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Chapter 254: Chaotic Battle.

This City Was Too Terrifying

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Qingniu and Fenglong slowly fell to the ground.

The two star beasts directly locked onto the martial arts library of Jianghai city.

There was no other reason, because the martial arts library of Jianghai city had a powerful whirlpool of spiritual energy.

That should be the strongest place in the entire Jianghai city.

Therefore, if there were any questions, they would definitely get the answer here.

Fenglong landed and cast his gaze down.

Soon, he locked onto a figure in front of the library.

Liu Chengxun.

“Xiantian eighth grade Looks like he should be a pretty good character among the human race.

I should be able to get something out of him.

Lets find him.”

The two of them made up their minds and landed beside Liu Chengxun.

Fenglong immediately made his move.

Boundless spiritual energy transformed into a huge hand and grabbed at Liu Chengxuns shoulder.

Liu Chengxun, who was originally looking at the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal, narrowed his eyes and snorted coldly.

“Who are you How dare you ambush me Youre courting death!”

Liu Chengxun swung his sword and slashed out!

The powerful sword landed on Fenglongs hand, causing a loud explosion.

The shockwave jolted many people awake.

The alarm in the library sounded, and all the librarians began to retreat toward the back door.

Liu Chengxuns gaze was cold.

The other party wanted to ambush him, but he ended up slashing his sword instead.

Just that single strike was enough to injure the other party.

Serves him right!

To think that the other party would find trouble with him after making him so foolish.

He was simply tired of living.

However, when the dust settled and he saw the other party clearly, Liu Chengxuns eyes widened in shock.


“What What… Whats going on”

He could not believe his eyes.

He turned around and slashed with his sword.

Logically speaking, the other party should have been injured by him no matter what.

However, the other party was completely uninjured.

Was he joking with him

Fenglong looked at his hand and snorted.

“Your hand strength is quite strong, but unfortunately, your cultivation is too weak.

With such a small trick, you cant even break through my defense.”


Liu Chengxun suddenly felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.

Although his move just now was not a full-strength attack, it was at least 60 percent of his strength, but it could not even break through the opponents defense.

It could be imagined that even if he used his full strength, it would only slightly hurt the opponent.

It couldnt even be considered a threat!

D*mn it!

Where did those powerful people come from

Even two of them at once

At that moment, Director Jiang Chen walked out of the library.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows when he saw that.

“I didnt expect two powerful entities to come to this tiny Jianghai city tonight.

Im surprised.”

Fenglong and Qingniu Glanced at Jiang Chen without any expression.

Liu Chengxun said immediately,

“Director Jiang, retreat quickly.

These two guys are extremely powerful! You cant deal with them alone.

Even I can only hold on for a short while.

“Go and inform the nine provinces alliance.

Their strength is at least at the ninth grade of the Xiantian realm!”

Fenglong smiled coldly.

“Do you think he can escape today All the humans here tonight will die!”

Qingniu said coldly,

“Fenglong, stop playing around.

Its more important to find Samuel and the others as soon as possible.”

“Got it.”

Feng long responded unhappily, then attacked directly.

He did not just reach out to grab Jiang Chen like before.

Instead, he showed a part of his true strength.

The terrifying energy overflowed.

Liu Chengxun suddenly trembled.

It was as if his soul had fallen into an ice cellar.

Too powerful!

What a powerful cultivation!

He had guessed wrong.

That guy was not in the ninth grade of the Xiantian realm at all!

He had already reached the state of a lesser divine beast.

He was doomed.

He would definitely die that time.

In the next second, Fenglong waved his hand in the air.

Three claw marks turned into three sharp wind blades, shooting at Liu Chengxun.

That strength was too strong.

The opponent was able to suppress Liu Chengxuns body just by relying on his aura.

He could not even move.

The speed of the attack was so fast that it made peoples hair stand on end.

Liu Chengxun was completely unable to block it.

He could only watch helplessly as the opponents attack landed on his body.

It was over!

He was really dead that time!

Between martial artists, the stronger one was, the greater the damage caused by the attack.

If it was said that he had encountered a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster before, the power of one attack would at most cause his body to be heavily injured and on the verge of death.

At that point, that attack could definitely cause him to die completely and explode into a cloud of blood mist.

At that time, even Senior Saber-sword Immortal would not be able to save him.

He had not expected that the only reason he stayed in Jianghai city was to see Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

In the end, not only did he not see him, but he was going to be killed.

He could not help but feel a sense of despair.

The rays of light grew bigger and bigger in his eyes.

He even felt that his body was about to be stripped off by this power.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

A ray of golden light suddenly wrapped around Liu Chengxun.


The next second, an explosion suddenly sounded, and a mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

Fenglong slightly raised his eyebrows.

He vaguely felt that something was not right.

When the dust dispersed, Liu Chengxun actually stood on the spot unscathed.

Fenglong could not help but be surprised.

Qingniu shared the sentiment.

There was a strange look in her eyes.

“Hehehe… This is the territory of the human race after all.

Im the director of the library.

Liu Chengxun is my subordinate now.

“If you kill him, how will I survive in the nine provinces”

Liu Chengxun turned his neck around mechanically.

He looked at the old director of the library blankly.

He was completely dumbfounded.

What was going on

His cultivation was supposed to be at the peak of the sixth level of the Xiantian realm, right

How could he withstand the attack of a lesser divine beast

Was he dreaming

The director was not a martial artist of the sixth grade of the Xiantian realm at all

He was also a prodigy

A human in the lesser King realm

He had thought he was just a weakling.

He had not even taken him seriously.

He had thought he was the most powerful person in Jianghai city, except for the Saber-sword Immortal and the Saber God, Li Liushui, and the other martial arts experts of the divine sects.

He had not realized it until now.

It turned out the clown was himself.

Fenglong and Qingniu glanced at Jiang Chen with a serious look in their eyes.

At the same time, they had the desire to fight.


It seems I didnt come here for nothing.”

“With your strength, you should be able to take down Samuel.

It seems youre the one who caught him.

In that case, Ill take you down and ask you to hand over Samuel.”

Fenglong looked ferocious.

“Qingniu, I found this guy first.

Dont attack him.

Ill tear him to pieces with my own hands.”

Qingniu chuckled.

“That wont do! I havent attacked in a long time.

My hands have been itching for a long time.

Im going to kill him today, even if Lord Tiger God comes.

I said so.”

Fenglongs face turned cold.

“Do you want to fight me”

“I dont mind if you have to.”

The atmosphere between the two lesser divine beasts became a bit tense.

It was full of tension and hostility.

At that moment, Jiang Chen spoke again.

“You dont have to go through so much trouble.

You two can attack together.”

Qingniu and Fenglong were taken aback by his words.

At the same time, Liu Chengxun hurried to say,

“Director, are you crazy Theyre both lesser divine beasts.

Its very dangerous for them to fight one another, let alone one against two.”

Jiang Chen kept smiling.

He looked calm.

“Its a waste of time to fight one by one.

Lets fight together.

Itll save me a lot of trouble.”

Liu Chengxun was shocked.

Looking at Jiang Chens calm face, his heart started to race!

Why was the director so confident

Could it be… Could it be that he wasnt in the lesser King realm

Was he a real King realm martial artist

Moreover, he was a male martial artist.

Heavens, then his identity was it not… Was it not one of the two

Heavens, that was simply crazy!

In his lifetime, he was actually able to meet one of the two from the nine provinces.

That was simply a great honor!

‘Ive struck it rich!

Even if he did not meet the Saber-sword Immortal, this time staying in Jianghai city was not a loss.

Liu Chengxuns eyes started to turn red.

He could not help but tear up a little.

Fenglong and Qingniu looked at each other.

Their hearts skipped a beat.

Could it be… Jiang Chen was a King realm martial artist

No, that was just a small city.

How could there be such a person

They had information.

There were only five King realm martial artists among the nine provinces human race on the ground, and only two of them were male.

How could it be so coincidental.

They had to bump into one of them.

“Humph! Youre pretending! Lets attack together.”

Qingniu called out to Fenglong, and the two attacked together.

The momentum of the two lesser divine beasts exploded.

The whole library was under great pressure in an instant,

the strongest momentum of the two gathered on Jiang Chen.

The two tried to take Jiang Chen down as fast as lightning.

Unfortunately, when the two of them arrived in front of Jiang Chen, an even stronger and more violent energy suddenly burst out of Jiang Chens body!

As soon as the energy burst out, the sky and earth changed color.

Dark clouds rolled and strong winds blew.

The energy was so powerful that it even affected the whole Jianghai city.

Countless warriors felt their breaths become stiff, they were so stifled that they were unable to breathe.

Fenglongs pupils constricted, and Liu Chengxun was so excited that he was about to cry.

King realm!

It was really king realm!

He had actually met the legendary King realm martial artists!


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