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Chapter 289: The Twelve Supreme Divine Beasts, the Human Races Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Then can we go to the ruins now”

“Itll take a little more than two days.

Although the ruins have already been excavated, the restrictions on the ruins have yet to fully appear.

“After a few days, once it appears, the two of us will immediately go and unseal the restrictions and obtain the inheritance inside.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

The hall descended into silence.

Ye Xiao usually did not speak much.

Even if they only met after a long time, if they did not get to the point, there was usually not much to talk about.

However, Ning Yuhen clearly still had something he wanted to say to him.

However, he did not say it even though it was on the tip of his tongue a few times.

Seeing that he wanted to say something but hesitated, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“Do you have something you want to say Feel free to say it.”

Ning Yuhen took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Since the supervisor wants me to say it, then Ill say it.

I hope that the supervisor wont be angry.”

After pausing for a moment, he said with a serious expression,

“Actually, the reason why I asked the supervisor to come over this time is not only because theres a human emperor-level inheritance here.

I want the supervisor to come over and try his luck.

“At the same time, theres another matter.

That is, I want to invite the supervisor to stay in Silver Fox Valley in the future.”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

Ning Yuhen continued to speak:

“Dont be angry, Supervisor.

Listen to me.

“You should know what the current situation of the human race is like.

Being surrounded by countless star beasts is already a piece of meat on the chopping board.

“Perhaps, you might think that the human race still has some hope.

However, in reality, the human race was already at the end of the road.

“Hundreds of years ago, the star beasts had already begun to plan and set up arrangements, attempting to capture all the humans in this world in one go.

“This plan is now about to reach the stage where the net is drawn

“Currently, the human race only has six emperor-level martial arts experts.

However, the star beasts have already gathered 12 supreme divine beasts and nearly 200 divine beasts.

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“Such powerful strength has already far surpassed the strength that the human race possesses.

“Their goal is to devour the human race.

“The next beast calamity will not be in three years time, but in the very near future.

At most, it will not last for more than half a year.

“Once the beast calamity begins, the star beasts will attack the human race in an all-out manner.

“Thats not right.

This time, its already not suitable to say that its a beast calamity.

This time, its the calamity that will annihilate the human race!”

Ye Xiaos gaze was somewhat solemn.

He had already known from the mouths of the other star beasts that the upcoming beast calamity would be unprecedentedly fierce.

However, he did not expect it to be so serious.

The star beast race had actually gathered a total of 12 supreme divine beasts!

What kind of concept was that

That meant that the star beasts would send out a total of 12 existences that were comparable to human Emperor realm martial arts experts.

That was double the number of humans.

To put it bluntly, even if it was a one-for-one exchange, the human race would not be able to withstand it.

“Do you know why the star beasts did this Was it just to refine the divine blood in the human races body today”

Ning Yuhen shook his head.

“Yes, but not all of it.

To be precise, the star beasts had to refine the divine blood in the human races body.

“This starry sky is really too big.

Its so big that its beyond your imagination.

“In this starry sky, there are many forces and prodigal martial arts experts.

These star beasts are not only fighting against the humans of this world.

Their enemies are everywhere in the starry sky.

“Perhaps its the other star beast groups, or perhaps its the humans of other worlds.

“It might even be the legendary god race.

“And the reason why they are so anxious to annex the human race is that they have received an even stronger threat.

Now, they have no choice but to quickly increase their strength.”

That time, Ye Xiaos gaze became even more solemn.

The universe was really too vast.

There were countless martial arts experts and powerful races within it.

The star beasts that humans were currently having a headache over were not necessarily the final enemies of the human race.

There were even more powerful existences above the star beasts.

Were they stronger star beasts Were they stronger humans Perhaps they were… Gods

It seemed like there was still a long way to go in his cultivation.

However, he did not need to think so far.

He still had to take one step at a time in his cultivation.

He could not be too impatient.

He had to raise his cultivation to the Emperor realm first.

“So, you want me to stay in the Silver Fox Clan”


Ning Yuhen said sincerely,

“Supervisor, I was enlightened by the elder of the Silver Fox clan.

My current strength is already at the eighth grade of the Xiantian realm.

Im only one step away from advancing to the ninth grade of the Xiantian realm.

“Although that strength is indeed nothing in the entire universe.

“However, with the Silver Fox clan, its more than enough to protect you.

“Especially my grandmother.

Shes an existence at the lesser King realm.”

Ye Xiao knew that Ning Yuhen was doing that for his own good.

He did not know his current strength and thought that he was at most a divine grandmaster.

With that strength, he would definitely die if he stayed in the human race.

Moreover, the entire human race would be destroyed.

No matter how strong he was, it was better for him to stay in the Silver Fox clan.

The Silver Fox clans strength was not bad and they were star beasts.

Basically, they would not have any conflicts with other star beasts.

It was very safe.

If it was him who had just transmigrated, Ye Xiao might have really agreed.

That was because, at that time, he did not have any friends and did not have anyone to help him.

At that point, he had many friends in Jianghai city.

Perhaps most of them were very weak, and in his eyes, they were just ordinary people.

However, on his way to growth, they also cared for and helped him countless times.

Other than that, there were also Beitang Ce, Venerable Black Tortoise, and Senior Dragon Vein…

Those seniors had helped him a lot.

If not for them, with the help of the Golden b=Book, he would have improved steadily.

However, it was impossible for him to advance from the divine sect to the lesser Emperor realm in such a short period of time.

If he could not improve so quickly, how could he face the descent of the star beasts

No matter how monstrous he was, he would still end up as food for the star beasts, right

Some people said that the biggest difference between humans and beasts was that humans had a conscience.

If one did not have a conscience, then that person could not be called a human.

Of course, that did not mean that Ye Xiao was going to be some great benefactor or savior.

He was only doing what he could to repay those who had helped him before.

Therefore, he would definitely not be like a turtle, shrinking his head and watching the star beasts wantonly slaughter the human race.

Therefore, Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I definitely wont stay here.

Im a human.

I cant abandon the Nine Provinces and only care about my own life.”

Ning Yuhen was a little anxious.

“But Supervisor, youll die.

Arent you afraid”

Ye Xiao smiled slightly.

“If I was afraid of dying back then and didnt save you, then what would you be like now”

Ning Yuhens heart jolted, and he was suddenly stunned.

Yes, what the supervisor said was right.

If the supervisor was that kind of selfish person, then he would not have helped him back then.

If the supervisor had not helped him, he would not have returned to the Silver Fox clan.

In the end, that was the personality of the supervisor.

He was a very gentle person.

If he gave up on returning to the human world and stayed here to take refuge, then he would not be himself.

Taking a deep breath, Ning Yuhen said with a sigh,

“I underestimated the supervisor.

Im sorry.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Youre thinking of my wellbeing.

Theres no need to apologize.”

Ning Yuhen patted his head.

“Look, the supervisor just arrived today, and Im already talking about such a heavy topic.

Its really too boring.

I havent had the time to bring the supervisor to take a good look at the scenery of the Silver Fox Valley.

“Moreover, Grandma has already prepared a feast.

Lets have dinner first.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

In the following time, Ning Yuhen accompanied Ye Xiao and enjoyed a sumptuous feast.

The Silver Fox clans meal was also made from star beast M=meat.

Of course, it was other types of star beast meat.

However, the star beast meat they used was not of a high grade.

The highest grade dish was only at the level of a great grandmaster.

That was also very normal.

They did not have such powerful strength as him.

Moreover, the fox empress could not go out to hunt personally.

That would not only be very dangerous, but it would also be very degrading.

She was the Fox Empress, not a small librarian like him who needed to be ostentatious.

After the meal, Ning Yuhen brought Ye Xiao around the Silver Fox Valley and enjoyed the scenery of the Silver Fox Valley.

Needless to say, in a place like that in the starry sky, the scenery was really like a fairyland.

Perhaps it was because there were not that many life forms living here, so the environment was relatively fresher.

Unlike the human world, because humans lived too much, there were all kinds of pollution, and the environment was greatly lacking.

After a simple stroll, Ye Xiao returned to the room that the Silver Fox Clan had arranged for him.

They even arranged for two little white fox girl to wait on him to bathe and change his clothes.

Ye Xiao righteously rejected that matter.

He was a person who had experienced socialist education and had a good outlook on the world.

How could he do such a despicable thing

Moreover, even if they were big foxes, Ye Xiao would not accept them.

If he had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, he would definitely not throw them away after playing with them.

The most important thing for a man was to learn to take responsibility.

Therefore, he would definitely not easily touch those foxes.

He would only meet the girl he liked in the future, and only then would something that should happen.

Other than that, even if the fox empress came personally, it was impossible for his mind to not be clear-headed.

After dismissing the two fox clan maids, Ye Xiao returned to his bed and began to meditate, trying to understand that last strand of martial concept.

Under the night sky, a figure sneaked into the Silver Fox Valley.

“I heard that the Silver Fox Valley has discovered the remains of a human emperor-level prodigy.

Hehehe… I, Sky Chief Star, will investigate it today.

“If there really is a treasure here, then I definitely cant let the Silver Fox clan take it for themselves.

“Such a good thing must definitely be taken out and shared by everyone.”


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