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Chapter 299: Purple Clouds From the East, All Souls Worship

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“So powerful!”

The Fox Empress inadvertently glanced at the battle in the sky.

She was so shocked that her heart could not help but beat faster.

Was that a battle above the Divine Beast realm

Although compared to her, her cultivation was only slightly stronger.

In reality, the power unleashed by the two was many times stronger than hers!

That was the terror of a divine beast!

A divine beast was a divine beast after all.

No matter how close a lesser divine beast was to a divine beast, there was always an insurmountable gap between them and a true divine beast.

The longer the battle lasted, the more times the starry sky would flash.

The cycle continued.

Soon, the spiritual energy gathered in the sky reached a zero point.

At that moment, after the Wolf God and Ning Yuhen exchanged blows, they were blasted apart.

“Hu, hu.”

At that moment, be it Ning Yuhen or the Wolf God, after a series of intense attacks, the spiritual energy in their bodies was in a fluctuating state.

However, the Wolf God clearly had the upper hand.

Ning Yuhens breathing speed was obviously much faster.

The Wolf God smiled.

“Not bad, not bad at all.

I didnt expect the inheritance you got to be so powerful.

I can sense that it didnt take you long to advance.

It seems like there must be something good in the Emperor realm inheritance.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be able to bring you to this level in such a short period of time.

“After I defeat you, I must go and see for myself whats in the Emperor realm ruins.”

“You wont have the chance.”

Ning Yuhens expression was indifferent.

The Wolf God narrowed his eyes as if he could vaguely hear the abnormality in Ning Yuhens words.

In the next second, his pupils suddenly constricted because countless dazzling starlight spots had formed in the air.

Each spot of starlight was filled with enormous energy.

It was the spiritual energy that Ning Yuhen and his combat strength had used up when they had gathered together.

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However, at that moment, all the spiritual energy had gathered into one spot and was continuously shrinking toward the two of them.

“This is… ”

“This is the secret technique of our Silver Fox clan, Star Burst.

It condenses the spiritual energy that was released by the two of us during the battle and detonates it in an instant.

It kills all the living beings within the range of the move, leaving none alive.”

Cold sweat had already formed on Wolf Gods forehead.

He sneered and said,

“Are you kidding me If this move is used, you will also die, right My spiritual energy is also contained there.

Dont say that you can still survive.”

Ning Yuhens lips curled up slightly.

“Youre very smart, but you forgot one thing.

“That is, the Silver Fox clan still has the ancestral Tail-cutting Substitution technique.

I only need to cut off one tail and Ill be able to resurrect later.

As for you, Im sorry, but Ill have to say goodbye to this world.”


The Wolf God roared angrily and prepared to pounce on Ning Yuhen.

Unfortunately, everything was over.

Ning Yuhen grabbed out with his large hand, and the starlight instantly gathered together and exploded.

In the sky, an extremely bright light was released, illuminating the surrounding starry sky and Silver Fox Valley.

The intense shockwave from the explosion turned into wild wind, causing Silver Fox Valley to tremble uncontrollably.

All the star beasts could not continue fighting.

They could only lie on the ground to prevent themselves from being blown away by the air turbulence.

The entire process lasted for dozens of seconds before it finally stopped.

The star beasts could not be bothered with fighting anymore.

They raised their heads at the first moment, wanting to see what was going on in the sky.

If any of them lost, there was no need for the star beasts to continue fighting.

Without the protection of the Divine Beast realm, no matter how many star beasts there were, they would only be cannon fodder.

It would be meaningless.

When the light in the sky dissipated and the air distorted, Ning Yuhens body quickly recovered.

He was only missing a tail.

He originally had nine tails, but now he only had eight.

His face was slightly pale.

What shocked him was that the Wolf God actually did not die from that move.

However, his entire body was covered in bloody holes.

Half of his arm was gone, and his entire body was already in tatters.

He could only be considered to be struggling for his life.

“Huff! Huff!”

The Wolf God took a few deep breaths.

His expression was ice-cold as he stared at Ning Yuhen.

He clenched his teeth tightly.

“You d*mned fellow.

You actually used such a despicable method.

This God has underestimated you.

If this God didnt have a life-protecting technique, I would have fallen for your trap.”

Ning Yuhen snorted.

The other party was an old divine beast after all.

He would not be killed so easily.

“So what Even if that move didnt kill you, how long can you last With your current state, I can instantly kill you.”


The Wolf God threw his head back and laughed loudly.

“What are you laughing at”

Ning Yuhens eyes turned cold, while the Wolf God continued to speak

“Im laughing at your stupidity to the extreme! Do you really think that I didnt hold back The moment you self-destructed, I already released my own thoughts and summoned a few divine beasts stationed around you.

Do you think that you can continue to be arrogant What else can you do to me Ridiculous! Look behind you.”

When the Wolf God spoke, Ning Yuhens pupils constricted.

He knew that the other party was not joking because he had already sensed that several extremely powerful auras had arrived behind him.

Each of those powerful auras had a power that made his heart palpitate.

Each of them was an old king-level genius.

“Wind-shaping Wolf, youve really embarrassed Lord Forest God! Youre dealing with a mere new king-level prodigy, yet youre being beaten up to this extent.

Youre even asking us for help.

Its a disgrace to Lord Forest God!”

Wind-shaping Wolf smiled bitterly.

“Youre right.

Ive embarrassed Lord Forest God.

However, Im forced to do so.

Please take him down.

Theres a human Emperor realm inheritance down there.

Lets split it equally!”

“Human Emperor realm inheritance Good boy.

I didnt expect it to be such a big fish.


As soon as he said that, Ning Yuhen felt a huge impact coming from behind him.

He wanted to dodge, but his opponent was too fast.

He could not dodge at all.


With a loud bang, Ning Yuhen felt his entire back being torn apart.

His body instantly turned into a meteor as he fiercely crashed onto the ground.

The powerful impact force caused him to break through a cliff that was a thousand feet tall and crash onto the ground, creating a huge pit with a diameter of 10,000 feet.

The ground split open like a spider web.

The powerful force created a shockwave that caused a large number of Silver Fox clansmen and wind wolf subordinates to die.


The Fox Empress quickly jumped over and hugged Ning Yuhen in her arms.

She used the Morning Star Method to help him recover.

Ning Yuhen gritted her teeth.

“Grandma, Im sorry.

Im still not strong enough to protect the Silver Fox clan.”

The Fox Empress shook her head.

“Silly child, youve tried your best.

Its not your fault.

The enemy is too strong!”

She raised her head and looked at the figures in the starry sky.

Her eyes revealed a strong sense of despair.

Ranked 131st on the star ranking, Green Bird Yu Wuji.

Ranked 124th on the star ranking, Moon-swallowing Mastiff Zang Long.

Ranked 115th on the star ranking, Dazzling White Starlight!

Ranked 114th on the star ranking, Armored Rhinoceros Lei Zhen!

Ranked 109th on the star ranking, Flower God Zhu Xinyu!

The five people who came that time were all divine beasts, and all of them were ranked near the top of the star rankings.

In comparison, the Wind-shaping Wolf had only just reached 190th on the star rankings.

The difference between them was huge.

Ning Yuhen and the Wind-shaping Wolf ranked around 190th on the star rankings were still locked in a fight.

They had to rely on the secret techniques of the Silver Fox clan to heavily injure him, and they were not able to kill him in one hit.

Not to mention, they had to fight against those star beast martial arts experts.

“Yuhen, listen to grandma.

“Those star beasts are all experts amongst martial arts experts, old-fashioned existences at the Divine Beast realm.

“You wont be able to withstand them.

However, if you use the secret techniques of the Silver Fox clan, you still have a chance to escape.

You must escape.

Otherwise, the Silver Fox clan will be exterminated.”

Ning Yuhens heart jolted when he heard that.

“Grandma, Im not leaving!”

“Listen to me.

If you stay here, well all die.

You cant hide either.

If Mr.

Ye were here, we would not have to fear him.

“However, stepping into the Emperor realm was also very risky.

No one knew if he could come out or not.

“If he could come out, he would have come out long ago.

However, he has yet to do so.

“I cant gamble, do you understand You must live on and continue the bloodline of the Silver Fox clan.”

Ning Yuhen bit his lips.

“I wont leave! I want to live and die with the Silver Fox clan.”

Ning Yuhen had been homeless for his entire life.

After so many years, he had only found the warmth of home in the Silver Fox clan.

If the Silver Fox clan was destroyed and he was allowed to escape and live alone, he would not be able to bear the pressure.

Therefore, he would rather stay and endure it together with the Silver Fox clan.

The Fox Empress patted his little head.

“You silly child, you really have the same character as your mother.

But my Silver Fox clan can not be completely annihilated like this.”

Just as she finished speaking, those few auras had already descended.

“The two of you dont need to argue anymore.

In front of us, if he wants to escape, can he escape”

“Since he has already made his move today, it will be a fight to the death.

Do you think we will let him go and wait for him to come back and take revenge”

The Fox Empress and Ning Yuhens expressions froze.

That time, they were in big trouble.

However, at that moment, a purple cloud suddenly gathered in the east of the starry sky.

When the purple cloud appeared, the originally calm wind suddenly became noisy.

Everyone immediately frowned.

“Whats going on”


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