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Chapter 310: The Second Alignment of the Seven Starsars

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Silver Fox Valley, Ning Yuhen, who had been cultivating, suddenly felt a sense of restlessness coming from his body.

He felt his spiritual; energy and blood essence boiling non-stop, and the strength in his body seemed to be slowly rising.

In his shock, he immediately flew up into the sky, followed closely by the Fox Empress, who went to his side.

The two of them looked at the starry sky together.

There, there were seven huge stars that were moving in a strange manner.

It was as if they wanted to form a line.

“Grandma, what… Whats going on Isnt the Seven Stars Alignment something that occurs once every 60 years Why Is it happening again now Is there such a thing in history”

The Fox Empress said with a solemn expression,

“There has never been such a thing in history.

The Seven Stars Alignment has a certain law of nature.

When it is used, it will produce a special magnetic field, which will cause the star beasts in this starry region to have their bloodline power boiling, which will then cause the star beasts strength to soar.

“If such an important matter appeared twice in a short period of time, the human race would have long been unable to bear it and collapsed.”

Ning Yuhen said anxiously,

“No, I have to go and tell the supervisor.

I want to return to the human world.”

“Theres no need to go!”

The Fox Empress suddenly pulled Ning Yuhen back.

“Grandma, why”

Ning Yuhen was somewhat puzzled, while the Fox Empress said with a serious expression,

“Dont go, its a waste of effort to go.

Dont you understand After just one round of Seven Stars Alignment, it was once again activated.

Its very obvious that theres an incredible existence behind the scenes who wishes to destroy this human world.”

Ning Yuhens heart trembled.

“Incredible existence What kind of incredible existence is it Could it be more powerful than the Emperor realm and the Supreme Divine Beast realm”

The Fox Empress took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“You must know that in this universe, there are countless races.

However, theres one race that is above these races.

Thats the God race!

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“If someone can make the seven stars align, then he must be an existence from the god race!”

“The God race!”


The Fox Empress nodded with a serious expression.

“The god race is an existence that humans have cultivated to the extreme.

Their descendants are born with extremely high talent.

In their lifetime, the vast majority of them can grow to the Emperor realm.

Their limits far exceed the human Emperor realm.

Moreover, as more and more of their clansmen advanced to the legendary God realm, their God race bloodline will be activated.

Their race will remain extremely powerful.”

Ning Yuhens heart was beating fast.

It was the first time he had heard of such a terrifying existence.

“But, grandma, thats not right.

If theyre from the god race, why did they use the star beasts to harm the human race The God race is already so powerful.

Why do they still want to cause trouble for the human race

“Also, I know that the blood of the human race contains the blood of the gods.

The human race is also a descendant of the god race.

Why would the god race want to destroy their own descendants”

The Fox Empress smiled helplessly.

“You fool! Do you think that the god race is a single clan There are also many clans in the god race.

“The Xuan Yuan clan, the Dragon clan, the Phoenix clan… In order to fight for more resources, these races had been fighting each other for years.

“It was said that the human race in this world inherited the Xuan Yuan clan.

“If the other party was a god clan other than the Xuan Yuan clan, they would control those star beasts to devour the human race.

That way, he could extract the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan clan from the human race.

“Then, they would be able to increase their strength.

Moreover, they wouldnt be discovered.

“They must be afraid that the Xuan Yuan clan would find out about this.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have urged the star beasts to act.

They would have acted personally long ago.”

Ning Yuhen clenched his fists.


If thats the case, then Ill have to tell the supervisor.”

“Yuhen, have you thought it through If you destroy the plan of an existence at that level and they find out, youll definitely be left without a corpse.

Even our Silver Fox Valley wont be able to escape death.”

Ning Yuhen took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Grandma, the supervisor has saved our lives! He even saved my life personally.

Now that Ive encountered such a thing, Ill definitely not watch the supervisor die without knowing anything.

“If Im that kind of person, one day when the Silver Fox clan is in trouble, can you promise me that I wont give up on the Silver Fox clan”

The Fox Empresss body shook, and her eyes softened.

She smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Youre right.

Grandma is crazy.

I only thought that the other party was an unbeatable god clan, but I didnt think that selfishness would harm me.

“You go.

Bring along You Wei.

She knows the location of the space-time tunnel.”

“Thank you, Grandma.”

Ning Yuhen immediately brought You Wei to Jianghai city to report the news.

At the same time, Ye Xiao was reading in the library.

He could no longer easily increase his cultivation.

It was even more difficult to advance to the God realm above the Emperor realm.

One needed to forge 108 golden dragons to temper the soul.

Each protective golden dragon required an extremely huge amount of dragon energy.

Thinking about it, for example, the Changbai dragon vein, which was one of the top dragon veins in the Nine Provinces, had only a little dragon energy.

For an Emperor realm martial arts experts to cultivate to the God realm, how much spiritual energy would he have to absorb to condense enough dragon energy

However, the Golden Book divine soul in his body could be cultivated by himself.

He did not need to cultivate by himself like other martial artists.

Other than choosing one of the cultivation techniques to meditate when he really did not have any books to read to speed up his cultivation speed, the vast majority of him was reading books.

That was because reading books could allow him to learn more cultivation techniques and then synthesize more powerful cultivation techniques.

Powerful cultivation techniques often meant faster operating speed and faster absorption of spiritual energy.

Just like a water pump, a small water pump was definitely not on the same level as a water dragon.

As Ye Xiao increased the quantity and quality of his martial arts, the speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy naturally increased.

The faster the dragon energy gathered.

One day, while he was reading, Liu Chengxun suddenly came to his side with a solemn expression.

“Ye Xiao, Im leaving.”

Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at him.

“Youre going back to the state of Han”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

“The Nine Provinces Alliance suddenly announced that the beast calamity is about to begin.

Without me, the Han state will no longer have the support of top martial arts experts.

No matter what, the Han state has always been kind to me.

They were the ones who nurtured me.

At this time, I have to go back.”

“I heard that the beast calamity this time might be very dangerous.”

“Thats right.

I came to look for you because I wanted to tell you to take care.

I hope that after the beast calamity, the two of us can meet again.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Wait a moment.

I remember that artifact master saying that he has already reforged your sword.

Ill go and get it for you.

When you fight, you can also raise your strength.”

Liu Chengxuns treasured sword had just reached the level of an imperial weapon.

When the Beast God Alliance attacked Jianghai city, it was shattered because it could not defeat the beastmen.

Ye Xiao helped him repair it.

Moreover, the grade was much better than before.

It was already a real imperial weapon.

Liu Chengxuns eyes lit up.

At the same time, he was also a little shocked.

“It was repaired so quickly It seems that the expert you found is not ordinary!”

“Then I dont know.

You wait here now.

Ill be right back.”

Ye Xiao went home and took Liu Chengxuns sword.

Originally, he had kept that sword in his storage ring.

However, the storage ring had been used frequently recently.

Sometimes, it would be filled with things.

He had no choice but to take it out and leave it at home.

Before he came, Ye Xiao had sealed a sword light inside.

The beast calamity that time was more troublesome.

There might be very powerful star beasts going to the Han state.

He hoped that Liu Chengxun would not be able to use that sword light.

When he brought the long sword back to Liu Chengxun, Liu Chengxun took a glance and was immediately shocked.

“What amazing forging standards.”

With his eyesight, he could naturally tell with a glance that the sword that was repaired now was much, much stronger than the previous one.

It had just barely reached the level of an imperial weapon and had completely become an imperial weapon.

“As expected of the land of the Nine Provinces! There are experts everywhere.

A random artifact master, even all the artifact masters in the entire state of Han would not be able to catch up to him.


Ye Xiao smiled.

“Alright, stop lamenting.

Lets hurry on our way, its getting late!”

Liu Chengxun nodded and lamented,

“When I came to Jianghai city this time, my biggest dream was to meet the Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

But up until now, I havent had the chance to meet him.

“If I can survive the beast calamity, I will definitely come here again to look for seniors footsteps.”

Ye Xiao said with a faint smile,

“Dont worry! You will definitely have the chance to meet him.”

Liu Chengxun nodded once again, cupped his hands, and said,

“Ye Xiao, well meet again in the future.

Take care!”

“Take care.”

Following that, Liu Chengxun left.

After he walked for a long distance, Ye Xiao cast his gaze towards the starry sky, his gaze becoming somewhat solemn.

He could vaguely sense something, and it was a very bad feeling.

That feeling was very familiar as if he had met it before, but he could not tell what it was like for a moment.

At that time, his body-refining technique, the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, the soul-refining technique, and the heart-refining technique, which was like a rock, were finally completely integrated, forming a brand new body-refining technique, a body-refining technique at the god level.

Mahayana Divine Body!

It was a method to train the divine body.

It was a god technique that combined the three methods of body-refining, soul-refining, and heart-refining into one.

With that technique, Ye Xiaos body, which was at the current Emperor realm, began to be tempered by the method of refining the gods body.

After he reached the God realm, who knew what level he would reach

Would he be able to surpass the body of an ordinary God realm martial arts expert

Would he be able to greatly increase his defense when the two sides were fighting

Perhaps there was something stronger and more miraculous


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