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Chapter 281: Starquake Tigers Rage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Starquake Tiger obviously saw this sword!

That supreme swords power was close to heaven and earth.

Even the divine sect could sense it in an instant, so how could he not sense it

However, feeling it was one thing, but defending was another!

Ye Xiaos sword was absolutely stunning.

It covered a radius of a thousand miles in an instant.

Unless he had the strength to jump out of the range of a thousand miles in an instant.

Otherwise, he would not be able to dodge that sword.

Having high strength did not mean that he could dodge the move.

He would still be locked onto by some attacks.

A martial artists attack, because the spiritual energy was amplified by the move, its speed had to exceed his own.

It was like a person holding a gun.

A person would definitely not be able to catch up with the enemy but a bullet could.

In order to avoid the moves, one had to either far surpass the opponent in terms of cultivation, or far surpass the opponent in terms of movement techniques.

The speed had already surpassed the opponents moves.

The sword ray flashed past.

Its speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was to the extent that the Starquake Tiger did not even feel pain.

Its head had already flown up and started to spin in the air.

The sword light did not lose its momentum.

Its brilliance shot straight towards the bull.

In an instant, it mercilessly tore apart the black clouds in the sky in an invincible manner.

In the sky, Blood Wing was still thinking about how he should coax the Starquake Tiger to the Changbai dragon vein after he rescued his subordinate.

Suddenly, he felt a world-shaking aura appear below him.

Before he could react, he saw that Starquake Tigers head had been chopped off by a sword.

As he coughed lightly, his mind stopped.

What was going on

What happened

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Starquake Tiger was instantly killed by a sword

Instantly killed by a sword

That was not some random cat or dog!

That was a prodigy ranked 97th on the star rankings!

He died just like that

He did not even manage to struggle.

Who was that fellow who attacked Were they still human

That was not right.

He should not be thinking about that problem right then because that sword attack did not lose its momentum and had already arrived by his side.

‘So fast!

He used all his strength to display his movement technique.

Fortunately, what he cultivated was mainly movement techniques, so with a slight advantage of 0.01 seconds, he was lucky enough to escape the killing blow of that sword attack.

Even so, he did not completely dodge Ye Xiaos sword.

That was because the power of that sword was really too great.

The undulations emitted from the sword ray mercilessly stirred the space around it.

Anyone within a certain range would not be able to dodge, let alone dodge.

His powerful divine beast level physical body was also unable to dodge.

In the end, half of his wings were shattered by Ye Xiaos sword.


Blood Wing could not help but swear.

In the next second, he immediately spread his wings and fled at high speed.

He did not even dare to stop for half a second.

That fellow came out from God knows where.

His strength was really too monstrous!

Blood Wing felt that he was like mud in front of the other partys sword moves.

He could not afford to play with it at all.

It was more important to seize the time to escape!

He had to at least save his life.

However, his thoughts were too optimistic.

Ye Xiao would not let him escape so easily.

The Star-picking Hand was activated.

In the sky, the world that belonged to him was directly imprisoned by Ye Xiaos power.


His face was full of fear and he began to twist crazily.

Both of his hands desperately grabbed forward, and the spiritual energy in his body erupted fully.

However, Ye Xiao was too strong.

He had no way of escaping from Ye Xiaos Star-picking Hand.

He was like a drowning bird.

No matter how he struggled, the final result would be the same.

As Ye Xiao clenched his hand, the Divine Beast Blood Wing exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

His storage ring also fell into Ye Xiaos hand.

Ye Xiao did not leave behind Blood Wings corpse.

With a glance, he could tell that the other party was not a pure star beast, but a beastman.

Ye Xiao had never eaten a beastmen.

Half of their bloodlines were of the human race.

No matter how strong their cultivation was, their bloodlines had long been converted to favor star beasts.

However, Ye Xiao still resisted that.

Moreover, he only needed the dragon energy in the other partys ring.

However, he would accept the Tiger God.

Tiger bone soaked with wine was very good for the body.

The tiger skin could be used to strengthen the defensive attributes of ones clothes.

He had never eaten tiger meat before, but when paired with the meat of Fenglong, it should have a different flavor when used in a dragon-class battle.

Most importantly, he had a treasure on him.

That treasure was the most important treasure on the Starquake Tiger.

If he could pluck it off, it would definitely be a great tonic!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had yet to reach the Emperor realm.

If he wanted to search for the other partys memories, he had to be an entire realm higher than the other party.

Otherwise, if he were to search for the Starquake Tigers memories, he would also be able to find out how powerful the fellow behind him was.

Rather, he would be able to find out how much strength and trump cards the star beast had.

However, it was also very profitable.

After all, the other party had delivered it to him for free.

He could not be too picky.

After obtaining the Starquake Tiger, Ye Xiao immediately scanned the other partys star core and actually extracted two types of imperial techniques from it.

One of them was the palm technique, Starquake Palm!

That way, other than the Emperors Technique, the Tathagatha Divine Palm, Ye Xiao had another imperial technique.

If he found another one, he could directly synthesize it.

The other one was a technique that Ye Xiao had never practiced before, Tiger Roar Mountain Forest!

It belonged to the sound technique type.

That was a cultivation technique that used sound as an attack method.

It was very special and could penetrate through everything.

It was somewhat similar to a spiritual cultivation technique, but its main focus was on harming the physical body!

As for a spiritual cultivation technique, its main focus was on harming the physical body.

After obtaining the cultivation technoque, the Tiger Gods remaining value could only be used as livestock.

Ye Xiao immediately brought him to the farm ground.

Seeing Ye Xiao enter, all the star beasts were shocked.

When they saw the Tiger Gods corpse in Ye Xiaos hands, they could not help but instantly become sorrowful.

“Tiger God!”

“No! Tiger God, Wu, wu, wu, wu…”

Ye Xiao consoled them,

“Dont be so sad! I can still revive him.”

After saying that, the star beasts became even sadder.

Ye Xiao did not care about them.

He used the Secret of Eternal Life technique and resurrected the Tiger God in the blink of an eye.

The Starquake Tiger originally felt that his consciousness had already sunk into darkness.

In the end, he did not expect that there was a ray of light in this darkness and that it was rapidly approaching him.

“What the hell is this thing”

He could not help but reach out to touch it.

In the next second, he was resurrected.

Looking at the star beasts around him, he had a puzzled expression.

“What is this place”

“Where am I

“Who sent me here

“What have you been hiding here for”

The star beasts pounced over and cried.

“Tiger God, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob… Why did you have to come over Didnt we release our aura and tell you not to come over”

Starquake Tiger said with a puzzled face,

“When you released your aura, werent you asking me for help I thought you were trapped and wanted to ask me for help, so I came over.”

The star beasts immediately looked at each other.

Moreover, Norfis and a few other star beasts that were not under the Tiger Gods command had already suffered internal injuries from holding it in!

“Pfft, hahahaha…”

“This is too much!”

“Ive already advised all of you not to do anything petty.

Now that things have turned out this way, youve actually tricked him.”

The Starquake Tiger had already noticed Ye Xiao, and his pupils constricted.

It was him!

He could clearly sense the aura on Ye Xiaos body.

The last time, in the space-time tunnel, it was him who had escaped right under his nose.

At that moment, that sword was too fast.

He did not sense the aura above, but he was not a pigs brain.

Even if that sword was not Ye Xiaos, it was still Ye Xiaos master or elder.

Therefore, Ye Xiaos identity was definitely not simple.

“Who exactly are you Why are you here”

Fenglong said with a sorrowful face,

“Lord Tiger God, his name is Ye Xiao.

He is the owner of this star beast Farm.

It was also him who killed you and resurrected you.”

Tiger Gods heart skipped a beat.

His heartbeat could not help but start to accelerate.

It was indeed him.

That guy was too terrifying.

If he remembered correctly, Ye Xiao was not his opponent last time.

He did not expect Ye Xiao to become an existence of such level in the blink of an eye.

He could instantly kill him.

That guys growth speed was too fast.

Although the human races growth speed was very fast, his speed was already so heaven-defying that it was not human.

Wait a minute!

It seemed like… Something was not right.

“What did you say just now Farm What farm What do you mean”

“Star beast farm!”

“It means that he wants to raise us like livestock and poultry and cut off our meat every day to welcome him to cultivate and improve our blood essence and spiritual energy.”

The Starquake Tiger was silent for a moment before he immediately roared angrily,

“So you bunch of d*mned b*stards became his livestock and poultry Have you forgotten your own identities

“What do you think you are You are noble star beasts! You are martial arts experts above the divine sect!

“How could you betray the dignity of the star beasts Become the slaves of the human race”

The star beasts were extremely ashamed.

“Im sorry, Tiger God.

Its our fault.

But we have our own difficulties.”

“Thats right! We cant defeat him at all.

Lets not talk about that.

He also knows the healing technique.

Even if we want to die, we cant die.

Were tortured by him again and again.

Even if we resist, its useless.

He can even kill us directly, forcefully take our flesh and blood, and then resurrect us.”

Starquake Tiger was so angry that he was trembling.

“Even so.

You cant become humans poultry and livestock so easily What a shameful thing! If this gets out, how will you be able to survive in the star beast world You will be viewed as the shame of the entire star beast race.”

Those guys simply did not care about their own face at all.

Fenglong and the other star beasts were even more ashamed.

“Tiger God, we were wrong.”


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