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Chapter 296: The Unrivaled Genius Who Shocked Even Zhou Wei, the Chosen One!

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“During the Shang dynasty, the cultivation technique of the human race was to cultivate for all people.

It was different from the later cultivation techniques.

In our era, most of the cultivation techniques and resources were shared.

“Many martial artists could obtain the same cultivation resources.

“However, the resources in this world were limited.

It was not enough for everyone to cultivate to the Emperor realm, not to mention the God realm later on.

“At that time, the human race faced as many star beasts as there were hairs on an ox.

There were even some divine beasts that had great potential to evolve into genius martial arts experts at the supreme divine beast realm, which was equivalent to the human races God realm.

“If the other party had supreme divine beasts, it would be a catastrophe for the human race.

“Helpless, the human race had no choice but to change their cultivation system.

“Instead of sharing resources with the entire population, the strong would share resources.

“In other words, the better the talent, the faster the cultivation, the more resources they would receive.

The less talented the person, the fewer resources they would have.

It could even be said that they would have no resources in the future.

“It was because of this that the invisible weaklings of the human race became weaker and weaker.

They praised the few geniuses and martial arts experts.

“However, it was also precisely because of this that the genes of the vast majority of the human race would become weaker and weaker.

If they were to combine with those geniuses, the number of humans would increase, and the powerful divine blood in their bodies would become more and more dispersed.

“This king saw this drawback at that time and didnt agree.

Therefore, with the approval of the other Emperor realm martial arts experts, Zhou Wang replaced this king and continued to complete the reform.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

If that was what Zhou Wang said, then it was understandable that the human race would become weaker and weaker.

“What about the second point The relationship between the human race and the divine race.

Must the human race cultivate a divine race purely to fight against the star beasts”

“This is only one point.”

King Zhou directly interrupted Ye Xiaos words.

“Preventing the star beasts from having supreme divine beast is indeed a point that the human race is afraid of, but there is another, more important reason for the human race to want to create a God realm martial arts expert.

“You should know that this starry sky is very big, so big that you cant even imagine it.

“In the starry sky, there are countless races.

The most powerful one was the god race.

However, there were also countless divisions among the gods.

“The human race of our world originated from the Xuan Yuan clan of the god race.

“Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the human race discovered a mystery in the human world.

If they could get their hands on this mystery, it was very likely that they would break through their strength and reach a supreme realm.

“In order to obtain this secret, they had stayed on the surface world and bred a huge human race.

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“However, the human race had not completely solved this secret.

They had left this secret to their descendants, the human race.

“He said that if they could obtain this secret, they would be able to obtain a power that even gods feared.

“And in order to crack that mystery, the strength required would at least be something that only a God realm martial arts expert could do.

Or to put it another way, only a God realm martial artist would be able to attain the qualifications to enter.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiaos pupils instantly constricted.

A power that could cause even gods to fear, no wonder! No wonder the ancestors of the human race were clearly already existences like the god race, yet they still wanted to reproduce on that land and leave behind descendants.

It was unexpected that such a huge secret was actually hidden in the human world.

A secret that even gods were afraid of, who knew how powerful it would be.

If he could obtain it, who knew how powerful it would be

Would it allow him to reach his ideal state of invincibility

Ye Xiao clenched his fists.

In his eyes, he could not help but reveal a hint of fanaticism.

He had devoted all his attention to cultivation, and the only thing he wanted to do was to become invincible.

At that point, it seemed that that thing was very likely to be his ideal thing.

King Zhou seemed to have seen through Ye Xiaos thoughts, and he smiled.

“Dont think too much.

That thing, even the ancestors of the human race could not break it, so you dont have to think too much about it.

“It was not that this king wanted to discourage you, but throughout the dynasties, who knew how many people had wanted to advance to the God realm, but reaching the God realm was just a chance to obtain the entrance ticket to that mystery.

“As for cracking the mystery, theres no need to even think about it.

“However, if you can reach the God realm, youll be able to activate the summoning stone tablet left behind by the human ancestors to summon the divine envoys of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Its said that the divine envoys of the Xuan Yuan clan will be able to bring a martial arts expert who has fully activated the bloodline of the Xuan Yuan clan to the world where the divine clan lives.

“If thats the case, you might be able to have even higher achievements and have more opportunities to study that mystery.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Lets not talk about that for now.

Im only at the lesser Emperor realm now.

Im still far from that realm.

“I already know the answers to two questions.

Now, theres only one left.

How should I advance to the Emperor realm”

“Thats easy to say.

The Emperor realm only relies on the concept.

Youre already at the peak of the King realm now.

Youre only missing a sliver of comprehension.

This king will give you my own comprehension.

You can use this kings comprehension to comprehend your last sliver of comprehension.”

As he finished speaking, King Zhou flicked his finger and sent his own comprehension into the space between Ye Xiaos brows.

That was King Zhous comprehension of becoming an emperor.

Every martial artists comprehension of stepping into the Emperor realm was different.

However, the myriad changes did not deviate from the origin.

As long as one could see one or two Emperor realm comprehensions, they would be able to comprehend the Emperor realm spirit that they had advanced to.


One word could break mountains and rivers, and the other word could bury the sun and moon.


To be able to break through all eternity, who could contend against him


To cut down the entire world, the heavens trembled.

The comprehension that Ye Xiao obtained could not be described with words.

It was more of a special concept that formed in his own spirit.

As an example, if you were on the ground, your vision would definitely be fixed.

However, what if you were in the sky How many mountains and rivers could you see in your eyes

Sometimes, one could understand the truth, but to truly understand it, one had to personally reach that level.

Only then could one form a fixed impression in ones mind and form an artistic conception.

That was a very mysterious process.

The instant he obtained King Zhous comprehension, Ye Xiaos body quickly emitted rays of pure golden light.

Following closely behind, the surrounding spiritual energy began to flow into his body endlessly.

King Zhou was stunned.

‘This kid actually comprehended it in an instant How is this possible

One had to know that no matter how talented an existence was, it was impossible to comprehend an Emperor realm martial arts expert in an instant after obtaining the comprehension of the Emperor realm.

It also needed to continuously meditate and constantly polish.

At the very least, it would take a year and a half.

At the very least, if Ye Xiaos aptitude was slightly heaven-defying, it would at most take a few months.

One had to know that back then when he had obtained the Emperor realm comprehension from his father, he had also spent a full three months before he could be considered to have successfully advanced to the Emperor realm.

However, Ye Xiao had actually comprehended it in an instant.

The speed was so fast that he could not believe it, instantly refreshing his worldview.

He immediately used his divine sense to carefully scan Ye Xiaos figure.


‘This… This… This… How is this possible Am I seeing things

When he saw that the fresh blood in Ye Xiaos body had completely turned into divine blood, he was completely dumbfounded.

The wine cup in his hand also fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the wine cup was also a bronze artifact.

Otherwise, with just that one move, it would probably crack!

One had to know that if the human race wanted to completely activate the divine blood in their entire body, there was only one way.

They had to cultivate to the God realm before they could completely complete it!

However, Ye Xiao, what realm was he at now

He was only at the lesser Emperor realm, which was actually the King realm.

When could the King realm activate the full divine blood

However, after he fiercely rubbed his eyes and repeatedly confirmed it, he finally completely believed everything he saw.

Ye Xiao, since he really activated the full divine blood with the strength of the King realm.

At that moment, Zhou, who was originally somewhat unrestrained, suddenly became excited.

Even his breathing could not help but become a little hurried.

He paced back and forth in the pavilion.

His eyes were sometimes excited, and at other times, they shone brightly, as if he had gone mad.

‘Ever since the second generation of the Xuan Yuan clans divine clan, the ancestor of the human race, became a human, no one has been able to activate all of their divine blood before the God realm.

‘This was true even for the second generation, who had more than 99 percent divine blood and countless dragon energy to temper their bodies.

‘However, this child had completely activated all of his divine blood at the King realm.

Could This child be the legendary chosen one

‘The human ancestor, the Xuan Yuan clan, had once left behind a last message.

They had placed their hope of breaking through that mystery into the human bloodline.

In a future generation, there would definitely be a human descendant who would break through the bloodline limit, And once again accomplish what they didnt accomplish back then.

‘And this child is the chosen one!

‘Could it be that this chosen one is this child in front of me”

Zhou paced back and forth as if he had discovered a new continent.

He was so excited that he could not control himself.

When Ye Xiao had just arrived, he did not hold any hope.

He only treated him as a junior of the human race who wanted to take advantage of him.

Towards the Ye Xiao at that time, Zhou only treated him as a very casual human junior.

If he gave him a little benefit and sent him away, he would not be considered to have mistreated him.

Zhou did not hold any hope for him, or even for the human race.

It was all hope! Not at all!

At that moment, Zhous thoughts had completely changed.

Ye Xiao was very likely to be the ancestor of the human race, the legendary chosen one of the Xuan Yuan divine clan.

Then no matter what, he had to think of a way to give Ye Xiao a helping hand.

He had to let Ye Xiao go further, advance to the God realm, and then comprehend the secrets hidden in the human world.

Thinking up to that point, Zhou made a major decision.

He wanted to preserve the divine blood that he had kept for an entire 3,000 years and dedicate it all to Ye Xiao!

He wanted to see if that child was the fated son of heaven in the legends

Could he create a miracle or not

To complete the unfinished goal of the ancestor of the human race and understand that earth-shattering mystery!


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