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Chapter 264: Blood Breeds

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Resources, resources again.

Just how many resources do we need to satisfy these peoples appetites”

The secretary consoled,

“Sir, you dont have to be too anxious.

The sudden integration of several cities has brought about a large number of people, so the demand for resources will definitely be greater.

“Itll be fine after this buffer period.

“Ive already contacted many material merchants and asked them to transfer a large number of resources from various places as soon as possible.

“It wont be long before the problem of resources will be solved

“Ask them to settle it as soon as possible.

Tell them that Ill relax the policies for them.”


The secretary left.

Even Changfeng felt dispirited.

He was already feeling a little powerless.

The difference between being in charge of a small city and being in charge of a large city was not just a little bit.

If one did not do a good job in the middle, it might lead to chaos.

Especially the livelihood of the people and the resources of martial arts, which were the most serious problems.

The livelihood of the people was fine.

It was easy to transfer food from other cities.

However, it was not so easy to transfer martial arts resources.

However, it was not their fault, because that was the way of the world.

The resources were too limited.

Whether it was pills, weapons, or the materials used to forge pills, the materials used to forge weapons were far from enough for the current supply of the human race.

The other cities were still relatively stable at the moment.

However, if they released a large number of them, it would result in a shortage of resources.

It would easily lead to a rise in prices, and there would be a lot of trouble at that time.

Therefore, they would not openly mobilize these things.

The nine provinces alliance was also helpless.

At most, they could only mobilize some resources from the alliance, but the rest would have to rely on the local chambers of commerce.

Anything related to the human society was complicated.

In the end, the final reason was that there were not enough cultivation resources.

Du Changfeng now really wanted to have a hundred mountains of gold and silver, which were planted with all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

There were all kinds of refining materials in the mountains.

There were countless of them, and he could not dig them all out no matter how hard he tried.

If that was the case, he would not have such a headache as then.

In fact, not to mention a hundred mountains of gold and silver, even a mountain filled with materials was a sweet spring to quench his thirst and life-saving medicine to him.

On Ye Xiaos side, after a few busy nights, the farm finally entered its proper state.

An entire 600-feet-tall hill was filled with materials.

Due to the array, the natural treasures were able to absorb the spiritual energy very quickly.

It was much faster than when they were in the Southwest Seaside Forest.

That was because, although there was a dragon vein in the Seaside Forest, the area of the Southwest Seaside Forest was still too large.

The dragon vein could only be used to absorb a wide range of spiritual energy and gather it in the Southwest Seaside Forest.

The rest would require the natural treasures to cultivate themselves.

That speed was actually not fast because the speed at which the heavenly materials and earthly treasures absorbed and connected themselves was not fast.

To be more precise, before they opened their spiritual sense, they were at the lowest level of the food chain and were just ordinary plants.

Only after they absorbed the essence of the sun and moon could they possess the complete consciousness of humans and star beasts.

That was equivalent to when others had already begun to have intelligence, but one had only just begun to have a tiny bit of consciousness.

The starting line was already much lower than others.

At that point, Ye Xiao had set up an array here, and everything was different.

The area of that place was very small thus, the spirit-gathering array was very powerful.

Therefore, when it absorbed the spiritual energy because the spiritual energy was too dense, it caused even if the heavenly materials and earthly treasures did not want to absorb it themselves, their bodies would crazily absorb it.

The result was like using fertilizer materials, growing at a great speed.

The heavenly materials and earthly treasures began to rise.

There was 200-year-old ginseng, 400-year-old ganoderma, 500-year-old polygonum multiflorum…

It had everything it wanted, and it could not be used up.

The year that the heavenly materials and earthly treasures talked about was actually not the year it lived.

That was because natural treasures were not judged by the year, but by the level of cultivation in ones body.

As an example, if ginseng could be cultivated in a night, and ordinary ginseng could only be cultivated in a year, then it could be called year-old ginseng.

If it could cultivate a hundred years of cultivation in a night, then it was equivalent to a hundred years of ginseng.

Ye Xiao stood on the top of the mountain and looked at the many natural treasures that he had planted.

His mood was quite comfortable.

With that farm, he would not need to worry and consider the natural treasures in the future.

That way, whether it was the farm or the current farm, Ye Xiao had already completely settled everything.

As long as he continued to increase the variety in the future, it would be fine.

However, that farm definitely had to expand a little.

A farm was not like a farm.

The land needed for a farm was much more than what the star beasts needed.

The star beasts could also be placed vertically.

One could be placed on the top, one on the bottom, and one in the middle for instance.

However, a farm was not enough.

On a farm, almost the vast majority of the natural treasures needed a surface position to absorb the sunlight.

Ye Xiao estimated that he would gain a huge amount of resources every day.

Then, he would invest some of these resources into the star beasts and some into pill refinement.

With both methods, it would definitely be exceptionally effective and ensure his vitality, rising steadily.

After he was done with all of that, Ye Xiao returned to his bed.

He took out his cell phone and glanced at the latest news.

The news was talking about a problem.


Moreover, the majority of people were talking about martial arts resources.

There were all sorts of problems with the lack of resources.

Ye Xiao only watched on indifferently.

He had a lot of resources, but they were all obtained by himself from the Southwest Seaside Forest.

He could not be a good person and give them away to others, right

That was not generosity, that was shabby!

If there were star beasts invading, many people would die.

If he did not lend a hand if he had the strength, it would be cold-blooded and heartless to watch so many of his own kind being killed by the star beasts.

However, the problem of resources was not a matter of life and death.

At most, they would cultivate a day or two later.

However, the spiritual energy in Jianghai city was abundant.

They cultivated in Jianghai city faster than they cultivated in other places.

With enough resources, they could cultivate even faster!

There was another problem.

The things he brought back from the Southwest Seaside Forest were basically good things.

Therefore, these ordinary martial artists were unable to use them.

Their current strength was really too low.

They could only use those relatively garbage materials to refine medicinal pills.

If they used those relatively good materials to refine medicinal pills, they would exceed the upper limit that their bodies could bear, it might even destroy their bodies.

The lighter ones might have their meridians broken, and the heavier ones might even die.

Too good a thing was sometimes not a good thing for a too weak martial artist.

It might even be a poison.

As the saying went, a weak body is not much of a tonic.

That was the reason.

Even so, Ye Xiao still owed them a favor.

Ye Xiao had used those materials to greatly increase the strength of the star beasts in the breeding ground.

That resulted in the spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city becoming stronger and absorbing spiritual energy faster.

That way, martial artists like them still received Ye Xiaos favor.

At the same time, far in the west, a figure appeared in a dark church in the wilderness.

That figures appearance was too sudden.

It was so sudden that people were at a loss.

No one even knew when he arrived here.

It was not until he appeared that people discovered his existence after a few minutes.

In an instant, several figures in the darkness rushed out and surrounded him.

An extremely strong killing intent spread out.

These figures in the darkness were all beastmen with bat wings and fangs!

Their pupils had already turned bright red.

It was obvious that they had almost completely turned into star beasts.

What was even more terrifying was the aura they were emitting.

Every aura was so heavy that it made it difficult for one to breathe.

It was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on ones chest.

Every single figure here had the lowest level of strength.

They were actually above the level of a Xiantian third-grade grandmaster!

The strongest had already reached the level of a great grandmaster.

There were even two of them who had already reached the level of a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster!

No one had expected that the small, dark church hidden in the wilderness would actually have so many beastmen! They were so powerful.

“Who are you How dare you trespass into the Holy Land of the Blood clan Dont you know this place No one is allowed to enter except the Blood clan!”

The burly figure put his hands behind his back and did not even look at them.

“Im just looking for an old friend.

Since youre all his subordinates, Ill spare your lives.

Get lost!”

Those faint words did not contain the slightest bit of emotion, as if they were prodigies.

They were just a bunch of ants, not worthy of his serious treatment.

The eyes of these Blood clan and beastmen instantly turned cold.

“Friend, I feel that your mind might be a little unclear.

Your arrogance will cause you to lose your life.”


The corner of the burly mans mouth curled up slightly.

In the next second, his eyes moved slightly and he suddenly let out an angry roar.


That was the roar of a tiger that shook heaven and earth!

When that roar was heard, in the next second, all the beastmen were destroyed and exploded into a bloody mist on the spot.

Even the two Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmasters were no exception.

A sound, just a roar of voice, instant kill so many strong!

That scene of horror, let the whole mountain, was emitting a sense of fear.

Countless shadows flew out of the valley, those shadows were all beastmen from the Blood clan!

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