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Chapter 252: Heavenly Guangyuan Grand Array

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“However, speaking of which, your temperament is really strong.

Even I cant help but be excited when I meet the Saber God, Li Liushui.

You actually dont feel anything at all.”

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“Theres nothing strange about this, right Im not familiar with him.”

Liu Chengxun did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Was that a question of familiarity

That was the idol of countless people!

It was a powerful existence that was almost like a god in the hearts of those people.

Speaking of which, if he were to put himself in their shoes, he would be able to understand a little.

Just like those idols in the Han state, there were also many people who would flatter the heavens, but there would still be a portion of people who did not care so much.

Moreover, Ye Xiaos strength was really too weak.

He simply could not understand how strong the Saber God Li Liushui was.

It was just like a person in the mountains who had never seen a billionaire.

If the other party had not really taken out the money and placed it in front of him, he would not have felt the shock that came from the bottom of his heart!

The reason why he felt admiration and shock towards Li Liushui was because he had seen the strength of a divine grandmaster.

Although he had not really seen the saber god, Li Liushui displayed his strength, he had a concept in his mind.

Ye Xiao did not have that concept at all.

Thinking of that, Liu Chengxun did not continue to think about it.

Instead, he sighed with emotion,

“Its a pity that he was unable to advance in the end.

If he was able to advance successfully, his strength ranking in the world would be able to rise again and take a step closer.

“Its just that he did not know if he would have the chance to advance in the future.

“Wanting to advance to the King realm is really too difficult, too difficult.”

“Yes, its more difficult.”

Ye Xiao recalled that he had indeed spent quite a bit of effort to advance to the King realm.

First, he went to look for the soul-refining technique.

Then, he obtained inspiration from the Immortal Soldier Tombstone.

Finally, he went to the Heavenly Devil Cliff and hunted down those star beasts that were hiding there.

In the end, he relied on a total of 21 divine-level star beasts to refine medicinal pills before he could be considered to have successfully advanced to the King realm.

Moreover, that did not even include the star beast flesh and blood that he had swallowed previously, as well as the other items that contained a large amount of blood essence.

Advancing to the King realm was indeed a breakthrough that required a lot of effort compared to those below the Xiantian realm.

However, when Liu Chengxun heard those words, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

More difficult

What did the wordmore mean

Could that be described with the worddifficult

What a joke.

That was something even more difficult than ascending to the heavens.

Not to mention other things, even the Saber God Li Liushui, a heaven-gifted talent, had not advanced to the King realm despite hundreds of years of hard training.

He had even gone mad because of that.

In this life, he did not even dare to think about it.

Moreover, that was under the condition that his aptitude was not bad and he had the hope of advancing to the Xiantian ninth-grade divine sect.

Even if he could be certain that he had stepped into the Xiantian ninth grade divine sect, he did not dare to say that he would definitely be able to advance to the King realm in the future.

In the entire world, how many people were able to advance to the King realm

At most, there were only two hands.

After calculating it thoroughly, 11 people were at the very most.

‘You actually said that it was more difficult.

‘I really dont know if you are too naive or too innocent.

However, when he thought about Ye Xiaos strength, Liu Chengxun did not think too much about it.

Sigh, in the end, his strength was too weak and his knowledge was too shallow.

As long as he was a grandmaster, he would not say such shallow words!

It was not that he looked down on Ye Xiao.

After all, the two of them were also friends.

However, there were some practical problems that still needed to be seen objectively.

He could not possibly think that Ye Xiao was capable even though his strength was not good enough, right

Would that not be too much of a self-deception

“Speaking of which, since Li Liushui came to look for Senior Saber-sword Immortal, I dont know what kind of cultivation Senior Saber-sword Immortal has.

With his cultivation, it should be very likely that he will advance to the King realm.

“If he also becomes a King realm martial artist, the Zhong province will have another King realm martial artist.”

Liu Chengxun clenched his fists.

“Ye Xiao, in this life, I must find Senior Saber-sword Immortal.”

“Yes, yes.

Then can you give me some free time now I want to read.”

Liu Chengxun shook his head.

“Ye Xiao, you should just set a goal for yourself.

“Without a goal, a life that is too laid-back isnt perfect.

“Like me, my goal in this life is to advance to the peak of the Xiantian ninth grade divine grandmaster.

“Even though your aptitude isnt enough, you should at least set a goal of becoming a Xiantian first-grade grandmaster.

“How can you read books all day like this”

After saying that, Liu Chengxun turned around and left.

Two minutes later, Ye Xiao closed the book and let out a breath of turbid air.

He had finally gathered the imperial array, the Heavenly Guangyuan Grand Array!

If Ye Xiao wanted to upgrade his breeding ground, he definitely would not be able to rely on the array that Master Shaolin Guangliang had set up previously.

That array could only be considered a grandmaster-grade array, not an imperial array!

That was also limited by the array grade of the entire nine provinces.

Another point was the development limitations of the nine provinces alliance.

At that time, they did not cultivate Jianghai city as a key city.

They only cultivated it as a third-tier city.

Therefore, the array that they set up at that time had a limited level.

Based on that point, Ye Xiao now had to rely on himself to set up the array.

Fortunately, the types of arrays were not as many as martial arts techniques.

It could be considered a side-door category.

Therefore, he did not need so many books to be able to refine an imperial array.

That was not something that Ye Xiao used the Golden Book divine soul to refine.

That was because the Golden Book divine soul had already recorded an array.

It had already reached its limit.

It was impossible for it to collect basic arrays out of thin air.

At that point, if Ye Xiao wanted to refine the imperial technique or the imperial array cultivation technique, he would need to use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to slowly explore and evolve it bit by bit.

It was a pity that he had not discovered before that he could extract a small portion of the imperial technique from the grandmaster-level cultivation technique and eventually fuse it into a true imperial technique!

Otherwise, he already did not know how many imperial techniques he had now.

After obtaining that array, Ye Xiao directly collected the divine soul so that the divine soul would be familiar with it and could be easily set up.

When he got off work in the evening, an imperial array was gathered.

Ye Xiao originally thought that after he gathered three imperial arrays, he would be able to synthesize a new array.

However, what he did not expect was that all three arrays appeared.

On the Golden Book, the paper that recorded the array did not emit golden light, which meant that they could not be synthesized, perhaps the array and the cultivation technique were not the same things, so the conditions for the synthesis might be higher.

However, it did not matter.

The imperial array could already deal with existences below the Emperor realm.

It was enough for him to use now.

Coincidentally, Ye Xiao still had a large number of resources that he had snatched from the Beast God Alliance.

It was just right for him to use them.

Hence, after work, Ye Xiao directly used the Earth-burrowing Technique and entered the ground, starting the expansion project of the array.

That time, Ye Xiao was prepared to create more space.

As the number of star beasts increased, the original space would definitely not be enough.

Moreover, because of the imperial array, he was not afraid of the space collapsing.

On Ye Xiaos side, he quickly began to set up.

On the other side, Chen Qingxuan and the others finally set up a brand new array around Jianghai city.


He exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, and a look of joy appeared on his face after the work was completed.

“We didnt disappoint.

Weve finally completed all the arrays in Jianghai city.”

Du Changfeng and the others came forward one after another and thanked Chen Qingxuan.

“Old Chen, thank you so much.

This time, youve worked hard for a whole month to change the array inside and outside of Jianghai city.

You even specially set up a whole set of defensive arrays for Jianghai city.”

“Arent we just being polite Whos with whom When we were at Jingdu Martial Arts Academy, we were roommates and good friends for so many years.”.

“Now that youre the governor, I have to show my special skills to help you.”

The disciple next to Chen Qingxuan said,

“Governor, my teacher really put in a lot of effort this time! He did a great job with this array.

The arrays in other cities are also very good.

“However, compared to the arrays in Jianghai city, they are far inferior.

“Take the spirit-gathering array here as an example.

Dont look at them.

They are eight top-grade grandmaster arrays placed in all directions of Jianghai city and connected to the array core in the center of the city.

It is as if they are a bunch of grandmaster arrays connected together.

“However, in reality, the difficulty of setting up this array is not weaker than ordinary imperial spirit-gathering arrays.

Similarly, its effect is only stronger than ordinary imperial spirit-gathering arrays!

“If it was any other city, even if it was a large city, my teacher would only use an imperial array to deal with it.

“Only in this city did he specially spend a large amount of time to set up this cultivation technique!”

“Little Wang, shut up.”

Chen Qingxuan glared at his disciple.

That disciple immediately shut up, while Du Changfeng patted Chen Qingxuans shoulder.

“Old Chen, I will remember this friendship.

If theres anything you need in the future, just let me know.

“As long as its something I can do, I will definitely do it.”

“Whats there to be polite about We are brothers.

I still need to quickly put in spirit stones to test this array!”


Du Changfeng took a step back and gave the space to Chen Qingxuan.

Chen Qingxuan immediately started to put in spirit stones.

He had already put nine star cores of Xiantian seventh-grade divine-level star beasts into the array to increase the quality of the array formation.

After putting in the spirit stones, the entire array was activated.

In the next second, an overwhelming amount of spiritual energy rapidly gathered toward Jianghai city.

Hu, Hu, hu!

Standing beside the array, Du Changfeng could even hear the sound of spiritual energy crazily howling.

“Hiss! This array is too strong!”

That formation was much stronger than the one that Guangliang had set up previously.

However, at that moment, a thundercloud suddenly gathered in the sky.

Everyone could not help but frown.

“Strange, why is there suddenly thunder The weather forecast didnt say that there would be rain today.”


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