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Chapter 269: The 21-Year-Old Is in the King Realm The Legendary Saber-Sword Immortal Was Actually a Librarian

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“There is! Of course, there is!”

Beitang Ce was extremely excited.

However, very soon, his expression became serious again.

“However, what if I have no choice but to expose Mr.

Yes identity”

Ye Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

He was not ready to be exposed.

In the past, he was afraid of exposing his identity because his cultivation was very low.

He was afraid that some people would be jealous.

However, at that point, he did not have to be afraid of others finding out.

That was because he had already grown up, there were very few existences in the entire land that could defeat a King realm martial artist.

Moreover, he was so strong that the Nine Provinces would definitely rope him in and protect him.

At that moment, he did not want to expose himself.

It was purely because he did not want to break the peace of his current life.

Once he exposed himself to everyone, he reckoned that he would become the most dazzling star in the world in an instant.

His current life would definitely no longer exist.

“Do I have to expose my identity to the entire world”

“No, you only need to expose your identity to one person, at most two people.”

“No problem then.”

“Alright! I still have to make some arrangements.

How about this, you wait for me here, Ill be back in a while.”

After saying that, Beitang Ce immediately turned into a whirlwind and ran out.

Ye Xiao was a little confused for a moment.

However, Beitang Ce treated him very well, so he probably would not harm him.

He did not need to worry too much either.

Beitang Ce rushed to the martial arts library of Jianghai city as fast as he could.

He went straight to the directors office.

“Venerable Black Tortoise, Beitang Ce of the divine sect of the Zhong Province requests an audience.

Venerable, please allow me to meet with you.”

The next moment, the light in the room lit up, and the door opened automatically.

It was Jiang Chen, who was controlling the door to open.

Beitang Ce entered in a flash.

“Beitang Ce, a pleasure to meet you.”

Jiang Chen had changed into a white silk practice suit.

He was sitting cross-legged on the bed, meditating and practicing.

He had already sensed that he would come.

The cultivation of a powerful man in the King realm was not something ordinary people could compare to.

“Beitang Ce, why did you come to Jianghai city all of a sudden Also, have you come to meet me so late”

Beitang Ce spoke again,

“Reporting to you, sir.

This junior has something important to say.”

“Feel free to say it.”

“A few dragon veins in the west have been robbed.

I wonder if you know about this”

“Of course I know about this!”

“Venerable one, the dragon veins in the west have been robbed.

It must be done by the star beasts.

If it is not what is expected, it is likely that the West will suffer an unprecedented shock from this beast calamity, and it is highly likely that it will perish completely.

“If the West falls, we will be next.

“In order to prevent the Nine Provinces from following in the footsteps of the west, we need an extremely strong fighting force, one strong enough to turn the tide of the battle!”

Jiang Chen could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“Why are you talking nonsense Youre beating around the bush.

If you have something to say, just say it.”

“I seek the Changbai dragon vein!”

Jiang Chens expression suddenly became serious.

“Is that what you want to tell me Are you here to joke with me on purpose Do you know how important the Changbai dragon vein is Its important for the revival of the other dragons veins.

“No one is allowed to go there easily.”

“What if its an existence who has a chance to become an Emperor realm martial artist”

Jiang Chens pupils constricted.

“Beitang Ce, dont talk nonsense with me anymore.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being rude to you.”

Beitang Ce took a deep breath.

He had wanted to help Ye Xiao hide, but now it seemed like he had to fight for that chance.

He could not hide anymore.

“Venerable, Im not talking nonsense.

Everything I said next is true.

“In Jianghai City, there is a genius who is extremely talented!”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows again.

“Are you talking about the Emperors bloodline holder, Qin Yuyan”

Beitang Ce shook his head.

“Not her.

They are a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand times stronger than her!”

“Thats impossible.”

Jiang Chen directly denied what he had said.

It was well known that the Emperors bloodline was the strongest in the world.

Whether it was the speed of practice or anything else, the Emperors bloodline holder was the strongest.

Even the four venerable ones, including Jiang Chen, had the Emperors bloodline in the past! Only then would they be qualified to take over the Venerable Black Tortoises position, accept the Venerable Black Tortoises indoctrination, and become a King realm martial artist!

“Have you ever seen a 21-year-old King realm martial artist”

“What did you say Say it again”

The venerable Black Tortoise suddenly sat up from his seat.

His shocked expression caused the corners of Beitang Ces mouth to curl up slightly.

“A 21-year-old King realm martial artist!”

“This is absolutely impossible.

Are you lying to me Youre 100 percent lying to me, right”

“Youre the venerable Black Tortoise.

If I use this kind of thing to lie to you, what kind of ending do you think Ill have”

The venerable Black Tortoise did not speak, his face was dull.

He simply could not believe his ears.

A 21-year-old King realm martial artist!

How was that possible

Throughout the entire history of the Nine Provinces, it was a rare existence!

If there was really a person who could become a King realm martial at the age of 21, then there was no doubt that he would be the most talented person in that world.

Moreover, his future was almost 100 percent certain that he would become an Emperor realm martial artist.

“Have you understood it clearly Could it be that someone enlightened him”

Jiang Chen still did not want to give up and asked.

After all, if he cultivated by himself, then his cultivation might indeed be very strong.

However, if he was enlightened by some senior martial artists, then it would be different.

Perhaps he would only reach that realm in his lifetime.

Although those in the King realm were also martial artists, the impact they brought was completely different from his own cultivation.

A 21-year-old King realm martial artist who cultivated on his own was an unprecedented monstrous genius!

“He cultivated on his own, 100 percent cultivating on his own.

I can guarantee this personally.

“More than a month ago, when he went to the Jing province, he was still in the Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster rank.

It was I who guided him to the tombstone of the Immortal Soldier and helped him comprehend the lesser King realm.

“But now, he has already advanced to the King realm.”


Jiang Chen could not help but take a deep breath.

In just one month, he had gone from a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster to a powerful King realm martial artist.

He had even comprehended and practiced on his own.

It had never happened before!

Seeing Jiang Chens reaction, even though he had practiced his mental state for hundreds of years, he could not help but smile.

He was a little proud of himself.

‘You didnt believe me just now, but now do you know how shocked you are

After Jiang Chen realized what had happened, he said immediately,

“Quick! Take me to see him.

Ill go right away.”

At that moment, even Jiang Chen, a venerable Black Tortoise, one of the four venerable ones in the Nine Provinces, could not help but lose his composure.

He hurried to see Ye Xiao.

“Ill take you there now.”

A few breaths later, in Ye Xiaos home.

“Hello, Director.”

Jiang Chens brain was fried.

Jiang Chens soul was empty.

Jiang Chens heart was exploding.

Jiang Chens whole body had the shock of a lifetime.

He was completely dumbfounded.

Ye Xiao had not expected that Beitang Ce would lure the director here.

Beitang Ce could not help but snicker when he saw Jiang Chens expression.

He had forgotten that he had been like that when he learned that Ye Xiao was a powerful man in the King realm.

“You… Arent you the supervisor in my library Who was just an ordinary librarian before”

“Ye Xiao.” Beitang Ce added.

“Oh, right! Ye Xiao! You… Youre a powerful martial arts expert in the King realm”

Jiang Chen could not think straight anymore.

He had not noticed Ye Xiao when he was in the library, not even once!

At that moment, he was told that Ye Xiao was in the King realm

God, that was just a big joke.

“The Saber-sword Immortal of the Jianghai city is also you”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Are you really only 21 years old”

Ye Xiao nodded again.

“Are you really a King realm martial artist”

Jiang Chen could not help but ask again.

Ye Xiao had no choice but to release a trace of his aura.


Jiang Chen felt like his mind had exploded.

It was true.

Ye Xiao was really a King realm martial artist.

At that moment, the last bit of luck in his heart had completely disappeared.

His world view had been completely destroyed and collapsed!

There was actually someone in that world who could do it.

He had reached the King realm in only 21 years!

That record could almost be applied for first place in the world.

“I want to know how you practice.

Can you tell me”

Jiang Chen was extremely curious.

Ye Xiao was silent for a while.

“Well… I just practice normally.

How do you practice Thats how I practice.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

He understood.

It was a secret.

He did not want to tell them.

It was understandable.

After all, Ye Xiao had achieved the King realm in only 21 years.

His practice method must have been very unique and rigorous.

Jiang Chen estimated that Ye Xiao probably did not sleep at night.

He had been practicing hard since he was born.

Beitang Ce spoke again, “Venerable, what do you think”

“Venerable, do you believe me now Can you give this spot to Ye Xiao”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Youre right.

Its enough.

If hes not qualified, there shouldnt be a second person in the world who is.”

Ye Xiao was a little puzzled.

Beitang Ce opened his mouth to explain for him,

“You know, our Nine Provinces is the divine lands.

There are many natural dragon veins.

These dragon veins all contain powerful dragon energy.

Dragon energy is the key for humans to become Emperor realm martial artists.

“However, hundreds of years ago, there was an emperor who once severed 99 dragon veins in the Nine Provinces, leaving behind only one dragon vein.

Other than that, there was also the Kunlun dragon vein of the ancestor of 10,000 dragons.

However, the Kunlun dragon vein had long since sealed itself.

No one could find it.

“Right now, there is only one remaining dragon vein, the Changbai dragon vein, that is still alive.”


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