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Chapter 297: Obtaining the Divine Blood and Condensing the Dragon Energy!

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Thinking of that, King Zhou immediately formed a hand seal.

After that hand seal was formed, a golden coffin soon appeared in front of King Zhou.

In the coffin lay a corpse that looked exactly the same as King Zhou.

That was King Zhous corpse.

He wore a black and red emperors robe with a floating dragon embroidered on it, exuding the domineering aura of an emperor!

Stroking his corpse, King Zhous eyes were filled with reminiscence.

Even an Emperor realm martial artist would die!

If an Emperor realm martial artist died of natural causes, the body and soul of an Emperor realm martial arts expert would be separated again, and they would never be compatible.

Even if he used the corpse to revive his soul, he would never be able to reach his previous level, and his body would never be able to continue cultivating.

That was a situation that was controlled by the laws of Heaven and earth.

However, if he had a body, if he was attacked by a martial arts expert, he would still have the chance to put his soul back into his body.

He could control his body to fight.

It could be said that it was a way to prolong the survival of his soul, it could also be indirectly said that it was to protect his life.

If his body was gone, Zhou would only be a pure soul body from then on.

He could face the weak, but he would never be able to face the strong.

Therefore, he sealed his body in a coffin and placed his soul in the ruins.

Zhou had not summoned his body for a long time.

For such a long time, he had been using his soul to exist in the ruins, and all the people in this illusion were also created by him using his own spiritual energy.

Although his physical body had already died, it was still his physical body.

It was the most precious thing in his life.

It was also the thing that allowed him to extend his soul.

At that moment, in order to fulfill the dreams of the past generations of the human race, in order to create a God realm martial arts expert, he was going to explore the mystery that had made the ancestors of the human race painstakingly search for their entire lives.

He was prepared to sacrifice his physical body and transfer all the divine blood stored in his physical body to Ye Xiao, allowing him to become stronger and advance further.

He was once disappointed with that world and the entire human race.

At that point, he felt that the human race still had a way to be saved.

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That savior was Ye Xiao.

As long as Ye Xiao could unravel that mystery, he would definitely be able to save the current human race and change the situation in humanity where the fittest survived and the strong preyed on the weak!

After taking a deep breath, he slapped his palm onto his physical body.


Following an earth-shattering explosion, in the next second, his physical body directly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

Rays of golden light shot out from the blood mist.

King Zhou did not do what Ye Xiao did and activated all the divine blood in his body.

What he activated only occupied a portion of it.

Then, he was passing that portion, the most precious and rare divine blood, to Ye Xiao.

As he pinched his fingers and pointed, the divine blood in the blood fog with golden light, drop by drop, merged into Ye Xiaos body.

Ye Xiao, who was cultivating, suddenly frowned.

King Zhou immediately shouted,

“Dont be distracted, cultivate in peace! Dont be in a hurry to advance.

Before you do, refine all of my divine blood.

When your cultivation is low, the more divine blood you refine, the stronger your foundation will be after you advance!”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He immediately stopped advancing and took over refining the divine blood.

King Zhou spoke from the side,

“After advancing to the Emperor realm, what you need to cultivate is dragon energy.

Emperor realm martial artists are equivalent to a large dragon vein.

They constantly absorb the surrounding heaven and earths spiritual energy.

Moreover, their speed is very fast, and they will form dragon energy in their bodies.

“Condensing dragon energy is also a unique symbol of the Emperor realm.

“Dragon energy was the most important power to temper the soul and supply the soul.

“After advancing to the Emperor realm, you have to cultivate with all your strength, absorb the spiritual energy, and then let the dragon energy in your body advance to 108 channels.

You have to temper the soul to the limit and make it completely merge with your body.

“Only then will you have a chance to see the legendary God realm!”

Ye Xiao silently memorized it in his heart and began to refine the divine blood King Zhou gave him.

Although the divine blood was similar to the one in his body, because it was King Zhous divine blood and contained King Zhous powerful consciousness when he was alive, they would not be easily subdued by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao had to eliminate all the thoughts related to King Zhou inside before he could control the divine blood himself, which was the so-called complete refinement.

After Ye Xiao and Ning Yuhen entered the Emperor realm inheritance, the Silver Fox clan regained its peace.

However, the Fox Empress was still very determined.

She knew that those who escaped might very well make a comeback.

Moreover, they would bring even more star beasts.

Therefore, after the two of them entered the inheritance, she immediately arranged for the disciples of the Silver Fox clan to quickly set up an array to firmly protect the entire Silver Fox Valley.

However, even so, the thing she was most worried about after the fifth day had happened.

In the starry sky, several huge ships slowly floated over.

Those ships had a spirit-gathering array on them.

Through the activation of the spirit stones, they would then drive the spirit-gathering array.

Using the spirit-gathering array as a catalyst, they would absorb the spiritual energy to produce a huge push force, they pushed the ships forward.

The huge spaceships were like mountains.

On the ship at the very front, there was a huge wolf flag.

It was completely black and the wolf head was blood red.

Under the wolf head flag, there was a 10-foot-tall and burly werewolf figure.

His muscles were bulging and his aura was so strong that it was suffocating.

Beside him were the few star beasts that had escaped from Silver Fox Valley.

“Wolf God, the Silver Fox Valley is ahead.”

Wolf Gods gaze spread out like a sharp sword.

He cast his gaze into the starry sky ahead.

It was as if he could see through everything in that huge canyon in an instant.

“So many arrays have been set up.

Is it useful to hide in there


“In front of this god, these were just empty pieces of paper.

“Inform them to move forward at full speed.”


In the Silver Fox Valley, the Silver Fox clansmen had already discovered the fleet in the starry sky.

They could not help but exclaim,

“Fox Empress, look! Enemies are coming!”

The Fox Empress had naturally noticed them.

At that moment, her gaze was frighteningly grave.

“Are those children already hidden”

“According to the Fox Empress, they are all hidden.”

“Thats good! Our array should be able to hold on for a period of time.

During this period of time, no one is allowed to go out.

Anyone who disobeys will be killed.”


Everyone replied in unison and prepared for battle.

The Fox Empress looked at the Emperor realm inheritance ruins and clenched her fists.

Her expression was grave,

“Yuhen, Mr.

Ye, you have to come out as soon as possible!”

Very quickly, the fleet arrived at the Silver Fox Valley.

“I didnt know that the Wolf God had arrived.

Please forgive me for not welcoming you.”

The Fox Empress was the first to speak.

She stood behind the array and communicated with the other party.

Under the starry sky, the few star beasts that had escaped from the Silver Fox Valley shouted coldly,

“Vixen, stop putting on an act here.

Youre being hypocritical.

Hurry up and hand over Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane!”

The Fox Empresss eyes flickered.

The other party did not know about the Emperor realm inheritance

After thinking about it carefully, she seemed to have understood something.

That group of people had come here to see the glow in Silver Fox Valley.

Did they have any treasures

Since they had come here, they had to first gather some information and Mr.

Ye was a very good target.

Thus, they had their eyes on Mr.


On the first day, they had sent out Silk Jade Rabbit, which was why she had disappeared without a trace.

On the second day, Mystic Crane and the others wanted to interrogate Mr.

Ye for the same reason.

They knew from the beginning that Silk Jade Rabbit was looking for Mr.

Ye, so they wanted to interrogate Mr.

Ye in the end.

However, they failed because they were obstructed by them.

Then, Mystic Crane went to look for Mr.

Ye at night, and the result was obvious.

She gave him away for free.

After all, Mr.

Ye was a lesser Emperor realm prodigy.

How many people could fight against such a prodigy

It was also because of that matter that the other star beasts were so scared that they ran away on the third day.

They did not discover the secret of the Emperor realm inheritance.

They were just scared.

That was why they came to the Wolf God now.

Thinking of that, she took a deep breath and said slowly,

“The Silver Fox clan did not kill Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane.

“In fact, Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane stole from our Silver Fox clan and secretly escaped.

Our Silver Fox clan is also looking for the two of them now.”

Of course, that was a lie that she said, but it did not matter.

After all, the other party did not know whether it was true or not.

As long as they could buy time, it was fine.

The star beasts were suddenly stunned.

Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane did not die

They had even stolen something and ran away

At that moment, the faces of the star beasts instantly turned ice-cold.

“D*mn it, we were actually deceived by them.

In vain, we even went to find the Wolf God to take revenge for them.

In the end, I didnt expect these two little hooligans to be so filthy! They took the treasure and left on their own.”

“Let me find the two of them.

I will definitely make them die a horrible death.”

The Fox Empress heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the plan had succeeded.

According to the situation, it would be best if the other party could leave.

A few star beasts complained to the Wolf God.

“Wolf God, Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane have no morals at all.

Please, Wolf God, you must uphold justice for us.”

Wolf God glanced at the star beasts and said indifferently,

“Shut up, you bunch of Idiots!”

The star beasts were scolded and were confused, but they did not dare to lose their temper and could only hold it in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Wolf God cast his gaze on the Fox Empress.

“You said… They stole your things”

Fox Empresss heart trembled..

She did not know why, but when she met Wolf Gods gaze, she felt as if she had been seen through.


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