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Chapter 309: Twilight of the Human Races Doom

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiaos words made everyones heart sink again.

Ye Xiao was right.

It would be a long-lasting battle.

It was not a simple one.

It would be enough to get through a beast calamity.

It was very likely that soon, the entire human world would only be left with the Nine Provinces.

Moreover, what the Nine Provinces had to fight against was ten times, more than a hundred times, stronger than the previous beast calamities they had encountered!

Therefore, sacrificing the weak humans of the Nine Provinces at that time would, on one hand, exhaust the future and hope of the Nine Provinces.

On the other hand, it would also increase the strength of the star beasts in a disguised way.

“We need stronger forces.

But, where do such things come from”

A huge pressure enveloped everyones hearts.

After a moment, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and stood out to comfort everyone.

“Everyone, dont be too depressed.

There will always be a path before the cart reaches the mountain.

Every step that can be taken is one step at a time.

Now that the beast calamity is imminent, we should do what we should do first.

Its much better than worrying here.”

The Azure Dragon nodded.

“Im in charge of the Changbai dragon vein.

The Changbai dragon vein is currently the largest dragon vein in the Nine Provinces.

It should be able to protect the most people.”

The Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger said,

“The two of us will each bring a saber god and a sword saint.

We can guard one place.

This way, we can guard two more places.”

The Black Tortoise said,

“Ill be in the same group as Bei Tangce from Zhong City.

Well guard one place together.

Last time, Bei Tangce saw Ye Xiao emitting auspicious divine light.

He also gained a lot of insights.

Its very likely that hell advance to the King realm.

Together with his eye technique, the two of us will be able to defend and attack at the same time.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“This way, well be able to defend four places.

I can defend Jianghai city alone.

“Actually, it would be great if we could come to two more places.

The area that we can defend with just us is still too small.”

The Azure Dragon said,

“You mean to ask Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun to withdraw from the starry sky, right But I advise you not to have such an idea.

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“The beast calamity was formed because the space battlefield couldnt withstand the pressure and released some of the star beasts.

“Although its difficult on the ground, its even more difficult in the starry sky.

“Therefore, its impossible for them to withdraw.

“Once they retreat and lose the protection of the starry skies, all the pressure will come to the ground.

Its simply not something that the human race can withstand.”

Ye Xiao originally had that plan, but now that he heard him say that, he could only choose to give up.

“Forget it, then lets arrange it this way first.

Leave the problem of the array to me.

Ill be able to complete it within a day.

You guys are in charge of gathering spirit stones and waiting for all the array to be activated.

“Theres no need to arrange spirit stones for the Changbai dragon vein and the Southwest Seaside Forest.

These two places have dragon veins, and dragon veins are much stronger than spirit stones.”


As he spoke, the Black Tortoise seemed to have sensed something.

He took out the small box that was suppressed by the Black Tortoise token from his storage ring.

At that time, everyone could clearly feel a violent fluctuation coming from inside.

The White Tiger was startled and could not help but say,

“Black Tortoise, isnt this the divine beast that I subdued together with you back then”

The venerable Black Tortoise nodded with a solemn expression.

“All these years, this fellow has always wanted to escape from inside, but I was the one who used the Black Tortoise token to suppress him.

“The last time, in order to send Ye Xiao to the Changbai dragon vein, it gave him an opportunity to take advantage of and almost escaped.

“However, later on, Ye Xiao set up an array to suppress him.

However, this small box could not place any spirit stones, so it could not completely suppress him.

“Now, he is about to come out again.”

Ye Xiao said,

“Since he wants to come out so much, then let him come out.

Today, taking advantage of the fact that all the martial arts experts of the Nine Provinces are here, we will directly release him.

Then, we will bring him to make an array core, set up an array or something, and let him contribute to the defense of the Nine Provinces.

“In the future, when we are not here, it will be difficult for Senior Black Tortoise to deal with him alone.”

Venerable Black Tortoise nodded.

“What you said is very reasonable.

In that case, lets satisfy him once.”

After saying that, the venerable Black Tortoise immediately deactivated the Black Tortoise token.

Without the suppression of the Black Tortoise token, the ink box struggled faster and faster.

In the blink of an eye, it completely cracked open.

An extremely evil and bloodthirsty force drilled out from within, forming a pure black little dragon.

“Ha, ha, ha… Im finally out.

How many years has it been Im finally able to see the light of day again.

Ha, ha, ha, ha… Black Tortoise brat, give me your life… Come on!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he stopped fighting and stared at everyone present.


He was not a fool.

There were so many people sitting there, staring at him.

Among them were Venerable Black Tortoise, Jiang Chen, and Venerable White Tiger, who had joined hands with the Black Tortoise to suppress him.

Besides, neither of them was sitting in the main seat or the main seat.

They were sitting in a slightly remote place.

It was easy to figure it out.

Those who could stay in this room were all in the King realm!

D*mn it!

He had just escaped!

Alas, he had encountered so many kings in the blink of an eye

He had fallen into the nest of the King realm

How could he play such a game

No matter how confident he was, he could not possibly think that he could fight so many King realm martial artists with his own strength!


He swallowed hard and said carefully,

“Um, did I come out at the wrong time I want to go back now.

Can I go back”

Black Tortoise pointed at the ink box under him.

“If you can change it back to its original state, I will allow you to go back in.”

The little black dragon looked at the ink box that had already been shattered into pieces by his feet, and the corner of his mouth could not help but twitch.

Then, he picked up the largest piece of the ink box, wanting to try and put it back together again.

However, the largest piece of the ink box had just been in his hands when it was shattered into ashes in the next second.

The little black dragons face could not help but twitch violently.

“Can I apply to change another ink box”

Black Tortoise punched his eyeballs.

“Ill change a coffin for you.”

That punch was very heavy, mainly because the little black dragon did not dare to release his spiritual energy to block it.

With so many King realm martial artists there, he knew that if he dared to release his spiritual energy to block it, he would die very miserably.

The kind that could not even find his arms and legs.

Therefore, that punch instantly knocked him out on the spot.

His mind was in a mess.

Until the moment he fainted, the little black dragon was still thinking, why was he so stupid and so impatient

When did he not come out He had to come out at that time.

He had bumped into so many top-notch human martial arts experts all at once.

If he did not die, who would

After finishing off the little black dragon with one punch, the Black Tortoise threw him in front of Ye Xiao and gave him to be placed in the core of the spirit-gathering array.

After that, everyone arranged their own tasks.

Ye Xiao went to various places to set up arrays.

Of course, although it was said to be various places, there were actually only five.

Moreover, he had already set up the array of Jianghai city once.

He only needed to expand it a little more.

The other places were the Changbai dragon vein and the Southwest Seaside Forest.

There were two other places.

One was the middle state city, and the other was Hu City.

That way, a parallelogram formed from the northeast, East, middle, West, and southwest.

The five places were connected by teleportation arrays.

The martial artists inside could be teleported to another defensive place anytime and anywhere.

No matter which place was attacked, the other places would be able to rush over in time to help.

It was to ensure that everyone could resist that disaster together.

The Nine Provinces Alliance also informed all the states around the world about the beast calamity that was about to descend.

That was also Ye Xiaos suggestion.

He himself was not interested in those barbarians.

Be it in Ye Xiaos previous life or the current one, they had done many excessive things to the Nine Provinces.

Even if they were wiped out, Ye Xiao would not feel any heartache.

That was because Ye Xiao knew that if the Nine Provinces were wiped out, they would not feel any heartache either.

They might even secretly laugh and ridicule him behind his back.

However, there was a very important problem.

That was, if they were defeated too quickly, the star beasts would use their blood essence to refine the divine blood and create more supreme divine beasts.

That was also a huge threat to the Nine Provinces.

Therefore, Ye Xiao felt that it was necessary to remind them to take precautions in advance.

That way, regardless of whether they could resist the star beasts or not, they could at least inflict heavy injuries on the star beasts.

Even if they could resist for a little more time, it would still be very good.

It would give the Nine Provinces more time to catch their breath.

In other words, it would give him more time to develop.

If his strength could be raised to the level of a veteran Emperor realm martial arts expert, he might be able to consider killing a few star beasts in one go.

At that moment, Ye Xiao was only at the beginning of the Emperor realm.

He would not act rashly before he completely understood the cultivation level between himself and the enemy.

It was always good to be a little more cautious.

Once the news was spread, it immediately caused a great uproar throughout the world.

The beast calamity that should have started three years later was actually about to descend in front of their eyes.

If it was anyone else, they would not be able to withstand it.

Countless television stations and media outlets rushed to report.

Some people wantonly proclaimed that it was the twilight of the human races doom.

Some people treated it calmly, believing that the human race should unite and quickly think of a countermeasure.

However, there were also some weird Americans who actually said something strange一claiming that it was fake news released by the Nine Provinces.

Its purpose was to create panic and raise the prices of weapons, pills, and the like.

After all, the Nine Provinces was a big region that refined pills and weapons.

There were even some people who actually acted as if it was a serious matter and even spread some conspiracy, saying that the star beasts would not come at all.

They should eat, drink, and not care at all.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with such people.

They had always paid attention to democracy and freedom..

The foolish ones also had freedom of speech.


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