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Chapter 291: That Human Is Our Breakthrough Point

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Look at that arm.

Its white and tender.

If you can apply oil on it and roast it on the fire for a few hours, sprinkle it with cumin and chili, the taste will definitely be first-rate.

Look at those long legs.

They must run frequently on a daily basis!

Ye Xiao could clearly feel how elastic the muscles under the skin were! How chewy.

One was used for braising, and the other was used with chili to stir-fry.

If it was not enough, he could use the healing technique to revive her and make two rabbit legs for hand-tearing.

It was 100 percent delicious in the human world.

There was also that small head.

It looked very exquisite, and the braised rabbit head was also a famous dish.

All kinds of ingredients were mixed together and stewed.

It was spicy with a hint of sweetness, and the young lady next door would be so hungry smelling the aroma, she would shed tears.

However, it was definitely not possible for him to make a move here.

After all, the other party was a guest of Silver Fox Valley.

If he were to kill them, the faction behind them would definitely come looking for trouble.

At that time, they would be implicated in a lot of trouble.

If he did not do well, he might even implicate Ning Yuhen.

It was not worth it to do so.

Therefore, when the other party returned, he would intercept and kill them on the way back.

In any case, the other party was a star beast, and they were not friends.

It would be a waste not to eat them.

There was no need to feel guilty even if they ate them.

They were not like the Silver Fox clan.

In the future, when the beast calamity began, they would definitely enter the human world and massacre the human race wantonly.

If he killed them, it could be considered as eliminating the harm for the people in advance.

He had decided that when they returned, he would kill them.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao lowered his head and began eating.

Those star beasts naturally noticed him.

No matter what, he was still a human.

Appearing among so many star beasts, he did indeed seem to stand out from the crowd.

However, to these star beasts, they did not care too much.

It was possible that he was a big shot of the Silver Fox clan.

He wanted to get something new, raise a human, and play as a pet.

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“Fox Empress, we havent seen you for a long time.

We miss you so much that we specially came to visit you today.

Fox Empress, you dont mind us being presumptuous and treating us to a feast.

It really makes us feel embarrassed.”

The Fox Empress smiled.

“What are you talking about Im more than happy that you came to see me.

Moreover, you only come once in a long time.

I will definitely let you eat and drink well and treat you as hosts.

“Otherwise, wont I be laughed at by others for not knowing how to treat my friends”

“Fox Empress is so nice.

Oh right, Fox Empress, recently, your Silver Fox valley has been flashing with multicolored light.

Have you noticed it

“Did some treasures appear in your Silver Fox Valley”

A meaningful light flashed in the Fox Empresss eyes.

She already knew that those guys did not have any good intentions.

As expected, the foxs tail was exposed.

That was because the Emperor realm inheritance was not an ordinary item, after all, it would definitely cause some heavenly and earthly phenomena.

Therefore, it was targeted by those cunning star beasts.

However, she was not a pushover either.

She immediately denied it,

“Its nothing.

Its just that recently, I have been thinking about refining pills.

I refined a few decent pills that emitted some multicolored light.”

“Really You are really amazing.

Now, youve even learned pill-refining techniques to perfection.

In the future, if I want to learn more pill-refining techniques from you, you can not be unwilling to teach me!”

“Of course, of course.

Were all sisters, so such a small matter isnt a problem at all.

As long as you want to learn, you can learn from me at any time.”

“Its better to choose the day instead.

Why dont you teach us some today”

“Thats right, thats right.

The Fox Empresss alchemy skills are so amazing! We all want to learn.”

“No problem.

Ill teach you all in the afternoon.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

He was not interested in the pretense between those women.

He was not a fool.

He could roughly understand the meaning behind those two sentences.

The other party must have come for the Emperor realm inheritance.

That did not matter because with him around, it was definitely impossible for them to obtain the Emperor realm inheritance.

However, the problem was, if they were to stay here, how would he hunt

Encountering such a good prey, Ye Xiao really did not want to wait for even a moment.

He had a headache.

Ye Xiao could only stare at the Silk Jade Rabbit a few more times.

At the same time, he thought of several things… Which of those methods was more suitable

After three rounds of drinking, the banquet was dismissed.

The star beasts followed the Fox Empress to learn alchemy while Ye Xiao returned to his room to continue meditating.

Those star beasts were delayed until night.

Thus, the Fox Empress had no choice but to let them stay in the Silver Fox Valley for a night out of consideration.

That way, it also gave them more time and opportunity.

Night descended.

Under the starry sky, a few star beasts gathered in a room, their eyes flickering non-stop.

“This old Fox, the Fox Empress, is really crafty.

Her mouth is so tight as if its sewn shut, and she cant get anything out.”

“Hmph! The more she cant get anything out, the more it means that theres something fishy going on.

She must be hiding something.”

“I dare to bet that a very precious inheritance has appeared in the Silver Fox Valley.

If not, the Silver Fox Valleys strength wouldnt have increased so much recently.”

“Thats right.

The Silver Fox Valleys strength was far from reaching this realm.

However, in the past year, their overall strength has increased even faster than when they cultivated for a hundred years!

“Saying that there are no ghosts I wont believe it even if you beat me to death.”

“However, even though thats the case, if we dont have any clues, theres nothing we can do!”

“We must find a way to breakthrough.

As long as we can find a clue, even if we cant take down the Silver Fox Valley, we can go back and find more star beasts to force the Silver Fox Valley to hand over the inheritance.”

At that moment, Silk Jade Rabbit, who had been silent all that time, suddenly spoke,

“If you want to find a way, maybe I have one.”

The other star beasts gazes instantly focused on her.

“Silk Jade Rabbit, what do you mean”

Silk Jade Rabbit smiled coldly.

“Didnt you notice today That human who was raised by the fox clan has been staring at me today.”


The star beasts instantly understood and laughed evilly.

“That human must be a pervert.”

“Thats right, I noticed it too.

The way he looked at Sister Silk Jade Rabbit, it was as if he couldnt help but eat her alive.

I really dont know how long its been since hes seen a woman.”

“What a shameless guy! But its not strange.

Who asked our sister Silk Jade Rabbit to be born so dainty and beautiful

“Who wouldnt like such a girl If I were a man, I might not be able to resist it.”

The star beasts laughed again.

Silk Jade Rabbit waved her hand.

“Alright, stop joking around.

Since its night now, Ill go over and settle him immediately.

Then, Ill see if I can get anything out of him.

If we can get some clues, itll be much easier for us.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Sister Silk Jade Rabbit, I wish you a great victory.

Were all counting on you.”

“Well cover for you.

Well specially go and chat with that sl*t, Fox Empress.

Well distract her so that she wont discover anything.”

Silk Jade Rabbit smiled.

“Dont worry.

Isnt it a piece of cake to deal with a perverted man like him Just leave it to me.”

She patted her chest, and blue waves rippled.

The corners of the star beasts mouths curled up slightly as if they had already seen the dawn of victory.

On Ye Xiaos side, he was lying on the bed with a stalk of immortal grass in his mouth.

He was thinking about how to eat those star beasts.

Among them, there was not only a silk jade rabbit but also a celestial crane.

There were other star beasts.

As long as they were cooked well, they were all delicacies in the world.

How should he eat them

He had already researched several ways to eat rabbits.

If it was a crane, could it be like stewing an old hen Would he be able to make a pot of good soup

The b*stard here was much stronger than the one on his farm.

The meat would definitely be more delicious, and the taste would definitely be good.

Should he use it for braising or stewing soup

Perhaps he should use it to make a plate of overlord chicken with the crane

Alas, he wanted to drink soup.

If it really did not work, should he use the old method He would cut off a part of them first and then resurrect them.

If that was the case, he might as well capture them directly and bring them back to his farm to increase the scale of his farm.

When that time came, he would raise tens of thousands of divine-level and even divine beast-level star beasts.

Even if he only offered a piece of flesh to each star beast every day, it would be more than what he offered now.

With so much blood essence and spiritual energy, how many levels would it be enough for him to advance

Most importantly, as he raised them, their cultivation would also increase further.

In that case, they would still be able to continue providing him with blood essence in the future.

It would not be to the extent that their flesh and blood would lose their effect after his cultivation increased.


It was decided so happily.

It was just a pity that he would not be able to eat tonight.

When he thought about how they were all star beasts that he had never eaten before, Ye Xiao felt the roots of his teeth itch.

Silk Jade Rabbit, an existence that was ranked in the top few on the star beast delicacy rankings!

If he could take a bite now, he would definitely be able to have a good sleep tonight.

Just as he thought of that, Ye Xiaos perception sensed a certain star beast sneaking into his room.

Not long after, a faint fragrance entered Ye Xiaos nostrils.

Following closely behind, a tender white little arm was placed on Ye Xiaos body.

Then, a warm figure crawled into his bed.

“Little man, your eyes are so dishonest.

Youve been staring at me all day and you like me so much! What a little mischievous person!

“Its so much that I cant bear to part with you! Are you happy that I came specially to look for you”


He quietly took out the Great Dragon.

Silk Jade Rabbit touched the handle and immediately giggled, letting out a burst of silver bell-like laughter.

“Little mischievous boy, you are really bad! Hee, hee, hee….”


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