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Chapter 241: The Hunting Ground, the Suppression From the Human Races Prodigies

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

‘The higher the advancement in my martial cultivation, the more energy I need.

Moreover, the beast calamity is imminent, and theres not much time left.

Its impossible for me to be like before, leisurely reading books in the library and then relying on those cultivation techniques to slowly cultivate to increase my strength.

‘I must advance in the shortest time possible.

After his gaze steeled for a moment, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and jumped down the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Just as he jumped down the Heavenly Devil Cliff, Ye Xiao clearly felt that there was a force that was constantly rushing upwards.

That force was not trying to lift him up, but because there were too many of them below.

It was too dense and had already exceeded the limits of what could be endured below.

That was why it would continuously charge up, releasing its own evil energy, baleful energy, and filthy energy.

Ye Xiao did not use the Divine Intent technique.

Instead, he allowed himself to slowly descend.

Although his strength was already very strong, he should still be more or less cautious.

After all, he was still not an invincible existence.

He had never come to the Heavenly Devil Cliff before, so he did not know what the situation below the Heavenly Devil Cliff was like.

He slowly descended like this.

If there were any abnormalities, he would be able to escape in time.

When he began to descend into the black fog, his vision was already obstructed.

Even though he was already a lesser King realm martial artist and had cultivated an eye technique, his vision was still not that good in that place.

Furthermore, as his body continued to descend.

Under the situation where the murderous aura below was getting more and more intense, his vision would be further obstructed.

No wonder it was said that not many people dared to come to that place.

He was already at the lesser King realm.

Even if he came here, his senses would be suppressed to a certain extent, not to mention those ordinary divine sects.

When they came here, they would most likely be blind.

They would not even be able to see a single thing.

In the darkness, Ye Xiao seemed to feel that there were countless eyes staring at him.

However, Ye Xiao was not flustered because he still had one more move, the spiritual cultivation technique, Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

Although there was a very dense baleful aura inside, the baleful aura could only shield the senses on the body, but it could not shield spiritual energy.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery revolved and rapidly spread out in the surroundings at a frequency of several hundred times per second.

That way, the entire Heavenly Devil Cliff seemed to instantly turn into broad daylight in Ye Xiaos mind.

He could see everything clearly.

It was also at that moment that he could clearly see what exactly those things that were staring at him were.

They were densely packed with star beasts.

Of course, other than the star beasts, there were also some beastmen.

The vast majority of them were hiding inside, wanting to avoid the pursuit of the humans.

Once the beast calamity descended, they would immediately charge up the Heavenly Devil Cliff and crazily attack the humans.

Ye Xiao even saw a few humans among them.

However, those few humans were clearly no longer ordinary humans.

They were very likely to have eaten the star beasts star core.

In addition to the feeling of cultivating some evil techniques, they looked neither human nor ghost.

However, the vast majority of their strength was above Houtian fifth grade, around Houtian seventh or eighth grade.

Very few would have the strength of Houtian ninth grade.

The grandmasters did not see it.

The two sides of the cliff were not flat, and there were many traces left behind by the attacks.

Perhaps it was left behind by the internal strife between those star beasts, or it could also be left behind by the battle between those human martial arts experts and star beast in ancient times.

Many traces looked extremely terrifying.

Speaking of which, although that Heavenly Devil Cliff had experienced the baptism of a very long time, Ye Xiao had a feeling.

It was not formed naturally but was slashed into that state by another persons sword.

That Heavenly Devil Cliff was bottomless.

It was at least tens of thousands of feet deep.

If that was earth, it would probably be able to pierce through the magma layer.

So deep!

As for the other party to have such strength, he definitely surpassed the current him.

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

The other party was an ancient prodigy, and the ancient prodigies themselves were much stronger than the current eras prodigies.

There had been many prodigies that shocked the entire river of history!

It was not uncommon for there to be a few existences that were stronger than his current strength.

Moreover, even now, there were still many existences stronger than him.

The King realm martial artists on the space battlefield, the legendary Emperor realm martial artist, the divine beasts among the star beasts, and the super divine beasts were all existences that were above him.

Although Ye Xiaos descent was very slow, no matter how slow he was, he would not be slower than a person falling from a high altitude.

Therefore, he quickly descended to a distance of fewer than 10,000 feet.

At that distance, one could already see some Xiantian first-grade grandmaster-level star beasts.

Ye Xiao calculated for a moment.

It seemed that the further down he went, the better it was for the star beasts to cultivate.

That was because the star beasts that died here were the martial arts experts among the star beasts.

After they died, the exuberant blood essence would definitely be the densest at the bottom.

Only then would it slowly expand outward until it charged out of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Needless to say, from the looks of it, the Heavenly Devil Cliff was also a very good place to cultivate.

There was too much blood essence there.

It was just that that place was not very suitable for the human race because there was a large amount of resentment and baleful energy…

It was a paradise for evil cultivators, star beasts, and beastmen.

It was no wonder that Long Tu would be upgraded here.

However, although such a place was not suitable for the human race to cultivate, it did not mean that such a place did not have any natural treasures.

On the contrary, there would really be many good things here.

Ye Xiao had already seen some blood divine mushrooms growing on the cliff.

Their bodies contained a large amount of blood essence.

If the essence was extracted, it could be made into a very good medicinal pill.

Moreover, a pure energy body like theirs would not be corroded by the baleful aura within the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

They were all purely natural.

However, Ye Xiao did not pick them.

Although those things were not bad, they were not of much use to an existence at his level.

To a Xiantian first grade, they were extremely good materials.

Ye Xiao would not use his spatial storage ring to collect those things either.

There were definitely many better things down there.

He did not know if they would be able to store all of them.

He could not pick up sesame seeds and throw away watermelons.

However, even though he was not interested in those things, it did not mean that the Xiantian grandmasters on both sides would not be afraid of him.

From their point of view, Ye Xiao was more like an intruder.

He definitely had an ulterior motive for coming to that place.

They did not know what his motive was, but they could not help but doubt what Ye Xiao would have in mind.

Such as… Snatching their things.

Due to that reason, in the darkness, some star beasts had already begun to stir.

The vast majority of star beasts did not do so.

Most of them still had brains.

They knew that if a human dared to come to that kind of place, if it was not because there was a hole in his brain, then he must be a powerful villain.

The vast majority of the human race, even if there was a hole in their brain, they should not casually come to that kind of place.

Hence, they were more inclined towards the latter answer.

Ye Xiao was a creep!

A creep so strong that it made the star beasts hair stand on end!


At that moment, those star beasts whose brains were not very useful had already begun to attack Ye Xiao.

In the darkness, some air sabers shot towards Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

His real target was the big fish below, so he could not be bothered to touch the small fish above.

However, that did not mean that those small fish could ** and pee on his head.

With a light snort, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery was directly unleashed.

All the grandmaster-level star beasts that attacked were instantly blasted into a bloody mist by that seemingly material mental energy.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

That series of intense explosions caused quite a commotion among the star beasts.

Many star beasts began to scream as they fled upwards.

However, there were also many clever star beasts who could tell that Ye Xiao had killed those star beasts that had attacked him, so they did not move at all.

All of them were obediently lying where they should be lying.

Ye Xiao ignored them and continued to descend.

When he descended to a distance of about 200,000 feet, there were already great grandmasters from Xiantian fourth grade to Xiantian fifth grade appearing!

Even though these star beasts had guessed that Ye Xiao might have extraordinary strength, they still felt extremely confident because of their immense strength.

Hence, they wanted to challenge the strength of that human.

Just how strong was he He actually dared to come to a place like the Heavenly Devil Cliff and even descended to such a deep area.


Following a beast roar that resounded throughout the cliff, a winged Xiantian fourth-grade star beast whose half of its body was exoskeleton-like rapidly pounced toward them.

The best reward for his courage was to send him down with a single thought.

Then, there was the second star beast, the third star beast, and the fourth star beast… Until hundreds and thousands of star beasts seemed to have been possessed as they frantically pounced toward Ye Xiao, wanting to tear him apart.

All sorts of battle methods continuously erupted in the darkness.

From time to time, there would be flame explosions that would illuminate a black fog, then disappear, and then explode again.

That terrifying scene caused the star beasts on top to become even more terrified and restless.

Screams rang out in all directions.

Many of the star beasts had already begun to flee from the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

However, the intense battle did not last for long.

It only lasted for about ten seconds before everything returned to silence.

The star beasts did not know what had happened, but this made them feel even more terrified.

That was because normally, there would also be some star beasts that would cause friction and fight with each other.

However, each time, they could not last for such a short period of time.

Furthermore, that time, a human had appeared

There were only two possibilities.

Either that human had died, or he had killed all of the star beasts.

However, if that human was dead, then the other star beasts would probably try their best to snatch his corpse and devour it

It could not be so quiet down there!

Could it be… That human had killed the star beasts

Thinking of that, countless star beasts instantly felt that they must have gone crazy.


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