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Chapter 290: The Blessing of the Heavenly Judge

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The black shadow was flashing rapidly in the Silver Fox Valley.

His speed was very fast, and his aura was concealed very well.

No one could notice him at all.

Just like that, he quickly entered the inner part of the Silver Fox Valley.

Looking at the patrolling soldiers in the valley, his eyes could not help but reveal a hint of ridicule.

‘What a bunch of trash! Not a single one of them actually noticed me.

Everyone says that the Silver Fox clan is very strong, but now, it seems like its only so-so.

‘However, not everyone can easily see through the techniques of my Sky Chief Star.

‘With the Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster rank and my superb invisibility technique, if the Silver Fox clan were to discover me, then it would truly be surprising.

‘If thats the case, the Silver Fox clan would be much more powerful than they are now.

After mocking him for a while, his gaze landed on the buildings of the Silver Fox clan.

If he wanted to obtain information, he would have to ask the members of the Silver Fox clan.

He had to capture a member of the Silver Fox clan.

The Silver Fox Hall in the middle was heavily guarded.

There were too many people, so he definitely could not send himself to his death.

The two sides were residential areas, and the residential areas were closely connected.

If he moved one of the foxes and made it make a sound, all the other memories would discover him.

At that time, he would not be able to leave even if he wanted to.

As he was thinking, his gaze wandered to a remote house in the distance.

There were two members of the Silver Fox clan standing guard, and his eyes could not help but light up.

‘Ive found them.

The two of them were in a remote location.

It was so far away that it was difficult to see them.

As long as he was fast enough to take them both down, no one would be able to find him.

When the time came, he could use his spiritual search to search their memories directly.

He would be able to easily obtain the information of the human emperor-level relics.

Then, he would go over to confirm that matter based on the information.

Once he confirmed that matter, he would immediately go out and pass the news to the martial arts experts behind him, Silk Jade Rabbit, who was at the peak of the ninth grade of the divine sect, and fairy he, who was at the lesser King realm.

He would ask them to come over, they would fight for the human emperor-level inheritance of the Silver Fox clan.


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With that thought in mind, he took the opportunity when the guards were not paying attention and quietly moved in that direction.

On the other side, Ye Xiao, who had returned to his room and was preparing to meditate, was very helpless.

He was unable to easily enter a meditative state.

Previously, when he was in the human races surface world, he had to eat a lot of star beast meat every day.

It had already formed a habit.

That was not to say.

If he did not eat it for a day, he would suffer to death.

It was just that when he was on Earth because the Starquake Tiger had arrived, the star beasts did not escape.

Therefore, Ye Xiao promised them that within a week, he would not let them worship his flesh and blood.

Therefore, it had already been nearly a week since Ye Xiao had eaten anything that was full of blood essence and spiritual energy.

Being treated by Ning Yuhen today had caused his thirst for blood essence and spiritual energy to become addicted again.

The roots of his teeth were a little itchy.

The dish that Ning Yuhen used to treat him was the best dish, which was also a sixth-grade great-level star beast.

The lowest dish that he usually ate was a seventh-grade Xiantian star beast.

The difference between the two was really too great.

Therefore, that made him somewhat irritated and uncomfortable.

He could not easily enter a meditative state.

That did not mean that his will was not firm enough.

If it was during a war, he would definitely not have such a feeling.

At that moment, he was purely idle.

He could not be idle.

Once he was idle and bored, his teeth would ache for no reason.

Perhaps that was what ordinary people said.

Life depended on movement.

‘Forget it, just endure it.

Ye Xiao helplessly advised himself.

Anyway, in a few days, he would comprehend the Emperor realm inheritance and could directly return to Jianghai city.

At that time, he would have to eat a full meal to make up for it.

However, at that moment, his perception suddenly sensed an unusual aura.

‘Wait a minute, this is…

Ye Xiaos eyes instantly lit up.

Good heavens, what he was lacking was coming

He even suspected that his luck was too great.

At that moment, Sky Chief Star had already arrived near the two silver foxes.

Looking at the serious expressions of the two of them standing guard, he licked the saliva at the corner of his mouth.

‘As expected of the Silver Fox clan.

Even a random soldier has such a symbol.

If it were a fox, wouldnt it be heaven

‘I must have a good taste so that my life will not be in vain.

He had to get down to business first.

Thinking of that, he stomped his feet and his body instantly turned into a bolt of lightning, charging towards the two silver foxes in the distance.

His speed was very fast, as fast as lightning.

In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived beside the two silver foxes.

His sharp fangs had already begun to open.

He did not need to have any doubts.

With that move, he would be able to instantly take down the two silver foxes.

He had such confidence.

That was because he was in the Xiantian seventh grade, a divine grandmaster!

His martial art strength had already surpassed most ordinary star beasts.

However, just as he was about to capture two of them, an accident suddenly happened.

His vision turned black and he could not see anything.


What was going on

What had happened

Where was he now

Why were his surroundings pitch black

“Hello! Is anyone there

“Is anyone there If anyone is there, answer me.

“Dont hide from me! Come out quickly! As long as you come out, I promise I wont kill you.”

However, no matter how much he shouted, there was nothing around him.

It was still pitch black.

Sky Chief Star began to panic.

That was because he felt that that place was unusual, he wanted to try and break out.

However, he had no way to start with the space here.

He did not even know where he was right now.

Outside, Ye Xiao had a face full of smiles as he began to roast something.

That fellow was actually an eel star beast.

Ye Xiao really did not expect that he had been wanting to eat that for a long time.

But he had never had the chance to get it.

He did not expect that he would encounter it on his first day in the Silver Fox clan.


Remove the head, clean up the internal organs, sprinkle some cumin, chili powder, salt, and oil…

Two words, awesome!

‘Looks like my luck is really good.

I wonder if I will be lucky enough to obtain better prey tomorrow

It was not easy to come to the starry sky, so he had to hunt a few more times and eat more delicious food.

Otherwise, would it not be a loss

Under the starry sky, the two Silver Fox guards could not help but ask in confusion,

“Xiao Hong, do you smell a very fragrant smell somewhere”

“There seems to be a very fragrant smell, a little like the smell of grilled fish.”

“I think of the grilled fish that Uncle Wang next door made for me when I was young.

I like it the most.

And every time I ask him for it, he will make it for me.”

“Wow, I really envy you! I dont have such a good life like you.

I have a few uncles.

second uncle, third uncle, fourth uncle, fifth uncle, sixth uncle, seventh uncle, eighth uncle, ninth uncle, tenth uncle, and eleventh uncle.

But every time, they would only order me to do work.

“So many blood-related uncles.

They cant even compare to one of your neighbor uncles.”

Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the second day.

Due to the fact that the emperor realm inheritance had yet to be activated, Ye Xiao estimated that he would have to stay here for another two days.

However, since Ning Yuhen had already said that the Emperor realm inheritance would be activated in those few days, he did not need to be too anxious and treated it as a vacation.

Early in the morning, Ning Yuhen had two Silver Fox clan maidservants send him a large pile of heavenly and earthly treasures.

It could be seen that he sincerely treated him as his best friend as if he was a good big brother of his.

He did not know what realm his actions were at now, so he stuffed all the good things into his hands.

Ye Xiao did not need to specifically say what his cultivation was.

That made it seem like he was showing off.

He would naturally know when the right time came.

He originally thought that it would be another peaceful day.

In the end, not long after the sun came out, the Silver Fox Valley welcomed a few waves of unusual guests.

Naturally, all of them were star beasts.

The most powerful among them were actually star beasts above Xiantian ninth grade.

Among them, there was even an existence at the peak of Xiantian ninth grade whose strength was already close to the lesser King realm.

Their status did not seem to be low.

The Silver Fox Valley had specially arranged a feast to entertain them.

Ning Yuhen had even specially invited him to go together.

Although star beasts and humans were mortal enemies, that was under the situation where there were two waves of large numbers.

Occasionally, there would be a human among the star beasts, or a star beast among the humans.

It was not a big deal.

When he arrived at the banquet, Ye Xiao finally saw the stronger star beasts.

He was not interested in the other small fries.

The star beasts were a lesser King realm female crane, a Xiantian ninth-grade leopard, a Xiantian ninth-grade wolf, and a lesser King realm tortoise.

However, what caught Ye Xiaos attention the most was a peak Xiantian ninth-grade rabbit that had not stepped into the lesser King realm.

The moment he saw her, Ye Xiao admitted that he could not live up to his expectations and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

If he remembered correctly, he had seen that from the star beast encyclopedia before.

It was a Silk Jade Rabbit.

The star beast encyclopedia had said that the meat of that kind of rabbit was extremely tender, so tender that one could not imagine it.

There was even a ranking on the delicious taste of the star beast meat on the star beast encyclopedia.

The Silk Jade Rabbit could be said to be at the top of the ranking.

Ye Xiao had always wanted to catch a Silk Jade Rabbit to eat, but he had always been bitter because he did not have the chance.

That was because, in the human world, there were not many star beasts.

There were even fewer excellent species.

Only in the starry sky could one find so many excellent species with a first-class taste of star beasts.

Unexpectedly, just the day before, he had wanted to catch a few more powerful star beasts, but that day, he had encountered such a good product.

It was really a wish come true!


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