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Chapter 248: Farm Well, Make a Fortune and Accelerate Your Cultivation.

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“I really dont know how this trash can be called the three great generals together with us two lesser divine beasts.

Just thinking about it makes me feel ashamed.”

“Forget it, its useless to complain.

For Lord Tiger Gods plan, we still have to look for him.”

“Ill first sense the place where he disappeared before looking for him.

At the same time, Ill also look for the Emperor bloodline holder that just appeared in the human race.”

On Ye Xiaos side, after returning, he first checked the things that Huan Liuli had harvested from the farm within the past month.

She had harvested quite a number of things, but unfortunately, their value was not enough.

In other words, to the current him, it was already far from meeting the standard.

In the past, he was a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

It was possible for him to eat star beasts of the same grade to replenish his vitality.

At that point, he was already a King realm martial artist!

The energy required by a King realm martial artist was more than ten times stronger than that of a divine grandmaster.

These Xiantian seventh grade, Xiantian eighth grade, and Xiantian ninth grade star beasts were like meat droplets to him.

They did not care about filling his stomach at all.

Ye Xiao rubbed his temples and used his divine sense to refine all of those things into a medicinal pill.

Normally, refining a medicinal pill required a star core.

Refining like that by Ye Xiao was equivalent to fusing all of his flesh and blood into a blood bead.

Strictly speaking, it was not considered a true medicinal pill.

It was just to make it easier for him to eat so that he could absorb all of the essences in one go.

Even so, the amount of essence that he had harvested for an entire month was not much in total.

It was a drop in the bucket.

However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

To Ye Xiao, who had already reached the King realm and needed a large amount of blood essence and spiritual energy to advance to the Emperor realm, it was still useful.

However, Ye Xiao did have to think of some ways.

Currently, there were two plans.

One was more realistic, and the other was less realistic.

However, there was still a slight chance.

The less realistic plan was to capture a few lesser divine beasts or even true divine beasts.

The reason why he said he was less realistic was that in order to carry out that plan, he needed to find lesser divine beasts and divine beasts.

The problem was that those two types were very difficult to find.

On the ground, the strongest seemed to be only King realm martial artists, and it was the human race.

If it was a star beast, even if there were King realm martial artists, they would be expelled or killed.

The human race would definitely not keep a divine beast.

That would be too unstable and too dangerous.

The moment it went out of control, the fire might spread to several countries, with a population of ten billion!

As for lesser divine beasts, although they were not as hard to find as divine beasts, they were not easy to find either.

There were probably not many of them in the entire world, so he wondered if he could count them with one hand.

In any case, at the moment, the nine provinces did not seem to have them.

However, although that plan was not very realistic, if he could find them, it would be too time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving.

With his ability to fight across ranks, he could take down the other party in a minute.

After taking down the other party, he would directly lock them up in the farm and cut off their flesh and blood every day to replenish their vitality.

It was a wonderful feeling.

The second plan was more realistic, but it would take a longer time to realize.

That was to cultivate the star beasts in his current farm.

He could not just simply cut off their flesh, he had to cultivate them!

Just like cultivating wheat and rice, he had to let them grow from a seed into a ripe fruit.

That was to push them all to the strength of lesser divine beast and divine beasts.

The reason why that was said to be more realistic was firstly because he already had the seeds.

It was them.

He only needed to think of a way to fertilize, water, and raise their cultivation.

‘Theres still a cost to doing breeding.

Ye Xiao sighed faintly.

He calmed his mind in his storage ring and took out a bit of honey to drink.


After drinking a mouthful, Ye Xiao felt that the taste was not quite right.

It was not that the honey had already gone bad.

After all, he had set up a preservation array in his storage ring.

It was the honey that had settled down and concentrated the spiritual energy and essence.

It provided more spiritual energy than before!


Coincidentally, Ye Xiao had been thinking about a problem.

He had built such a huge sea of flowers, and Susan the bee was refining so much honey every day.

He definitely would not be able to finish it.

Honey was the best to drink.

No matter how sweet the taste was, he could not drink it like water.

His taste buds could not hold on.

However, if he brewed it into wine and condensed the large amount of spiritual energy in it into one point, even if he was in the King realm, the improvement would be very good.


If that was the case, could Mo Yus milk also be processed into compressed milk slices

Eating one slice and replenishing a large amount of spiritual energy

However, it was not that simple.

That was because the honey was made by Susan while Mo Yus milk was squeezed out by herself.

Honey did not need to consume Susans vitality, but the milk of the Mo Yu needed to consume a large amount of his vitality.

When the time came, he would be squeezed dry by her.

When the time came, he would have to stare at his two sagging pockets.

He still had to think of a new way.

After a night, a series of production plans appeared in Ye Xiaos mind.

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao rushed to the library.

He woke up earlier on purpose.

That way, before he went to work, he first went to the location of the seal.

The group of star beasts were originally chatting idly.

However, when they saw him coming over, they were all so scared that their hair stood on end.

They immediately retreated to the wall behind them.

That fellow had clearly told them that he usually did not come here.

However, if he came, it would definitely not be a good thing.


Ye, why are you free today”

Norfis rubbed his tentacles and asked carefully as if he was trying to please them.

Ye Xiao said faintly,

“I came here today to discuss some matters with you.”

The hearts of the star beasts instantly thumped.

It was over.

As long as that fellow talked about matters, they did not need to use their big toes to guess.

It definitely would not be a good thing.

“Dont worry, its a good thing!”

Ye Xiao looked at their expressions and smiled as he comforted them.

However, it was very obvious that everyone would not believe his words.

If they believed that guys words, then their brains really had water in them.

Ye Xiao did not continue to waste time and directly opened his mouth to say to them,

“I want to make some adjustments to the work of the farm.

“In the past, I was the one who forced you to give me flesh, essence, honey, eggs, milk, and so on.

From today onwards, on the basis of what you originally gave me, if anyone is willing to give me more things..

I can provide him with a certain amount of help, allowing his cultivation to increase by a large margin.

“For example, raising his cultivation to a higher level, or even the standard of a lesser divine beast.”

Ye Xiao could of course force them.

However, if he forced them, although they did not dare to oppose him on the surface, they would also secretly trip him up.

As an example, they would not be so diligent in handing over public rations.

What Ye Xiao wanted was for them to work hard to hand over public rations and be earnest in handing over public rations.

Just like how capitalists treated workers, piece-rate wages

The more you did, the more your cultivation would increase.

The more your cultivation level increased, the more contribution you would make to yourself.

In general, it was to let them voluntarily, spontaneously, and desperately contribute blood, flesh, and other essences themselves.

That was much better than forcing them.

It was equivalent to upgrading the small-scale peasant economy to the model of a modern factory, using the methods of capitalism to entice and squeeze them to work harder.

The star beasts could not help but hold their breaths.

The entire farm became extremely quiet.

They simply could not believe their ears.

Was that guy joking with them

Perhaps he wanted to play with them

He wanted to increase their strength and exchange for more of their efforts.

Why did that sound like a joke

Of course, the star beasts would not doubt Ye Xiao.

That was because they had to admit that although that fellow looked very hateful, he was still an unparalleled martial arts expert.

If he wanted to forcefully plunder more resources from the star beasts, he only needed to use force.

In any case, as long as these star beasts did not want to die, they had to obediently listen to him.

However, now, he actually went against his usual behavior and discussed it properly with them.

That was something that needed to be considered.


Ye, you arent joking with us, right”

Ye Xiao smiled slightly.

“Do you think that I have the leisure to joke with you

“From today onward, this condition will officially begin to be formed.

“I will go and look at some methods to speed up the increase of your cultivation.

“I hope that everyone can sign up and increase your strength as soon as possible!”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left, leaving the seal.

The other star beasts immediately gathered together.

“Brothers, do you think that this matter is a trap

“He actually dared to use the method of increasing our cultivation to exchange for our flesh and blood

“Has he gone mad

“If our cultivation increases, his array will no longer be able to suppress us.

When that time comes, what should we do if we escape”

Norfis shook his head.

“I feel that things arent that simple.

Did you guys notice something strange just now”

“Whats the matter”

“His aura is gone! We cant sense his aura anymore.

Although he was very strong before, we could clearly sense his aura.

Its at the Xiantian ninth grade!”

As soon as these words were said, the other star beasts were suddenly shocked.

“Thats right.

If Senior Norfis hadnt said it, we wouldnt have noticed this.

When he came down just now, I really didnt sense any aura at all.

“If it wasnt for his figure appearing in front of me, I wouldnt even have been able to sense him coming to my side.”

The group of star beasts suddenly shivered, and their eyes revealed a look of fear.


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