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Chapter 298: Ning Yuhen Becoming King, Entering the Divine Beast Realm!

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However, the Fox Empress also knew that she could do anything now.

The only thing she could not do was to open the arrays defense.

If she opened the array, with the Wolf Gods strength, he could flatten the entire Silver Fox valley in minutes.

“The Wolf God must be joking.

Its just a simple heavenly treasure.

It cant enter the Wolf Gods eyes.”

Wolf God stared straight into Fox Empresss eyes.

His eyes were filled with coldness.

“Youre very smart.

Its a pity that youre just not smart enough for me.

“Ill give you two choices now.

Do you want me to go in or do I have to go in myself”

Fox Empress gritted her teeth.

She was a little scared when faced with Wolf Gods might.

However, she knew that she could not give in at that moment.

Otherwise, she would take one wrong step at a time.

If she destroyed Ning Yuhens inheritance, it would be even more serious for the Silver Fox clan than the slaughter of the Silver Fox clan.

That was because there was a high possibility that the Emperor realm inheritance would create a supreme divine beast martial arts expert.

There was also Ye Xiao.

If he was interrupted in the process of comprehending the inheritance, it was very likely that he would be heavily injured.

A peak King realm martial artist and a lesser Emperor realm martial arts expert being heavily injured was no joke.

If things did not go well, his path to becoming an emperor would come to an end.

If that really happened, the Silver Fox clan would lose an extremely powerful friend.

“Wolf God brought so many giant ships here today.

We the Silver Fox clan are all weak women.

We dont dare to open them.

Please forgive us, Wolf God.”

Wolf Gods gaze was as cold as ice.

“Do you not dare to open them or do you not want to”

The Fox Empress smiled apologetically,

“Wolf God, you must be joking.”

The Wolf God let out a long sigh.

“Forget it.

Since thats the case, then I dont need to waste my breath on you.

Blast open this array.”


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With the order of the Wolf God, all the giant ships launched toward the array at the same time.

They used a spiritual energy cannon made from a huge bombardment array combined with a large amount of spiritual energy.

In the space battlefield, its power was boundless, and it was undefeatable.

A huge beam of light rose from the ships, like sharp swords, and ruthlessly bombarded the formation above Silver Fox Valley.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Violent explosions rang out continuously, and light shot in all directions.

Although the attack was blocked by the array, the impact on the entire Silver Fox Valley could not be dispersed.

The entire Silver Fox Valley began to tremble violently.

Fox Empresss expression changed drastically.

She did not expect the Wolf God to attack so quickly that he did not give her any time to react.

The hearts of countless Silver Fox clansmen began to race, jumping to their throats.

Through the array, they could clearly feel the force of the impact on the array.

It was too terrifying!

Even through the array, they could feel such powerful pressure.

If they did not have the array, would they not be blasted into smithereens by the bombardment

“FoxEmpress, what should we do This attack is so fierce that the array can withstand it for a while, but if it lasts for too long, it wont be able to withstand it!”

Fox Empress said with a solemn expression,

“Have all of our clansmen retreat into the valley.

Once the array is broken, well start a battle in the valley.

Well stall for as long as we can.

If we can keep a clansman alive, well try our best to keep a clansman alive.

As long as Yuhen doesnt die and we have the Morning Star Method, we can revive everyone.”


The Silver Fox clansmen immediately followed the instructions and retreated to the bottom.

Above their heads, the attack on the array became more and more intense.

Everyones pressure also became more and more intense.

Finally, after a few cracking sounds of glass shattering, the array was finally shattered.

The array of Silver Fox Valley alone was still too weak.

It was simply unable to resist the attack of a divine beast force.

The moment the array was broken, a few cannon lights rushed in and directly bombarded Silver Fox Valley, killing hundreds of Silver Fox clansmen on the spot.

“Fox Empress, what do we do”

“Use the spiritual energy cannon to counterattack.”

In the next second, the cannon fire of the Wolf God fleet suddenly stopped.

The star beasts that blotted out the sky and covered the earth roared as they charged forward.

As a divine beast that had been on the battlefield for a long time, the Wolf God knew battle tactics much better than the Silver Fox clan.

At that time, the Silver Fox clan would definitely use the spiritual energy cannon, and destroying the ship would result in great losses.

On the contrary, the lives of those star beasts were not worth much.

The star beasts multiplied extremely quickly, and there were many types of star beasts.

Directly launching an attack and engaging in close combat could prevent the Silver Fox clan from using the spiritual energy cannon.

The Silver Fox clan clearly did not have as much combat experience as the other party.

Caught off guard, they had just activated the array and had not even had the time to use the spiritual energy cannon when the other party had already closed in on them.

The battle between the two parties had reached its most intense stage, it was at its most intense stage.

The divine grandmasters came out together and clashed with each other.

As for the Fox Empress, she was surrounded and attacked by four divine grandmasters and lesser divine beasts.

It was an all-out crushing battle.

From the start, it was destined for its ending.

The members of the Silver Fox clan were massacred mercilessly.

The Fox Empress was struggling to hold on.

Looking at the clansmen beside her falling one after another, her heart felt extremely bitter.

It was something that could not be helped.

When the Emperor realm Inheritance appeared, the Silver Fox Valley had already been targeted.

Previously, Ye Xiao had killed Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane, which could be considered to have diverted the other partys attention.

If not, when news of the Emperor realm inheritance spread out, it would most likely not be a divine beast, but a bunch of them!

Even so, if they wanted to resist a divine beast, they would have to pay a huge price.

As for the Wolf God, after he landed, he directly used his divine sense to scan the surroundings.

Very soon, he raised his brows, and his vertical pupils became even sharper.

“This feeling… It can completely block my consciousness Interesting.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he began to walk toward the direction of the Emperor realm inheritance.

He was already a divine beast martial arts expert, and the fact that the other party could block his consciousness was enough to prove that it was definitely not something simple.

“Not good!”

The Fox Empresss heart sank.

Ignoring her injuries, she forcefully accelerated the circulation of her cultivation technique, temporarily forcing back the four lesser divine beasts.

Next, she quickly rushed toward the Wolf God.

“You want to run No way!”

The four lesser divine beasts would not give her a chance to escape.

They caught up to her in an instant and did not let her escape.

The Wolf God did not even look back at her.

He did not need to think about this battle since his subordinates were here.

He was an outsider here, an outsider that no one could control.

He could roam freely on the battlefield and stroll leisurely.

Finally, he quickly arrived in front of the Emperor realm ruins.

That huge vertical pupil suddenly became excited at that moment.

“Hahahaha… As I was saying! The Silver Fox clan has been hiding something.

“I didnt expect it to be this.

A human Emperor realm inheritance!

“Although I can only feel a trace of Aura, this is definitely a powerful aura that only Emperor realm martial arts experts have!”

The Fox Empress had already been subdued.

The four lesser divine beasts broke her limbs and suppressed her with spiritual energy.

They were only waiting for the Wolf Gods decision.

“Stop! Thats the ruins of my fox ancestor.

You are not allowed to invade it!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a lesser divine beast stepped on her face and stomped her head into the ground.

“Shut up, b*tch.

Who do you think you are Do you think you can stop Lord Wolf God”

The Wolf God did not turn his head the entire time.

He had already reached out his hand to move the door, trying to open it.

However, at that moment, the door suddenly opened by itself with a creak.

A silver light shot out from the Wolf Gods side and brushed past him.

Then, the door closed by itself.

The Wolf God raised his eyebrows and turned his head slightly.

When he looked behind him, his vertical pupils constricted.

The heads of the four lesser divine beasts flew up at the same time.

Fresh blood swirled in the air.

The Fox Empress was already in the arms of a figure.

The other party had used the Silver Fox clans secret healing technique, the Morning Star Method, to quickly heal the moves on behind the foxs body.

“Yuhen, you succeeded!”

Fox Empress was extremely excited.

Ning Yuhen nodded and said with a faint smile,

“Ive lived up to grandmas expectations.

Ive obtained the inheritance of the Silver Fox clans ancestor.”

“Whats your cultivation level now”

“Divine Beast realm!”

Hearing that, the Fox Empress was so excited that her eyes turned red.

“Good! Good! Good!”

She said the wordgood three times in a row.

She was so excited that she was speechless.

Ning Yuhen had advanced to the Divine Beast realm at such a young age.

There was a lot of hope for him to advance to the Supreme Divine realm in the future!

At that moment, Ning Yuhen had already healed her and put her down.

“Grandma, you go and clean up those small fries first.

Leave this dog to me.”

The Fox Queen nodded.

Ning Yuhen had already stepped into the King realm.

He could definitely fight against the Wolf God!

At that point, all the other lesser divine beasts had been killed by Ning Yuhen.

The remaining ones were all star beast martial arts experts from the divine sect, including those below the divine sect.

She was not afraid at all.

The Wolf God was not flustered.

He only smiled at him with a hint of excitement.

He could see that Ning Yuhen was young and had already become a divine beast at such a young age.

Who knew how many good things there were in that Emperor realm inheritance!

“Kid, its not a good thing to advance to the Divine Beast realm at such a young age.”

“Whether its a good thing or not, its not up to you!”

Ning Yuhen stepped on the heavens and headed straight for the other party.

The Wolf God led a group of people and massacred them wantonly in Silver Fox Valley.

That blood feud, he had to personally chop off the other partys head before he could let it go.

However, the Wolf God was not in vain.

Almost at the instant Ning Yuhen made his move, he also made his move.

The two directly collided.


Accompanied by a violent explosion, the energy collision between the two sides overturned countless star beasts that were engaged in a chaotic battle on the spot.

It even flattened all the mountain slopes and pits within 50,000 feet, forming a huge, flat, circular area with a diameter of more than 50,000 feet.

That was only one move.

Following that, the two of them turned into two streaks of lightning.

One was dark green while the other was silver-white.

They were like two streaks of sword light that continuously exploded in the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Huge balls of light filled the sky.

Each of them represented a fight between the two of them and the impact of the two enormous energies.

The stars in the sky seemed to have shifted at this moment!


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