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Chapter 284: 11 Kings, Descend

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However, Ye Xiao quickly realized that he was overthinking things.

The change in his cultivation was only due to the dragon energy circulating in his body, resulting in his dantian and meridians having a portion of improvement and being able to absorb more spiritual energy.

However, the distance to advancement was still the same as before, just a little more.

It seemed it wouldnt be so easy to advance to the Emperor realm.

It made sense.

The Emperor realm was the most supreme state in the world.

If anyone could advance to the Emperor realm so easily, it would be a joke.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao started to meditate again, hoping to find the last chance.

A few days later, the phone rang in the directors office of the Martial Arts Library of Jianghai city.

Jiang Chens expression froze when he received the call.

“Are they going to join hands to punish us Do they really think the Nne Provinces are easy to bully”

Another nervous voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Venerable one, what should we do There are 11 powerful kings in the Western region! Theyre waiting for a reply at sea.

“If we cant resolve this peacefully, itll be a disaster.”

“I see.

You dont have to worry about this.

Keep informing the other venerable ones.

Leave the rest to us.”


Jiang Chen hung up the phone and called Ouyang Yunzhong in.

Ouyang Yunzhong walked in quickly.

“Director! Why are you looking for me”

Jiang Chen said seriously,

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“I might have to leave Jianghai city for a while.”

Ouyang Yunzhongs eyes flickered.

She was a little surprised.

“Yes, but how long will you be away for”

“I dont know how long Ill be away for.

Maybe Ill be back tomorrow, or maybe I wont be back for a long time.

“If Im not here, youll be in charge of all the affairs in the library.

“I only have one request.

Whatever Ye Xiao wants, give it to him.

“Remember, you have to give him everything he wants! Youre not allowed to make any trouble for him, and youre not allowed to ask any questions about him.

Do you understand”

“Yes… I understand.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Okay, its okay.

You can leave now.”


Ouyang Yunzhong walked out.

Her heartbeat could not help but accelerate.

‘Strange, why would the director ask about Ye Xiao The identity of the director is definitely not ordinary.

Although I dont know who he is, his identity is definitely at the level of the Nine Provinces Alliance.

‘But why does he care so much about Ye Xiao Could it be that Ye Xiao is… My God!”

Ouyang Yunzhongs heart suddenly beat violently.

She had always been curious about this question.

Why was Ye Xiaos temperament so indifferent He did not look like an ordinary young man at all.

Although he did not exaggerate to the point of having the noble air of a young master from an aristocratic family, he was always calm and collected no matter what happened.

His temperament was so powerful that it was frightening.

Other than that, every time there was a personnel transfer in the library, he would just happen to be stuck in a position where he would not be kicked out.

The library needed an examination of Houtian third grade, and he immediately advanced to Houtian third grade.

The library needed an examination of Houtian fourth grade, and he immediately advanced to Houtian sixth grade.

Moreover, so many things had happened in Jianghai city over the past year, big and small, and he had never been injured.

It was as if the star beast had never hurt him.

That fellow looked as if he did not care about anything.

However, in reality, every step he took was very stable.

Whether it was work or other matters.

Now, she finally understood the problem.

Ye Xiao, he was the directors illegitimate child!


That also made sense of another matter.

The director was already so old, yet he still had to be transferred from Jingdu to Jianghai city to be the director.

Was it not all for his illegitimate child

After thinking through that matter, Ouyang Yunzhong instantly felt a burst of joy.

Fortunately, she had always been very good to Ye Xiao.

She had never thought that she would have unknowingly clung onto a thigh that could not be any thicker.

‘Looks like Ill be blessed in the future.

‘Ive decided that I must treat Ye Xiao better in the future.

‘Ill introduce him to another girl!

‘No, Ill introduce him to ten girls until he falls in love with them!

‘Ill go all the way with the matchmaker.

I wont let him run away.

After Ouyang Yunzhong left, Jiang Chen took a deep breath and moved the bookshelf behind him away.

Inside the bookshelf was a magnificent wardrobe.

The wardrobe was empty except for a coat.

The coat was dark blue in color, with a huge black tortoise pattern carved on its back.

Jiang Chen stroked the coat gently.

His eyes were full of pride and fighting spirit.

“Its been more than 50 years! Old friend, today youll follow me and fight on the battlefield again.”

Then he took off the coat and threw it on his body.

The gentle old man suddenly became a fighting general full of killing and fighting spirit!

With a thought, Jiang Chen exerted his mental method and arrived in the sky in a flash.

However, in the next second, he stopped.

It was because there was already a figure waiting in the sky.

It was the Saber God Li Liushui!

“Li Liushui, what are you doing here”

Jiang Chen said calmly.

Li Liushui said seriously,

“Venerable one, there are 11 extremely powerful auras on the western sea.

Each of them is as strong as a King realm martial arts expert.

Whats going on”

“This has nothing to do with you.

You dont need to think about it.

Youve just reached the King realm.

You should meditate more and consolidate your current cultivation.”

Li Liushui said again,

“Venerable one, dont try to fool me.

Im also a member of the Nine Provinces.

I wont just sit by and watch this happen.”

Jiang Chen stared at Li Liushuis stubborn eyes.

He felt a little helpless, but in the end, he chose to confess.

“Its because of Ye Xiao.

“The two divine beasts who had come a few days ago were the ones who had been plundering the dragon veins in the west for many days.

Unfortunately, they had only just arrived at the Jianghai city when they were killed by Ye Xiao with one sword strike.

The 17 dragon veins had all fallen into Ye Xiaos hands.

“Now, the 11 King realm martial arts experts of the Western Alliance have gathered on the sea.

They should be wanting to take back the dragon veins.”

Li Liushui snorted coldly.

“They actually have the face to come over and ask for it.

The thing that they couldnt defend was stopped by our Nine Provinces.

That means that it is ours.

How can we hand it over to them”

“Thats right.

In the past 300 years, in order to alleviate the pressure of the star beasts, the various states had led the star beasts to the Nine Provinces many times during the beast calamity.

We havent settled this score with them yet.

How can we return the dragon veins to them

“Moreover, the dragon vein has already been refined by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao is currently in seclusion, and he might have already finished refining it.

“Its impossible to kill Ye Xiao and take out the dragon vein, right”

“Ye Xiao has done me a favor, and the Nine Province is my homeland.

In terms of feelings and reason, I cant stay out of this matter.

“Venerable one, bring me along.

Even though Ive just advanced to this realm.

I am still considered a King realm martial arts expert.

I can definitely help.”

The venerable one was silent for a moment and then nodded.

Originally, he wanted to keep Li Liushui.

After all, there were 11 King realm martial arts experts.

No one knew what would happen.

Li Liushui had just advanced.

If there was really a fierce battle, he would definitely be injured.

That would be very disadvantageous to his future cultivation.

Moreover, the beast calamity was about to arrive.

He had to try his best to preserve some kindling for the Nine Provinces.

The four venerable ones occupied the top two places on the Dragon list and the top two places on the Phoenix list.

Even if they were to really fight, he had a certain degree of confidence that he would be able to fight against many of them by himself.

He could bring out all of the trump cards of the Nine Provinces.

At that point, Li Liushui insisted on going.

He understood that even if he wanted to stop him, he could not do so.

With his legs on him, with his strength, he would be able to reach the sea very soon.

Instead of doing so, what was there to stop him

However, that was also good.

Letting him experience battles above the King realm earlier was also a good thing for him.

As long as he could choose a suitable opponent for him and try not to get injured, there would not be much of a problem.

The two of them quickly turned into two streaks of light and disappeared above Jianghai city.

On that side, Ye Xiao had just left when he woke up from his meditation in the next second.

That was because he felt that there was a familiar aura at the entrance of his courtyard.

That aura had not been seen for a long time.

He did not expect it to appear in the human world again.

“This junior pays her respects to Senior Ye.”


The door was opened.

The one who opened the door was not someone else, but Huan Liuli.

When You Wei saw Huan Liuli, an exquisite little cat dressed in home clothes, stepping on cute little green cotton slippers, and a pair of legs decorated with black stockings, she could not help but feel shocked.

What a powerful cultivation!

She realized that she could not see through Huan Liulis cultivation.

That was too terrifying.

After she returned, she had trained hard.

In addition, the Silver Fox clan had some fortuitous encounters recently, so her strength had already risen to the Xiantian sixth grade.

Even so, she still could not see through Huan Liulis cultivation.

Then, how strong was her strength

Could it be that she had already risen to become a legendary divine sect

Furthermore… She was dressed so… So… With such interest and appearing in Senior Yes home, could she be Senior Yes woman

Thinking of that, she hurriedly bowed and said,

“This junior, Yu Wei, greets Madam Ye.”

‘Heh heh heh…

That was right.

That woman had a very promising future.

She was very observant and could see her true identity in the future at a glance!

It suited her very much.

“Thats right.

Youre very smart.

You could see that Im Ye Xiaos wife at a glance.”

Yu Wei wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

As expected, she was Mr.

Yes woman.

Fortunately, she had good eyesight.

Otherwise, how awkward would it be

Now that she had fawned on Madam Yes favor, she would naturally be able to successfully complete the mission.


“Madam Ye, this junior has something to ask of you..

Please inform this junior.”


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