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Chapter 293: The Mysterious Legend of the Silver Fox Valley

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The eyes of the star beasts lit up when they saw the Mystic Crane step out.

“Thats right.

Mystic Crane is a lesser divine beast.

Its more than suitable for her to step out.”

“The fox of the Silver Fox Valley is also also a lesser divine beast.

The Silver Fox Valley might have some tricks up their sleeves when they face Sister Silk Jade Rabbit, who is at the Xiantian ninth grade grandmaster.

However, they have no chance of winning against Mystic Crane.”

“Mystic Crane, this time, its all up to you!”

Mystic Crane nodded solemnly.

Her cold and beautiful face was filled with confidence.

“Silver Fox Valley, if you want to monopolize the treasure, its absolutely impossible!”

Time quickly arrived at night.

Ye Xiao lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

The rabbit meat had already been completely eaten.

Only the bones, star core, and soul were left.

He kept them in his storage ring.

That way, when he returned to the ground, he could resurrect her and put her on the farm to continue gathering her resources.

Humans must walk the path of sustainable development.

Only sustainable development could ensure success.

Unfortunately, the star core of the Silk Jade Rabbit did not have any suitable cultivation technique.

There was only a movement technique, and Ye Xiao did not need a movement technique, so it was completely useless.

He did not know when King Zhous Emperor realm inheritance would open.

Although it was only for a few days… It was a little too boring here.

As he was bored, suddenly, Ye Xiaos eyes narrowed slightly.

Someone was coming.

Along with a slight creak from the window, Moonlight poured in.

Along with the moonlight, there was also a long leg!

It was very long, at least four feet.

It was also very white.

Reflecting the moonlight outside, it emitted a faint fluorescent light.

Ye Xiaos eyes could not help but jump a little.

So long!

A breeze blew over, wrapped in a faint fragrance, and entered Ye Xiaos nostrils.

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So fragrant!

That smell did not need to use sesame oil or even magnify the ingredients.

It only needed to be stewed over high heat and braised until the meat was stewed.

Then, it would be sprinkled with a little pepper and coriander, squeezing out a few drops of lemon juice to increase the refreshing taste.

Reducing the oil would definitely make a good pot of soup.

The window was completely pushed open, and Mystic Cranes beautiful figure, as well as her cold, elegant face, were reflected in Ye Xiaos eyes.

She glanced at the heat in Ye Xiaos eyes, and there was a hint of ridicule and disdain in her eyes.

As expected, no man was good.

Seeing her was like a mouse seeing a cat.

Usually, with her temper, she would not even glance at a man like Ye Xiao.

However, at that moment, she had no choice.

In order to find the answer, she could only choose to sacrifice her pride.

Thinking of that, she forced herself to squeeze out a trace of a smile.

Her other leg easily stepped in and slowly walked towards Ye Xiao.

“Young man of the human race, it must be very lonely to be here alone, right I will come and play with you, alright”

Just as she finished speaking, her eyes were suddenly enveloped by a ray of light.

That dazzling light made her unable to help but squint her eyes.

Following that, she inexplicably felt a violent pain in her neck and her head fell heavily onto the ground.


A deep sense of confusion filled her heart.

Only when she saw a crane with no head and only its neck lying on the ground did she understand that she had been killed!

She had been killed

In an instant

Was that a joke

She was not a small fry.

She was a lesser divine beast, a martial arts expert comparable to a human in the lesser King realm.

She was killed so easily

Moreover, she did not even see the opponents attack clearly!

The opponents speed was so fast


Wait a moment, she seemed to suddenly understand something.


A human appeared in the Silver Fox Valley

Even if the Silver Fox clan had a good relationship with the humans, it would not be like this.

A random human appeared.

Other than that, there was another important matter.

That was, the foxes seemed to respect that human… Very much.

If it was a stranger like her, they would not be so respectful.

That meant that this human was very strong, so strong that she could not disrespect him.

If even she respected him, then how powerful was his cultivation

King realm

Perhaps even… Above the King realm

At that moment, Mystic Crane felt that she was very stupid, so stupid that she could not take it anymore.

No, it was all of them who were stupid!

If she guessed correctly, Silk Jade Rabbit had definitely been killed.

That man was a strong pervert.

What was even more perverse was that he actually did not like women.

He treated them as prey!

Why did she come to provoke a pervert of this level

If she did not come to provoke a pervert of this level, at least she could still live well.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world.

She could no longer continue thinking.

Her consciousness gradually sank and very quickly disappeared into the darkness without a trace.

Unlike her shock and sorrow, Ye Xiao appeared very excited.

‘Strange, my luck seems to be pretty good recently.

Why do I get what I want Is it my imagination

Forget it, who cares.

Anyway, it was star beasts like them who delivered themselves to his doorstep.

It had nothing to do with him.

He decided to stew her first.

The crane meat was older and not easy to stew.

It had to be stewed over a large fire for a long period of time before it could have enough fragrance.

Other than that, there was another thing that made Ye Xiao happy.

He had obtained a brand new cultivation technique from Mystic Cranes star core.

Imperial-level leg technique, Heaven-splitting Strike!

It was a very powerful leg technique, comparable to the Valkyries Forceful Kick.

However, the Valkyries Forceful Kick was an attack that stored energy, and the more energy it did, the more powerful it became.

The Heaven-splitting Strike was a one-time attack, and it was able to hit the target in an instant.

It could not be said that its power was weaker than Valkyries Forceful Kick.

The main reason was that it was an instantaneous attack, and it had a high demand on the strength of the body.

Coincidentally, Ye Xiao had the body-refining technique, the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

Combined with his body-refining technique, that leg technique was definitely shocking enough.

Time seemed to pass very quickly in the starry sky.

Perhaps, Ye Xiao had experienced too many things and did not stop, so he felt that time passed very quickly.

Unintentionally, the next day arrived.

That time, unexpectedly, those star beasts did not stand out and pester him.

The situation was completely different from yesterday when the Silk Jade Rabbit disappeared.

Regarding that, although Ye Xiao did not know what they were trying to keep him in suspense, he could not be bothered to fuss over it.

As long as they did not come to provoke him, that would be a good thing.

Of course, compared to that, Ye Xiao hoped that they would be willing to provoke him.

That way, he would be able to add more dishes.

In the VIP building next door, a few star beasts gathered together with solemn expressions.

The atmosphere was extremely serious.

“Mystic Crane didnt come back either.”

If it was the Xiantian ninth-grade Silk Jade Rabbit who did not come back, they would still be able to understand.

After all, Silk Jade Rabbit only had the strength of a Xiantian ninth grade, but Mystic Crane was a lesser divine beast.

“Now it seems that theres definitely something strange about this place.”

“Have you heard of a Legend A long, long time ago, the ancestor of the Silver Fox clan used his ability to create illusions to lure the star beasts and humans of other races to this place.

Then, he would eat them alive until not even their bones were left!”

The other star beasts could not help but shudder.

“F*ck, dont joke about this.

Its very scary, okay”

“This isnt a joke.

Ive heard of this legend before.

The biggest problem right now is that Silk jade rabbit and Mystic Crane disappeared without a trace as soon as they were alone.

If theres no ghost in Silver Fox Valley, I definitely wont believe it.”

“This bunch of d*mn vixens.

They usually look like they only know how to flirt, but I didnt expect them to be so ruthless.”

“Maybe they have already set their sights on us.”

“Lets hurry up and leave! If I stay here any longer, Ill feel goosebumps all over my body.”

At that time, the voice of the Fox Empress suddenly sounded from outside.

“My sisters, are you awake”

Everyones hearts sank.

“D*mn it, shes here!”

“Right now, we still have a lesser divine beast, and the other two are both at the Xiantian ninth grade.

If she wants to do something, theres no way we can resist her.”

“Maybe shes here to take us because shes already killed Mystic Crane.

She knows that our strength isnt enough to resist the Silver Fox Valley.”

“We shouldnt stay here any longer.


The star beasts looked at each other.

After confirming their thoughts, they instantly turned into streaks of silver light and disappeared.

Due to their speed being too fast, they even crashed into the VIP building.

They did not even give the Fox Empress a chance to speak.


She was instantly dumbfounded.

What was going on

Why were they running when they heard her voice

Why were they running so fast

She was not a demon!

Was she that scary

No, wait a minute.

Could it be that they had discovered the secret of Silver Fox Valley

Otherwise, why would they be so guilty Running away as soon as they saw her

They must have sensed something in Silver Fox Valley Last Night

‘D*mn it, I didnt expect that I would make a mistake in the end.

Where did it go wrong

She had clearly arranged everything properly!

Forget it, now is not the time to think about that.

‘Even if they did not know, they already knew about something.

I should seize the time and think of a way to make up for it.

Thinking of that question, the Fox Empresss expression instantly changed and became extremely serious.

“D*mn it! Quick, inform the Holy Son..

Also, inform Mr.

Ye that I have something important to discuss!”


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