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Chapter 282: I, the Mighty Tiger God, Am The Greatest!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Starquake Tigers face was filled with grief and hatred.

“I misjudged you.

I didnt expect your willpower to be so weak! You were just casually tortured by a mere human, and you betrayed your own self-esteem.

“To think that this god had specially thought of coming over to save you.

I didnt expect that you… You… Sigh!”

He let out a sigh of disappointment.

The eyes of Fenglong and the other star beasts turned red.

“Tiger God, we were wrong.

We really know we were wrong.”

“Actually, if he was just torturing us, we wouldnt be so weak.

At most, we would be tortured by him a thousand times, ten thousand times!

“But… But he… He… He even used some heavenly and earthly treasures to tempt us.

“He gave us too much.

Thats why we couldnt hold it in.”

Starquake Tigers heart was bleeding.

That group of fools did not fall under the enemys steel blade.

Instead, they fell under the enemys sugar-coated cannonball.

How embarrassing!

He, Starquake Tiger, had always praised himself as a valiant general under the Forest God.

His will was as strong as steel.

He did not expect that the subordinates he trained would actually be so useless!

Ye Xiao said,

“Alright, dont be so bitter! From today onward, you are also one of them.”

The Starquake Tigers eyes stared straight at Ye Xiao.

Suddenly, he threw his head back and laughed loudly


After laughing for a moment, he said,

“Human, dont be too self-righteous! Do you think that just because you can subdue them, you can subdue me

“Even if I were to be tortured to death by you! Even if you torture me thousands of times, even if you torture me 10,000 times, I will definitely not be your livestock!

“I have trained for thousands of years and have never submitted to anyone.

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“You can kill me.

But you will definitely not trample on my dignity.”

Ye Xiao did not say much.

He only took out a few blood roland plants from his storage ring.

That kind of rare and precious treasure, when placed among the heaven and earth treasures, was also the best of the best.

Although it could not compare to the myriad of purple and red leaves, it was still a super top-grade heaven and earth treasure.

To a divine beast like the Starquake Tiger, it also had a great attraction.

Of course, Ye Xiao did not eat that.

That was because eating spiritual herbs did not have much of an effect on humans.

They had to be refined into pills.

However, it was still inferior to eating star beast meat.

That was because, in the meat of star beasts, other than containing spiritual energy that was as vast as this kind of natural treasure, there was something else.

That was blood essence, rich blood essence!

The nutritional value of plants could never be compared to that of animals.

That was also why Ye Xiao wanted to use spiritual herbs to raise star beasts and then strip the meat of these star beasts.

As expected, the moment the Starquake Tiger saw Ye Xiao take out the Blood Roland, his eyes could not help but twitch.

However, he still sneered and said,

“Stop the wishful thinking.

Even if you take something today, no matter how good it is, this God will definitely not be your livestock.”

“You can eat these every day! Not once, but every day!”

The Starquake Tiger was silent for a second, but in the end, he still sneered and said,

“Do you think I care about these things of yours I am a noble star beast.

I am a divine beast level existence! No matter what you use to tempt me.

I will absolutely not become your livestock! If you want to kill me, then kill me.

If you want to cut me up, then cut me up.

Why do you need to say more”

Fenglong and the other star beasts could not help but clench their fists.

They were extremely moved.

“As expected of Lord Tiger God!”

“I knew it.

Lord Tiger God will definitely not yield.”

“Wu, wu, wu… Lord Tiger God, even if you have already become a prisoner, you are still the God in our hearts!”

Ye Xiao could see that the Starquake Tigers eyes were filled with determination! He was not like the other star beasts.

His heart was indeed tough enough.

Using torture would definitely not be able to tame him.

He sighed slightly.

Just as he was about to praise the Starquake Tiger, in the next moment, he suddenly felt the spiritual energy from the Starquake Tiger in his mind.

“Was what you said just now true”

Ye Xiao was stunned and looked at the Starquake Tiger.

His face was still filled with extreme determination.

He still could not tell that he had any intention of submitting.

However… What did he mean by secretly using spiritual energy to communicate with him

That was because the Starquake Tiger and his cultivation were too high here, it was completely impossible for the other star beasts to notice that the two of them were using spiritual energy to communicate.

Soon after, Ye Xiao used spiritual energy to communicate back.

“Of course its true.”

“There are so many natural treasures every day”

“Thats right.”

“You wont lie to me”

“Of course not.

Whats the point of me lying to you If you agree this time and I lie to you, you wont agree again the next time.

I might as well just chop off your leg and use the healing technique to heal you.

Its the same thing.”

“Alright! In that case, Im willing.”

“Willing to what”

“To… be… Livestock!”


That fellow was simply not following the routine at all!

On the surface, he was so resistant.

Although underneath, he used his spiritual energy to communicate with him and agreed to be a livestock.

Looking at the serious expression on his face at that moment, if it was not because he took the initiative to contact him, even Ye Xiao would have been deceived by that expression of his.

He felt that he was truly unwavering and unwilling to be a livestock.

That fellows acting skills were way too high.

Compared to him, those best actors who had taken the golden statuette were simply trash.

“But I have a request.”

At that moment, Starquake Tigers spiritual energy was transmitted over once again.


“I can be your livestock, but you have to leave me some face.

In front of them.

I will definitely not agree to be your livestock.

You can just take the meat from my body, but I will not give in to you verbally.”


He was actually a tsundere! No wonder he was a tiger.

Cats were all tsunderes.

“Alright, this request isnt too overboard.

Ill agree to it.”

“But the heavenly and earthly treasures you gave me cant be lacking.”


After communicating with his mental energy, Ye Xiao once again spoke,

“Since youre so shameless! Then dont blame me.”

As he finished speaking, he raised his hand and a saber light shot out, immediately cutting off one of the Starquake Tigers arms.

“Lord Tiger God!”

The star beasts were incomparably sorrowful.

The Starquake Tiger roared angrily and said,

“What are you crying for Dont you all cry.

In front of humans, dont embarrass me.

If anyone cries while watching, Ill chop him up first.”

Everyone immediately held their breaths and focused, but they all clenched their teeth, clenched their fists, and looked at the Starquake Tiger with bloodshot eyes.

The Starquake Tiger nodded his head in satisfaction, and immediately looked towards Ye Xiao, using a stubborn gaze to once again release a stream of mental energy.

“Chop off another arm, this deity! I want double the amount of heavenly and earthly treasures!”


He could only satisfy the other partys rude request.

Following that, he chopped off another arm of Starquake Tiger.

After keeping the two arms of Starquake Tiger into his storage ring, Ye Xiao threw away about ten stalks of blood roland and turned around to leave.

“Although your temper is quite stubborn, I still have a use for keeping you.

Take these blood rolands to replenish your body, dont die so quickly! In the future, Ill take your flesh and blood again.”

Ye Xiao turned around and left.

The star beasts all rushed forward to support the Starquake Tiger.

“Tiger God, youve suffered!”

“Tiger God, its all our fault.

If it werent for us, you wouldnt have fallen to such a state today.

Please kill us! Wu, wu, wu…”

“Thats right! Tiger God, please eat us.

Use us to increase your strength and break this seal.”

Starquake Tiger snorted coldly.

“What kind of person do you think I, Starquake Tiger, am In his life, I, Starquake Tiger, paid the most attention to the wordrighteousness.

I was the one who volunteered to come and save you.

Now that Im not as skilled as you, Im the one who suffered this disaster.

Its also because I didnt learn well and my strength is lacking.

How can I blame it on you “Then wouldnt I, the Starquake Tiger, become a despicable and shameless villain”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“Isnt it just removing two of my arms If he removes them today, Ill grow them again tomorrow.

But if he wants me, the Starquaking Tiger, to submit, thats absolutely impossible!”

All of the star beasts present were moved.

“Tiger God! Youre truly the God in our hearts forever.”

“Tiger God! I will always be your subordinate.

I will never abandon you in this life!”

“Tiger God is righteous.

Please accept my bow!”

Even Norfis and the other star beasts could not help but nod their heads in praise,

“As expected of the Starquake Tiger that can become a divine beast! Such a state of mind is indeed unparalleled.

This old man admires it.”

“Tiger God is truly the purest male star beast I have ever seen in my life.”

Susan quickly helped Starquake Tiger to bring over the blood roland that Ye Xiao had left behind.

“Lord Tiger God, quickly eat all these heavenly and earthly treasures.

As long as you eat them, you will recover very quickly.

With so many heavenly and earthly treasures, not only can you recover your cultivation, at the same time, it can also raise your cultivation by quite a bit.”

Starquake Tiger snorted coldly.

“This God has lost two of his arms, how can I eat his food Throw this thing away!”

Susans eyes were red.

“Tiger God, I know that you are full of righteousness and do not want to be a slave.

But now, we are all prisoners.

We have no choice but to swallow our anger.

However, there is always hope.

As long as we persevere, one day we will be able to overthrow the rule of the human race.

“But before that, you must take good care of your body.

Your body is more important.”

The other star beasts also tried to persuade him,

“Thats right, Tiger God, your body is more important.”

Norfis also tried to persuade him,

“Starquake Tiger, dont be stubborn anymore.

It will be meaningless in this place.

Although your spirit is indeed worthy of our learning, you cant be so stubborn.

“If you fall, who else can inspire us like you

“Besides, Ye Xiao Chopped off your arm and you ate his food.

That is revenge.

If you dont eat, he will only be happier because you saved him.

Next time he comes, he will chop you or you.

“Dont you think so”


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