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Chapter 304: Advancement Battle, Red Flower Reappeared

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Oh Another little friend Which divine sect are they from”

“You guys should be more familiar with them than me.”

In the next second, Ye Xiao released all the star beasts that he caught.

Among them were a few divine beasts.

At the same time, there were some divine-level star beasts under them.

Ye Xiao only caught those above and below the divine sect.

He would not even glance at them.

That was because it was not of much use.

Only the star beasts above the divine sect could replenish a certain amount of blood essence.

In addition, only star beasts above their level could satisfy his requirements with the texture and taste of their meat.

“Ill leave them here first.

You guys are in charge of teaching them the rules here.

I hope that tomorrow morning, Ill be able to see their offerings.

“You guys have made things easier for me.

Ill give you guys some extra rewards.”

After saying that, he once again used the Yin-yang Escape technique and disappeared from where he was.

The other star beasts were completely dumbfounded.

What was going on

Did Ye Xiao go to the space battlefield and dig out the nest of a group of star beasts

The ones he took out were all star beasts above the divine sect.

Among them, there were a few whose cultivation was at the Divine Beast realm.

Even the Moon-swallowing Mastiff and Zang Long, which had been crushed by Ye Xiaos aura, had been revived by him and brought in.

Was he not too much of a bully

The star beasts were almost petrified.

“If Im not mistaken, that fellow should be the green bird, Yu Wuji, who is ranked 131st on the star ranking.”

“Not just him Theres also the Armored Rhinoceros, who is ranked 114th on the star ranking.”

“The other few are also well-known seniors on the star rankings.”

“Could it be that he really went to the starry sky and dug out the lair of the star beasts”

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“Wait, I dont think thats what everyone should be focusing on, right With his strength, catching a divine beast is a piece of cake.

Theres nothing to be shocked about.”

“Thats right.

I feel that his last sentence is very attractive.

As long as we convince these guys and make them obediently submit their offerings, well be able to obtain rewards!”

“Thats right, thats right.

There might be spiritual herbs or something.

It might even be a holiday.”

Very soon, the other star beasts slowly woke up.

One by one, they staggered up from the ground.

“Where is this place Why are we here”

Fenglong immediately opened his mouth to explain,

“Seniors, this is Mr.

Ye Xiaos star beast farm.

Welcome, seniors!”

When Yu Wuji and the other star beasts heard that, their faces turned sour.

“What is a star beast farm”

Samuel interjected,

“It is to treat us as poultry and raise us like livestock.

Every day, we have to hand over a certain amount of meat or eggs.”

When those words were said, Yu Wuji and the other star beasts faces could not help but twitch violently.



What the hell

Making divine beasts into poultry and livestock

Even if that guy was an Emperor realm prodigy, he could not be so impudent, right

He could kill them, but he definitely could not trample on their dignity like that.

That was simply a disgrace to their status as divine beasts!

“If were not willing, will he choose to kill us”

The star beasts immediately revealed a despicable expression.

“We advise you not to do this.”

“Yes, because offending him will only result in one outcome, and that is a fate worse than death.

Moreover, even if you want to die, you wont be able to die.”

“He also has an imperial-level healing technique.

As long as your soul is not destroyed in an instant, he will be able to resurrect all of you.”

“Moreover, even if you really dont agree, he will choose to forcefully cut off your flesh, and then heal you.”

After saying that, someone pointed at the Starquake t=Tiger in the distance.

Upon seeing the Starquake Tiger, Yu Wuji and the other star beasts completely collapsed.

The Starquake Tiger was ranked in the top 100, and it was much stronger than them.

Such a star beast had actually been captured and brought here.

Could it be that even death was an extravagant hope after ending up there

Norfis tried to persuade them,

“Actually, you dont have to be so pessimistic.

As long as you put down your pride, you can actually live a very comfortable life.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Cut your meat a fixed number every day.

After you cut your meat, you will have leisure time.”

“The more you cut, the more spiritual herbs you will be allocated.

The more you work, the more you get.

You will be paid by the piece! And they are all good things.

Every day, you live very leisurely.

Look, we are all playing games.”

“Anyway, we cant beat him, and we cant escape either.

Its better to just accept our fate here.

At least we wont have to suffer so many sins, and our cultivation can still be raised.”

Yu Wuji and the other star beasts were slightly moved.

All… Good stuff

They could still be so carefree.

It seemed like that so-called poultry and livestock… It was not that they could not do it.

That was because they had all experienced the terror of Ye Xiaos strength.

In fact, they even understood Ye Xiaos strength better than the star beasts who were holed up here.

They knew that Ye Xiao was the legendary Emperor realm martial arts expert.

There did not seem to be anything shameful about being a domestic animal for an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

However, they were not fools.

At the very least, they would have to take a look at what was good tomorrow before deciding whether or not to be Ye Xiaos domestic animal.

As Ye Xiao arrived back home, Huan Liuli was lying on the sofa sleeping, hands still holding a clean chicken wing which was probably used to exchange with the mahjong.

Ye Xiao carefully swept a glance, suddenly found that there are some surprises.

The cultivation of Huan Liuli had once again increased.

At that point, she was already a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

Logically speaking, before he left, she was still at the Xiantian seventh grade.

He had just left, so it should be impossible for her to raise her strength to such a level.

Moreover, just by doing some small business and exchanging for a bit of star beast flesh, it was impossible for her to replenish her blood essence and raise her cultivation to such a powerful realm.

She had advanced two realms in a row.

No, there should be some problem somewhere.

It was because of her advancement!

Ye Xiao suddenly understood that it was because of his advancement.

There was a record in the book that if a person advanced to the cultivation of an Emperor realm martial arts expert, then the strength of their similar bloodline, such as their relatives, as well as the star pets that he had signed a contract with, would greatly increase.

Could it be because of that

However, that was also pretty good.

At the very least, the stronger Huan Liuli was, the more useful she would be to him.

If she was too weak, it would be impossible for him to use her again after a long time.

At this moment, Huan Liu Li turned over.


That d*mned silly cat.

Could it be that she wore fewer clothes when she was alone at home

D*mn cat!

It seemed he had to have a goodconversation with her tomorrow so that she would know some rules.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, the next day had arrived.

Early in the morning, Jiang Chen went to Ye Xiaos door to stand guard.

Although a powerful martial artist like him would not have dark circles under his eyes because he stayed up late, Ye Xiao could still tell that he had not slept all night.

It was also difficult for him.

He was the first to know such a huge piece of news, and then he immediately went to inform the rest of the human race in the world.

Ye Xiao did not ask him to wait any longer.

He directly gave him a thought and invited him to the courtyard.

Venerable Black Tortoise came to Ye Xiaos house.

Huan Liuli had just prepared breakfast before bringing it to the table.

Ye Xiao smiled and said,

“Its better to come at the right time than to come at the right time, Senior Jiang.

Lets sit down and have some breakfast together.”

Jiang Chen was about to jump out of his seat.

“What time is it You still have the mood to have breakfast here”

“Even if the world is going to end tomorrow, what should come will come.

Its useless to think too much.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

“Your state of mind is really admirable.

Im far inferior to you.

The Azure Dragon asked me to contact you as soon as he learned that the beast calamity had been brought forward! Hes going to have a decisive battle with you today.

Hell teach you his creation of martial arts techniques.

“Hes already in the deep mountains in the south of Jianghai city.

“Hes waiting for you.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

Huan Liuli gave Jiang Chen a pair chopsticks of and a bowl.

Jiang Chen picked up a piece of breakfast meat by accident.

As he ate, he said,

“Im really not in the mood to eat.

My mind is full of things right now.

Im… Eh”

Before he could finish, he was stunned the next second.

What was going on

That meat… How could it have such powerful spiritual energy

Are you kidding me

With such a large amount of spiritual energy and blood essence, it was definitely a divine beast.

Ye Xiao had even started to raise divine beasts

Ye Xiao smiled.

“I just caught it two days ago.

How does it taste It should be pretty good, right”

Jiang Chen could not help but twitch his lips.

The meat of a divine beast was pretty good, you say

It was more than pretty good!

It was like an amazing feast!

No one in the world could eat like Ye Xiao!

Even the Emperor realm martial arts experts in the space battlefield could not eat like that.

Those Emperor realm martial arts experts might eat their spoils of war once in a while, but not all of them would be divine beasts.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, raised a few of them, and he could eat fresh star beast meat every day.

If his strength did not increase, who would

Ye Xiao smiled when he saw Jiang Chen also eating.

“Dont eat in such a hurry.

Dont choke.

Take your time.

If you dont have enough, there will be more.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and swallowed several pieces of divine beast meat quickly.

“You cant eat today.

Come with me now! The Azure Dragon is waiting for you.

This is your chance to advance to the Emperor realm.

Its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dont miss it.”

However, Ye Xiao did not intend to move.

He took out a small red flower from the vase on the table and handed it to Jiang Chen.

“I wont go.

Give this small red flower to him for me.

Hell understand when he sees it.”

Jiang Chen was surprised, but then he became anxious.

“Are you kidding me Its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to become an emperor.

If you dont go and learn from the Azure Dragon, why should I give you a small red flower”



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