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The matter of Piao Jiansheng joining the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy as an exchange student caused quite a stir in Jianghai city.

After all, his resume was indeed very outstanding since he had swept through a circle of sword art geniuses in the Jing province.

Now that he had joined the academy, it gave the impression that the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy was very outstanding.

Therefore, when the people of Jianghai city, including the parents of several nearby cities, signed up their children in the autumn, they had Jianghai Martial Arts Academy in their minds.

As for the sword marks on the golden ox, Qin Shenglong had used some special methods to suppress its intent.

The statue had also been placed in the academy by him.

Only students with good sword art aptitude could view it.

That was also a form of protection for the students.

If their aptitude was not enough, it would be very easy for them to go insane.


When he had spare time, he would find Piao Jiansheng to help him practice his sword in the name of guidance.

In reality, he wanted to squeeze all the things Piao Jiansheng had learned from the sword sage Liu Chengxun dry.

Within a few days, Jianghai city returned to peace.

However, there were two facts buried in the hearts of many people in Jianghai city.

Firstly, there was a mysterious grandmaster in Jianghai city who had an extremely powerful cultivation!

Secondly, there was a swordmaster in Jianghai city who had extraordinary swordsmanship!

Although they did not know who these two people were, many people had already regarded them as their idols.

It was to the extent that the municipal government of Jianghai city was also suspected of deliberately taking advantage of the popularity.

They had carved a sketch of the grandmaster martial artist and swordmaster on many public facilities in Jianghai city.

That undoubtedly made everyone more convinced that there truly were two super martial artists in Jianghai city.

One saber and one sword.

Their cultivation should at least be above the divine sect.

Ye Xiao was not interested.


Whether it was a mysterious grandmaster or an extraordinary swordsman, it was just an empty title.

If everyone liked him as an unknown entity, then they could rely on him.

However, it was impossible for him to come out and reveal himself.

That was because his current cultivation was not at the divine grandmaster rank.

If he admitted it and attracted a large number of challengers, he would be dead.

In a months time, Ye Xiaos home which was the library had not changed.

His life was slow and comfortable.

Other than Qin Yuyan borrowing books and returning them, no one else had much contact with him.

Ever since Gu Hai had a girlfriend, coupled with the fact that he had to take the garrison exam, he had less time to go up to the third floor.

That also allowed Ye Xiao to have more time to read books.

He had already collected six spiritual cultivation techniques, but because spiritual cultivation techniques were really rare, it was always difficult to find another one.

It was also fortunate that Ye Xiao was not an impatient person, or else he would have been led to early death due to anxiousness.

From the looks of it, the divine souls Golden Book was quite suitable for him.

He did not need to cultivate.

All he needed to do was read the books, and the rest would be done automatically.

It was quite perfect.

A month later, Gu Hais wedding was held.

Ye Xiao attended as the best man.

Not only did he have to fork out money, but he also had to work.

After he arrived, he entered the wedding teams styling room with a few other groomsmen.

The stylist would give them a makeover, and they would also change into small suits.

Not long after, a few groomsmen who were well-dressed walked out of the room while swearing.

Gu Hai was dumbfounded.

“Guys, whats going on”

“Gu Hai, you said you wanted to help us sincerely, right”

“Thats right.

If you had our backs then why did you invite Ye Xiao”

Gu Hai was confused.

“Old Ye bullied you guys Thats impossible.

Old Ye is very laid-back and honest.

He would never bully anyone.”

“Of course he didnt! Does he need to bully anyone to cause issues for us If he stood there, all of us would become a foil.”

Gu Hai did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He knew that Ye Xiao was good-looking, but it should not be that exaggerated, right

At that moment, Ye Xiao walked out of the room.

The expression on Gu Hais face instantly froze.

“What the f*ck!”

Usually, the library did not require him to wear a suit, so although Ye Xiao was good-looking, it did not completely highlight his temperament.

Today, the team that arranged the wedding not only styled his hair and trimmed his eyebrows but also changed him into a nicely fitted little suit.

It completely displayed Ye Xiaos handsome side.

It was not so handsome to the point of being blinding, but it was comparable to the celebrities on television.

Ye Xiao was a little embarrassed by everyones stares and coughed lightly.

“Should I… Leave”


Its not your fault that youre good-looking.

Its your parents fault.

Lets go.

The wedding is about to begin.”


Ye Xiao nodded.

The bride had already received the guests from the hotel.

The guests from both sides were arranged to stay in the hotel.

When they arrived at the wedding floor, Gu Hai and the groomsmen had not walked into the main area yet.

In the corridor, some of the guests who had not seen Gu Hai before landed their gazes on Ye Xiao.

“Hes the groom, right Isnt he too handsome”

“Hes so pretty, just like a celebrity on TV.

That Lu girl is really lucky!”

“Today, Lu has a classmate as her bridesmaid whos also very pretty.”

“I think they should have been the couple.

Lu doesnt deserve this young mans good looks.”

Gu Hais face turned grim.

The other groomsmen muttered from the side,

“We should have taken him up on that offer when he had suggested leaving.”

Gu Hai coughed lightly.

He did not care about the awkwardness and led everyone in to hold the wedding.

Just as he walked in, the emcee who was in charge of hosting the wedding grabbed Ye Xiao.

“Why are you only here now Weve been waiting for you for a long time.

Quickly go and read the lines.

Youll need them later.”

Gu Hais face turned even darker.

Ye Xiao awkwardly pointed at his corsage.

“Im the best man, hes the groom.”

The emcee immediately laughed.

“Hahaha, Ive got the wrong person.

Im sorry, Im sorry.”

Fortunately, today was his big day and it was not right for him to be angry, so Gu Hai did not cause trouble for anyone.

After muttering a few words, everyone quickly went in to avoid delaying the auspicious event.

After entering, Gu Hai first found his wife and held her hand, declaring his feelings.

Feeling everyones gazes finally gathering on him, his mood became much better.

When Mr.

Lu saw his smug look, his expression was gloomy.

He felt as if the flower that he had raised for many years had been eaten by a pig.


There was a hint of disdain in his helplessness.

However, when Mr.

Lu saw the extraordinarily handsome Ye Xiao among the groomsmen, he felt like crying but had no tears.

‘D*mn it, why didnt I let my daughter come into contact with Ye Xiao back then

If he had let his daughter come meet with Ye Xiao earlier, she would definitely have been taken by him and would not have fallen into Gu Hais hands.

Not to mention that Ye Xiao was good-looking, at least he would not go to strange places!

Looking at Gu Hai again, his heart ached even more.

He had suffered a great loss that time.

He had suffered a great loss!

Ye Xiao greeted him and tactfully hid in a corner to prevent himself from stealing the spotlight again.

He exhaled a mouthful of air and was finally relieved.

Suddenly, a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside his ear.

“You came as well.”


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