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Chapter 301: The Emperor Realm Is So Powerful That Without a Single Thought, Your Aura Is Enough to Shake Heaven and Earth

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Let me take a look first.

What good stuff is inside”

The Moon-swallowing Mastiff Zang Long stepped forward with a loud laugh.

The other star beasts immediately followed closely behind.

Although it was said that under the watchful eyes of everyone, no one was afraid that he would take it for himself.

However, everyone could not wait to see what good stuff was inside.

Ning Yuhen wanted to move, but the Fox Empress pressed down on his shoulder.

He looked at the Fox Empress, but she shook her head.

“Theres no need for you to go up anymore.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the Moon-swallowing Mastiff Zang Long that was walking at the front instantly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

Fresh blood splattered in all directions and shot onto the faces of the other star beasts, causing their bodies to instantly shiver.

They stood on the spot, looking at each other at a loss.

In the next second, Ye Xiaos figure slowly walked out from the Emperor realm ruins.

Seeing that scene, the pupils of all the star beasts instantly constricted.

There was actually someone in the Emperor realm inheritance.

That fellow who had suddenly appeared did not have the slightest bit of aura, but that was the most terrifying thing.

That was because that meant that the other partys cultivation was so strong that they were already unable to sense it.

“This… This guy, could this guy be… Could he be an Emperor realm martial arts expert”

Yu Wuji panted heavily, and his terrified pupils were somewhat scattered.

D*mn it!

They actually met the legendary human Emperor realm martial arts expert!

A living Emperor realm martial arts expert

What kind of joke was that

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“How is this possible There are only six Emperor realm martial arts experts in the human race, and of these six Emperor realm martial arts experts, only two are from the Nine Provinces.

Weve seen all of them.

This guy is also from the Nine Provinces, but how come weve never seen him before”

“No, the inheritance of the Emperor realm is a natural phenomenon No! He is a new Emperor realm martial arts expert! I remember now, I remember now.

According to the rumors, if the human race advances to the Emperor realm, it will produce a natural phenomenon of purple clouds coming from the east!”

“D*mn it! Just now, he was the one who advanced, but we actually didnt have any reaction and just watched him do so successfully.”

At that moment, those divine beasts were so regretful that they wished they could slap themselves to death with their own hands.

Why were they so stupid They did not stop him earlier.

If they had stopped him earlier, they might have made Ye Xiao fail to advance and subsequently suffer a backlash and die.

How was the result now Not only would Ye Xiao not die, but he would also become an unrivaled martial arts expert instead, the human Emperor realm!

In an instant, he had cut off the path of survival for all of them.

A deep sense of despair enveloped the hearts of the star beasts, causing them to not even have the thought of escaping.

No, to be precise, it was not that they did not want to escape, nor was it that they did not dare to escape.

Instead, it was that they were unable to escape.

Even if they still had one last struggle in their hearts, their physical bodies were already completely out of their control.

Standing in front of an Emperor realm martial arts expert was like a group of tiny ants.

Standing in front of a ferocious tiger, that kind of crushing shock caused their physical bodies to be so terrified that even their muscles twitched until they were taut.

Even the spiritual energy in their bodies seemed to have stopped at that moment, unable to circulate.

The terrifying scene was not over yet.

When Ye Xiaos true body completely walked out of the ruins, all the star beasts instantly knelt down on the ground with abang.

That tough kneecap shattered the ground, and everyone could not even raise their heads.

It was too terrifying!

Was that the legendary Emperor realm martial arts expert

In the past, they had only glanced at the human Emperor from afar when the two armies were fighting.

Although it was said to be far away, the battlefield of martial artists was extremely far apart, especially in the starry sky.

That distance was easily hundreds of miles away, or even thousands of miles away!

At that time, they could only sense the terror of the Emperor realm through the long-distance aura.

However, until today, when they were close to the human Emperor realm martial arts expert, they suddenly realized the terror of the human Emperor realm martial artist.

It was simply heaven-defying and did not give anyone a chance to live.

Among them, the Armored Rhinoceros ranked 114th on the star rankings desperately wanted to raise its head to see who that human was What exactly did he look like

He used all the strength in his body to force himself to raise his head to look up.

From Ye Xiaos feet to his knees, and then to his chest…

Every inch he raised his head, he seemed to be enduring a tremendous force of billions of pounds.

That pressure was so oppressive that he could no longer breathe, and his face was ashen.

As he raised his head, the bones on his body were continuously trembling.

Finally, his head was raised to a place where Ye Xiaos chin could be seen.

‘Just a little more, just a little more, and Ill be able to clearly see the appearance of this human.

However, at that moment…


Following a crisp sound, the spine on his body suddenly broke, and his huge body also fell down with a bang.

All the star beasts present were all shocked to the point of numbness after seeing this scene.

Their thoughts were already completely sluggish.

Other than the Moon-swallowing Mastiff at the beginning, Ye Xiao did not make a move at all after that.

He merely relied on the aura on his body to easily suppress all the star beasts present.

That was not all.

Even the Armored Rhinoceros, who was ranked 114th on the star rankings, wanted to raise his head to look at him, but he was suppressed by his aura until his spine broke!

That was the star beast ranked 114th on the star rankings!

Moreover, the Armored Rhinonoceross physique far surpassed the other star beasts present.

Even so, the toughness of his physical body could not even withstand the other partys aura.

What would happen if the opponent made a move

However, the Armored Rhinoceros was not worth it.

He did not have the strength or qualification to make the opponent make a move.

How pathetic was that

Although there was a huge gap between the King realm and the Divine Beast realm, it was not so heaven-defying.

At that point, after the other party reached the Emperor realm, the gap between them and the divine beasts that were comparable to the human king realm was so big

The gap between the Emperor realm and the King realm was unfathomable!

That deep sense of powerlessness was something they had never experienced before in their lives.

When Ning Yuhen, the Fox Empress, and the others saw that scene, they were even more shocked and speechless.

They all knew that the emperor realm was very powerful, but no one had expected that the Emperor realm would actually be so powerful to such an extent.

Especially Ning Yuhen, who had always worshipped Ye Xiao to the extreme.

Was that his supervisor

To actually be so powerful to such an extent!

He really did not follow the wrong person.

The supervisor was really the God in his heart forever!

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the Silver Fox Valley, and his mind moved slightly.

In the next second, the Secret of Eternal Life Art was activated, and all the Silver Fox clansmen who had died in the entire Silver Fox Valley were all resurrected at that moment.

“So powerful!”

The Fox Empresss pupils constricted once again, and she was so shocked that her scalp could not help but go numb.

That move of Ye Xiaos was really too beautiful and too powerful.

The Silver Fox clans Morning Star Art could actually also resurrect the dead, as long as the souls of the dead were still there.

However, they definitely could not do it at such a fast speed.

In an instant, they could heal all the injured and dead clansmen.

That was already over a 100,000 Silver Fox clansmen!

That strength was simply a heavenly blessing.


Ye, just how strong have you become

The Fox Empresss beating heart could not help but ask in her heart.

Ye Xiao looked at the Silver Fox clansman who had been resurrected and felt a little helpless.

If only he had the strength to resurrect senior King Zhou.

If that was the case, the human race would have one more Emperor realm martial arts expert!

Unfortunately, Senior King Zhou had died naturally.

It was similar to the birth, aging, illness, and death of humans.

It was a natural law that he did not have the strength to resolve.

At least, he did not have the strength for now.

It seemed like he could only wait until the future to resurrect him.

After all, they were all human seniors.

They had even used up their own divine blood to help him raise his divine blood.

That kindness was hard to forget.

However, following closely behind, Ye Xiao cast his gaze on the few star beasts in front of him.

Birds, rhinoceroses, divine flowers, lambs…

Barbeque, steak, vegetable salad, roasted lamb kebabs

‘Good heavens, I can add some new dishes.

Moreover, these guys are all at the Divine Beast realm, comparable to the human King realm.

The blood essence in their bodies is even more vigorous, and they can strengthen their own blood essence to a greater extent.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Without giving them a chance to react, with a thought, he immediately stored all those star beasts into his spatial ring.

After that, Ye Xiao retracted his aura.

All the clansmen in the Silver Fox valley instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Ye Xiaos aura was really too powerful!

Although he did not directly charge towards them, even so, the suppression made it difficult for them to even breathe.

That was especially so for some of the weaker Silver Fox clansmen.

They had just been resurrected, but because they could not breathe, their faces turned ashen.


The instant Ye Xiao lifted the suppression of his aura, Ning Yuhen was the first to rush forward.

No one here was more excited than him.

No one could understand the pride of being the supervisor becoming an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

“Supervisor! Youre really too amazing! You actually advanced to the Emperor realm!

“In the entire Nine Provinces, for hundreds of years, no one had advanced to this realm.

You are the number one person in hundreds of years!”

Ye Xiao smiled faintly and shook his head.

“There is always someone better! There is always someone better.

Although I am at the Emperor realm, I have only just reached this realm.

In this universe, there are many who are stronger than me.

There is no need to flatter me so much.”

“I dont care.

No matter how strong others are, they are still others.

In my heart, the supervisor is the most powerful one.”

Toward his enthusiastic flattery, Ye Xiao could only smile indifferently.

Ning Yuhen was different from others.

He was sincere and open to him.

He was loyal like a little brother, so if he liked flattery, he would just let him flatten him.

In any case, it was good as long as his brain was clear enough.


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