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Chapter 288: Zhou

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Ye Xiao followed You Weis guidance and moved forward together.

Looking from the sky above the Silver Fox Valley, the two of them were like two little tadpoles, slowly swimming inside and finally reaching the deepest part of the Silver Fox Valley.

What surprised Ye Xiao was that the buildings here were actually similar to the ancient buildings of the human race.

It was built with bronze as the main building material, just like a bronze palace.

As if seeing Ye Xiaos doubt, you Wei explained,

“The Silver Fox clans buildings mainly originated from the ancient times of the Nine Provinces.

It is said that an ancestor of the Silver Fox clan had a marriage with an Emperor realm martial arts expert in the Nine Provinces.

“It is precisely because of that that our Silver Fox Valley discovered the human races Emperor realm inheritance.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Soon, several figures walked out of the palace.

They were the empress of the Silver Fox clan.

She wore a gorgeous yet solemn fur coat and wore a colorful crown in the shape of a fox.

Her appearance was charming but not demonic.

There was a hint of temptation and also a hint of majesty.

The distance she gave people was just right, causing Ye Xiao to think of a word.

Pure and lustful!

Most of the Silver Fox clan were beauties.

No wonder they could charm human Emperor realm prodigies.

However, Ye Xiao was still very clear-headed.

He knew that beauty was like a bone-scraping steel knife.


Ye, long time no see.

Youre even more handsome than before.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

As expected of a vixen.

The lower two were smeared with honey, and the upper two were smeared with honey.


“Yuhen is currently cultivating.

It should be a while before it ends.

Please enter the Fox clans main hall and take a short break.”


After Ye Xiao entered the Silver Fox clans main hall, the clans maidservant was immediately ordered to serve fresh spirit fruits and spirit tea.

The tea was of very high quality.

Seeing that the other party was very attentive.

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Ye, this is a spirit fruit unique to my Silver Fox Valley.

Spirit tea is also brewed from the tea leaves unique to my Silver Fox Valley.

Please try it.”

Ye Xiao thanked her and took a sip of the tea.

At the same time, he was also observing the Silver Fox Valley.

The overall standard of the Silver Fox Valley was not bad.

The queen fox actually had the cultivation of a lesser King realm.

Other than her, there were a total of 12 Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmasters, as well as Xiantian eighth-grade and seventh-grade divine grandmasters.

There were even more of them.

The total number of foxes in the entire Silver Fox Valley was at most 100,000 to 200,000.

The lowest among the silver foxes was the little fox, whose cultivation was above Houtian fifth grade.

No wonder the Silver Fox clan was able to survive in such a dangerous starry sky.

That force was indeed not to be underestimated.

One had to know that there were many star beasts, but the proportion of martial arts experts among the star beasts was very poor.

With the same number, the cultivation of the human race would definitely surpass the star beasts, and the proportion of human martial arts experts would definitely surpass the star beasts.

The Silver Fox clan did not have many people, but they did not have those trash who dragged their feet.

They took a short and vigorous route.

In addition, the Silver Fox clan had chosen a very remote and elusive location.

There were no particularly powerful star beast races in the vicinity, so they could survive peacefully.


Ye, youve always helped the Silver Fox clans holy son.

We will always repay your kindness.

Unfortunately, youve always been in the human world, so its inconvenient for us to go there.

Now that youve come to the Silver Fox Valley, if you need anything, you can tell us at any time.

Dont be too polite!”

“Youre too polite.

Ning and I are friends.

Its no big deal to help each other.

You dont have to take it to heart.”

Both sides were polite to each other, chatting with each other.

On the other side, in the depths of the Silver Fox Valley, an extremely fierce aura suddenly erupted from a cave.

The person sitting in the cave was none other than Ning Yuhen.

At that moment, he had completely shed his youth from before.

Whether it was his appearance or temperament, he was much more handsome.

Although he still had some scholarly temperament, it was much better than before.

He really looked like a little girl before.

At the very least, it could be seen with a glance that he was a man.

Opening his eyes, his pair of pure purple eyes became deeper and more determined, revealing a mature aura.

‘Just one more step, just one more step, and Ill be able to successfully advance to the Xiantian ninth-grade divine sect! At that time, Ill be considered a martial arts expert of a region, and Ill be able to protect the supervisor in case anything happens to him.

Ning Yuhen clenched his fists, and a resolute look appeared in his eyes.

Then, he shouted towards the outside of the cave,

“Has the distinguished guest I invited arrived yet”

A voice quickly sounded from outside the cave.

“Replying to the holy sons words, hes already here.

Hes currently in the Silver Fox Great Hall.”

Ning Yuhens face lit up with joy, and he immediately rushed out, turning into a streak of light as he headed straight for the Silver Fox Great Hall.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the Silver Fox Hall and saw Ye Xiaos figure.

In an instant, his eyes could not help but redden, and a layer of misty mist covered them.

“Supervisor, youre finally here!”

When Ye Xiao saw Ning Yuhen, he could finally end the awkward exchange with the Fox Empress.

The Fox empress was too polite and spoke too much in public.

Ye Xiao was most unsuitable for such an occasion.

Moreover, she even called over a group of little vixens to dance.

It was euphemistically called the friendly display and exchange of the Silver Fox clans traditional culture, which made Ye Xiao particularly speechless.

Instead of doing those fancy things, he might as well get a few rebar bars for him and skewer them all together to make a barbecue fox feast.

Looking at Ning Yuhen who had undergone a perfect transformation, Ye Xiao praised,

“Looks like youve grown a lot in the Silver Fox clan these few days.”

Ning Yuhen quickly walked forward and bowed deeply to Ye Xiao.

“Yuhen still has to thank the supervisor for his help and protection back then.

If not for the supervisor, Yuhen would have died in Jianghai city long ago.

How could he achieve todays achievements”

Seeing that Ning Yuhen had arrived, the fox queen tactfully left space for the two of them.

“Yuhen, since youre here, you can receive Mr.


Ill get the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous banquet for Mr.

Ye to enjoy.”

“Thank you, Grandma.”

Ning Yuhen thanked her, and the fox empress smiled at Ye Xiao.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, she tactfully left.

When only Ye Xiao and Ning Yuhen were left in the main hall, Ning Yuhen opened his mouth and said,

“Supervisor, Ive been away for a few days.

Are you alright”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Im fine.”

“What about my friends in Jianghai city”

“Theyre also fine.”

“Thats good.

Ive heard that the human world has been in a lot of trouble recently, and Ive been worried about them.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Can you also find out information about the human race here”

“Of course.

In reality, the seal between the human race and the star beasts isnt that tight.

There are always some means to find out information about each other.”

“So thats the case.

Speaking of which, you told me that theres a human emperor-level inheritance here.

Where is it”

Ning Yuhen smiled helplessly.

“Supervisor, its not easy for the two of us to meet.

Why are you bringing up matters regarding cultivation when youve just arrived Dont tell me that you dont have any other hobbies other than cultivation”

“I think I have some.

Ive been planting flowers, grass, and raising some small animals.”

“Supervisor, youre really in a good mood.

I really want to see what kind of small animals you raise.

They must be very cute, right”

Ning Yuhen was a little envious.

“Its alright.

Ill treat you to a visit when youre free.”


After a pause, Ning Yuhen spoke again,

“Actually, weve only just discovered the human emperor-level inheritance recently.

“Previously, it was hidden in the inner part of the valley.

Recently, heavy rain washed down the hillside and exposed some of the relics.

Thats when we discovered this relic.

“Its owner was a human emperor-level prodigy about 3,000 years ago.

He was the beloved of one of the ancestors of our Silver Fox clan.

“In his later years, he chose to come to the Silver Fox Valley and eventually died here.

“He set up a restriction.

If he wanted to open this restriction and obtain the heritage, he would need the blood of the human clan and the Silver Fox clan.

“In other words, a human and a Silver Fox clan member would need to use their blood essence to open it at the same time in order to enter his heritage site.”

“More than 3,000 years ago, he was still an emperor realm expert.

Could it be him”

Ye Xiao thought of an emperor.

Ning Yuhen said with a faint smile,

“Seeing that the supervisor has already guessed the other partys identity, not bad, he is Emperor Zhou in the history of the human race!”

“It is indeed him.”

Ye Xiaos memory of Emperor Zhou was still quite deep.

After all, in his previous life, who knew how many versions of the god ascension rankings had been acted out

However, television dramas were television dramas, and history was history.

He knew that in history, Emperor Zhou was a very wise emperor in his early years.

He had expanded his territory and had a series of achievements.

He had contributed an indelible contribution to the expansion of the Nine Provinces.

However, in his later years, he began to indulge in wine and debauchery, which eventually led to the collapse of the country.

However, the history of that world was definitely different from that of his previous life.

First and foremost, it was also the most important point.

The dynasties in that world did not overturn history like in his previous life.

The transition between dynasties was very stable.

Basically, when the descendants of a dynasty were unable to advance to the Emperor realm and could no longer protect the human race, fighting for the human race would mean the end of the dynasty.

Later on, when someone advanced to the Emperor realm, they would officially ascend to the emperors throne.

The only enemy of the human race was the star beasts!

Other than that, there was another point.

That world had star beasts, so in the history of his previous life, some of the more fantastical things that existed in that world were all real.

However, ye Xiao did not expect that Emperor Zhou would actually choose to place his inheritance in the Silver Fox clans hiding place after his death, and not in the Nine Provinces human clans place.

That was rather strange.

Could it be that he was really bewitched by a fox

It should not be so.

After all, there was the existence of the gods in that life.

Perhaps there was some compelling reason.

Ye Xiao vaguely felt that he could get some information about the gods from him.


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