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Chapter 242: 20 Divine Grandmasters, 20 Giants

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After living in that demonic cliff for so long, they all knew what the area below represented.

That area was filled with great martial grandmasters.

It was precisely because of the existence of those martial arts experts that they did not dare to take a step further and cultivate further down.

However, at that point, they were exterminated by a human in less than ten seconds.

It was really too terrifying.

Fortunately, they were wiser just now and did not attack that human.

If not, at that moment, they would probably be the ones to die.

In reality, Ye Xiao had indeed killed all the star beasts that attacked him, about one to 200 of them.

If they had not come up in batches instead of coming up together, Ye Xiao would not even need ten seconds.

A single thought from him was enough to instantly kill all the star beasts.

Of course, those 100 to 200 star beasts were not all the large-scale star beasts in the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

There were simply too many star beasts in the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Ye Xiao even had an idea.

Why not… Turn that place into his own breeding ground

After all, there were so many star beasts here.

There were all kinds of them, and the resources were abundant.

If he could turn that place into a breeding ground, he would be able to cook a feast every day, right

Would that not be much better than simply eating barbecue, grilled meat, and fried eggs

Perhaps he could even open a restaurant.

Heavenly Devil Cliffs farmhouse.

In that world of warriors, the Star Beast Restaurant was also a very popular money-making project.

After all, every warrior needed to replenish their own vitality.

As long as they did not eat the star beasts star core, there would not be any problems.

Just eating meat was no different from eating poultry.

If one had to add a definition to it, it would be game and domestication.

The former had an advantage.

However, after thinking about it, he decided not to.

He was not interested in money, so what was the use of making money in a restaurant

Moreover, ordinary star beasts could indeed be eaten.

Unfortunately, not there.

The star beasts there were not those Ganoderma or something.

They were not pure energy bodies.

They had been corroded by the baleful aura for a long time.

From the soul to the body, from the inside to the outside, they had all been contaminated.

If he were to casually eat them, he might even end up with some unclean disease.

Therefore, it was better to take it easy.

All he needed to do was simply refine them into medicinal pills.

Ye Xiao collected their star cores and flesh and did not collect too much.

After all, he still had to leave the space for the feast below.

After descending another hundred thousand feet, Ye Xiao finally arrived at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Below him were all white bones.

It was as if they had turned into a sea of oily white bones that had piled up into a bottomless sea!

There were human bones and star beast bones among them.

Many of the bones were still fresh.

One could imagine how many tragic things would happen here every day

Those star beasts were completely beasts.

Be it humans or their own kind, as long as they felt hungry.

They would not let any of them go.

Ye Xiao could even sense that there were several powerful auras below.

Each of them was not weaker than a Xiantian sixth grade.

They were all divine grandmasters.

That made Ye Xiaos eyes light up, and he revealed an excited expression.

There were so many powerful star beasts.

If he could gather all of them and refine them into medicinal pills, how great would that be

With so much energy, it should be enough for him to charge into that final realm.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao released his powerful blood essence.

He was luring them.

Using him as bait to lure those powerful star beasts, making them approach him.

The fragrance of a human was difficult for star beasts to resist.

Especially for an extremely powerful human.

The powerful and rich blood essence on his body was simply a sirens song to the star beasts!

It was enough to make them go crazy with envy.

Swallowing Ye Xiao would very likely allow their strength to reach a higher level.

The moment Ye Xiao released his aura, he could feel that there were several auras that were closer to him.

They had already released their spiritual energy and were beginning to search for his location.

Ye Xiao stood proudly on the bone sea.

He used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to the frequency of thousands of times per second, quietly waiting for the arrival of those star beasts.

About 100 miles away, a lake of blood with floating white bone skulls suddenly drilled out a huge skull more than the thickness of a truck.

Its a humungous giant python.

It rapidly spits out its huge, purplish dark red and forked snake tongue, in the air, sniffing Ye Xiaos blood, and issued a burst of hissing sound.

That was because he was crazily absorbing the air.

A huge amount of air had been suddenly absorbed, creating a vacuum zone.

That was why the situation had become like this.

‘The fragrance of the human race! This blood essence is so dense! This venerable self is definitely going to take this human race!

About 200 miles away in the southwest, a huge Green Wolf roared as it rushed out from a pile of bone mountains.

Its dark green eyes continuously shone with a light that made ones heart palpitate in the darkness.

‘What a powerful blood essence! If I can devour this guy, I will definitely reach the Xiantian ninth grade.

In the north, a hurricane flashed in the darkness, and a huge vulture star beast landed on a bone mountain.

“Ming Die, did you smell that powerful blood essence”

A calm voice came from a huge silkworm chrysalis under the bone mountain.

“So what if weve discovered it”

“Dont you have any thoughts If the two of us can devour such an abundant amount of blood essence, it will definitely increase our strength once again.

“This will be more beneficial to our positions in the Heavenly Devil Cliff.”

“Caso, your thoughts are too simple.

Dont you realize that theres something fishy going on”

“Are you trying to say that this human is deliberately luring the divine grandmasters over and that this is a trap”

“You dont believe me”

“Whether its a trap or not isnt important.

Whats important is that this is the bottom of the demonic cliff!

“Even if he really set up a trap Do you think it will be useful

“There are a total of 21 divine grandmaster star beasts at the bottom of the demonic cliff!

“If we send out all our martial arts experts, no matter how strong that human is, he will still be a fish on the chopping board.”

“But if all the divine grandmaster star beasts are sent out, who will this human belong to Arent you afraid that we will have so many divine grandmasters fighting

“Caso, dont go over and participate in this matter.

“Trust me, my intuition tells me.

If we go over, we will die miserably.”

Caso did not mind.

“Ming Die, you are too timid.

You dont even dare to eat the fat meat that is delivered to your door.

Dont you think its too laughable

“Admittedly, what you said has some logic.

The other divine sects will definitely not let go of this piece of fat meat that is delivered to their door.

“However, we are not that stupid.

For the sake of a human, we have to fight ourselves first.

“At the very least, everyone will only fight over him after killing him.”

“Ive already said this much.

If you insist on going, I wont be able to stop you.

However, you dont have to say anything more to me.

I Wont go.”

“Tsk! Coward!”

Caso spat out a mouthful of saliva and spread his wings.

He turned into a hurricane and flew rapidly in Ye Xiaos direction.

At the same time, not only him, but also the east and west… Powerful star beasts from all directions were gathering towards this place.

Very soon, two violent figures appeared on both sides of Ye Xiaos body at the same time, maintaining a certain distance from him.

“Its really a human.

Hahahaha… This venerable self has not tasted the flesh of a human with such exuberant blood essence for many years.

Looks like Im in luck today.”

As he spoke, another two or three figures flew over from other directions.

“Draconic Demon, dont speak so confidently.

His ownership isnt determined by you.

We havent even spoken yet.”

Draconic Demon smiled coldly.

“Just a few of you little bastards have the guts to fight with this venerable self Youre really tired of living.

“At the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff, how many people dare to oppose this venerable self”

“Then I wonder if I count”

Just as Draconic Demons voice fell, the Divine Python, whose body was even thicker than a truck, had already arrived beside Ye Xiao.

His voice was like thunder.

The moment he spoke, the surrounding air would be instantly sucked into his mouth, as if it was sucked into a black hole.

Just hearing that voice made people feel a wave of fear and goosebumps!

The Draconic Demon snorted.

“Divine Python, its not worth it for us to fight.

“Especially for a mere human.

Lets work together and take down this human.

Well split it equally.

What do you think”

“Hahahaha… Draconic Demon, although your temper doesnt suit my taste, I have to say that your suggestion this time is very clever.

“Good! Today, this venerable self will join hands with you to split this human equally.”

The expressions of the other divine-level star beasts were more or less unsightly.

They were also filled with desire towards Ye Xiao in front of them.

However, the strength of Draconic Demon and the Divine Python in the entire Heavenly Devil Cliff was frighteningly strong, and they could easily occupy the top five positions.

Therefore, the moment the two of them joined hands, the other divine grandmaster had no choice but to carefully consider it.

However, in the blink of an eye, several more powerful auras rushed over from other directions.

When they saw the two of them, they could not help but tease them.

“Why Since when have the two of you become the overlords of the Heavenly Devil Cliff How come we dont know about this”

The moment that voice sounded, the expressions of the Draconic Demon and the Divine Python changed continuously and became unsightly.

The other divine grandmasters revealed a mocking smile.

“Hee, hee, even the Lightning Green Bull and the Eight-legged Steed have come.

The two of them can no longer be arrogant.”

“Some of the star beasts, who were quietly hiding in the distance and secretly watching this area, could not help but become terrified.

“This is too terrifying! The 20 divine giants of the Heavenly Devil Cliff have not gathered for over a hundred years.

They have actually gathered today!”


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