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Chapter 306: The Azure Dragon Became the Emperor and the Lu Qingshan Became the King.

The Magnificence of This Sword Attack Shook the Nine Provinces

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Jiang Chens arrival made the crowd nervous again.

It was because everyone knew he was going to look for Ye Xiao.

Since he was here, it meant Ye Xiao was coming too.

However, when Jiang Chen came to them, they could not help but be surprised.

They looked behind him, but they could not see Ye Xiao.

“Venerable Black Tortoise, wheres Ye Xiao”

Jiang Chen chuckled.

“Ye Xiao isnt coming.”


Hearing that, they were shocked.

“Venerable one, are you kidding me”


How… How could he not come Hes waiting here.

Hes the main character today.”

“Is he crazy Others couldnt even beg for such a good opportunity, but he didnt come.

Has He lost his mind”

The White Tiger, Li, and Lu could not help but ridicule him.

Only the Fire Saber Vermillion Bird frowned slightly.

“Could it be that kid doesnt want Azure Dragon to sacrifice his own true meaning of martial arts to become his stepping stone”

Hearing that, everyone paused.

That was right, that was the only reason that could be explained.

Everyone knew that Ye Xiaos personality was very good, and his outlook on the world was also quite correct.

It would be impossible for him to be arrogant and disdain to fight with the Azure Dragon.

The only explanation was that he did not want to step on the Azure Dragons shoulders.

It would be cruel for the Azure Dragon.

Besides, he would owe the Azure Dragon a huge favor for the rest of his life.

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“Sigh! This kid has a good heart, but… Its a pity that he wont get such a good opportunity in the future.”

Lu Qingshan could not help but exclaim.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, shook his head with a smile.

“Youre all wrong.

Ye Xiao didnt come here because of that, but for other reasons.”

“What do you mean, venerable one”

“Youll find out later.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took out the little red flower from his pocket.

“Ye Xiao condensed his heart into this little red flower and asked me to give it to the Azure Dragon.

Ill give it to the Azure Dragon first.”

He flew quickly towards the peak of the mountain while the Vermillion Bird could not help but frown and say,

“Theres a very powerful aura within that red flower.

Could it be that this child has hidden his martial intent realm within that little red flower This way, he can help the Azure Dragon advance.”

Everyones hearts paused.

“This child is really a good child.

Its just a pity that he has such a good opportunity.”

They had not expected that it was the Azure Dragon who had helped Ye Xiao, but at that moment it was Ye Xiao who had sacrificed himself to help the Azure Dragon.

In their guesses, the Black Tortoise brought the little red flower to the Azure Dragon and gave it to him.

“Azure Dragon, Ye Xiao asked me to give it to you.”

The Azure Dragon raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Didnt I tell you I used my true meaning of martial arts techniques to help that kid advance.

Why did that kid help me advance Did you say something”

Jiang Chen waved his hand.

“Azure Dragon, you dont have a conscience! Who am I Others dont know, but dont you Why would I do such a thing Dont worry.

That kid didnt sacrifice himself.

You should just take this flower.”

Then, without waiting for Azure Dragon to say anything, Jiang Chen handed the little red flower to Azure Dragon.

Then he jumped to the back to avoid it.

He was the only one who knew the little red flower was unusual, so he did not dare go near it.

The Azure Dragon felt something unusual when he got the little red flower.

He had sensed the power in the little red flower!

It was very powerful.

It was extraordinary!

It was a power he had never seen before.

However, he could not fully sense how powerful it was through the little red flower.

“This is… ”

After being stunned for a while, the Azure Dragons expression became serious.

In the next second, he injected a bit of spiritual energy into the little red flower and threw it out.

The little red flower danced in the air with the wind, but after the Azure Dragon injected the spiritual energy, its body began to emit a faint layer of golden light.

It flickered between light and dark as if there was a force that was about to burst out from within.

At that moment, everyone faintly felt that something was unusual.

Everyone could not help but look over, staring straight at it.

As their gazes followed the little red flowers rotation, their hearts faintly began to beat.




Finally, a few seconds after the Azure Dragon threw it out, the little red flower was completely released into the air.

A force so powerful that it was completely unimaginable gushed out from the pistil.

In the next second, this force shot out from the ground and into the sky in an invincible manner.

It was like a long spear that pierced through the thick layer of clouds, creating a huge deep hole and causing the clouds to swirl around it.

The entire layer of clouds in the sky was pierced by this huge force.

The clouds even began to sink, swelling into a huge inverted cone.

That was a sword intent.

The moment the sword intent was released, it was earth-shattering.

That sword intent was filled with supreme profundities and sword art concepts.

The Azure Dragon stood where he was.

His eyes went from shock to bewilderment, then to shock.

His eyes kept widening, and his pupils constricted to the extreme.

That sword attack made him feel a power of sword art that he had never felt before.

That sword strike made him break through his previous understanding and reach a level that he had never felt before.

That sword strike also made him understand why Ye Xiao was not willing to come over.

He had only given him a small red flower.

It was not that Ye Xiao was not willing to come.

It was just that he did not need to come over anymore.

To him, his martial art true intent was no longer of any use.

On the contrary, the true intent of the martial path that he gave him allowed him to advance to the final level.

The Azure Dragon could feel that the strand of true intent that he lacked the most in the past was finally completed by Ye Xiaos sword!

His body was already beginning to undergo changes, and his strength was also continuously increasing.

He wanted to advance to the realm that he could never break through for a long time.

At that moment, the Azure Dragon was convinced!

He was completely convinced.

He had a clear understanding of his talent.

It was a talent that surpassed all the geniuses in that world.

It was an unrivaled genius that surpassed all geniuses.

That was not a lie.

He had already stepped into the Xiantian realm at the age of ten, became a divine grandmaster at the age of 20, and became a king at the age of 30!

It was close to a large level every ten years.

That was a rare talent in the entire world.

Even if he was compared to those people in the history of the Nine Provinces, he was definitely not in vain and could be ranked in the top ten!

Those people had long since passed away, so he was worthy of it.

He could be called the number one person in the world today.

Moreover, he was the number one person who far surpassed the others.

At that point, facing Ye Xiao, he knew that he had lost.

It was not that he intentionally lost to Ye Xiao and wanted to give him a stepping stone to help him push him up to the throne.

Alas, he had truly lost!

“This child is really the number one person in the Nine Provinces! The number one person in the world! Hes even the number one person in history!”

Two drops of tears slid down from the corner of the Azure Dragons eyes.

There was the joy of losing to Ye Xiao, but there was also the feeling of being moved by the birth of a true prodigy.

In his life, he had seen countless geniuses, but he had never been moved by a single person.

That was because all the geniuses he had met were inferior to his own geniuses.

Only when he met Ye Xiao, he was completely convinced of his loss.

The Fire Saber Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Sword Saint Lu Qingshan, and Saber God Li Liushui who were watching from afar were all petrified on the spot at that moment.

No one had expected that Ye Xiao had actually reached such a terrifying level!

He had already become an Emperor realm martial arts expert

How long had it been

How old was he

He had already become an Emperor realm martial arts expert

That fellow, even if he defied the heavens, he still had to have a limit, right

Among the crowd, Lu Qingshan looked at the sword ray and his entire mental state instantly entered a miraculous state that could not be explained.

That sword attack finally allowed his cultivation, which had not improved for a long time, to begin advancing at that moment.


A thunder sound was heard, and a tribulation cloud quickly gathered in the sky.

Li Liushui and the others were shocked and quickly jumped away.

“Qingshan is about to break through, quickly move aside!”

Everyone quickly moved aside, their minds filled with shock.

When ordinary people reached the King realm, they would encounter a lightning tribulation.

Only a freak like Ye Xiao would attract a small-scale lightning tribulation when he was in the divine sect.

The others all encountered a lightning tribulation when they were in the King realm.

The reason why the Saber God, Li Liushui, did not encounter a lightning tribulation when he advanced the previous time was that Ye Xiao had activated the divine blood and the auspicious light shone throughout the Nine Provinces.

Due to that, he received protection and thus avoided the lightning tribulation.

Now, Lu Qingshan was not so lucky as to directly encounter a lightning tribulation.


At that moment, thunder was heard from the horizon.

A purple cloud was gathering from the east.

The crowd was shocked again.

“Its the purple cloud from the east.

The thunder tribulation of the purple cloud! Azure Dragon is going to face it too.”

“My God, this is crazy.

A sword radiance created an Emperor realm and a King realm martial artist.

Is Ye Xiao going to turn the sky upside down”

Jiang Chen snickered.

He had thought of this when he had learned that Ye Xiao had advanced to the Emperor realm.

He could not help but feel amused when he saw how shocked everyone was.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes again.

The Azure Dragons eyes had become very determined.

Facing the purple cloud thunder tribulation, he took a step forward.

The doctrine of sword should press forward.

When the sword was drawn, there was no way to retreat.

When the sword was drawn, it would shine brightly.

Regardless of the thousands of troops in front of him, the mountains and seas in front of him, he would cut them down with a single sword!

He and Lu Qingshan were like two beams of sword light that shot up into the sky and into the clouds.

In the tribulation, they could feel the power of the martial intent realm breaking through their own limits.

The world was filled with lightning and thunder, divided into two parts.

One was small, and the other was large.

However, no matter which one it was, the power they possessed was extremely terrifying.

The entire tribulation lasted for nearly half an hour.

The power of the tribulation attracted countless people.

They watched from afar and did not dare to approach..


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