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Chapter 267: You Eat This Kind of Big Meal Every Day

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Eh, theres a guest here today.”

Huan Liuli curiously sized up Beitang Ce.

Beitang Ce glanced at Huan Liuli and could not help but be slightly shocked.

“This is… A Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beast Mr.

Ye, youre actually a beastmaster”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im not a beastmaster.

I just took in a subordinate to do my job.

Thats why I took her in in the first place.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao said to Huan Liuli,

“Go prepare a sumptuous dinner.

Tonight, Im going to have dinner with my friend.”

“Its already prepared.

Im just waiting for Master to come back for dinner.”

Huan Liuli immediately ran in to prepare the dishes.

Beitang Ce could not help but sigh,

‘As expected of Mr.


He actually managed to get a Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beast to be his slave.

‘This method is truly admirable.

Although he already had the strength of a Xiantian ninth grade and could defeat a Xiantian seventh-grade star beast, or even insta-kill it, it was still very difficult for him to get a Xiantian seventh-grade star beast to be his subordinate.

As the saying went, wild nature was hard to tame.

Star beasts of their level were all proud and arrogant.

They would definitely not listen to your orders just because your cultivation was high.

Unless you captured them when they were young and nurtured them step by step.

However, if that was the case, the time and cost would be too long.

It was not worth it.

One had to know that even if one had a dragon-class bloodline and did not have any cultivation when they were young, it would still take hundreds or even thousands of years to advance to the divine sect.


Ye, do you have any star beast taming techniques Can you introduce them to this old man as well”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

“Yes… Just beat them to death.”

Beitang Ce tactfully raised his eyebrows.

“Its that simple But why Even if I beat those star beasts to death, there wouldnt be such an effect The mental state of the divine-level star beasts has long been trained to an extremely powerful level.

They wouldnt be afraid of being beaten and dying.”

“Then look for a star beast with a slightly lower cultivation.

When I took her in, she was only a Xiantian first-grade star beast.”

Hearing that, Beitang Ces face could not help but twitch violently.

When Ye Xiao took Huan Liuli in, she was only at Xiantian first grade

What kind of joke was that

If that was the case, then Ye Xiao was only a little over 20 years old.

No matter how much Huan Liuli cultivated, she could only cultivate for 20 years.

It was even far from reaching that age, that was because Ye Xiao had just said that he had beaten Huan Liuli into submission.

That meant that Ye Xiaos cultivation at that time had already advanced to the Xiantian first-grade grandmaster rank.

Therefore, if he calculated it that way, the Huan Liuli had probably only cultivated for a dozen years at most.

From a Xiantian first grade to a Xiantian seventh grade divine grandmaster in a dozen years

Crossing a total of six grades

What kind of joke was that

You ca not advance so quickly by riding a rocket, right

However, when he looked at Ye Xiao, he instantly felt that he could understand.

With such a strange master, it was very normal to raise such a strange star pet, right

After that, he shook his head and followed Ye Xiao into the courtyard.

“Forget it.

This old man is still not suitable to raise star beasts.”

However, he had just walked into the courtyard when he was attracted by a strange feeling.

“Eh What is this”

His gaze landed on a corner of the courtyard… Something that looked like a potted plant.

“I didnt expect Mr.

Ye to have the leisure to raise a potted plant elegantly.

Moreover, he even carved a spirit-gathering array on this potted plant.”

Ye Xiao took a look.

“That isnt a potted plant.

However, I used a defensive array, so you cant see the profoundness hidden within it.”

Ye Xiao snapped his fingers and removed the defensive array.

In the next second, the entire scene in the small space was revealed.

“Oh my God!”

Beitang Ces eyes instantly widened, and he was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

“This… This… This… Mr.

Ye, you actually used the power of space to create a small mountain in your own small courtyard to cultivate natural treasures

“Oh my God!

“How many natural treasures does this mountain have Isnt your spending a little too big”

One could not blame Beitang Ce for being shocked.

Who could have imagined That seemingly small flower pot actually had such a unique world and had arranged so many good things

Those natural treasures were not something that ordinary people could easily obtain.

Even if it was a large company, it would be impossible for them to have a complete collection like Ye Xiao.

It would be impossible for them to have a better collection than Ye Xiao!


Moreover, there was also this basin that was planted with natural treasures.

It had already been refined into a treasure that contained the power of space.

On top of it, there was even an array carved on it.

Just that basin, to be honest, could already be considered priceless.

It needed at least a few top-grade armament masters and a few top-grade array masters to work together to create it for half a months time.

While Ye Xiao actually placed it on the ground like a broken flower pot.

That was simply too rich!


Ye, youve really opened my eyes today.

I didnt even dare to think that there was actually someone who could do this!”

“Youre too polite.”

Ye Xiao snapped his fingers again and activated the Earthshattering Celestial Dipper Array.

The natural treasures that filled the mountains and plains were hidden again to prevent others from coveting them.

“Lets go.”

Ye Xiao invited Beitang Ce into the room.

Beitang Ce followed Ye Xiao into the room in a daze and wiped the sweat on his forehead that was slightly nervous.

Luckily, he had brought three divine-level seventh-grade star beasts with him when he came.

Otherwise, he would have really embarrassed himself tonight.

Just as he was thinking about it, Huan Liuli had already brought out the delicacies that she had made tonight from the kitchen.

The first dish that came up was a plate of fried eggs with chili peppers.

With Beitang Ces Xiantian ninth-grade cultivation, he was naturally able to instantly feel the dense spiritual energy that was emitted from that plate of fried eggs with chili peppers.

“What powerful spiritual energy! This egg isnt an ordinary egg, right”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“This is an egg of a Xiantian seventh-grade star beast.

Oh, wait, one of them seems to have already advanced to Xiantian eighth grade.”


He could hear the unusual tone in Ye Xiaos words.

“Wait a minute, could it be that you… Have raised a few divine-level star beasts to lay eggs and eat them”

“Thats right.”


What kind of existence could do such a heaven-defying thing

Raising divine-level star beasts as poultry

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it for the rest of his life.

He would also not have suspected that what Ye Xiao said was a lie.

Ye Xiao was so powerful and such a monstrous existence would not lie to him.

“Hurry up and eat! It Wont taste good when it gets cold later.”

Huan Liuli had already placed the bowls and chopsticks properly.

Beitang Ce nodded and began to pick up the chopsticks.

In the next second, Huan Liuli brought over another plate of garlic moss to stir-fry the squid.

Beitang Ces eyes widened once again.

That was because he could clearly feel that this plate of garlic moss stir-fried fish contained an enormous amount of blood essence and spiritual energy.

It was actually even stronger than that plate of dishes made from the eggs of the divine-level star beast!

Was that a joke


… Mr.

Ye This dish is also made from the meat of the divine-level star beast”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Yes, the divine-level ninth-grade Norfis was previously imprisoned at Shaolins side.

“Originally, there was only one clone of him in Jianghai city.

However, the incident with Li Liushui last time caused his main body to sneak out, and I happened to catch him.

So, I raised him.”

The corners of Beitang Ces mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He felt that he could no longer use common sense to describe Ye Xiao.

That fellow was truly a monster among monsters.

Previously, he had thought that he was already generous enough to deal with the corpses of three Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beasts.

At that point, he felt that it was fortunate that he had brought the corpses of three Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beasts.

Otherwise, he would not have had the face to come here today.

Rather, even if he had come, at that moment.., He could not help but want to find a hole to burrow into.

It was too embarrassing!

Very quickly, he no longer thought that way.

He felt that it was really embarrassing that he had only brought the corpses of three Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beasts today.

That was because following that, every dish that was served by Huan Liuli was all made from the flesh and blood of the divine-level star beasts.

It was all of them!

What was even more abnormal was that there was actually the blood and flesh of a lesser divine-level star beast among them!

When he saw the blood and flesh of that lesser divine-level star Beast, Beitang Ce completely collapsed.

He had already begun to suspect that people were born.

If it were any other person, even if the other party was the four venerable of the Nine Provinces, he would not be so embarrassed.

The blood and flesh of the three Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beasts that he brought today could definitely be considered a generous gift.

However, who knew that that fellow, Ye Xiao, did not follow the usual pattern at all.

That sumptuous banquet of his, what a fellow.

He made the things that he brought become unrated things that he bought from roadside stalls.


Ye, I have a question to ask you.

Please tell me the truth.”

Ye Xiao ate a mouthful of scrambled eggs and nodded.

“Go ahead.”

Beitang Ce spoke again,

“Do you eat like this every day Is it because Im here today that youre cooking so sumptuously”

Before Ye Xiao could speak, Huan Liuli had already walked in with a smile.

“Of course, I eat like this every day! How is this sumptuously That can only be considered as the masters usual meal.

“We eat like that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Its a relatively small one today.”


The chopsticks in Beitang Ces hand completely fell off.

He was on the verge of collapse.

His worldview had completely collapsed.

Only now did he understand how awesome Ye Xiao was.

Although the house he lived in was very small and shabby, what he ate every day was the strongest banquet in the world.

It was a precious feast that no delicacies could compare to!


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