand with his other hand once again.

In an instant, countless small star-plucking hands formed in the air.

They were like a huge net that gathered all the star beasts within, then, they were all stored into Ye Xiaos spatial storage ring.

“Lets fight it out with him!”

The lesser supreme divine beasts in the sky attacked at the same time.

Several attacks smashed onto Ye Xiaos head at the same time.

They did not seek to injure Ye Xiao, but only wanted to be able to destroy Ye Xiaos attack.

In that instant, they could escape from Ye Xiaos Star-plucking Hands.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

A few violent explosions once again sounded from where Ye Xiao was.

The airflow generated by the turbulence collided with each other and even formed a kind of intense ear-piercing electric wave sound.

“Did it succeed”

“No, our bodies still cant escape upwards.

We cant use our movement techniques, so his attack hasnt disappeared!”

When the smoke and dust dissipated, Ye Xiaos figure once again appeared in front of everyone.

He was actually unharmed.

He dusted off a thread of dust from his clothes and looked at the few star beasts again.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He activated the Star-plucking Hand and immediately took them down, pulling their bodies down rapidly.

That terrifying scene frightened the lesser supreme divine beasts in the sky so much that they were completely powerless to resist.

They had resigned themselves to their fate!

They were dead meat!

That fellow was a freaking freak!

It was not that they had never seen an Emperor realm martial arts expert before, but that was the first time they had seen one like that fellow.

His defense was so thick that no matter how many explosions there were, they could not hurt him at all.

It seemed that all kinds of attacks were ineffective.

That was fine, but his other techniques were also endless.

Even if they could not beat him and wanted to escape, they could not escape either!

Seeing that they were pulled back to Ye Xiaos side, Cahill, who was ranked 44th on the star rankings, a lesser supreme divine beast, immediately let out a furious roar and activated all the power in his body.

“Im a star beast! Even if I die, I wont be captured alive by you!”

Star beasts had the pride of star beasts.

They absolutely would not allow themselves to fall into the hands of a human.

Moreover, even if they fell into Ye Xiaos hands, they did not know what they would have to experience.

Rather than that, they might as well choose to self-destruct directly.

Firstly, they could not be captured alive by Ye Xiao.

Secondly, they could also protect their integrity.


When the other lesser supreme divine beasts saw that scene, their hearts were all bleeding from heartache!

Just like that, their companions self-destructed right in front of their eyes.

They were forced to self-destruct by a human!

How humiliating was that How cruel was that

However, they did not have the slightest bit of strength to fight back.

They could not even avenge Cahill!

The only way was to self-destruct.

Learn from Cahill and follow in his footsteps.

They swore to protect their dignity as star beasts with their lives!

“Everyone, Ill leave first.

Ill be waiting for you in front!”

The Moon God suddenly opened her mouth, and the spiritual energy in her body began to circulate.

However, in the next second, she saw another unbelievable thing.

Ye Xiao grabbed at the air with his large hand, and Cahills blood mist that had already self-detonated actually quickly fused together and then revived.

That was Ye Xiao using the Secret of Eternal Life art!

Cahill was a crocodile.

The crocodiles meat was fresh and tender, and its fat content was very low.

The taste was extremely delicious, and it was a top-grade ingredient.

How could Ye Xiao give up

Moreover, was it because the crocodile leather belt did not sound good, or were the crocodile leather shoes not attractive enough

Seeing Cahill resurrected, the other star beasts were instantly dumbfounded.

What kind of situation was that

Was that a joke to them

Cahill was actually resurrected

Those dead star beasts could still be resurrected

How could that be fair

He did not even give them the chance to self-destruct

So overboard!

No wonder, no wonder Ye Xiao would injure or knock out those star beasts previously.

Some of them were even directly and brutally injured.

He was able to revive those fellows so easily.

Why would he need to worry about that


Cahill was then in a daze.

“Didnt I die Why am I still here”

The star beasts all fell into silence for a moment, not knowing how to reply.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiao immediately sealed the energy within their bodies to prevent them from self-destructing again.

At that moment, the spiritual energy airships in the sky also began to slowly descend due to the fact that they were unmanned.

The spiritual energy airships themselves had a certain amount of buffering array.

Even if they were unmanned, the speed of their descent would not be too fast.

That was just right, allowing the human race to slightly modify it in the future so that it could be used.

The Venerable Black Tortoise and Beitang Ce quickly flew up from below.

When they saw Ye Xiao, they could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Just then, the two of them had witnessed with their own eyes how majestic Ye Xiao was when he swept the fallen leaves with a cool breeze.

“Ye Xiao! Well done!”

“Ye Xiao, its all on you this time!”

“If it werent for you coming over, our Zhong City side would really not have been able to hold on.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Lets not talk too much.

The situation over at the Southwest Seaside Forest isnt very optimistic either.

You guys take down all the spiritual energy cannons on the spiritual energy ships and place them on the ground.

If star beasts attack again, you guys can immediately use the spiritual energy cannons to bombard them.

I cant help you repair the array now.



Before he could finish his words, Ye Xiao suddenly stopped talking.

He immediately looked up at the sky with a somewhat solemn expression.

“Ye Xiao, whats wrong”

Ye Xiao said word by word,

“An enemy is coming.

Theyre very strong!”

The hearts of both of them could not help but sink.

“Ye Xiao, could it be… A supreme divine beast”

Ye Xiao was already in the Emperor realm.

There was only one thing that could make him look serious, and that was a supreme divine beast, who was comparable to a human Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Ye Xiao did not answer them directly.

He just said calmly,

“Go down and hide.

Dont come out.”

Beitang Ce and Venerable Black Tortoise Jiang Chen looked at each other.

They could see the seriousness in each others eyes.

“Ye Xiao, take care of yourself.”

In the next second, the two left immediately.

Ye Xiaos mind flickered.

He created a clone with his spiritual energy.

Although that clone was not in the Emperor realm, it was still in the lesser Emperor realm.

Besides, he could use some of Ye Xiaos techniques.

Those god techniques were enough to fight people of a higher realm.

It would not be a problem for him to help the Southwest Seaside Forest get out of its predicament.

Cahill and the other star beasts were extremely excited.

“Its our supreme divine beast! This time, youre dead for sure.”

“The human race will definitely die! Even if theres one more Emperor realm martial arts expert like you, so what Our star beast race already has a total of 21 supreme divine beasts.

If we refine the human races bloodline power from the various states on the ground, well definitely produce another batch of supreme divine beasts!

“Can you hold on You cant hold on at all!”

Ye Xiao glanced at them, and his eyes flickered.

A cold light burst forth, and in an instant, the throats of several lesser supreme divine beasts were all severed!

Injuries of that level would not kill them, but it would make them unable to continue making sounds.

Following that, Ye Xiao waved his hand, immediately absorbing all of them into his spatial ring.

At the same time, the clouds in the sky also began to rapidly gather together, and the atmosphere began to condense into a super-large tornado passage.

Such a scale would only be triggered by a supreme divine beast.

Normally, an existence at that level would not be able to break through the defenses set up by human emperors.

At that point, in order to remove a portion of the pressure from the space battlefield, the human race had automatically opened a portion of the defensive barrier.

A supreme divine beast could come to the ground!


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