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Chapter 274: The Appearance of a King, Full Activation of Divine Blood!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Senior Li, whats going on with you”

Li Liushui, who was in the midst of blood essence, slowly turned his head to look at Fa Zheng.

Although his entire body was already covered in blood-red demonic energy.

He still had some remnant consciousness.

“I dont know either.

Just now, when I was cultivating, evil energy rushed into my body, causing the demonic energy in my body to run wildly.

“At the moment, I can still use my own will to slightly suppress it.

But it probably wont be long.

“Immediately go to the library and look for the head of the library.

He is one of the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces, Venerable Black Tortoise.

“Only he can save me, and only he can suppress me.

“In addition, inform the others to all leave this place.

I might go berserk at any time.

When that time comes, they wont be able to withstand a single slash from me.”


Fa Zheng replied and immediately began to retreat.

Aro moved his lips.

He originally wanted to say something, but in the end, he only bowed to Li Liushui before turning around and running away.

The demonic aura on Li Liushuis body was too heavy.

He simply had no way of resisting it.

Besides, he knew Li Liushui was ranked ninth on the Dragon list.

He was an expert among martial arts experts.

The whole of India might not be his match.

If he was killed by him, there would be no one to avenge him.

There would not be any experts in India to help him.

It would be better to run first.

Soon, Jiang Chen arrived at the Shaolin Martial Arts Institute.

He could not help but sigh when he saw Li Liushuis evil energy.

“I thought you could hold on, but I didnt expect you to explode so soon.

If I had known this would happen, I would have asked Ye Xiao to wait for a while and take a look at you first.

“There was a saber technique among the technique he practiced.

Maybe they could enlighten you.

“What a pity!”

Li Liushui raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Ye Xiao Why do I feel like Ive heard this name before If I remember correctly, there seems to be a very young supervisor in the library where the venerable one is.

Thats his name.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Yeah, youre right.

Its him.

Hes the Saber-sword Immortal of the Jianghai city.

Ive only just found out about him.”

Li Liushuis heart shook.

“Hes the Saber-sword Immortal Hes so young, but hes actually the Saber-sword Immortal How old is he Whats his cultivation base Has he already reached the lesser King realm”

“Hes… 21 this year, King realm! Hes not at the lesser King realm, but the true King realm!”


Thoe words were like a heavy bomb, directly exploding in Li Liushuis mind.

“21 years old! King realm! King realm! That guy is magnificent, but hes just a librarian in a library

“How generous is he How artistic is he No wonder he was able to break through to the realm Ive been searching for in 100 years at such a young age.

“Its ridiculous that Ive been practicing for hundreds of years, but now I cant even compete with a kid.

Ridiculous, ridiculous!”

Jiang Chen saw Li Liushuis eyes.

They were slightly red.

He knew Li Liushui was distracted, so he raised his hand and released a streak of spiritual energy to pour into Li Liushuis body.

“Liushui, wake up.

Dont let this evil energy take over your consciousness.

Protect your spiritual altar!

“Ye Xiao had gone to the Changbai dragons vein.

He should be back soon.

By then, he would definitely be able to help you get out of the current danger.

“Dont give up.”

Jiang Chen added his own spiritual energy to his words.

His voice sounded like thunder.

Li Liushui calmed down a bit.

He took a deep breath.

Looking at the venerable Black Tortoise, he said firmly,

“Venerable, Can you promise me something”

“Go ahead.”

“If I cant hold on, kill me! Dont let me harm the human world.”

Jiang Chens mind shook and he nodded.

He could not help but feel bitter in his heart.

Li Liushui had also contributed a lot to the Nine Provinces for so many years.

In the past few hundred years, every time during the process of repelling the beast calamity, Li Liushui had paid a lot of strength.

He could also be considered as a tiger general of the Nine Provinces human race!

At that point, he actually ended up in that situation.

It could not help but make people sigh.

In the Changbai dragon vein, as the divine blood in Ye Xiaos body continued to be stimulated, waves of golden light undulations continuously appeared on his body.

That scene caused the dragon vein to involuntarily let out a low groan.

‘Why is this child so unusual A few decades ago, that junior called the Azure Dragon was also not as monstrous as he was today.

Looking at his appearance, it seemed that he did not only want to advance to the divine blood.

He was pouring it into his entire body, wanting to refine and activate all the divine blood in his entire body.

Isnt he a little too greedy

‘If an ordinary human wants to advance, he must first activate a certain bloodline and then advance to the King realm.

With the help of the King realms strength, he can then cultivate the dragon energy and undergo a second refinement and advancement, only when he reaches the peak of the King realm can he advance to the God realm!

‘But now, he has only just reached the King realms strength.

Its impossible for him to refine the complete divine blood with this cultivation!

To fully develop the divine blood in the human body, what was needed was not only the external power but also the internal power in his body.

Only when the two were completely fused and cultivated both internally and externally could he achieve that step.

That was also why it was impossible for the King realm to directly advance to the God realm.

Between the King realm and the God realm, there was still the Emperor realm!

The Emperor realm cultivated spiritual energy while the external cultivated dragon energy.

Only when the two were fused could one completely break through the shackles of the human body and reach the legendary realm.

As his thoughts progressed, the golden light on Ye Xiaos body became even stronger.

Furthermore, a faint seven-colored auspicious energy slowly rose up.

The dragon veins huge eyes could not help but widen.

He was actually about to succeed

What kind of joke was that

With the King realm, he was able to directly refine the complete divine blood.

Good heavens, that was something that had never happened before in the history of time.

That kid, he was really going against the heavens!

However, at that moment, the seven-colored auspicious light on Ye Xiaos body gradually began to disappear.

The dragon veins expression suddenly changed.

‘Not good.

The dragon energy in his body is still not enough.

The activation of the divine blood is going to fail!

As his expression darkened, the dragon vein finally gritted his teeth and weighed the pros and cons.

He hardened his heart and split out another four-tenths of the dragon energy for Ye Xiao!

Doing so was very risky for him, and it would also consume a lot of energy.

The dragon energy was equivalent to the fresh blood of the dragon bloodline.

Just like humans, if the amount of fresh blood was greatly reduced, the consequences could be imagined.

However, if he could nurture an existence in the King realm that could fully activate the divine blood, it would be a huge advancement for the future of the entire human race that could not be ignored.

Moreover, it would definitely be a positive advancement.

Ye Xiaos cultivation might reach the true number one person in the Nine Provinces since ancient times.

At that stage, even the star beasts in the starry skies might not be able to further invade the human race.

Ye Xiao was very likely to become the person who would end the war.

Therefore, although it was very risky for him and the losses were extremely great, the dragon vein still chose to selflessly contribute his dragon energy.

With the support of that dragon energy, Ye Xiaos divine blood, which had already begun to decline, began to erupt again in the blink of an eye.

The seven-colored auspicious light began to shine again, and it was even stronger than the light it emitted previously.

After seeing this scene, the dragon vein nodded in satisfaction and then fell into a deep sleep.

He had consumed too much dragon qi all of a sudden and could not bear it.

He estimated that he would need to sleep for at least a hundred years before he could wake up.

Under the starry sky, on the shore of the Eastern Sea, a thin figure stood on a broken cliff.

He looked to be in his forties.

He had a square face, wore a long green robe, and carried a long sword on his back.

He looked like a person from the last century.

He stood on the peak of the cliff.

The cliff was eroded by the waves and the sea breeze, and there was a large opening in the middle.

From a distance, it looked like a huge dragon head roaring at the sea.

Every time a wind came and turned in the dragons head, it would emit waves of sharp sword light, which gathered together and turned into a dragons roar.

The middle-aged man raised his head to look at the moon in the sky.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a faint light flashing in them.

“Heavens, its going to change! This is the first time since the ancestral dragon.

Could it be that another human martial arts expert has advanced to the God realm”

Six days later, in Jianghai City, the demonic energy on Li Liushuis body became redder and redder.

Because the red color was too dense, it even produced some black demonic energy.

His face was already starting to look a bit ferocious.

A vertical pupil had appeared in his eyes.

All of that indicated that he was going to be completely bewitched.

“Venerable one, make your move.

I feel that I cant hold on much longer.

If my guess is correct, the thing that caused me to be bewitched should be the thing in your hands.

“I can feel that the demonic energy that invaded my body is enticing me to make my move against you.”

Venerable Black Tortoises mind moved.

“Could it be a few nights ago When I gave the Black Tortoise token to Ye Xiao, that fellows mental energy leaked out and Ye Xiao didnt clean it up

“D*mn it, if thats the case, then its this old mans fault.

Liushui, dont worry.

Until the last moment, this old man will never give up.

I will suppress you with the strength of my King realm.

Wait for Ye Xiaos arrival.

“Until the last moment, you must persevere.

You must never give up!”

Just as he finished speaking, Li Liushui suddenly let out an angry roar that was like that of a wild beast.


After that roar was heard, in the next second, Li Liushui instantly released a shocking saber intent.

As soon as the blood-red saber intent was released, it instantly shot out a distance of 60 miles, as if it was going to split open Jianghai city.

It went from the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy to the Jianghai Martial Arts Library.


With a violent explosion, a huge saber intent that was 60 miles long was hacked out of Jianghai city..

It was as if the entire earth had opened its mouth.


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