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Chapter 251: In Front of Him, Even the Divine Sect Was Afraid

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Liu Chengxun Is He very powerful”

Li Liushuis brows raised slightly.

He was different from Lu Qingshan.

Lu Qingshan had a slight understanding of many new things.

On the other hand, he was a complete martial arts fanatic.

Other than cultivating, he did not have a deep understanding of other things in this world.

Fa Zheng was a little silent.

That was because he did not know how to explain himself.

Liu Chengxun was indeed very strong, much stronger than him.

However, in front of Li Liushui, he seemed to be nothing.

At that moment, he knew what words to use to describe him.

Beside him, the Indian Buddhist son, Aro, explained,

“Liu Chengxun, who became famous in recent decades, is a famous sword saint in the state of Han.

He is a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster.

“He was previously ranked 49th on the World Dragon list, but now he has fallen to the 50th place.

“That was because he lost to Senior Saber-sword Immortal, and Senior Saber-sword Immortal didnt even appear.

Just by hiding his sword intent in a flower, he easily defeated him.”


Li Liushui let out a soft “oh” and did not take it seriously.

If Liu Cheng Xun was at Xiantian ninth grade, he would have taken him seriously.

Alas, it was a pity that he was not even at Xiantian ninth grade.

Since that was the case, there was nothing for him to care about.

Xiantian ninth grade.

If it was just a little bit weaker, he would not even bother to look at it.

Not to mention, the difference between Xiantian eighth grade and Xiantian ninth grade was like the difference between heaven and earth.

His gaze fell on the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal once again, and he muttered two sentences,

“However, speaking of which, this Saber-sword Immortal does have some skills.

He can actually condense his sword intent into a rose.

This old man is getting more and more interested in him.”

Li Liushui said faintly.

In fact, after his cultivation had reached his level.

From some aspects, he could easily analyze the opponents strength.

What was his approximate strength

The sword intent hidden in the flower should be at the peak of the Xiantian ninth grade.

When he was at the peak of the Xiantian ninth grade, he could easily do that too.

Therefore, there was nothing extraordinary about it.

However, in the nine provinces, there were not many existences that could reach the peak of the divine sect.

Therefore, he was more or less curious and wanted to see who the other party was.

In reality, even though his analysis was similar, it was still a little lacking.

There were some parts that he did not completely analyze.

First of all, at that time, Ye Xiaos cultivation was at Xiantian eighth grade.

However, because he was invincible among those of the same level, he could skip a level to fight.

Therefore, his techniques at that time were probably equivalent to Xiantian ninth grade.

From that point, Li Liushuis analysis was also similar.

However, he did not manage to analyze the second point.

That was, Ye Xiaos aptitude!

Ye Xiao had already become a King realm martial artist, but he was unable to analyze this point.

“Senior Li, lets go in and choose some Buddhist scriptures for you.”

Li Liushui nodded.

Currently, he could not easily suppress the demonic nature in his body, so he needed some Buddhist scriptures to help him suppress the demonic nature in his body and suppress the urge to kill.

The three of them walked into the library and went straight up to the fourth floor.

Li Liushui was a little puzzled.

“Why not on another floor Why did you run to this floor I just saw some Buddhist scriptures on the third floor.”

Fa Zheng smiled.

“There are indeed Buddhist scriptures sent by Shaolin on the third floor of the library, but there are more on the third floor and above.

“Moreover, there is a good friend of this little monk on the fourth floor.

This little monk also wants to look for him.”

“I see.”

The three of them came in front of Ye Xiao and saw that Ye Xiao and Liu Chengxun were chatting.



Ye Xiao was suddenly interrupted and looked at the other party.

Liu Chengxun raised his eyebrows slightly.

However, when he saw Fa Zheng and Ah Luo, he was still fine.

However, when he saw Li Liushui behind Fa Zheng, his body immediately trembled and his pupils constricted.

He was unable to even say a word.

This… This… This is…

Fa Zheng did not notice his change.

His gaze was on Ye Xiao the entire time.

“Why is master free to come today”

Ye Xiao could tell Li Liushuis level with a glance.

Above the great circle of the peak of Xiantian ninth grade, a martial arts expert of the lesser King realm!

Looking at his appearance, he should have just tried to advanced recently, but he did not succeed in doing so.

There should not be more than two such people in the nine provinces at the moment.

In addition, there was faint demonic energy in his body, and he was accompanied by Fa Zheng, so it was very likely.

Saber God Li Liushui!

“This penniless monk just saw the personnel notice board downstairs.


Ye has been promoted again, so this penniless monk came to congratulate you.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh right, when this penniless monk returned to Shaolin, I left Mr.

Ye that storage ring…”

“I didnt take that storage ring because I went to Zhong city to study for a month.

I only returned in these two days.

So its still in the hands of Director Ouyang.”

“I see.

This penniless monk will go look for her now.

Ill take my leave for now.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Fa Zheng left with Li Liushui, while Aro did not leave.

He immediately began to look for books to study in this area.

“Hello, Im looking for some books about nine provinces language to learn their language.

May I know where I can find it”

Aro spoke fluently in an Indian language mixed with the nine provinces language, which he was not very familiar with.

He also made a hand gesture and asked.


“Old Liu, dont you know his language”

“I havent learned it.

Its useless for me to learn that.

I was born in the nine provinces and went to the Han state.”

Ye Xiao tried to scan the other partys brain with his spiritual energy.

Only then did he understand that Aro wanted to learn the nine provinces language.

“Does he want to learn our language Ask your people to pick a few books for him to learn the basics.”


Liu Chengxun shouted to a nearby place.

Soon, a small administrator ran over.

Under Liu Chengxuns orders, he brought Aro to look for books.

Looking at Aros devout look, Liu Chengxun could not help but sigh,

“Every person who comes to nine provinces will be attracted by the culture here.

This Aro, theres a high chance that he wont be able to leave the nine provinces in the future.

Didnt you see When he speaks our language, his eyes are full of light.”

“Doesnt he have a visa After the visa expires, he still has to go back, right”

“Looking at him, he should be preparing to learn our language and then take the exam to join the nine provinces, right For a high-level Xiantian sixth-grade martial artist like him, who is also a genius, there shouldnt be much of a problem for him to join the nine provinces.

“After this beast calamity, I might consider joining the nine provinces as well.

“However, I cant do it now.

After all, the Han state has nurtured me for so many years.

The beast calamity is imminent.

I cant leave the Han state now.

At the very least, I have to help them survive the beast calamity this time.

“Otherwise, without the divine sect holding down the fort, the entire Han state will probably be wiped out.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Hence, so many people joining the nine provinces, and they were even geniuses, was also a good thing for the nine provinces.

It could make the nine provinces stronger and stronger.

Of course, if they were trash, then absolutely not.

The nine provinces was not a garbage shelter.

“By the way, speaking of which, did you notice the person beside Fa Zheng just now”

“That silent little old man”

“Yes! Its him.”

Liu Chengxuns expression suddenly became serious.

“That guy isnt an ordinary person.

Even I feel that his aura is terrifying.

“You might not know that feeling because your cultivation is too weak.

You only have the strength of a Houtian sixth grade.

“In front of him, its like youre in the wilderness.

You cant see how tall and how big this mountain is!

“Only a true martial arts expert can feel his strength and terror.

“I recently heard that nine provinces Saber God Li Liushui failed to advance and went berserk.

He is recuperating in Shaolin and is currently with Fa Zheng.

It is very likely that he is here to look for Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

“This is because Senior Saber-sword Immortal also cultivates saber techniques.

I reckon that he will be able to gain some insights.”


Ye Xiao lightly replied with anoh.

Liu Chengxun continued to speak,

“I didnt expect that one day, I, Liu Chengxun, would be fortunate enough to meet the Saber God, Li Liushui.

He is a super existence ranked ninth on the Dragon list.”

“Arent you also on the Dragon list”

“This is different.”

Liu Chengxun shook his head.

“Although the two of us are both on the Dragon list, there is a world of difference between the levels of the Dragon list.

“The further we go, the stronger the gap between our strengths.

“You see, my cultivation is very strong, but I am only in the 50th place.

If it were Lang Xinyue, Shi Guanghao, and the others in the 40th place, they would be able to easily defeat me.

“It would be easier for the 30th place to defeat the two of them than for them to defeat me.

“Within the top 20, killing me instantly would be as easy as squashing an ant.

“Not to mention that Li Liushui is ranked ninth on the Dragon list.

“In front of him, even a middle-level divine grandmaster like me would have to cower.

“He is the top-notch martial arts expert in this world.”

Ye Xiao admitted that point.

When he was at the Zhong City Library and conversing with Beitang Ce, he had mentioned that point to him.

Currently, only the top seven on the Dragon list were King realm martial artists.

On the Phoenix list, only four were King realm martial artists.

Now, including him, there were only 12 King realm martial artists.

That was in the whole world.

If it was in the nine provinces, there would be even fewer.

There were four venerables in the nine provinces who were King realm martial artists.

Four venerables, two men and two women, each occupied the top two places on the Dragon list and the Phoenix list.

In addition, there was also a female King realm martial artist, but she had not appeared for many years.

However, there was no Emperor realm martial artist above the King realm in the world.

Only on the space battlefield were there Emperor realm martial artists.

From that point of view, below the King realm, the lesser King realm was the strongest.

The Saber God, Li Liushui, could be considered to be at least in the top 20 among the men and women martial arts experts in the world.

The top 20 out of tens of billions of people was indeed top-notch!


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