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Chapter 307: This Person Was Rarely Seen in the World

Half an hour later, the lightning tribulation gradually came to an end.

Everyone could clearly feel that two enormous auras were born.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

The lightning tribulation in the sky completely disappeared.

One of the tribulation clouds emitted an extremely powerful golden light.

It was like a small sun.

Its powerful aura suppressed them until they felt their hearts palpitate, they even had to lower their heights to accept it.

“Its the King realm! Someone has advanced to the legendary King realm!”

“My God, who has advanced They actually advanced to the legendary King realm! Isnt this too amazing”

“From now on, our Nine Provinces will have another King realm.

Its really a blessing from heaven!”

However, before everyone could finish their shock, another cloud released an even more powerful light.

If the previous ray of light was a small sun, then the current ray of light was an existence that was truly comparable to the sun in the sky!

It was many times more powerful than the previous ray of light!

What was even more terrifying was that at that moment, many people could not withstand that power and were immediately suppressed to the point of kneeling on the ground.

That was a fear that came from the depths of their souls, forcing them to submit to that ray of light.

Everyone was stunned.

The vast majority of people did not understand what had happened at that moment.

Some of the more powerful existences started to tremble.

They seemed to have thought of something.

“Its the Emperor realm! Thats an Emperor realm martial arts expert! He has stepped into the realm of an Emperor realm martial arts expert!”

“Oh my god, Emperor… Emperor realm!”

People were so shocked that they did not know what to say.

Originally, they thought that it was already extremely powerful for a martial arts expert of the Nine Provinces to advance to the King realm.

At that point, when they saw that Emperor realm martial arts expert, they realized that the King realm did not seem to count for anything.

Emperor realm!

Not to mention the entire Nine Provinces, even if they added up the entire human race, how many were there

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At that moment, there was an Emperor realm martial arts expert standing in front of them.

That was not just shock, but also boundless glory.

At that moment, even the venerable Black Tortoise, the venerable Vermillion Bird, the venerable White Tiger, Li Liushui, Lu Qingshan, and the other King realm martial artist could not withstand that pressure and had no choice but to kneel down.

“Is this the strength of an Emperor realm martial arts expert Its actually this terrifying”

“No wonder Azure Dragon wanted to sacrifice himself to help Ye Xiao become an emperor.

“It was really too difficult for a person to become an emperor.

The hardships that one had to go through were simply unimaginable.

“Although there was only a slight difference in cultivation level between the Emperor realm and the lesser Emperor realm, the difference in strength was like a chasm between heaven and earth! Without Ye Xiaos help just now, Azure Dragon would probably not be able to advance this step in the short term.”

At the same time, that made everyone even more respectful toward Ye Xiao.

A young man in his early twenties was able to surpass old monsters like them who had cultivated for hundreds of years and reach a realm that they had never reached before!

What kind of powerful and heaven-defying talent was that

Azure Dragon felt the powerful strength in his body and sighed endlessly.

Even though he was already very powerful and had trained his state of mind for a long time, at that moment, he was still immersed in the strength of an Emperor realm martial arts expert and was unable to extricate himself for a moment.

At that moment, he could truly be called the Sword Emperor Azure Dragon!

After a long while, the Azure Dragon finally withdrew his state of mind and energy and landed on the ground in front of the crowd.

Although he had already withdrawn his energy, the crowd could still feel the supreme power of the Emperor realm and could not help but feel a trace of fear.

“Azure Dragon, congratulations on successfully stepping into the Emperor realm.”

“Qingshan, congratulations on successfully stepping into the King realm.”

White Tiger and the others congratulated Azure Dragon.

Lu Qingshan only had Li Liushui to congratulate him.

Azure Dragon nodded and said,

“The two of us should also go and thank Ye Xiao.

After all, it was he who helped the two of us advance.”

Lu Qingshan nodded.

“We should pay our respects to Ye Xiao.

Ive wanted to see him for a long time, but I havent had the chance to.

“Ill take this opportunity to meet this unrivaled genius.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Ill lead the way.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a few figures disappeared from where they were.

They turned into lights and flew toward Ye Xiaos house in Jianghai city.

Due to their fast speed, those martial artists who had come from afar to spectate did not discover their direction.

Before they could see clearly, they had already disappeared.

That made everyone unable to help but be greatly disappointed.

However, the posts on the internet were already hyped up.

There were all kinds of conjectures, and they occupied almost all of the top ten rankings in the trending search.

A few minutes later, everyone had already appeared in Ye Xiaos courtyard.

Ye Xiao, who was cultivating spiritual herbs in the courtyard, could not help but sigh slightly when he sensed that everyone had arrived.

A few more people came, and soon, more and more people in the entire Nine Provinces knew of his identity.

He could not even count them with one hand, and he had to count them with two hands.

From the initial Beitang Ce, to the current Venerable Black Tortoise, Saber God Li Liushui, Venerable White Tiger, and then to the three people who had just arrived that time, Sword Emperor Azure Dragon, Fire Saber Vermillion Bird, and Sword Saint Lu Qingshan.

However, it was a good thing that they could be considered top-level big shots in the Nine Provinces, and they would not go around blabbering about their identities.

Ye Xiao could only accept it reluctantly, and he did not pay too much attention to it.

“Ye Xiao, I brought a few friends here.

Do you mind”

The venerable Black Tortoise Jiang Chens voice sounded from outside the door, and Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

‘Youve already brought people here, so what if I mind

“Liuli, go open the door and bring them in.”


Liuli opened the door and stuck her head out.

Lu Qingshans eyes turned cold.

“A star beast of the Xiantian ninth grade”

Li Liushui patted him on the shoulder.

“Dont be so excited.

This little friend is Ye Xiaos star pet.”

“Star pet.”

Lu Qingshans mouth could not help but twitch.

Actually, it was not his fault for being shocked.

Although there were beastmasters in that world, even the most powerful beastmasters had limited strength.

At most, there would be those who had great grandmaster star pets who could already be ranked among the beastmasters in the Nine Provinces or even in the entire world.

However, Ye Xiaos move was a Xiantina ninth-grade divine-level star beast.

It was simply shocking to his worldview.

However, when he thought about it carefully, Ye Xiao was so powerful and talented.

It seemed reasonable for him to have a divine-level star beast as his star pet.

Jiang Chen smiled at Lu Qingshans shock.

“Youre shocked You dont know.

This kid has set up a star beast farm.

Every day, he is offered meat, eggs, milk, honey, and other nourishing things to nourish his blood essence and spiritual energy.

“Among those star beasts, the weakest one is at least at the level of a divine grandmaster, and the strongest one is even at the level of a divine beast in the King realm.”


Jiang Chen was delighted when he saw the crowds shock.

Although he was already very old, it was really nice to see others being so happy when they were so shocked.

Lu Qingshan could not help but ask,

“Liushui, didnt you already know Ye Xiao Why didnt you know about this”

Li Liushui was silent for a moment.

“Dont speak.

I want to be quiet.”

“Come in, all of you.”

Huan Liuli waved her hand and beckoned everyone to come in.

In the next second, everyone walked into Ye Xiaos courtyard one by one.

Just as they entered, everyone felt an extremely dense spiritual energy.

The source of this spiritual energy was Ye Xiao since he was already an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

The speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy at every moment was faster than everyones imagination!

When Emperor realm martial arts experts cultivated, they were already an existence comparable to a large dragon vein.

It was also because of that reason that they were able to continuously absorb the power of spiritual energy and form dragon energy in their bodies, nurturing enough dragon energy to nourish their own divine souls.

On the other hand, it came from the spirit-gathering array in Ye Xiaos potted plant.

That was the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array, an imperial-level spirit-gathering array.

The speed at which it absorbed spiritual energy was also so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

“You, are you Ye Xiao”

The first time they saw Ye Xiao, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Lu Qingshan, they could not help but be a little shocked.

Although they already knew from the mouths of others that Ye Xiao was only a young man, after seeing him for real, they still could not help but be shocked.

From Ye Xiaos body, there was no unruly and untamed aura that belonged exclusively to young people, nor was there that kind of ignorance that had yet to experience the world.

There was only an indifferent and calm aura as if he was a person who had experienced worldly affairs for a long time.

Different from the young man in their impression, this fellow was just like a child in their eyes.

He had a maturity that exceeded their imagination.

“I am Ye Xiao.

All seniors have graced us with your presence.

Our humble house is graced with your presence.

Welcome, all of you.”

Everyone could not help but praise him again and again in their hearts.

Although his cultivation was extremely strong, he was neither arrogant nor impetuous, neither was he afraid of being spoiled or humiliated.

As expected of a good seedling, to be able to cultivate to this stage.

“Oh right, Ye Xiao, what are you doing with the shovel in your hand”

“Im tidying up my potted plant.”

“Potted plant.”

“These are the things.”

Everyone looked behind him and fell into silence once again.

That was a potted plant

You call that thing a potted plant

That thing was a potted base that was forged using spatial techniques.

It completely reduced a small mountain, such a large area, into a small potted plant.

Then, the small flower pot was filled with natural treasures.

Not to mention they were all top-notch natural treasures.

If that thing could be called a potted plant, what would the other potted plants in that world be called

A vegetable pot

A vegetable pot would not be suitable, right

It should be called a grass pot!


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