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Chapter 300: The Emperor Rises From the Clouds, the Seventh Emperor of the Human Race

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While they were talking, a purple divine lightning struck down from the sky.


The loud thunder made everyones hearts throb.

It was as if someone had grabbed onto them for a second.

The wind… It became stronger and stronger.

The purple clouds in the sky started to move toward them.

The clouds in the surroundings started to descend as if they were in awe of some terrifying existence.

What was even stranger was that there were countless flowers and plants in the surroundings.

They all began to head in the direction of the Emperor realm ruins.

They slowly lowered their heads and displayed an extremely respectful posture.

Ning Yuhen and the Fox Empress looked at each other.

Other than excitement in their eyes, there was also deep shock.

They had already vaguely guessed something!

Ye Xiao had advanced!

Ye Xiao had advanced to the Emperor realm!

The other star beasts did not know exactly what had happened, but when they looked at the sky, they felt a wave of anxiety in their hearts.

“What a powerful heaven and earth phenomenon.

Purple energy from the east.

What does this mean”

“Im not too sure.

I seem to have heard from a certain senior that purple energy from the east seems to be the symbol of a certain cultivation advancement of the human race.

But what exactly is it Ive already forgotten.”


At that moment, another purple cloud of divine lightning fell, and the star beasts pupils immediately constricted.

There were a few lesser divine beasts below the divine lightning.

At that moment, under that divine lightning, they were all annihilated and turned into ashes.

Not a single one was left alive.


The Green Bird Yu Wuji could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and carefully said,

“Brothers, I feel that something is wrong here.

Should we leave”

Dazzling White Starlight glanced at him and coldly said,

“Leave You really dare to say that you dont want the inheritance of a human Emperor realm martial arts expert.”

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“But why do I feel that something is strange about this scene”

“Idiot, when the Emperor realm inheritance opens, there will definitely be a heaven and earth phenomenon.

How come you dont know this little bit of common sense”

As they spoke, the door of the Emperor realm inheritance ruins suddenly opened again.


All the star beasts turned their gazes over and stared at that area.

“Its open! The Emperor realm inheritance ruins has opened!”

As soon as they opened it, the star beasts saw that it was filled with all sorts of treasures.

In an instant, the star beasts could not help but swallow their saliva again.

“What a huge blood lingzhi mushroom! That blood lingzhi mushroom must be at least several thousand years old.”

“Its more than that! The spirit energy in this Emperor realm ruins was so dense that it was unknown how much spirit energy it had absorbed.

A year was equivalent to several years outside.

Its age had long surpassed the time it was born.

It must have been at least 8,000 to 9,000 years old, close to 10,000 years old.”

The star beasts were extremely eager.

Just as they were about to enter and snatch the heavenly materials and earthly treasures, another bolt of purple divine lightning struck down.

Following closely behind was a second bolt, a third bolt, and a fourth bolt…

The star beasts were forced by the divine lightning and had no choice but to retreat, not daring to get close.

However, every star beast was staring eagerly inside, their eyes filled with greed.

Everyone wanted to be the first to enter after the purple divine lightning disappeared and snatch the heavenly treasures.

Even the Wind-slaying Wolf, who had just been severely injured, was secretly recovering its body at this moment.

They no longer cared about the Silver Fox clan.

All the Star Beasts were now focused on the emperor realm inheritance.

Ning Yuhen and the Fox Empress were also staring at the ruins.

However, the two of them were different from the other star beasts.

They only hoped that Ye Xiao would be able to pass this lightning tribulation.

The purple divine lightning all fell into the ruins and struck ye Xiaos body.

King Zhous soul at the side immediately said,

“Kid, dont resist.

You have to make full use of this divine lightning to help you refine the divine blood in your body.

Let your divine blood become even more vigorous and step into that final step.”

Ye Xiao held onto his mind and allowed the purple divine lightning to strike his body.

It helped him refine the final divine blood step by step, removing the part of the divine blood that contained King Zhous consciousness.

What replaced it was the unconscious divine blood, which was then taken over by his mental energy.

As such, his physical body was constantly being strengthened.

It was getting stronger and stronger.

Although he was only at the peak of the King realm and lesser Emperor realm, his physical body had already surpassed the Emperor realm!

The purple divine lightning was densely packed like countless dragons biting Ye Xiaos body.

The immense pain far exceeded the imagination of an ordinary person.

If it was any other lesser Emperor realm martial artist, they might have been instantly killed by the lightning.

However, Ye Xiao would not.

Due to that, the pain he felt would be a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times more than an ordinary person!

Amidst that pain, the divine blood with King Zhous consciousness became fewer and fewer.

From 1,000 drops, 800 drops, 700, 600, 500, 400…

To 100, 50, 30, 20…

When the last drop of divine blood was completely devoured by Ye Xiao, Ye Xiaos body was already filled with dense divine blood.

Although he had activated all the divine blood in his body previously, he did not have much divine blood.

That was because the divine blood had been diluted too much since the human race had passed down to his generation.

That was also the reason why many humans on earth were unable to activate their divine souls.

The reason for that was that the divine blood in the bodies of many humans had almost dried up and disappeared.

Only when ones cultivation was raised would the divine blood be reactivated and begin to gradually produce more divine blood.

When Ye Xiao had completely refined all of King Zhous divine blood, his own aptitude had received another huge increase, reaching a brand new realm.

It was also at that time that he did not need to suppress the strength in his body anymore, and instantly chose to advance.

He had been waiting for a long time, and now, that moment had finally arrived.


Along with the spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body surging, he had completely stepped into the Emperor realm cultivation that he had always dreamed of!

His thick spiritual energy and blood essence were boiling, and Ye Xiao felt that at that moment, he seemed to be omnipotent!

At that moment, he realized that his strength could already form a domain.

When he was in the King realm, he had that feeling.

He could complete a certain range of thoughts and requirements in the blink of an eye when his thoughts burst forth.

When he was in the divine sect, he used his thoughts to drive the spiritual energy.

When he was in the King realm, he skipped the steps of driving the spiritual energy and reached completion with a single thought.

Now, after he had reached the Emperor realm, Ye Xiao realized that he could already form that invisible domain into a tangible fixed domain.

In that domain, no matter what move he made, he could execute it instantaneously.

Although his attack speed was already very fast and had reached almost no time interval.

However, similarly, if the enemy was in the Emperor realm, the speed of the opponents cultivation technique would also be very fast and would not necessarily be weaker than his.

Within the range of the domain, it might take 0.001 seconds for ones technique to reach a distance of 100,000 feet.

The opponent would also be able to execute the technique in 0.001 seconds to defend against the attack.

However, if one were to use the domain, one would be able to reduce the attack interval.

Even if it was just a tiny time interval, it was very crucial for an emperor-level battle.

At the same time, in a domain, if it was an existence below the Emperor realm, there was simply no way to defend against it.

That was because, in that domain, the Emperor realm was the only God!

The Emperor realm dominated life and death一it dominated everything!

Only an Emperor realm martial arts expert of the same level could use a domain to resist a domain.

‘Is this the power of the Emperor realm

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh deeply.

Before reaching the Emperor realm, he had imagined countless times how powerful the Emperor realm was

However, only after truly reaching the Emperor realm could he truly feel the power of that.

That kind of power that dominated everything! The shock it brought was unprecedented.

Ye Xiao cupped his hands toward King Zhou at the side to express his gratitude.

“Thank you, Senior.”

King Zhous soul waved his hand and said with a faint smile,

“You dont have to be so polite.

Everything I did was voluntary.

The genes in the human bloodline are also the genes that the ancestor of the human race gave to the human race.

That is, the desire to become stronger, to become stronger, to surpass the ancestor!

“In my era, no one could reach this step.

“Even I could not catch up.

“But now, your appearance has given me new hope.

“You have the hope of becoming a truly strong person.

“And I can become a witness to a future strong person, and also a supporter.

I feel a supreme glory!”

Ye Xiao could sense the other partys feelings.

It was the admiration of the seniors towards the juniors, but at the same time, it was the appreciation of the strong for the strong.

Apart from that, he also placed hope on himself, a hope to become a top-tier strong.

It was just like a teacher who taught an extremely outstanding disciple.

“Even so, I still have to thank Senior for your help.”

“Hehehe, I accept your kindness.

Work hard! In the future, if you can become a God realm martial artist and find that profound mystery that our ancestors did not find, then tell me what that profound mystery is, and Ill be satisfied.”

Ye Xiao nodded, and King Zhou spoke again,

“Alright, quickly go out! Your friends are waiting.

Their current situation is not good.”

Ye Xiao nodded again.

He had already sensed the situation outside.

Before he became an emperor-level prodigy, King Zhous remains could still block his perception.

However, after he became an emperor-level prodigy, he could no longer do it.

It was as if after he absorbed his divine blood, he had already reached an even stronger realm.

Although he had just entered the Emperor realm, he was not weaker than those Emperor realm martial arts experts who were one step stronger!

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao stepped out.

The purple divine lightning in the sky was still striking down wildly.

With a thought, Ye Xiaos divine light instantly burst out.

In an invincible posture, it instantly charged out, forming a golden pillar of light that instantly charged into the purple clouds, it shattered it into pieces and completely vanished into thin air.

The star beasts eyes lit up.

“The heaven and earth phenomenon is gone.

We can enter now!”



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