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Chapter 249: They Decided to Be Poultry for 10,000 Years.

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Iron Bull could not help but swear.

“How long has it been This guy has already advanced to that realm Are you kidding me Is he still human

“Even if he was human and had a strong talent.

Under normal circumstances, without a few decades, he would not have advanced to this realm so quickly, right”

“Is this guy still human You actually still treat him as a human Youre really too naive and cute.

I havent treated him as a human for a long time.”

“Its over, its over.

With this, even if we cultivate for another 6,000 years, Im afraid we wont be able to escape from his palm, right King realm martial artists were not only powerful but their lifespans would also rise to a new upper limit.

They definitely had a few thousand years of time.”

Those words caused everyone to become pessimistic.

No wonder he wanted to help them raise their cultivation level.

They were wondering why he was so kind and was not afraid that they would run away after raising their cultivation level.

That was the reason for the relationship.

Firstly, his own strength had already been greatly increased, so he was not afraid that they would run away.

Secondly, because his strength had increased, their flesh and blood would definitely not be enough to support them anymore.

That was why he needed to raise the strength of his star beasts to a higher level, so that he could have flesh and blood that was richer, to help him increase his cultivation.

At that moment, the Earth Immortal Weng suddenly could not help but speak slowly,

“Havent you thought of another problem

“Since he can improve himself so quickly, then he can definitely increase the strength of us star beasts.

“In other words, although he will want our flesh and blood, if our strength increases, even more, our lives will be longer than his.

“If he dies, we will still be alive.

“And at that time, our strength might even surpass that of the divine beasts!”

The moment those words were said, the eyes of the star beasts suddenly lit up.

In fact, some of the star beasts even started to breathe heavily.

Earlier, they were scared out of their wits by the speed at which Ye Xiaos cultivation increased.

In the end, they forgot about another more important matter.

Ye Xiao had said that as long as they contributed enough, they would be able to advance from their current cultivation.

To everyone, that was actually a very profitable method to increase their cultivation.

One had to know that to them, increasing their cultivation was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

If they were to rely on themselves, they might only be able to increase their strength by one or two levels after a few thousand years.

However, if they wanted to break through to the divine beast realm, it was almost impossible.

Ye Xiaos cultivation speed and his talent were obvious to everyone.

Therefore, he definitely had a way to help them raise their strength quickly.

They also did not need to worry.

It was impossible for Ye Xiao to help them raise their cultivation.

That was because if Ye Xiao wanted to obtain stronger spiritual energy and blood essence, he had to make their strength stronger.

That was something that could not be helped.

Before a method that could definitely raise their strength, what was the big deal if they just sacrificed some of their flesh and blood

After all, if they relied on their own cultivation, they might not be able to reach the realm of divine beasts for the rest of their lives.

Now, they only needed to chop off their tentacles and hooves every day.

It could not be any simpler!

It was completely equivalent to winning by lying down.

At that moment, the star beasts seemed to have discovered a broad path to becoming rich.

The star beasts looked at each other and understood each others gaze.

That was, that poultry had to continue being poultry.

“Ive decided that Ill at least be poultry for 10,000 years! Within these 10,000 years, unless he drives me away, I definitely wont leave.”

Norfis was the first to speak.

Samuel followed closely behind.

“Youre right.

10,000 years can not be any simpler for us star beasts.

“Its just a snap of the fingers.

“Moreover, we definitely dont have to worry about safety on this farm.

“As long as theres no problem with safety, we star beasts will be able to live peacefully.

Moreover, along with the increase in our cultivation, our lifespan will be extended again.

“100,000 years is nothing at all.”

“Good! Isnt it just ten thousand years I, Ji Feng, will accompany you to the end!”

Susan quickly raised her hand.

“And me! And me!”

“Count me in.”

“Good! Then we have an agreement.

Within these 10,000 years, be our poultry properly.

No one can think of escaping, lest we offend Master.

When that time comes, we wont be able to raise our cultivation.”

“Alright! If anyone dares to escape, the rest of us will kill him together.”

“If there are other star beasts coming over in the future, we must try our best to persuade them not to cause trouble.

We dont want to offend our master.”

“Right, right, right.

We should form a group and try our best to be the strongest poultry in the world.”

The star beasts looked at each other and could not help but laugh heartily.

On Ye Xiaos side, he came to the top of the library and clocked in for work.

In the hall, there were already many colleagues who were waiting for the meeting.

Ye Xiao noticed that Director Ouyang was no longer standing at the top.

The current her was already sitting below with the others.

According to what she said before, after they returned from their studies, the library would have a new curator.

From the looks of it now, this matter should have already been decided.

However, it did not matter.

It did not matter who the director was.

As long as it did not hinder her from reading, it was fine.

Very soon, an old man wearing a suit walked out from behind.

He had a square face and slightly hunched back, but he was dressed very neatly.

His nose looked a little like a turtle.

His hair and beard were a little white, and his eyes were calm and collected.

There was a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth as if he was a kind, old man.

However, the moment he saw the other party, Ye Xiaos eyes slightly moved.

Something was wrong.

That old fellow was not an ordinary person!

His strength was very strong.

Ordinary people looked at him as if they were looking at an ordinary person.

They did not feel anything at all.

It was as if he was a real ordinary old man.

Only Ye Xiao could sense that he was a little different.

Of course, he also had some cultivation, probably at the connate sixth grade, but Ye Xiao was clear in his heart.

His cultivation was definitely not just at the Xiantian sixth grade.

Liu Chengxun, who was beside Ye Xiao, said with a faint smile,

“I thought that the nine provinces had sent some super powerful martial arts expert I didnt expect that it was actually just an ordinary old man.

“This fellows cultivation should be around the Xiantian sixth grade, the peak of the great grandmaster rank.

“What a pity.

I thought that the nine provinces alliance would at least send a divine grandmaster.

“It seems that Jianghai city isnt something they really care about, so they wont send a higher-level expert to the station here.”

Ye Xiao did not reply to him.

He only looked at the old man indifferently, his eyes filled with interest.

Even Liu Chengxun could not tell the other partys cultivation.


King realm martial artist!

Only a martial arts expert of that level could easily deceive everyone.

Even the divine sect was included.

Only he could sense him.

It was as if only those above the grandmaster rank had the chance to sense another like them.

Only a King realm martial artist could have a different sense of a king realm martial artist.

However, that was not the main point.

The main point was that the nine provinces alliance actually sent a King realm martial artist to be the director of Jianghai citys library.

If he remembered correctly, Beitang Ce had told him before.

In the entire nine provinces, there were countless King realm martial artists.

Other than the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise, there was also a King realm martial artist.

They were all ranked in the top few on the Dragon and Phoenix rankings.

In other words, the other party was one of the only five King realm martial artists in the nine provinces.

Who was it

One of the four great guardians of the nine provinces

Was it the other one

The other party seemed to have noticed Ye Xiaos gaze.

He looked in Ye Xiaos direction, but Ye Xiao had already turned his head and started chatting with Liu Chengxun.

Moreover, his aura was concealed and was much, much stronger than the other partys.

Unless he took the initiative to expose himself, the other party would definitely not be able to see through his cultivation.

Therefore, although the old man took a look, he did not see through his identity.

That was also thanks to his cultivation had already advanced to the King realm.

If he had not advanced to the King realm, he might have been seen through by the other party today.

The old man shook his head.

He could not help but be confused.

‘What was that feeling It was so strange! Why did I feel like I was seen through by someone

‘Maybe it was just my imagination.

The only powerful existence in this library is Liu Chengxun, the young sword saint of the state of Han in the eighth grade of the Xiantian realm.

But Liu Chengxun, that kid, could never see through my identity.

He murmured, then walked up and spoke.

“Hello, everyone.

I Am Jiang Chen.

From today onwards, I will be the director of the martial arts library in Jianghai city.

“Although this isnt my first time being the director, this is my first time working in Jianghai city.

“In the future, I hope you can cooperate more with me when it comes to working…”

Ye Xiao could recite a set of old-fashioned bureaucratic phrases without him having to say them, so he did not listen carefully.

After the other party said a few simple words, he began to announce the new personnel list.

As expected, Ye Xiao was promoted.

He became the supervisor of the fourth floor!

The supervisor of the entire floor!

That was different from the supervisor of a district.

The supervisor of a district only managed a large area and only had a few small administrators under him.

At that point, that he had become the supervisor of the entire floor, his authority was much greater.

To put it more bluntly, just from the salary alone, one could see the difference between the two.

The district supervisors salary was only a little over 10,000 a month.

While the salary of the entire floor supervisor was at the bottom of 60,000 yuan.

That did not include some special benefits.

There was almost no work to be done and a secretary would be arranged for it for instance.

If there was a secretary to do, the secretary would do it.

In addition, you can also go out at ordinary times, not like the district management, daily fixed in their own district, can not leave at will.


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