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Chapter 315: That Human Was Undefeatable

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Forget it.

After all, it was something that belonged to the supervisor.

If even the supervisor did not feel sorry for it, what was the point of him feeling sorry for it

Besides, it was just feeding the supervisor small animals anyway.

However, a few minutes later, Ning Yuhen and You Wei, who had arrived at the star beast farm, were completely dumbfounded.



That was the effect that Huan Liuli wanted.

Needless to say, the feeling was really great!

Every time she saw others being defeated and shocked by Ye Xiaos terror, she would feel an inexplicable excitement.

Although she did not quite understand why she had such a strange feeling, she just felt very good.

As for Ning Yuhen and You Wei, they could not believe their eyes.

What did they see

A large group, with the lowest strength being at the divine grandmaster rank and the highest strength was even the Divine Beast realm in that farm.

Those were the small animals mentioned by the supervisor

How were those guys small

Whether they were male or female.

They were not small at all

They were ridiculously big!

If they were placed outside, they would be able to make an entire place tremble.

However, at that moment, they were actually behaving like a bunch of paparazzi.

There was even a Divine Beast realm Green Ox star beast that was selling 1,000-year-old ginseng in exchange for immortal herbs.

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The two of them felt as if they were in a dream at that moment.

It was too unbelievable.

Norfis came over and greeted them with a smile.

“Huan Liuli is here.

Why did you bring two new people today One of them is a great grandmaster! Such trash! Master probably wont even take a look, right Let alone eat her.

“The other one is not bad.

Hes actually at the Divine Beast realm, but from the looks of it, he doesnt seem to be a purebred star beast.

Didnt Master refuse to eat beastmen”


Did You Wei not even have the right to feed Ye Xiao

Was she… So worthless

Ning Yuhen said coldly,

“Im not feeding the supervisor.

Im the supervisors subordinate.

Im different from all of you.”

However, although his mouth was stiff, his heart was filled with shock!

No, 500 years was not enough.

He wanted to add another 500 years!

A thousand years!

If he had to serve the supervisor for a full 1,000 years!

He would be the supervisors underling for 1,000 years until he could learn something from the supervisor.

On the other side, Ye Xiao had already arrived at the Zhong City.

His current perception was very strong and had a very wide range.

Therefore, he could immediately sense that the Southwest Seaside Forest where the White Tiger was was currently under the greatest pressure.

Therefore, he had no choice but to rush over in time to save the situation.

Otherwise, the array alone might not be able to hold on.

Some cracks were already beginning to appear on the array of the Zhong City.

There were even more spiritual energy airships coming to the Zhong City than to Jianghai city!

The star beasts did not have a location.

The reason they landed was entirely based on the density of the spiritual energy on the ground.

Where the spiritual energy was dense, there would definitely be a large number of humans gathering.

The star beasts only had one target, and that was the human race!

Therefore, they would also immediately rush towards the human race, and according to the density of the spiritual energy on the other side, they would divide the number of star beasts participating in the battle.

That was also why there were only a few small divine-level star beasts in the Han state.

That was because the Han state was too barren, the attraction of the star beasts was too small.

Those top-tier star beasts came over purely to waste their time.

At that moment, under the attack of the star beast airship, Zhong Citys defense had almost reached a zero point.

With a little more attack, they could break the array at any time.

Several lesser supreme divine beasts stood at the front of the fleet to watch the battle.

“I didnt expect the humans to be so capable this time, to be able to make the array to such an extent.”

“Thats right! This time, we star beasts have almost sent out all of our forces, and with the support of the Seven Stars Alignment, our strength is not to be underestimated.

The spiritual energy cannons are all the ones that participated in the space battlefield.

“I didnt expect them to be able to hold on for so long!”

“Whats the use of that In the end, it will still be broken.

“Here, we have gathered a large group of martial arts experts on the star rankings.

“Raidur, ranked 46th on the star rankings!

“Cahill, ranked 44th on the star rankings!

“Moon God, ranked 43rd on the star rankings!

“And Ascending Dragon, ranked 39th on the star rankings!

“Hes already at the peak of the Divine Beast realm and is close to being a lesser supreme divine beast.

Now that he has the support of the Seven Stars Alignment, his strength has skyrocketed by several times.

He was already infinitely close to the Emperor realm.

“In this world, there isnt a single human race that is a match for us.”

“Dont waste any more time.

Many of the star beasts from the other states have already completed their missions and are suppressing the human race year-round.

There hasnt been any good news from our Nine Provinces yet.

The various beyond gods will blame us for being useless.

“Suppress them all and completely destroy the human race below.”


Just as he finished speaking, one of the lesser supreme divine beasts, who seemed to have an extremely strong perception, suddenly spoke,

“Wait a moment, something isnt right.

Something is coming!”

“What is it”

The other star beasts could not help but raise their brows slightly.

They did not quite understand her words.

Meanwhile, her expression was extremely grave.

A large layer of cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

“Somethings wrong! Somethings very wrong.

This feeling… Its the Emperor realm! Its the human emperor coming over! Quickly retreat! Quickly! Quickly retreat back to the starry sky! Itll be too late if we delay any longer.”

The other star beasts expressions immediately turned grim.

“Moon God, are you joking with us

“There are only six human Emperor realm martial arts experts in total, and they are all in the space battlefield.

They were surrounded by the Forest God and the others.

“How could they have come here”

“Its not them! This aura doesnt belong to them! Its a new Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Theres a new Emperor realm martial arts expert in the human race! D*mn it, hurry up and leave! Have you idiots lost your minds Quick…”

Before she could finish her words, a ray of golden light had already shot over rapidly from the west.

Infinite Calamity Finger!

Ye Xiao was only using the imperial technique.

When he was in Jianghai city, he had attacked from below, and there were countless citizens of Jianghai city by his side.

Therefore, he had no way to retain his strength.

He had to deflect the shockwaves from the countless spiritual energy cannons in one go.

Only then would he be able to wipe out those rare ingredients that were lesser Supreme Divine Beast realm and Divine Beast realm.

However, he did not need to worry about that problem when he arrived here.

The array below was still supporting him.

He did not need to attack from below.

Instead, he had to attack from the side.

He could use the imperial technique to slowly slaughter and collect the ingredients at the same time.

However, even if it was just the imperial technique, Ye Xiao was already an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Therefore, the power of the imperial technique that he released, which he did not use his full strength, was not to be underestimated.

The power of that finger shot out a distance of a million feet in an instant.

Wherever the light passed, it instantly pierced through all the existences in front of it in an invincible manner.

No matter what level of cultivation you were at, in front of that finger, you would vanish into thin air and turn into ashes.

Nearly 100 spiritual energy airships were pierced through a big hole under Ye Xiaos finger.

They lost control and started to fall down like dumplings.

Among them, there was a divine beast that was comparable to a human King realm martial artist.

Most of his body was blasted into ashes.

He, who had just been clamoring to eat all the humans, was extremely terrified.

Like a mouse that had seen a cat, he immediately turned into a streak of light and fled to the other spiritual airships.

“So powerful!”

The few lesser supreme divine beasts could not help but feel their hair stand on end when they saw that scene.

It was as if they had been greatly stimulated.

“Quick! Aim All the spiritual energy cannons in that direction.

Quick! Fire with all your might.

Retreat while escaping.”

They had not felt how terrifying it was at first, but now they realized that they were really wrong.

Under their command, all the spiritual energy cannons aimed in the direction that Ye Xiao had come from and fired wildly.

The thousands to tens of thousands of cannon beams every second covered the western sky perfectly.

Not a single crack was left behind.

The huge explosion and the spiritual energy in the air were like the waves in the ocean, constantly rolling.

Some star beasts that had just reached the Xiantian first grade were unable to control their bodies under such huge waves of spiritual energy.

The spiritual airship even started to shake.

However, that powerful firepower had only brought them a sliver of comfort.

In the next second, they realized that they had been wrong again, and it was ridiculously wrong.

They should not have resisted.

At that moment, the only thing they could do was to run!

The faster they ran, the better!

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in that world.

The moment they started to feel regret, they also lost all their chances.

A saber light hacked down from the clouds, forcefully hitting the cannon light and creating a big hole.

The saber light landed in the middle of the spiritual energy airships, and it was only stronger than the previous one.

As the saber light landed, the 200 spiritual energy airships were cut in half and fell down.

The shock was not over yet.

In the midst of the star beasts panic, they saw a pure golden ray of light, heading toward the spiritual energy cannons at a breakneck speed!

That was right!

It was a beam of pure golden light that was blocking the spiritual energy cannon and using its own body to defend.

It did not even have to use any moves before it was attacked by so many spiritual energy cannons.

One had to know that with such dense spiritual energy cannon attacks and dense cannon fire, anyone below the Emperor realm would be severely injured!

“Thats not right! Hes not trying to kill us.”

A lesser supreme divine beast seemed to have thought of something.

An Emperor realm martial arts expert could clearly kill them in one move at that moment, but he did not do so.

Instead, he charged over like a cat catching a mouse.

Although his speed was not slow, for an Emperor realm martial arts expert, there was no need for him to do so.

The only explanation was that he had other motives.

In the next second, they saw Ye Xiaos large hand pierce through a divine beasts chest and crush its heart..

All of his strength was suppressed and thrown into his spatial storage ring.



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