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Chapter 250: The Purpose of the Nine Provinces Alliance

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Ye Xiao had long been clear about that result.

Back then, when he had sent him to study, Ouyang Yunzhong had said that he wanted to support him.

Since his cultivation had reached Houtian sixth grade, that alone could solve many troublesome matters.

There was another point.

Although he had only entered the library for a year, for a library that frequently changed jobs, his work experience was already not small.

Many people were like Gu Hai.

They would come in and mingle around for a while before turning around and leaving.

Of course, she was not the only one supporting him.

There were also some other supervisors.

All in all, they all belonged to her old subordinates.

Although Ye Xiao did not want to admit it, he knew that Ouyang Yunzhong definitely had some selfish motives.

In the past, when she was the director, she did not need to scheme so much.

At that point, she was no longer a director.

She had to leave herself a way out.

As an example, in the future, if she wanted to arrange jobs for her relatives, family members, or do some other small things, she could use these connections of hers.

The profits of the library were still very abundant.

Otherwise, she would have nothing to do but talk nonsense一help him and the others get a promotion and a raise.

At that moment, Ye Xiao finally understood why it was so easy for Director Ouyang to transfer some of the librarys employees to other posts in the past.

Moreover, he could even find some good posts for them.

That old director was not simple at all.

He probably had quite a number offriends outside.

However, that was not a big deal.

After all, it was not something that would harm the human race.

Moreover, it did not matter to him now.

As long as he could read books and become stronger, everything else was just a side-effect of his role.

Yang Xi was promoted to become the supervisor of the area that he used to manage.

That was understandable.

She was Ouyang Yunzhongs relative.

Although there were many people in the library who were older than her, they could not stop her from opening the back door, making it easier for them to squeeze in.

Most of the colleagues who had gone to study with her had been promoted.

People like Liu Chengxun were just here to make a living.

There would not be any changes in their positions.

That was the general idea.

Then Jiang Chen, the new director of the library, took the management team upstairs to the conference room for a new meeting.

It was just some management issues.

After the meeting, Ye Xiao finally went back to the fourth floor.

Liu Chengxun, Piao Jiansheng, Yang Qian, and the others came over to congratulate him.

Ye Xiao dealt with them one by one.

There were many happy events in his life.

He had been promoted and given a raise.

However, to Ye Xiao, those things were not very attractive to him.

The only attraction was that he could move around freely and did not need to work.

That way, he could read more books and collect more imperial technique cultivation methods to synthesize.

What Ye Xiao was looking at today was not cultivation methods, but information about raising the cultivation of star beasts.

Currently, there were a few commonly accepted methods for star beasts to raise their cultivation.

The first method was to eat other star beasts.

The second method was to eat humans.

The third method was to eat natural treasures.

The fourth method was to grow slowly.

It was simple and crude.

Three to eat, one to grow.

Firstly, the second and fourth methods were excluded.

Those two methods definitely would not work.

The first and third methods were more stable.

However, the first method was actually not fast, because there were not that many higher-level star beasts that could be caught.

If there were, Ye Xiao would not have to think of a way to raise their cultivation.

Those star beasts with weaker cultivations ate like snacks.

They were completely useless.

The only things that were faster were things like heavenly and earthly treasures.

However, those things were basically all in the deep mountains and old forests.

It was not easy to find them.

However, Ye Xiao still found some relatively unorthodox and decent methods.

As an example… Building a spirit-gathering array specially used for star beasts.

That was the most common method used by many beastmasters.

Firstly, the array could be used for a long period of time.

If it did not wear out, the consumption would naturally not be too great.

Secondly, it was really cheap.

Raising a star beast was very expensive.

Not to mention raising a group of high-end star beasts.

The spirit-gathering array would save him a lot of money.

It could also be used in combination with other methods.

He did not have to use it as a separate method to improve, he could use it to assist other methods.

That was a very good choice.


There was another method.

It was a secret pill specially made for star beasts.

There were some pills that were used to increase the speed at which star beasts absorbed spiritual energy.

That was because they were different from normal humans.

Star beasts had so many so-called rules and regulations.

That meridian was weak, and that meridian could not be moved casually.


As for star beasts, their origin was only the star core.

The more spiritual energy they injected, the faster their strength would increase.

Unless they reached a critical point, which might cause them to detonate.

However, how could that critical point be so easy to reach

Therefore, within a short period of time, Ye Xiao had already decided on three plans.

Using the spirit-gathering array to assist, and then using medicinal pills to increase their absorption speed of spiritual energy.

Finally, using heavenly materials and earthly treasures to help them increase their strength by a large margin.

That way, he could easily obtain a large batch of star beasts that were even stronger.

Although it was a little troublesome, it was far better to directly capture a few divine beasts and lesser divine beasts.

Was that not because he had never met any star beasts above the lesser divine level

After confirming those three plans, Ye Xiao went to read the other books.

There were still some small problems when executing those three plans.

He currently did not have a suitable spirit-gathering array, for instance.

He only had two arrays.

One was mainly for illusions and killing while the other was mainly for defense.

He still had to wait until he had found a better spirit-gathering array in the near future.

If it was a natural treasure, he could look for it in the Southwest Seaside Forest.

As for medicinal pills, he could also choose to find the materials from there and refine them himself.

It would save money, trouble, and effort.

If he could cultivate all the star beasts and replenish his vitality, he would definitely be able to advance to the Emperor realm before the beast calamity arrived.

At that time, he would be able to truly face the beast calamity and face the space battlefield with the ability to protect himself.

Ye Xiao instantly felt as if he had become a gold-medal breeder.

“Star beast post-natal care.

Why are you reading this kind of book”

The one who spoke was Liu Chengxun.

He was probably bored in his own district, so he came over to take a look.

Although he was not a full-level supervisor like himself and was only a district supervisor, because of his special identity, no one cared about him.

Ye Xiao closed the book.

“I have a cat star beast, so I want to take a look.

I want to learn some knowledge in advance.”

“I see.”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

He knew that Ye Xiao had a star beast cat.

However, he was not interested.

It was just a cat, how strong could it be

It was probably the strength of a Houtian martial artist, not even reaching the Xiantian realm.

To a Xiantian eighth-grade existence like him, he was just an ant among ants.

Therefore, he did not continue discussing this topic with Ye Xiao.

Instead, he changed the topic.

“The director who came this time isnt very strong.

Originally, I thought that the nine provinces alliance would send a divine grandmaster over.

“In the end, I didnt expect that it would only be a Xiantian sixth-grade great grandmaster.

“It seems like the nine provinces alliance isnt planning to train Jianghai city as a key city.”


He was speechless.

Jiang Chen was a King realm martial artist.

He was much stronger than Ye Xiao.

However, in the entire library, no one else knew Jiang Chens identity except for him.

Liu Chengxun was only in the eighth grade of the Xiantian realm.

He could not tell Jiang Chens cultivation level.

That was normal.

However, what Liu Chengxun had said had inspired him.

The nine provinces alliance had sent a powerful King realm martial artist.

It seemed the nine provinces alliance wanted to develop Jianghai city.

Ye Xiao had noticed that many new methods had been added to the expansion of the library.

Many of them were master-level methods.

Although it was still not comparable to the martial arts library in the Zhong province, compared to before, it was like a bird with a gun for a cannon.

That also happened to benefit him.

At that moment, he just wanted to see the grandmaster-level cultivation technique and extract the imperial technique from it.

That was one point, and there was another point.

That was, the reason why the Zhong province wanted to develop Jianghai city so vigorously was definitely to gather more people and let Jianghai city develop into a top-tier big city.

Then, they would use him to protect more humans when the beast calamity descended, to protect more humans.

That matter was understandable.

In any case, to Ye Xiao, he definitely would not let the star beasts destroy Jianghai city.

Protecting eight million people was also protecting.

Protecting 80 million people was just a few more moves.

There was not much of a difference.

However, he had to pay attention to whether or not that matter would attract more and more powerful star beasts during the beast calamity

He was not afraid of divine beasts.

If they were to come as powerful as Emperor realm super divine beasts among the human warriors, then he would be in big trouble.

He hoped that he could make use of those star beasts to improve his strength to the Emperor realm to ensure his safety.

He had to develop the breeding farm and synthesize the cultivation technique as soon as possible.

On the other side, two bald men and an older man came to the entrance of the library.

Looking at the statue, the man seemed to be deep in thought.

He said slightly,

“Little friend Fa Zheng, youve been in Jianghai city for so long, but havent you seen the legendary Saber-sword Immortal”

“Senior Li, Saber-sword Immortals identity has always been a mystery in the entire Jianghai city.

Let alone a little monk, even Han states sword saint, Liu Chengxun, and the others, who are martial arts experts from the divine sects, have never seen him.

“He even stopped returning to Han state to meet Senior Saber-sword Immortal and became a librarian in this library management.”


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