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Chapter 244: 21 Imperial Pills to Advance to the King Realm!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Within ten seconds, 11 of the 20 divine-level star beasts at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff were killed in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, there were the few star beasts that were ranked at the top of those in the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

How terrifying was the strength required to take down such powerful beings

“Run… Run… !”

One of the star beasts could no longer withstand the immense pressure in his heart.

With a scream, he turned into a streak of black light and fled into the distance.

With one divine-level star beast escaping, the others were no longer reserved.

It was as if they had found a vent as they all fled in all directions like scattered bird beasts.

Facing the escape of the star beasts, Ye Xiao was not flustered.

To the current him, it was already impossible for a mere divine grandmaster to escape from under his nose.

With a thought, the Star-picking Hand was activated.

Majestic spiritual energy transformed into nine gigantic hands.

In an instant, the nine divine-level star beasts that had escaped were all locked up and pulled back towards Ye Xiaos direction.


The divine-level star beasts that had originally escaped far away felt as if they had just escaped into the heavens.

In the end, they were locked back by Ye Xiaos Star-picking Hand in the next second, and they were instantly filled with extreme despair.

The most despairing thing in life was that one had just obtained hope.

In the blink of an eye, that hope was shattered once again.

When the nine star beasts were pulled back to Ye Xiaos side, in the next second, a circular golden halo lit up in midair.

Myriad of Swords to the Origin!

Countless sword rays shot out from the golden halo.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

The sword rays fell like lightning.

Every time they struck, the ground would tremble violently.

The shrill cries of the divine-level star beasts rose and fell continuously.

Mixed with the sounds of explosions, they spread rapidly under the Heavenly Devil Cliff, resounding throughout the area.

At that moment, Caso finally realized that he was wrong.

He was extremely wrong, extremely wrong.

How were those 20 star beasts divine grandmasters

They were clearly 20 dogs!

No, even dogs were stronger than them.

They were just 20 insects!

He should have listened to Ming Die and not come here.

If he had not come, he would not have encountered that situation.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in that world!

Only when the punishment fell on him would he know how important caution was.

After countless star beasts heard that scene, they no longer dared to stay in the Heavenly Devil Cliff and ran out one after another.

Their speed was so fast that it was like a wave in the ocean.

In the darkness, one could clearly feel that countless lives were running and flying.

The earth shook, and even the air trembled.

The bombardment only lasted for five seconds.

After five seconds, all nine star beasts fell.

That was even under the condition that Ye Xiao did not use his full strength.

To him, there was no need for him to use his full strength to deal with the divine grandmasters now.

In the darkness, silence gradually returned, but the air was filled with the stench of fresh blood.

The corpses of the divine-level star beasts were still emitting hot air.

After a long period of silence, a few star beasts around the Xiantian sixth grade cautiously approached them.

Their strong curiosity drove them to take a look.

Although they knew that doing so would most likely lead them to a place of eternal damnation.

No one could resist it.

That was a battle between 20 divine grandmaster star beasts!

At that moment, everyone wanted to know what had happened.

Everyone wanted to know who had won in the end.

As for that human, who was he

However, when the star beasts approached, they were all stunned and petrified on the spot.


There was even a large divine grandmaster star beast kneeling on the ground.

His entire body was limp and his face was filled with disbelief.

What did they see

Corpses were everywhere!

The corpses of the divine grandmaster star beasts!

That human stood proudly in the middle, without a single scar on his body.

Heavens, could it be that the end of the world had arrived

They simply could not believe their eyes.

There were a total of 20 divine grandmaster star beasts.

That was not just 20 cats and dogs, but 20 genius martial arts experts.

They were existences that could shake an entire region.

When they joined forces, they could even set off a storm that would cause the entire human race to tremble.

However, they had all fallen at the feet of a human martial artist.

They had not even been able to cause the other party the slightest bit of harm.

How strong was that human martial artist

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the group of star beasts.

With just a glance, all the star beasts bodies stiffened, not daring to move at all.

The impact that Ye Xiao had brought to them was truly too great.

Now that they were facing Ye Xiao, they could not even think of resisting.

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly opened his mouth.

“Within an hour, I want to collect the heavenly materials and earthly treasures under the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

If I cant see them, I will destroy the entire Heavenly Devil Cliff.”

Those overbearing words that were completely unreasonable made the hearts of all the major sect star beasts tremble.

However, in the next moment, all the major sect star beasts ran out like crazy.

They completely believed the words of that human martial artist.

If they could not find the natural treasures for him, he would probably really destroy the entire Heavenly Devil Cliff.

At that time, all of their star beasts would have to die.

Therefore, even if he was a human, they did not dare to resist in the slightest.

Ye Xiaos strength had already surpassed the barrier between their races.

He was so powerful that they had no choice but to listen to Ye Xiaos orders.

After the major sect star beasts left, Ye Xiao tapped his toes and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

He still had other things to do.

As for the corpses of these divine-level star beasts, he did not need to take them, and there would not be any star beasts rushing over to steal them.

Even if there were, he could rush over in an instant.

A figure silently climbed out of a bone mountain 60 miles away.

She had completely concealed her aura and did not dare to reveal a single bit of it.

That pure white and beautiful face revealed an expression of having survived a disaster.

“Fortunately, I didnt listen to Caso and didnt go over to punish that human.

“If I had gone over, I would probably be dead right now, right”

She looked in that direction with fear.

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, she immediately flew up into the sky.

However, just as she soared into the sky, a golden palm print suddenly descended from the sky.

That palm slapped her onto the ground.

“Ive found you.”

Ye Xiao grabbed at the void with his large hand and brought her back to the place where the 20 divine-level star beasts had fallen.

He then threw her corpse among the group of divine-level star beasts.

Since they were all companions, they had to die in an orderly manner.

Not a single one of them could be missing.

Looking at the 21 divine-level star beasts, Ye Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction.

With those 21 divine-level star beasts and the natural treasures under the Heavenly Devil Cliff, it should be enough for him to advance to the King realm, right

The meat of those star beasts had been corroded by the murderous aura for a long time, so the meat could no longer be eaten.

It could be used to refine pills.

Otherwise, he could consider keeping them on a breeding farm and cutting their meat every day, so that they could continue to grow.

It did not seem like it would work now, but it did not matter.

Being able to advance to the King realm all of a sudden was also a very good choice.

Before those major sect star beasts sent over those natural treasures, he could first scan the star cores of those star beasts to see if there were any suitable imperial techniques within.

However, it was a pity that the vast majority of those star beasts did not have very strong bloodline powers.

There were only four or five dragon-class bloodlines.

The vast majority of the others had all advanced to the divine-level star beasts because they had been nourished by the blood essence within the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

That was why they did not have any good cultivation techniques in their bodies.

Among the star beasts with dragon-class bloodlines, Ye Xiao had found two imperial techniques.

The others could not be recorded into the Golden Book divine soul, so they were not much different from the type of imperial techniques he already had.

Among the two imperial techniques, one was a movement technique.

It was refined from the star core of the Eight-legged Steed.

It was a technique called Traceless Treading Wind.

Out of his three movement techniques, the Earth-burrowing Technique was the earth evasion technique, and the Divine Intent was the flying technique.

Traceless Treading Wind was more of a speed-type battle technique.

Not only could it greatly increase ones speed in an instant, but it could also last for a long time.

As expected of the Eight-legged Steeds technique.

An eight-legged horse could run much faster.

The other cultivation technique was a fist technique.

It was found from the star core of the Green Lightning Bull and was called the Thunder Emperor Fist!

That fist technique was very overbearing.

With the support of the power of thunder, it could blast the opponent into a bloody mist in an instant.

It was definitely a little inferior to the Great Nirvana fist.

Overall, it was still pretty good.

After all, it was also an imperial atechnique.

Among the imperial fist techniques, it should be able to be ranked on the list.

It would not fall too far behind.

The reason why it did not injure Ye Xiao just now was because the Green Lightning Bulls strength was not enough.

It could not reach the standard of injuring Ye Xiao.

It was still the same saying.

Whether the move was powerful or not, it all depended on the person who used it.

If the person who used it could not do it, no matter how good the cultivation technique was, it would not work.

If the person who used it was strong enough, even the weakest cultivation technique might be able to unleash the strongest attack!

Cultivation was the most basic standard to support ones attack power.

However, todays matter also made Ye Xiao more certain and firmly believe that it was still not too realistic to complete his imperial technique collection by hunting star beasts.

There were not many divine-level star beasts, and the vast majority of them did not have dragon-class bloodlines.

Perhaps they had lived for too long, or perhaps they had other opportunities to cultivate to become divine grandmasters.

At that moment, some of the major sect star beasts had already sent the heavenly materials and earthly treasures they had picked to Ye Xiaos side.

“Senior… Senior, these are the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that you wanted.”

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He could start refining.

A total of 21 divine-level star beasts should be able to refine 21 imperial pills.

That should be enough for him to advance to the legendary King realm, right


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