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Chapter 247: Returning to Jianghai City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao opened the Golden Book and saw that the three cultivation techniques inside were ready to be synthesized.

Ye Xiao first clicked on the three healing techniques that he had gathered first and conveniently synthesized them.

The Golden Book divine soul immediately began to synthesize the three cultivation techniques, and a progress bar appeared.

It showed that it was only one percent.

‘Its already one percent.

What a fast speed.

In the past, when the basic cultivation techniques were used to synthesize the imperial technique, it took about one night.

Now, using the imperial technique to synthesize a new cultivation technique, I wonder how long it will take.

‘Is it twice as long as before, or…

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xiao once again focused his attention on the sword technique.

He had yet to synthesize two cultivation techniques at the same time.

He tapped once, but there was no response.

He tapped once again, but there was still no response.

Alright, looks like its impossible to synthesize two cultivation techniques at the same time.

He could only synthesize one at a time.

Rather, each synthesis could only synthesize a cultivation technique of the same level.

To take an example, when using ordinary cultivation techniques to synthesize an imperial technique, one could also use an imperial technique to synthesize it.

However, one could not use another imperial technique to synthesize one type of imperial technique.

However, it did not matter.

Now that he had reached the King realm, he could already synthesize it.

As long as he could synthesize it, it would not be a problem.

He just had to wait for a while.

Two hours later.


Seeing that it was still at one percent, Ye Xiao did not know what to say.

Was that thing stuck

However, at that moment, the progress bar finally changed, reaching two percent.

Then it was not stuck.

Rather, it felt even worse.

It took two hours to synthesize one percent, which meant that it would take at least one hundred and ninety-eight hours to complete the synthesis.

That would take a week and a day.

Compared to the imperial technique that could be synthesized overnight, the time spent was not just a little bit, but 16 times.

Thinking about it carefully, that was, after all, the synthesis of imperial techniques.

An imperial technique was many levels higher than an ordinary cultivation technique.

The difference between the two was far more than 16 times.

Now that he had used the imperial techniques to synthesize it, it only took him eight days to synthesize it, which was a lot of money.

Moreover, there was one more point.

The Golden Book divine soul itself was a very impressive existence.

Since it took so much time to synthesize it, then the strength of that cultivation technique did not need to be questioned too much.

Based on that point, Ye Xiaos unhappy mood was instantly swept away.

He was filled with anticipation for the new cultivation technique.

Eight days was eight days, not eight years.

Just wait.

At that moment, a few auras quickly flew over from the distance.

They should be the great grandmasters who had rushed over after hearing the news from the surrounding cities.

‘Its about time.

Its time to return to the library.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiaos thoughts moved.

He executed the Divine Intent technique and once again disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, Ye Xiao had already appeared a few hundred miles away from the western side of Jianghai city.

He had just advanced to the King realm, and his speed was too fast for a moment.

It was so fast that he could not control it.

From the Heavenly Devil Cliff in the southeast of the Zhong city to that place, he did not know how many miles it was.

However, if it was before, Ye Xiao might have needed more than ten breaths to arrive.

At that point, he only needed a thought to arrive directly.

Who knew how many mountains and rivers he had crossed in the middle.

As expected, a King realm martial arts expert was extraordinary.

Ye Xiao faintly tested it.

A single thought from King realm martial arts expert was roughly the distance of nearly a province from east to west.

It was very fast!

It was ridiculously fast!

The nine provinces largest province itself was relatively large.

Sometimes, it was even equivalent to the entire country of the other party.

As an example, small places like Ying state and Han state were at most the size of a continent of the nine provinces.

If Ye Xiao were to use a little more time, he might be able to cover the entire world in a few dozen seconds

That speed was already very exaggerated.

One had to know that the scope of that world was about ten times the size of Earth.

‘Its ultimately a good thing.

Moreover, what Im using now is only the Divine Intent technique.

I wonder what kind of terrifying movement technique will appear after I fuse all these movement techniques together

‘When that time comes, will my speed surpass a realm and be comparable to an Emperor realm martial artist

Ye Xiao had clearly heard what Beitang Ce had said when he was chatting with him previously.

An Emperor realm martial artist could reach any corner of the world in an instant.

If he could reach any corner of the world in an instant with the attitude of a King realm martial artist, there was no need to be overly worried even when facing an Emperor realm martial artist.

At least he could run if he could not win.

Of course, Ye Xiao would not be reckless enough to provoke an Emperor realm martial artist!

Unless he himself was an Emperor realm martial artist.

With a thought, Ye Xiao returned to his small courtyard in Jianghai city.

At that time, he did not use any movement techniques.

He simply used his own spiritual energy to circulate.

That way, his speed could be slowed down a little.

He reckoned that he would need to spend some time to get used to his King realm cultivation.

He had just returned and it was already night time at home.

However, the lights at home were not switched on.

‘Strange, where did the silly cat go

Ye Xiao was about to use his mind to scan the surroundings.

In the next second, Huan Liuli walked over from afar.

She had come from the direction of the library.

Thinking about it, she should have gone to the breeding ground to harvest things.

Seeing Ye Xiaos arrival, her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Master, youre back!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Seeing her current cultivation, he could not help but praise her,

“Not bad.

I didnt expect that in the one month that Ive been away, youve been quite hard-working.

Youve already reached the strength of a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster.”

The corners of Huan Liulis mouth rose, and her little tail kept wagging behind her.

“Hehe, no matter what, Im the number one steward under Master.

Of course, my strength has to keep up.

Otherwise, wouldnt I be embarrassing Master

“With my current speed, I reckon that in a few months, I should be able to catch up to master.”

Ye Xiao smiled but did not reply.

Huan Liuli thought that he was angry and hurriedly said,

“Master, please dont be angry! I didnt mean anything by it.

I was just joking.

Even if I managed to catch up to Master, Im still Masters most loyal servant.”

Huan Liuli quickly opened her mouth to defend herself.

What a joke.

She was only a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster now.

If she really made Master unhappy, Master would only need a thought to kill her.

However, Ye Xiao did not say anything.

Instead, with a thought, he immediately took the storage ring from her hand.


What happened just now

How could he have already taken the ring without even sensing Masters spiritual energy fluctuation

He definitely took action.

However, even if Masters strength was very strong and had already reached the peak of Xiantian ninth grade, it was impossible for him to be so heaven-defying!

After all, she was already a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster rank.

No matter how weak her strength was, it was impossible for her to not be able to detect her Masters aura.

Wait a moment… There seemed to be something wrong.

She seemed to have recalled something.

She still remembered that when she was young, the elders in the clan had once said that when her cultivation base advanced to the divine sect, there would be an even stronger realm.

If one advanced to that realm, they would completely surpass the Xiantian realm, just like how a grandmaster had completely surpassed the Houtian realm.

Houtian realm martial artists could not sense the Xiantian martial artists releasing their spiritual energy.

Similarly, Xiantian martial artists could not sense the existence of that realm and release their spiritual energy.

That also meant that Master had already reached that legendary realm of perfection, the King realm!

Huan Liulis mind was completely disordered at that moment.

What was going on

He was still fine when he went.

At that time, Ye Xiaos cultivation was only at the peak of the divine sect realm.

At that point, only a short month had passed.

He had actually advanced to the King realm

Heavens, was that not a little too terrifying

Was her master really a human

“Whats wrong Why are you in a daze”

Huan Liuli waved her hands and said,

“Nothing, nothing.

I was just thinking about some private matters.”

“Thats good.

If theres nothing else, Ill go upstairs to rest first.

You can clean up the house.

Its a little messy.”


Looking at Ye Xiaos back view as he left, Huan Liulis eyes were filled with a complicated expression.

‘Master, just what kind of existence are you Your talent and speed have simply exceeded my imagination.

‘I really dont know what kind of legend you will become in the future.

However, after a pause, she began to be happy again.

‘Sigh! Master is stronger, and its more beneficial to me.

‘With this powerful master supporting me from behind, Im simply blissful to no end.

‘Ive decided to be a better slave to Master.

‘Should I consider feeding Master something in the future

‘Oh, I heard that the men of the human race like babies very much.

Should I give birth to a few kittens for Master Master should like it very much, right

On Ye Xiaos side, he naturally did not know that Huan Liuli actually had so many ideas.

At that moment, he had already started to plan his next plan to raise his cultivation.

On the other side, under the starry sky, accompanied by a distortion of space, a teleportation array quietly opened up under the starry sky in the next second.

From the teleportation array, two figures slowly walked out.

One was a tall and sturdy figure dressed in leather clothes with a pair of huge bull horns on his head.

The other was a tall and thin figure, but his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He had antlers on his head and was dressed in armor and battle robes.

His attire was unique.

“Is this the surface world We didnt sense any powerful existences.

Lord Tiger God, he even specially asked us to come over.

Its really making a mountain out of a molehill.”

“At the end of the day, its still that idiot, Samuel, who hasnt done his job well.

Until now, theres still no news at all.

“If not, Lord Tiger God wouldnt have taken us down and wiped his ass.”


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