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Chapter 256: Escape

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“Idiot! How can I, Fenglong, be a slave Do you think Im you Get out of my way!”

With a furious roar, Fenglong once again displayed his strength.

Once… Twice… Thrice… After experiencing more than ten consecutive failures, Fenglongs body was covered in injuries.

There were bruises and swelling everywhere.

In some places, even his dragon scales had been knocked off.

The other star beasts could not help but try to persuade him,

“Stop hitting yourself.

Stop for a while.

You wont be able to escape.

“If this goes on, you wont be able to escape.

Youll have already knocked yourself to death

“The saddest thing is that it doesnt matter if you knock yourself to death.

That human probably wont let you off.

Theres an 80 to 90 percent chance that hell resurrect you

“Thats right, then youve hit me for nothing now.

The pain is also for nothing.”

“Shut up! You bunch of idiots! As star beasts, youre actually willing to be poultry for a human.

Youre simply a disgrace to star beasts! Im one of the three great generals under the Tiger God, War God Fenglong!

“How can I be poultry like you guys

“Blood Explosion technique! Open it for me!”

The next moment, Fenglong used Blood Explosion once again.

To him, every time he used Blood Explosion, the damage would be great.

However, at that moment, in order to escape from that d*mn place, he had to think of a way to break out of there, even if he was seriously injured.

A few minutes later, the darkness disappeared again, and the blood esssence gathered.

The corner of Fenglongs mouth rose slightly.

At that point, he should have escaped that place, right

How could a mere humans sealing technique trap a genius at his level

However, before he could be happy, the next second, he heard that familiar voice again, which made him feel like a dream demon.

“Look, Ive told you.

Its useless, but you just dont believe me.

Did you self-destruct for nothing”

He mechanically turned his head back and looked at Samuel and the others in disbelief, completely falling apart!

What was going on


He had clearly used his own Blood Explosion technique, but he still could not escape from that secret space.

Was he dreaming

‘God, if this is a nightmare, then please let me wake up quickly!

‘I really cant hold on much longer.

On the other side, Qingiu had kicked Fenglong.

After sacrificing Fenglong, he fled as fast as he could.

Although the other party was very strong, as long as he was given one second, he would be able to escape Jianghai city.

That way, as long as he concealed his aura, he would not be caught by that human King realm martial artist.

Then, he would find a good opportunity to escape back to the space battlefield and report the matter to Lord Tiger God.

Fenglong would definitely be killed by that human prodigy so he did not have to worry about being snitched on later.

When the time came, he would randomly make up a story about Fenglong dying on the battlefield and he would risk his life to save him.

However, in the end, he was still defeated and had no choice but to run away.

That would make the matter go away.

Perhaps he would even receive a reward.

Moreover, even if he would not receive a reward, Lord Tiger God only had one of his three great generals left.

Therefore, from now on, he would become Lord Tiger Gods only right-hand man.

If Lord Tiger God did not rely on him, who else could he rely on

At that time, he would truly be below one person and above 10,000 people.


However, just as he was thinking about that, he saw a figure standing high in the sky with one hand behind his back.

He looked up at the moonlight as if he was trying to calm himself down.

The other party had obviously noticed him as well.

‘Humph! Reckless human, why arent you dodging when you see me coming Youre courting death!

‘It just so happens that I havent eaten anyone since I came to the ground this time.

Ill use you as a sacrifice.

Qingniu laughed sinisterly.

He raised his hand and threw a punch.

The fist light was like an ox, and it was extremely powerful.

It was as if there was a faint image of a Qingniu on his fist, and its aura was like a rainbow!

That was his most powerful punch, Raging Wind Emperor Fist!

It was a variant of the Fist technique of the Azure Ox clan.

It would change into the Thunder Emperor Fist, Raging Wind Emperor Fist, Heavy Earth Emperor Fist, and so on according to the different cultivation techniques of the Azure Ox clan…

Among them, his Raging Wind Emperor Fist was extremely powerful.

Not only was his fist technique extremely heavy, but its speed was also so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

Even among those of the same level, there were very few people who could withstand this punch.

The opponent would definitely die!

However, just as he thought that he could easily send the opponent flying with a punch and then devour it, an accident suddenly happened.

A saber suddenly appeared in the palm of that figure.

Then, it slashed out like a dragon.

With a flash of the saber light, a shocking blade power directly landed on his fist.


The saber light of his opponent and his Raging Wind Emperor Fist fiercely collided, instantly detonating it.

A huge impact force surged into his body, causing his internal organs to be completely shattered!

One slash had severely injured him!

His entire body was sent flying like a cannonball.

‘D*mn it!

Qingniu spat out a mouthful of blood in mid-air.

His eyes were filled with confusion and disbelief.

Even now, he still did not understand that it was just a small Jianghai city!

That was not one of those super large cities of the human race!

That place was not even as big as his own territory.

How could there be so many martial arts experts in such a small place

Every single one of them was terrifyingly powerful!

He was a mighty lesser divine beast, yet he could not even defend against them

Did the heavens want to play a joke on him tonight

After that figure executed that move, his body began to tremble slightly.

‘D*mn it! I didnt expect that a lesser divine beast would suddenly appear here.

It caused the spiritual energy in my body to have a huge tremor.

‘It wasnt easy for me to calm my mind here and borrow the essence of the moonlight to nourish my soul.

‘Now, the demonic nature is starting to surge again!

‘I must completely suppress it.

Otherwise, I, Li Liushui, will become a murderous demon and endanger the nine provinces!

After spitting, he immediately used the Buddhist beads on his wrist to suppress it.

He recited the Buddhist scriptures silently and forcefully suppressed the killing intent in his heart.

On the other side, Qingniu fiercely fell to a certain spot in Jianghai city, suddenly blasting a big pit in the ground.



He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had no choice.

That saber had struck his fist, stirring up the spiritual energy in his body, causing his spiritual energy to go out of control and shatter his internal organs, causing him to enter a state of serious injury.

At that moment, he was as weak as a small grandmaster-level star beast, not to mention the two human martial arts experts just now.

Even if he met a small human grandmaster, he would probably die without a burial ground.

‘No, I cant continue like this.

Because with my current strength, any human grandmaster could easily kill me.

‘If I die in the hands of a small human grandmaster, wont I, the Strength God Qingniu, become a joke in the entire starry sky

‘No, this absolutely can not happen.

He wanted to find a place to hide first.

After he recovered some of his cultivation, he would immediately flee this place and return to the space battlefield to look for Lord Tiger God to heal his injuries.

At that moment, a melodious song suddenly came from afar.

“I am a happy flower picker, my ability to pick flowers is strong…”

‘D*mn it! It cant be such a coincidence, right This place is so remote, how could I meet a Human

Qingniu spat out a mouthful of blood and clenched his fists.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

However, a moment later, when the other party entered his sight, his killing intent suddenly disappeared.

Not only that, he even laughed happily at night.

It was because he saw a pair of cat ears on the other partys head.

There was even a long tail sticking out from behind her butt.

That fellow… That fellow was actually not human!

Hahahaha… She was not human!

She was actually a star beast!

‘The heavens were really helping me!

Once he meets that star beast, he could ask her to help him heal his injuries.

Since they were both star beasts, she would definitely not reject him.

As long as she could help him recover a little bit of his strength, even if he was only at the Xiantian seventh grade divine grandmaster, he would be able to activate the teleportation array.

At that time, he would be able to easily escape back to the space battlefield!

It could also be said that he would be saved and be able to escape.

Thinking of that, he immediately stood up and endured the pain in his body as he charged towards the other party.

“Friend! Over here! Over here!”

Huan Liuli, who was about to pick flowers, could not help but be shocked when she saw the other party.

“This is… A star beast F*ck!”

She could not help but swear.

That was because she could clearly sense that the other partys aura was unusual.

Although the other party was heavily injured and his aura was greatly affected, Huan Liuli could still sense that the other partys aura was above the peak of the Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster rank!

What a powerful star beast!

That fellow might be much stronger than Norfis and Samuel!

At that point, it was as if he, who was weak, could faint with a single swipe of her claw.

That star beasts strength was very strong, but because it was injured now, it was not that strong.

If she could offer it to her master, then her master could heal it and put it in the breeding farm.

Would that not be a great contribution to him

When her master was happy, he might even reward her with something.!

Just thinking about it made her happy.

At that time, Qingniu had already run to her.

“My friend, We are all star beasts.

Please help me.

I have just been seriously injured by human beings.

If you can help me to heal my wounds, I will thank you very much.

The reward will be more than you can imagine.”

“Heh, heh, heh, youre the biggest payoff.”

With that, she reached out her claws.


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