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Chapter 257: Introducing the New Breed: Lesser Divine Beast, Number: Two

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On Ye Xiaos side, there was not much activity.

He had already sensed Qingniu and Fenglong when they had just arrived.

His current strength was at the King realm.

He could easily cover the entire Jianghai city with a thought.

In the past, he could also cover the entire Jianghai city in an instant.

However, at that time, the city had not been expanded yet.

The current Jianghai city was about five times larger than before.

Besides, a large number of people had also come in.

The population of the surrounding cities, such as Wanghai city and Jiangdong city, had all moved in.

He could cover the whole Jianghai city with just a thought.

It was not the same as when he had covered the whole Jianghai city with just a thought.

It was because of that which caused him to know that director Jiang Chen would attack.

It was as if he was watching.

Whatever happened in any corner of the whole Jianghai city could not escape his eyes.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he could know what everyone in the whole Jianghai city was doing at any time if he wanted to.

Therefore, he did not attack.

Later, although Jiang Chen had been a bit casual and had not attacked with all his strength, Fenglong had used the Blood Explosion to escape, and Qingniu had betrayed Fenglong to escape, but Ye Xiao had not stopped them.

He could also detect that Fenglong had entered his farm.

As long as he had entered the farm, he would not be able to escape, even if he had extraordinary abilities.

The defensive array that he had made was one-way and not two-way.

Otherwise, it would completely isolate the spiritual energy.

The array needed to continuously absorb the spiritual energy to operate.

The principle of the Blood Explosion technique was probably to turn the elements in ones body into the same substance as the spiritual energy and then escape.

That was why Fenglong had accidentally entered the farm.

However, because the defensive array was one-way and the star beasts in the defense would not escape, when he used the Blood Explosion technique again, it was naturally impossible for him to escape.

As for Qingniu, it was even simpler.

Ye Xiao had already sensed that the saber god, Li Liushui, was in front of his escape route.

If the saber god, Li Liushui, was guarding there then unless his strength had already reached the true divine beast realm, there was no way for him to defeat Li Liushui and escape.

At that moment, Huan Liuli suddenly opened the door and shouted excitedly, “Master, Master!”

“Master, Master, quickly take a look.

What good stuff did we get A divine-level star beast and a cow!

Hahahaha… In the future, well have beef to eat.

We can have beef hotpot and even make steak!”

Huan Liuli excitedly brought the unconscious Qingniu to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao looked at the muscular ox in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

In reality, he had encountered a green ox before.

It was the Green Lightning Bull at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

However, that Green Bull was not as powerful as the Azure Ox in front of him.

Furthermore, that Green Bull could no longer be used to eat meat because it had been at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff for a long time and had been corroded by the baleful aura.

Back then, Ye Xiao could only refine it into a medicinal pill.

Now, he had obtained a different cattle! Furthermore, his strength was stronger than the previous Green Bull.

It was indeed a pretty good harvest.

“Youve done very well.”

“Thank you, Master, for your praise.


Huan Liuli was extremely excited as she quickly wagged her little tail.

“Ill first bring him to the breeding ground and lock him up.

Ill give you a break tonight.

You dont have to go to the breeding ground.”

“Yes, Master.”

Ye Xiao nodded and touched her little head.

Then, he carried the Azure Ox and used the Earth-burrowing Technique to instantly arrive at the farm.

Huan Liuli was so excited that her little head started to burn.

‘Ah… Master just touched my head.

‘Ah… So comfortable!

Ye Xiao did not think too much.

He was just like a normal person praising a pet, gently stroking his little head.

At that moment, he suddenly appeared in the breeding ground.

In the next second, the star beasts immediately gathered quickly.

“Master, youre here.”

“Master, are you having a good day today”

“Master, are you thirsty The fresh milk that was just squeezed out is still warm.”

Seeing the group of star beasts licking their dogs like that, Fenglong was instantly dumbfounded.

What was going on

What were those guys doing

Did they not care about their own dignity at all

They were all star beasts!

They were divine grandmaster star beasts!

Such powerful star beasts actually licked a human like a group of dogs

If their ancestors saw that, they would probably climb out of their graves and curse!

However, that fellow was not the fellow who had defeated him!

Who was he

With such doubts, Fenglong said coldly,

“Hey! Who exactly are you”

Ye Xiao swept a glance at him and threw Qingniu to his side.

“D*mn it! This dog!”

After seeing Qingniu, Fenglong was so angry that he nearly vomited blood.

If not for that idiot suddenly ambushing him from behind, he would not have fallen to that state.

Perhaps he had already escaped, opened the teleportation array, and returned to the starry sky.

However, anger was anger.

His mind was still relatively clear.

The biggest problem now was not Qingniu, but Ye Xiao!

That fellow was actually able to capture Qingniu that had already escaped.

His strength was not ordinary!

Ye Xiao first healed Qingniu.

Seeing that Ye Xiaos healing technique was extremely strong, Fenglongs pupils could not help but shrink violently.

What a terrifying technique.

It was actually able to heal a heavily injured lesser divine beast so easily in an instant.

That technique was not something an ordinary person could do.

Qingniu stood up unsteadily and said with a dumbfounded expression,

“What is this place

“What happened

“Why am I here”

He asked three times with a dumbfounded expression.

Fenglong immediately slapped him.

“Wake up, b*stard! Weve already been captured by this person and imprisoned in this place called the breeding farm.

Weve become his poultry.”

Qingniu was stunned.

“Poultry Breeding farm Fenglong, youve been captured too And Samuel, Susan The few of you are actually here too”

In the next moment, his gaze immediately landed on Ye Xiao.

“You were the one who caught us”

Ye Xiao glanced at him and said indifferently,

“As you can see, I am the owner of the star beast farm.

From today onwards, you and Fenglong are my poultry.

The two of you have to offer a fixed amount of your meat, cowhide, horns, and dragon scales every day.

“Of course, if the two of you are willing to offer more, I will provide you with some things so that the two of you can cultivate faster and advance to the divine beast realm as soon as possible!”

Qingniu clenched his fists, his eyes filled with wariness and enmity.

“What kind of joke is this Who do you think you are Do you know my identity How can I be your poultry Dont be foolish…”


In the next second, with a thought, Ye Xiao activated the Great Nirvana Fist.

Without even needing to punch out, the fist light directly appeared in front of Qingnius chest and sent him flying, slamming into the wall.


Qingniu spat out a mouthful of fresh blood fiercely.

He felt that all the bones in his chest were broken.

His internal organs trembled along with it.

The pain was so great that his soul could not help but tremble.

However, before he could curse out loud, in the next second, Ye Xiao had already used the healing technique to repair his body and then smashed his bones into pieces with a punch.

That cycle repeated over and over again.

In just a short ten seconds, Qingnius ribs had been broken more than a hundred times.

“Dont… Dont hurt me anymore! I surrender! Im willing to be poultry!”

Only then did Ye Xiao stop.

Fenglong gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and a layer of cold sweat had already formed on his forehead.

Only at that moment did he realize how terrifying that Ye Xiao was!

No wonder those star beasts, Samuel, and Susan, all of them had extremely arrogant personalities, yet they agreed to be poultry here.

In front of that fellow, it was simply impossible for you to even die.

He would torture you endlessly until you agreed.

Moreover, his methods were extremely simple and crude!

All you could do was agree.

Other than agreeing, there was no other choice.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos gaze landed on his body.

That massive aura pressed down on his body, instantly making him feel as if his soul was being suppressed.

Ye Xiaos strength was super strong!

Extremely strong!

It was completely not something they could resist.

Fenglong did not dare to delay in the slightest.

He was afraid that he would follow in the footsteps of Qingniu and immediately said,

“I… Im willing too.”

Just as he finished saying those three words, the pressure on his body suddenly vanished.

Only then did he heave a sigh of relief and wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

Fortunately, he did not let Ye Xiao make a move.

Otherwise, he would probably be tortured to death!

“Since the two of you dont have any objections, then from tomorrow onward, the two of you will begin to hand over public rations.

“Other than the fixed amount that I requested, if the two of you are willing to give more, you will be able to obtain a certain amount of support.

“If you arent willing to give more, I wont force you too much.

“However, the basic public rations must be handed over.

“The Sealed Dragon has to hand over ten pieces of dragon scales and ten pounds of dragon meat every day.

“The Azure Ox has to provide thigh meat and hand it over every day.

“Ill order these for now.

I hope that the two of you will have a good time at the star beast farm.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao threw the flowers that Huan Liuli had collected that day into his storage ring to Susan.

He told her to gather honey before turning around and leaving.

The moment he left, Qingniu started to grumble.

“F*ck! Are you kidding me You want me to cut off one of my thighs every day Wont that hurt me to death”

As soon as he said that, a cold killing intent descended on his body.

“You d*mned stupid cow, you still have the face to complain in front of me.

“If it wasnt for you, how would I have ended up in this state”


“Fenglong, lets talk things out nicely.

Its uncivilized to wield a sword.

Here, you and I are brothers.

With our friendship, cant you forgive me just once

“Moreover, if we really fight, you might not be able to beat me.”

Fenglong slowly retracted his aura.

Qingniu heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats right! Between us brothers, we should still focus on getting along with each other.”

Just as he was speaking, in the next second, Fenglong suddenly chopped off his dragon tail.

Qingnius heart skipped a beat.

“Fenglong, are you crazy”

Fenglong waved the dragon tail in his hand and smiled coldly.

“On this tail of mine, there should at least be dozens of pounds of dragon meat, and my limit is ten pounds of dragon meat.

Tell me, if I sacrifice all this dragon meat to Ye Xiao, will he help me beat you a hundred times”


“Old Loach, youve learned to be bad.

You deserve a kick from me!”


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