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Chapter 283: The Secret of the Cultivation of the Emperor Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Starquake Tiger nodded.

“Big Brother Norfis, I didnt expect that even you would be caught in this place after a few hundred years.”

Norfis sighed.

“Sigh! My luck is bad! Theres nothing I can do.

Its a pity that I dont have your strong character.

Ive embarrassed our star beast race.

“Now that Ive been inspired by your spirit, Ive decided to follow your example and pull myself together.

First, Ill brush off the humans, eat more natural treasures, and secretly accumulate strength.

When Im successful in my cultivation, Ill definitely break through this place!”

The Starquake Tiger nodded again.

“Youre right.

When the humans cut off my arm by not eating his food I would have let him take more advantage of me thus, I should eat his food, and eat it ruthlessly.”

Norfis nodded.

“Thats right! Eat It quickly! After eating these, your arm will grow back very quickly.

Then, your cultivation will increase.

“When you break through to the Supreme Divine realm, it will be the time for us to break out of the seal!”


The Starquake Tiger replied loudly.

Then, he glanced at Mo Yu who was beside him.

“Theres also a bloody roland that Susan picked up over there.

Bring it over to me! As long as its something that belongs to this d*mned human, I wont leave a single one for him.”

“Yes! Tiger God!”

Mo Yu ran out respectfully and picked up the blood roland that had dropped.

Together with the other blood roland in Susans hands, she placed it into the Tiger Gods mouth.

Seeing the Tiger God swallow it, all the star beasts were filled with tears.

For the sake of the star beasts righteousness, he was determined not to lower his head in front of the human race.

However, in order to break the seal of the humans, they had to endure humiliation and suffer hardships!

The Tiger God was really the model of the star beasts in that world.

He should be the one who created the monument and spread it among the star beasts.

Let all the star beasts know of the Tiger Gods heroic deeds!

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Ye Xiao returned to the ground and went straight to Jiang Chens office.

Jiang Chen had already prepared a cup of hot tea for Ye Xiao.

In fact, he did not need to do that under normal circumstances.

However, the strength Ye Xiao had displayed was too great!

He was extremely shocked by the sword attack.

He admired Ye Xiao from the bottom of his heart.

That was why he had lowered his status as one of the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces and poured tea for Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, thank you for your hard work.”

Ye Xiao said calmly,

“Fortunately, my opponent is weaker.”

Jiang Chen could not help but twitch his lips.

“When I killed him, I took his storage ring.

There are 17 dragon veins in total.

Im going to extract the dragon energy from it to refine it.

I might have to go into seclusion for a while.”

“Okay! The main thing is beneficial to you.

Just do it.”

“About the space battlefield”

“Ill try my best to contact them about this.

However, I just talked to the Nine Provinces Alliance on the phone.

They said that the situation isnt optimistic.

“After experiencing the seven stars alignment, the collective strength of the star beasts would increase for a period of time.

Therefore, during this period of time, the front line was very tight.

“The two Emperor realm martial arts experts have been fighting at the front line all this time.

Theres no chance for them to retreat.

In a short period of time, they might not have the chance to meet you.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Its fine.

The war matters are more important.

Lets focus on the war on the space battlefield first.

Im not in a hurry to comprehend this.”

As long as Ye Xiao could obtain the last bit of comprehension, he could advance at any time.

Therefore, there was no need to be overly anxious.

The path of martial arts required hard work, but one should not be impatient.

If one was too impatient, it was very likely that it would bring about negative effects.

At that time, not to mention breaking through, it might even put oneself on the wrong path and lead to deviation.

Was Li Liushui not already experienced deviation before

At that time, his comprehension of the true meaning of martial arts was not enough, and his soul cultivation was not strong enough, so he immediately began to advance, resulting in deviation.

However, he was also relatively lucky.

First, because his strength was not very strong, there were many people who could suppress him and help him hold on for a period of time.

Second, because he finally received the holy light illumination when he advanced to the King realm, but he would not have such a chance.

He would not easily find someone stronger than him to help him advance.

Sometimes, the person who defeated him might not be someone else, but it could also be him.

Therefore, Ye Xiao could not be too careless.

After bidding farewell to the director, Ye Xiao went home and immediately entered closed-door cultivation.

Then, he extracted all the dragon energy from those 17 dragon veins.

Blood Wings strength was not strong, so he did not dare to place all the dragon veins in one storage ring.

Instead, he placed them in each of the 17 spatial storage rings.

Ye Xiaos mind was immersed in one of the sealed storage rings.


His consciousness had just entered when a shocking roar was transmitted into his consciousness, wanting to fight against his consciousness.

Ye Xiao did not panic.

He directly executed a move.

The imperial technique that he had just refined from the star core of the Starquake Tiger, the sound technique, Tiger Roar Mountain Forest.


Accompanied by a roar that was even stronger than the dragons vein, that powerful sound wave directly imprinted the dragons vein firmly on the ground.

No matter how the dragons vein struggled, it was still unable to break free from Ye Xiaos suppression.

Facing those western dragon veins, Ye Xiao did not show the slightest mercy.

Although the dragons vein was very good to the human race and nurtured the human races martial cultivation, Ye Xiao only received preferential treatment from the Nine Provinces dragon vein, but not from the western dragon vein.

Moreover, for so many years, western martial artists had always been unfriendly to the east.

They relied on the spiritual energy provided by these dragon veins to cultivate successfully.

From that point of view, these dragon veins were all accomplices.

Therefore, Ye Xiao swiftly and mercilessly extracted the dragon energy from them and absorbed it into his body.

Then, it was the next dragon vein until all the dragon energy in the dragon veins was completely devoured.

Those dragon veins were all from the west and the south.

In fact, because they were not in the Nine Provinces, their appearances were somewhat unusual.

Some of them even looked like dinosaurs in movies, they had two huge bat wings.

Ye Xiao only extracted the dragon energy and did not move the pure spiritual energy in the dragon veins.

With the 17 dragon veins added together, there was an unknown amount of power contained in the dragon veins.

It could be used to store spiritual energy when he advanced to a stronger realm in the future.

Those 17 dragon energy were definitely not as strong as half of the dragon energy given to him by the Changbai dragon veins, but it was still a power that could not be underestimated.

Ye Xiao completely fused that dragon energy with the ones in his body from before.

He felt that there was more dragon energy in his body.

It swam through his meridians, but Ye Xiao did not know what it meant.

The reason was that the role of the dragon energy was to help refine his divine blood, allowing the divine blood in his body to be fully activated.

At that point, the divine blood in his body had been fully activated, but it was still wandering in his body and did not bring him any new changes.

Perhaps, it was an increase in his strength.

Ye Xiao vaguely felt that the dragon energy would definitely have a stronger effect later on.

Otherwise, Senior Changbai Dragon Vein could completely withdraw the dragon energy after giving it to help him temper his body, but it did not do so.

That meant that after advancing to the King realm or the Emperor realm, it still needed the help of the dragon energy.

At that moment, Ye Xiao discovered a new problem.

That was, after the Golden Book divine soul obtained the dragon energy, the speed at which it synthesized with the cultivation technique became even faster.

At that moment, the three imperial-level fist techniques had all been successfully synthesized.

It formed a brand new fist technique.

God-slaying fist, Space-tearing Fist!

From that moment on, the Great Nirvana Fist, Emperor Kong Ming Fist, and Emperor Thunder Fist would no longer exist.

What replaced them was the brand new and even stronger god-level fist technique.

At the same time, Ye Xiao also discovered that the speed at which the Golden Book absorbed spiritual energy was also much faster.

Could it be that the dragon energy was related to the soul

For normal people to cultivate, they needed to have a soul.

The existence or absence of a soul directly determined a persons upper limit.

Without a soul, the speed at which one cultivated would not be fast.

Moreover, when one cultivated to a certain level, for example, Houtian first grade, second grade, or at most Houtian third grade, it would not continue to be improved.

With a soul, not only would ones cultivation speed be increased, but the upper limit of ones cultivation would also be greatly increased.

However, in the early stages, the effect of a soul was actually not that great.

Just like Ye Xiao, if not for the fact that the Golden Book divine soul could be used to absorb cultivation techniques and then synthesize cultivation techniques, it would only be a supplementary tool to speed up the absorption of spiritual energy.

Its effect was very small.

Among the knowledge that Ye Xiao had learned so far, there was also a problem.

That was, the effect of the divine soul was mainly after stepping into the God realm.

Before the God realm, when one was in the King realm, the human bodys soul and physical body had already reached a perfect fusion, and they were no longer divided into the physical body and the soul.

After the god realm, the divine soul was very likely to be at the beginning of its brilliance.

Could it be that the dragon energy could indirectly strengthen the divine soul In the King realm, one had to temper ones body and soul to the perfect realm.

In other words, before the entire King realm, the human race was tempering their body and soul.

After tempering their body and soul to a certain level of strength, the next step was to start strengthening their divine soul.

It was very likely that it was because ordinary humans were unable to control or withstand the explosive power of the soul.

When ones body reached a level that could withstand the soul, one could cultivate and improve the soul.

The cultivation of the Emperor realm was a process of tempering the soul

Only in that way could one prepare for the next step of advancing to the God realm

Ye Xiao faintly felt as if he had grasped the main point.

The cultivation in his body began to faintly loosen up.

That gave Ye Xiao a big fright.

Could it be that he had already comprehended the mystery of advancing to the Emperor realm

Was he going to start advancing


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