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Chapter 261: Starquake Tiger

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Within the resplendent galaxy, on top of a meteorite, two figures stood proudly as they gazed at the azure blue planet in front of them.

Their eyes revealed a hint of coldness, but also a hint of helplessness.

The pupils of the two figures were respectively purple and green.

They were not colors that humans possessed.

That meant that both of them were star beasts.

It was just that their strength was too strong, and they had already transformed into human forms.

However, they were unable to sense any killing intent that belonged to star beasts from their bodies.

It was very obvious that they had already cultivated to an extremely high realm.

They had practically removed the vicious aura of star beasts and had transformed into existence of a completely new dimension.

It was just like how after humans had advanced to the King realm, their bodies had transformed into their souls, they were no longer ordinary humans.

One of the figures had a strong back and a strong waist.

His face was resolute and his short hair was extremely spirited.

The other figure had a graceful curve and a slim neck.

She was so beautiful and ethereal.

“Ah Hu, the connection between Qingiu and Fenglong has completely disappeared.”

“I know.”

“You shouldnt have let them go over.

Although the humans of this world are already at the end of their rope, a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse! They still have quite a number of martial arts experts among them.”

“Perhaps, I should personally go to this human world.”

When he said that, the beautiful womans expression was instantly shocked.

“Absolutely not! If you also encounter some trouble who can save you

“The beast calamity is imminent, so its better to wait.

“Wait until the humans open their defensive line, and we can attack them from all sides, then well deal with the humans.

Its safer that way.”

The burly man stared at the azure blue planet with a determined gaze.

“Thats true, but Qingniu and the others are in danger.

Theyve followed me in the battle for many years.

If I just let them be, then what am I

“When that time comes, not only will I, the Starquake Tiger, but the entire Starquake clan will be ridiculed by the others.

“I cant let the clans honor be tarnished.

I can not just watch them suffer without helping.”

“Did you report this to God Lin If you act without God Lins permission, even if you return from the human world, it will not be a good thing for you if the other divine beasts join forces to impeach you.”

“Are you talking about those idiots It doesnt matter.

What God Lin needs the most now, besides the divine blood, is strength.

He and the other divine beasts have been fighting openly and secretly for so many years.

How precious are divine beast subordinates

“They wouldnt go so far as to heavily punish me for such a small matter.”

“But what if you cant come back What about the Starquake clan”

“If I really cant come back, the Starquake clan will be merged into your Azure Sky clan.

This can be considered my old friends last request to you.”

“Ah Hu!”

The woman tightly grabbed the Starquake Tigers large hand, her eyes revealing a lot of reluctance.

He pinched her hand and comforted her:

“You dont have to worry too much.

Although Im going to the human territory, I wont be too reckless.

“Ive already calculated that there are no Emperor realm martial artists on the human territory.

As long as there are no Emperor realm martial artists, they wont be able to pose a fatal threat to me.

“If they join forces, I can choose to hide.

I wont be brainless enough to fight them head-on.”

Only then did the woman nod.

“Ill wait for you to come back.”

“Ill definitely come back.”

On Ye Xiaos side, he had also harvested a large number of contributions from the star beasts.

After distributing the materials to them, he went straight back to the library to start work.

His current distribution plan was like this.

Like Susan, he did not need to consume his blood essence and spiritual energy.

Although he could provide her with honey that had a strong spiritual energy, the resources he gave her were not the best.

As for Norfis and the others, they would consume a large amount of his blood essence and cut off his tentacles, so he would give them more resources.

If they did not distribute it properly, it would cause them to be unbalanced in their hearts.

It was also a very troublesome problem, and it was not convenient for him to manage them.

The next goal and plan were to read books in the library during the day and continue to extract imperial techniques to synthesize the god-slaying technique.

Ye Xiaos second imperial technique was the healing imperial technique.

Although not many of them could injure him now, he could not heal himself as quickly as before.

In order to prevent himself from being injured and unable to save himself, it was better to cultivate the healing technique first.

After all, he was not going to engage in any more dangerous battles now, and he would not encounter any situations where he would need to chase or run away.

In fact, it did not matter.

After all, he would be able to synthesize another type in eight days.

It would only take 16 days, which was not too slow.

At night, he would cultivate heavenly and earthly treasures and then cultivate star beasts.

Those aspects were all related.

First, he would cultivate star beasts to be stronger, and they would play a greater role in the core of the spirit-gathering array.

He would be able to magnify the speed at which the spirit-gathering array absorbed spiritual energy.

Second, the speed at which the entire city could absorb spiritual energy.

If they could all become stronger, then their own farms would also be able to obtain a large amount of spiritual energy.

The more spiritual energy there was, the faster the growth of the heavenly materials and earthly treasures would be.

The medium needed to connect the two was the array, the spirit-gathering array.

During that process, the spirit-gathering array increased the speed at which both sides could absorb spiritual energy, thus promoting the two-way growth between the heavenly materials and earthly treasures and the star beasts.

Spiritual energy was not valuable.

It was everywhere in the world, and there was as much as needed.

However, the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that they catalyzed, as well as the blood essence in the star beasts that were nurtured by the heavenly materials and earthly treasures, were all real.

If he used this blood essence to increase his strength, it would also be real.

After arriving at the top, he clocked in for work.

Ye Xiao saw that Liu Chengxuns mental state was not very good, and he could not help but ask curiously,

“Whats wrong with you You dont seem to be feeling well today, right Your cultivation is so high, so you shouldnt be sick, right”

Liu Chengxun glanced at him, feeling a little listless.

The incident from last night had really dealt a huge blow to him.

He did not expect that the trash director, who looked like he was only at Xiantian sixth grade, was actually a King realm martial artist!

Originally, he felt that in this city, other than Saber-sword Immortal, Saber God Li Liushui, and a few unknown divine sects, he should be the strongest.

Later, when he found out that those divine sects were all at Xiantian seventh grade, the confidence in his heart swelled even more.

That was because he was at Xiantian eighth grade.

That meant that other than Saber-sword Immortal and Saber God Li Liushui, he was the strongest.

At that point, with the appearance of the director, he directly pressed Li Liushui to death.

Who knew if he would be able to suppress Saber-sword Immortal.

As for him, there was no need to mention him.

He had directly become a scumbag little ant.

That made him feel extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

“Ye Xiao, tell me, if one day, you suddenly discovered that the person you looked down on by your side had become an unparalleled martial arts expert, what kind of feeling would you have”


“Uhm… Im not very sure.

If nothing unexpected happened, I probably wouldnt have such a feeling in my entire life.”


That seemed to be the case.

For someone like Ye Xiao, any martial artist with a little talent would be stronger than him.

Even if there was someone who looked down on him, it was basically because others looked down on him.

There would not be a time when he looked down on others.

He seemed to have found the wrong person to discuss that feeling with.

He simply could not understand his own feelings.

Ye Xiao naturally knew what he meant It was nothing more than meeting the director and suddenly becoming a King realm martial arts expert! He could not accept it in his heart for a moment.

This was also very easy to understand.

After all, if the director did not come, then in this library, other than him, he would be the strongest.

Moreover, he did not know his own strength.

According to that situation, at least in his own understanding, he was the strongest existence in that library.

However, now, a King realm martial arts expert suddenly appeared on his head.

It was indeed very uncomfortable.

If it was him, he would probably feel a little uncomfortable in his heart, right

Unfortunately, he was not.

Moreover, he was also in the King realm, so he did not feel anything.

He could not understand Liu Chengxuns current troubles.

However, seeing that he was so dejected, Ye Xiao still opened his mouth to comfort him,

“Actually, I think this is quite good.

“Think about it carefully.

If there is a genius martial arts expert by your side.

“Wouldnt your safety be guaranteed

“If his strength was weaker, he might even have killed you.”

Liu Chengxun was silent for a moment.

It seemed that what he said made sense.

If it was not for the director yesterday, he would have died by now.

It was impossible for him to discuss with Ye Xiao whether he felt something or not.

“Sigh! Im helpless.

Ever since I came to the Zhong province, I feel that Im getting worse by the day.

“In the past, when I was in the state of Han, I was the most powerful martial artist in the entire state of Han.

I was revered as a god-like existence.

“But now, here, I feel like a tiny ant.

Anyone can come and pinch me.”

“Dont compare a tiny place like the state of Han with a place as big as Zhong province.

Its not suitable.

The two are not on the same level at all.

“But if you think about it from another angle, this is also a good thing.

At least it wont make you self-conceited and arrogant.

“With this motivation and vision, your heart of martial arts should become calmer and more perfect.

“Maybe it can help you advance to Xiantian ninth grade faster.”

Liu Chengxun was silent for a moment before nodding.

“Youre right.

Thats the reason.

I should follow their example and work hard to raise my cultivation.

I shouldnt be complaining here.

“Thank you, Ye Xiao.”

“Youre welcome.”

Liu Chengxun ran to the side to meditate while Ye Xiao continued to read.

However, today, he saw a very interesting book.


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