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Chapter 246: The Synthesis of the Imperial Technique

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was a fundamental change between the King realm and the divine grandmaster rank.

That change was very strange.

If it was said that the divine grandmaster rank, the martial artist would automatically produce a sense of perception, allowing him to easily sense everything around him.

Then the King realm was probably able to control everything around him.

One could only sense it, while the other could do it with a thought.

Those were two completely different concepts.

The divine grandmaster could, of course, use his own spiritual energy or aura to do it after sensing it.

As for the King realm, when sensing it, he could control it purely with his own thoughts.

In the middle, he cut out a step to use a cultivation technique.

Do not underestimate that step.

A battle between martial arts experts would usually decide the outcome in an instant.

The faster ones speed, the greater the chance of winning.

Moreover, he might not even need to display his own strength.

When others sensed his strength within a certain range around him, they would not dare to disobey.

As an example, those divine grandmasters at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

His previous cultivation was only at the lesser King realm and had not truly stepped into that realm.

Therefore, after they felt his power, they still dared to escape.

If at that time, he was already at his current cultivation level.

They might have thought of escaping, but they definitely would not have the courage, much less that action.

It was no wonder that this realm was called the King realm!

If one was angered, the divine sect would be afraid, and all living beings would be afraid.

If this was not the king, what else could it be

He had not had the time to fully feel his current powerful strength.

Ye Xiao suddenly heard some shouts and sounds of battle by his ears.

His gaze swept to his left and right.

A few cities a hundred to 200 miles away were currently being attacked by star beasts.

Martial artists rose up in resistance and fought fiercely.

Those star beasts were all frightened by his advancement in the Heavenly Devil Cliff, so they ran out.

They rushed into the human cities frantically and destroyed the human cities on a large scale.

Many star beasts even began to eat people.

They all fell into madness.

That sudden beast riot was unbearable for the surrounding small cities.

If it continued for another ten minutes, the human race in the few small cities would suffer heavy losses, or even be in danger of being destroyed.

Those star beasts under the Heavenly Devil Cliff were like ants to Ye Xiao.

However, to the human race in these cities, it was a huge, irresistible disaster.

Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

With a thought, he suppressed the spiritual energy and activated the Star-picking Hand.

Hundreds of miles away, the star beasts in several cities were wreaking havoc.

Facing such a small city without high-level martial artists, they were like entering an uninhabited land.

They did not need to worry about the resistance of the human race at all.

Comparing the two sides, the huge disparity in strength made their already crazy personalities further magnify.

Killing, devouring, fresh blood… Those things had already stimulated their brains to the point that they could not control them at all.

Desperate screams resounded throughout the city, but in their ears, it was like the sound of nature.

However, just as they were incomparably arrogant, they suddenly realized that their movements had slowed down.

Rather, the entire city seemed to have been gradually solidified by a special force.

All living beings, even a stone or a drop of water, seemed to have been frozen at that moment.

What was going on

At that moment, regardless of whether it was the star beasts or the humans, they were all in a state of bewilderment.

However, in the next second, all of the star beasts were suddenly pulled toward the sky by an invisible force.

Whether it was ordinary star beasts, grandmaster star beasts, or even major sect star beasts, they were all unable to escape the pull of that force.

They screamed in the sky and kept waving their limbs, wanting to escape as if they had lost their parents.

However, no matter how strong they were, they could only accept their fate and be captured by that special force.

In the blink of an eye, the millions of star beasts that invaded the human cities quickly gathered in the sky and flew in the direction of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

The millions of star beasts flew over from all directions and finally gathered around Ye Xiao.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

The moment they arrived in front of Ye Xiao, he only needed a thought to kill all the star beasts, leaving none behind.

At that moment, the sky had already become the hell of the star beasts, a sea of fresh blood.

Countless star cores were floating within.

With a thought, Ye Xiao activated the Myriad of Swords to the Origin, directly extracting and condensing the essence of the blood of all the star beasts, and then swallowing and condensing all the energy in the star cores.

In less than two breaths, the sky that was like a sea of blood was instantly emptied.

The blood, star cores, and souls of a million low-level star beasts condensed into an imperial pill.

In the sky, there was a thundercloud that wanted to gather again.

However, Ye Xiao remained silent and did not put it in his eyes at all.

Therefore, although it wanted to get close, it did not dare to.

It was afraid that because of its mistake, it would anger Ye Xiao, and that would not be worth the loss.

After becoming a king, even lightning had to be polite to Ye Xiao.

What if he did not

Even if it was formed, it would be shattered by Ye Xiao again.

Moreover, Ye Xiao shattering it was as simple as a thought.

It did not dare to escape either.

Although it had already activated its intelligence and had a trace of a brain, it was precisely because of that intelligence that it knew how strong the person in front of it was.

It had no way of escaping at all.

It was already completely enveloped by Ye Xiaos aura.

It could not even muster the slightest bit of resistance.

Ye Xiao raised his hand slightly.

Although the imperial pill did not want to, it was unable to control its pill body.

In the end, it still obediently fell into Ye Xiaos hands.

Seeing the imperial pill fall into Ye Xiaos hands, the tribulation lightning clouds that gathered in the distance ultimately chose to give up and gradually dispersed.

Forget it, it was better not to find trouble.

That fellows explosive strength was already completely inhuman.

Provoking him did not bring any benefits at all.

There was even the possibility of him beating him up violently.

What was the point of doing something that he could not even act cool

Ye Xiao threw the imperial pill into his mouth.

The medicinal pill melted as soon as it entered his mouth, turning into a huge amount of energy that attacked his internal organs.

However, at that time, Ye Xiao did not activate his cultivation technique.

That was because just by relying on his internal organs, he was already able to easily resist the powerful impact brought by the pill.

After becoming a king, his soul and physical body had already completely merged into one, and it had been strengthened to the extreme.

The current Ye Xiao had already completely evolved to a brand new realm.

If he purely used spiritual energy or soul power, it would no longer be able to cause real damage to him.

If anyone wanted to attack him, they would have to use the combination of soul power and spiritual energy to carry out a double blow.

At the same time, Ye Xiao discovered that his body-refining technique, the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, and the soul-refining technique were both immortal and indestructible.

They actually started to flicker with a faint layer of golden light.

That meant that the body-refining technique and the soul-refining technique could be called the same imperial technique.

However, those two cultivation techniques were only beginning to emit a faint golden glow.

That meant that those two cultivation techniques still needed to add another cultivation technique later on in order to complete the fusion and sublimation.

Regarding that point, Ye Xiao did not mind.

One step at a time.

In any case, there were still many cultivation techniques that had yet to reach the quantity, so there was no rush.

Moreover, he already had three cultivation techniques that could be synthesized.

They were the healing elements Morning Star Method, Mending the Heavens, and Ultimate Healing Technique.

The sword techniques Imperial Sword Art, Heaven-cleaving Sword, and Myriad of Swords to the Origin.

As well as the movement techniques Earth-burrowing Technique, Divine Intent, and Traceless Treading Wind.

Those three cultivation techniques had long been lying in Ye Xiaos Golden Book divine soul for quite a few days.

Ye Xiao had long been impatient to synthesize them.

Today, he could finally give it a try.

First, he used the three great healing arts to heal the humans who had been destroyed by the star beasts in the surrounding cities.

He did not want to waste too much time and their bodies would be disposed of by his family and friends.

After his strength reached the King realm, his strength became even stronger.

He was so powerful that even from such a long distance, he could heal the injured citizens in the surrounding cities hundreds of miles away.

Although the humans in those cities were rescued after the star beasts were inexplicably taken away, they did not feel happy after surviving the disaster.

That was because, many of their relatives and friends… Died in that sudden disaster.

That disaster had brought them too much disaster.

Countless peoples expressions were silent and dull.

They hugged or cooperated with others to clean up the corpses of the undead.

Some children were crying on their loved ones.

“Sob, sob, sob… Mom, dont die.

Get up and speak, Mom.”

“Brother, dont leave me alone.”

Just as everyone was grieving, a corpse that had been judged dead suddenly sat up and looked around with a blank expression.

“Strange, am… Am I not dead”

The martial artist who was carrying her on a stretcher screamed in fear.

“Ah! The corpse has come back to life!”

He threw the stretcher in his hand and slammed the other party onto the ground, causing her to squat on her butt.

“Ouch! It hurts!”

The other people who had already died did the same.

Many of the severely injured lives began to slowly heal.

Broken limbs also grew back.

It was to the extent that many of the martial artists who had been injured many years ago, the old injuries that could not be healed back then, were also completely healed at this moment!

“Oh my God, this is really a miracle!”

Countless people exclaimed in shock.

When everyone was fully healed, Ye Xiao finally stopped the healing technique..

He immersed his mind in the Golden Book divine soul and began to study the synthesis of the imperial technique.


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