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Chapter 286: The Legend of the Nine Provinces, Azure Dragon the Sword Emperor!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Jiang Chen exerted his power, the sea level, which had been stable, started to rise.

The 11 kings stared at Jiang Chen with cold eyes.

“Venerable Black Tortoise, do you really want to start a war”

“I didnt say I wanted to start a war! You came here first, not me, Jiang Chen.”

“You! You stole our 17 dragon veins from the west.

Are you being unreasonable”

“Who said those 17 dragon veins were yours It was the star beasts who stole your dragon veins.

Our dragon veins were stolen from the star beasts.

If you want them, you can ask the star beasts for them.

Dont talk nonsense here.”

“Jiang Chen, youve gone too far!”

The 11 kings flew into a rage.

The aura of all the kings burst out directly and collided with Jiang Chen, the venerable Black Tortoise.


In an instant, the surface of the sea was full of surging waves, which exploded in all directions.

Countless huge waves rushed over a distance of 300 feet!

With the 11 kings momentum, even Jiang Chen, the venerable Black Tortoise, who was ranked second on the dragon list, could not resist them easily.

When their momentum collided, his body kept moving backward.

However, his body still stood proudly.

The soul of a man in the Nine Provinces would never retreat even if he was at a disadvantage, let alone admit defeat.

At that moment, a female voice with a hint of elegance fell from the sky.

“With so many people joining hands to bully my big brother Venerable black Tortoise, do you really think that theres no one else in the Nine Provinces”

As the voice fell, there was an aura that was not inferior to the Black Tortoises!

That powerful aura crashed onto the aura of the 11 King realm martial arts experts.

The resulting shockwave caused the sea level within a radius of a hundred miles to tremble.

Large amounts of seawater rose up like heavenly water pillars.

As a result, the entire sea level sank quite a bit.

Wherever the auras of the two sides collided, lightning and thunder even erupted.

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Li Liushuis heart shook, and a trace of joy appeared on her face.

“Its venerable White Tiger! Venerable White Tiger is here.

Venerable Black Tortoise, this time, our pressure can be reduced quite a bit.”

Black Tortoise nodded.

“However, its still not enough.

White Tiger is only ranked second on the Phoenix list.

Our combined strength is still not enough to completely resist the aura of the opponents 11 King realm martial arts experts!”

After all, there were 11 kings, and they were basically all veteran kings.

They were not like Li Liushui, who had just stepped into the King realm.

The difference in strength between the two sides was still very big.

“If two isnt enough, then I wonder if three will be”

Another voice sounded, and an extremely beautiful woman in a red dress slowly walked over from the east.

She was tall and slender, her skin was fair, and her appearance revealed a bit of nobility.

Her pair of Phoenix eyes were charming, but they did not lose their might.

With each step, her speed surpassed 10,000 feet.

Although her steps were not fast, she arrived beside Venerable Black Tortoise in the blink of an eye.

Li Liushui clenched her fists, and her face was flushed with excitement.

Another venerable one!

The Fire Saber, Venerable Vermilion Bird of the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces!

Her cultivation was stronger than the White Tiger, and she was also a saber technique practitioner.

Li Liushui had always regarded the Fire Saber Vermilion Bird as his target.

As soon as the Vermillion Bird appeared, the surrounding sea began to boil.

The seawater seemed to be subjected to high temperature, and it began to produce streams of steam.

Aura burst out, and the aura of the three venerable ones combined into one, colliding with the 11 King realm martial arts experts of the other side.

The aura of the two sides caused the clouds in the sky to flow backward and the sea breeze to enter this area before stopping.

The seawater kept pressing down.

The seawater 100,000 feet away even started to rise under huge pressure.

It was like a 300-foott tall building that far surpassed the King realm martial arts experts.

The two sides were in a stalemate and neither side was willing to give in.

The saber god, Li Liushui could not help but sigh in his heart.

Too strong!

Was that a battle between veteran kings

The laughable thing was that he had always been aiming for the King realm.

Once he had reached the king realm, he realized that stepping into the King realm was only the beginning.

He still had a long way to go.

At that moment, the Saber God Li Liushuis martial heart became even more resolute!

However, the situation on the stage was still in a stalemate.

Although the three venerable ones were very strong, their strength was limited.

The other partys 11 veteran kings were not pushovers either.

Their strength could not be underestimated.

Furthermore, as the auras of both sides deepened, their strength had already reached its limits.

If either side retreated first, it would cause damage to themselves.

Therefore, no one could retreat.

They could only deepen their auras and let their side suppress the other side first.

Once they could suppress the other side, they could take advantage of the situation to pursue and attack until the other sides aura was completely broken.

In that case, the one who would be injured would be the other party.

Saber God Li Liushui felt that it was somewhat difficult for him to breathe.

The 14 veteran King realm martial artists were competing in strength.

As a newcomer who had just stepped into the King realm, he could not hold out at all.

It was also thanks to his cultivation that he had completely stepped into the King realm.

Otherwise, if he was a lesser martial arts expert, he would still be crushed into a meat patty in the end.

At that moment, he felt even more powerless against his cultivation.

The auras of both sides continued to erupt.

Finally, they reached a zero point.

At that time, the gravitational field within a radius of 30 miles had reached its limit, and it could explode at any time.

Once the gravitational field was broken, the energy would lose its balance, causing everyone present to be unable to escape.

All of them would suffer serious injuries.

At that critical moment, a dragons roar that was neither slow nor slow was heard from the sky.

The very calm voice had shattered the gravitational field that had gathered the full strength of 14 King realm martial artists in an instant.

In an instant, all of their imposing manners vanished into thin air.

The sky returned to normal, and the flowing clouds continued to flow.

The sea breeze also stopped solidifying and began to blow on the surface of the sea again.

Everything seemed to have returned to normal.

However, at that moment, everyones hearts instantly turned ice-cold to the bottom of the valley, and an endless wave of fear rose up.

The opponents strength was simply too powerful.

Their strength had already made it impossible for them to hold on.

Even the 14 King realm martial arts experts had become ants at that moment.

It was a true martial arts expert!

An expert that could crush everything.

Even the bodies of some King realm martial artists began to tremble slightly.

A green light slowly descended.

Within the light, there was a figure carrying a long sword on his back.

The green light slowly retreated.

It was a middle-aged man with a square face and long hair.

He wore a light green robe and looked simple and unadorned.

He looked like a Daoist priest in a Daoist Temple, but also like a scholarly scholar, there was not the slightest hint of a threat.

However, no one dared to look down on him.

There were even some people who did not dare to raise their heads and look directly into his eyes.

Li Liushui clenched his fists and looked at the other party with full of admiration.

His eyes revealed an incomparable fervent yearning.

Was that the number one on the World Dragon list, the head of the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces, the Eastern Sword Emperor, Lord Azure Dragon

He was too domineering!

With his own strength, he instantly suppressed everyone present.

One had to know that including him, there were a total of 15 King realm martial arts experts.

Moreover, all of them were ranked in the top 15 on the Dragon and the Phoenix list!

It could be said that they were the most pinnacle group in the entire world.

However, even so, in front of the Azure Dragon, who was ranked first on the Dragon list, everyone did not even have the chance to resist and was directly suppressed on the spot.

The Azure Dragon was worthy of the title of sword emperor, and he was worthy of being ranked first on the Dragon list!

He slowly descended with his hands behind his back, and his gaze indifferently swept across everyone.

Just that one glance made all the kings tremble in fear as if they were being stared at by an ancient giant beast.

“This matter ends here.

Shall we”

Those few faint words caused the hearts of the kings to tremble.

They wanted to speak, but they did not dare to retort.

However, one of them gritted his teeth and finally could not help but open his mouth.

“Senior Sword Emperor, isnt this matter too unfair

“There are a total of 17 dragon veins in the west, and almost half of our dragon veins have fallen into the hands of the east.

“That way, how will the Western martial artists cultivate Our Western martial arts standards are declining day by day.

If we cant resist the star beasts, Im afraid the East wont be able to do it alone.”

The one who spoke was the third-ranked on the Dragon list, King Reikan, the strongest King realm martial arts expert in the surface world of the American continent!

It was also because of his own strength that he dared to speak.

He knew that if he did not speak today, the 17 dragon veins would all fall into the hands of the east.

That loss was too great.

The entire West could not bear it.

He had to do something.

He was ranked third on the Dragon list, and the Sword Emperor Azure Dragon would give him face even if he said a word, right

Azure Dragon glanced at him.

Then, a sword light shot up into the sky and instantly shot out 100,000 feet, illuminating the entire sea area.

Then, the sword light flashed, and in just 0.001 seconds, Reikan was instantly cut into two halves.

Instant kill!

An instant kill without any suspense.

An overwhelming crushing!

All the King realm martial arts experts present could not help but fiercely shiver.

He had only said one sentence but was instantly killed by the other party with a sword.

That was simply unreasonable!

However, the other party had the strength to be unreasonable.

Who dared to say no

The Azure Dragon swept a glance at everyone and spoke again,

“In the past, the various regions have attracted star beasts into the Nine Provinces many times.

I have yet to settle this score for all of you.

If this is the case, everyone present today will die!”

Everyone shivered again.

The venerable Black Tortoise sneered and said,

“A bunch of idiots.

The Sword Emperor Azure Dragon did not attack you precisely because he did not want the western human race to be too miserable.

Do you really think that you are good enough

“If you refuse a toast, youll be forced to drink a forfeit.

A bunch of brainless brats jump out and bark all day long.

“To tell you the truth, the 17 dragon veins will never be returned.

“If you dont accept it, come and take it! But you have to think about the price yourself.”


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