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Chapter 275: The Birth of a God

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The power of that saber ray shook the heavens.

However, because Li Liushuis consciousness was still present, that move did not hurt the venerable Black Tortoise.

It only flew past him.

The venerable Black Tortoise took a deep breath and stepped forward with a determined expression.

He wanted to use his King realm strength and the defense of his Black Tortoise strength to suppress Li Liushui and buy some time for him.

As for the citizens of Jianghai cty, they had been evacuated a few days ago, so he could fight with Li Liushui freely.

In the breeding farm under the library, the star beasts who were playing games, chatting, collecting honey, and milking were busy.

Suddenly, a big hole appeared above their heads.

Following closely behind, a stream of starlight poured down.

All the star beasts were stunned.

The array… Actually broke

Actually, that was not difficult to understand.

Ye Xiao did not expect that there would be a King realm martial artist, or a martial arts expert comparable to a King realm martial artist, attacking that place.

Thus, the number of spirit stones he placed in the array was only enough to defend against a King realm martial artist.

That was because the level of the array was related to the upper limit of the arrays grade, and the other was related to spirit stones.

The upper limit of the grade of the array was not enough.

No matter how many spirit stones there were, they could only bring out the effects within the grade of the array.

The upper limit of the grade of the array was enough, but there were not enough spirit stones, so it was not able to bring out the full extent of its strength.

However, if too many spirit stones were put in, it would consume a lot of spirit stones.

Using a large truck to pull a bag of things and a small motorcycle to pull something would definitely consume a different amount of fuel for instance.

Moreover, the number of spirit stones was limited.

The spiritual energy contained in spirit stones was also limited.

The daily consumption would be a lot.

It was precisely because of that, Ye Xiao originally planned to wait until the strength of the star beasts had increased before continuing to increase the spirit stones of the array and subsequently increase its power.

However, at that time, Li Liushui had held back for a long time.

In addition to the strengthening of the demonic energy, it was already not inferior to the attack of a King realm martial artist.

Therefore, the attack was able to break that imperial array.

The star beasts looked at each other and were suddenly shocked.

“D*mn! The array has been broken!”

“It cant be Who is so fierce They actually broke the array This is too awesome.”

“The array has been broken.

Does this mean that we can escape”

The eyes of some star beasts suddenly could not help but light up.

However, at that moment, everyone suddenly became silent.

Not a single star beast moved.

If it was before, they would have long turned into bird beasts and fled in all directions.

At that point, they discovered that their footsteps were somewhat unable to sell.

It was not because they were afraid of Ye Xiao.

After all, although Ye Xiao was strong, they had so many star beasts there.

If they escaped separately, even Ye Xiao would not be able to catch up to them.

The problem was… If they escaped at that moment, where else could they find such a good place to cultivate

Ye Xiaos spirit-gathering array had raised the spiritual energy of the entire Jianghai city, especially the spiritual energy in the farm grounds.

In that spirit-gathering array, their cultivation speed would double.

That was because the star beasts relied on their own bodies to continuously absorb spiritual energy.

Another point was the resources that Ye Xiao had given them.

Those heavenly and earthly treasures were given too much every day.

Although they had to sacrifice some of their flesh and blood every day, when compared to the things that Ye Xiao had given them, they did not know how many times they had earned!

Just from that point alone, when compared to freedom, freedom really did not count for much.

That was because their so-called freedom was at most just to move about outside.

However, after going out, they still had to listen to the orders of those top-tier star beasts.

Was it not the same They had to go through mountains of knives and seas of fire for others

It was simply impossible to achieve true freedom.

Freedom was accumulated by relying on strength.

Without strength, everything else was just empty talk.

There, they could also raise their cultivation.

Moreover, it was a rapid increase in cultivation.

Every day, they would only sacrifice a portion of their own flesh and blood, and they did not care about their lives.

Additionally, staying there, Ye Xiao would also ensure their lives, that way, it was actually very profitable!

Even if they were star beasts, even if their brains were not as smart as humans and had a lot of schemes and plots, they still had brains.

What was better for them What was better for them They could still tell.

“I… I dont want to leave.”

“But there wont be such a chance after this.

Maybe this is what Ye Xiao broke through after fighting with others.

The next time he discovers it, he will definitely strengthen the array.

At that time, it will be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for us to escape.”

The ones who spoke were Fenglong and Qingniu.

The two of them were the last to enter, so the two of them were the only ones among the many star beasts who still had the thought of escaping.

The other star beasts were basically already used to this kind of life after being tamed.

“But what can we do if we go out If we want to survive after going out, we will definitely have to join a faction.

To acknowledge a divine beast as the boss and still have to charge into the battle to fight against human martial arts experts, is it any different from here

“Its so safe here.

Theres food and drink, and theres also a vast amount of spiritual energy.

Isnt it much better than going out

“Not only will our training be slow after we go out, but if we encounter human experts, we might even be beaten to death.

Wouldnt that be more of a loss than a gain”

“Right, right.

What Senior Norfis said is very reasonable.

I wont refute it.”

“But were star beasts! How can we always be poultry here Moreover, were poultry for a human!”

“Whats wrong with being poultry Ye Xiao is also a genius martial arts expert! Moreover, his strength is increasing so quickly.

It wont be long before he becomes the top martial artist.

He might even become a god!

“Hes so strong.

Theres no shame in being poultry for him.”

“Thats right.

Besides, our cultivation is also increasing very quickly.

If we also become divine beasts in the future or even super divine beasts, wont we be able to dominate a region by ourselves if we go out

“We dont have to be other peoples lackeys.

We dont have to look at other peoples expressions, and we dont have to go through fire and water for others.

Wouldnt it be beautiful if we were to go up a mountain of knives and descend into a sea of flames”

Fenglong and Qingniu were in a mess.

They could already tell that that group of fellows was already in a state of being tamed.

Ye Xiao had given them too much, and he had fed them too much.

The two of them looked at each other.

“Forget it.

I dont think they can be saved.

The two of us should leave first.

Tell Lord Tiger God about the situation here.

As long as Lord Tiger God exterminates Ye Xiao, saves them, and enlists them under Lord Tiger God, they should be able to change their ways.”

The two star beasts were certain of their decision.

They immediately turned into two rays of light and rushed out of the breeding ground.

However, at that moment, a ray of saber light suddenly descended and hacked onto the heads of the two star beasts.


Just like that, the two star beasts fell into dizziness, seeing stars, and immediately fell from the sky.

Li Liushui was now in the demonized state, and every attack he made was without any regard for his life.

It was an all-out attack.

On the other hand, Fenglong and Qingniu only cared about escaping.

They did not concentrate their strength at all.

If they were to face this attack head-on, they naturally would not be able to withstand it.

Plop, Plop, Plop…

The two astral beasts fell back into the farm ground.

Norfis, Samuel, and the others quickly asked, “What happened”

“Whats going on Why are the two of you back”

Fenglong and Qingniu forced themselves to cover their bleeding heads.

Their faces were filled with horror as they said,

“Its too scary up there.

We dont know what kind of battle it is.

The two of us just went up there.

Just as we showed our heads, the other party slashed at us, almost taking our lives.”

“Then our cultivation reached the lesser divine level.

Otherwise, we would not have fallen in, but turned into ashes.”


All the star beasts could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Are the humans so terrifying now There are actually so many martial arts experts on top.

This is just a small Jianghai city! If it were any other big city, I really dont know how many martial arts experts there would be.”

“It looks like we made the right choice to stay here.”

Noelphis said,

“I told you.

Its the safest place to be.

Dont go anywhere.

“Although, we star beasts have been preparing for hundreds of years… To wipe out the human race in the next beast calamity.

“But we never thought of a problem.

“That is, as we are planning, the humans are planning and they are not just sitting there waiting.

“For a young and promising martial arts expert like Ye Xiao, I reckon that it is very likely that the human race specially nurtured and created him in order to deal with us star beasts.

“Perhaps Ye Xiao is not the only young human martial arts expert in this world.

“The next beast calamity might also be the day of our star beasts extinction!”

“Hiss! Senior Norfis foresight is very experienced.

As expected of Senior Norfis.”

“Its decided.

I wont go out.

Even if you beat me to death, I wont go out.

Ill just wait here until the day I become a super divine beast.”

In the Changbai dragon vein, after getting the dragon energy to refine his body over and over again, the divine blood in Ye Xiaos body was finally fully activated.

At that moment, the divine blood in his body was already emitting a faint golden color.

It was mainly a mixture of golden and blood-colored.

It was not just a pure blood-red color like ordinary humans.

His cultivation had already reached the peak of the King realm and could be said to be at the lesser Emperor realm.

He was only one step away from advancing to the true Emperor realm.

In fact, after absorbing so much dragon energy that time, his cultivation was already able to advance to the Emperor realm.

However, his martial concept was not enough.

His martial concept had yet to catch up.

That caused him to be one step away from advancing to the true Emperor realm.

As long as he could complete that last bit of martial artistic conception, he could advance to the Emperor realm anytime and anywhere.


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