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Chapter 240: Opportunities for the King Realm, Heavenly Devil Cliff, Nine Provinces Dragon Vein

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“Just like me.

Although I have the Will-O-Wisp Eye, I cant easily extract an imperial technique from countless grandmaster techniques.

“However, theres no need to think about it carefully.

“Because a persons aptitude is limited, and time is also limited.

With limited aptitude and time, if you want to raise your strength to the strongest.

Its best to cultivate one imperial technique alone, at most two!”

However, after saying that, Beitang Ce suddenly fell into silence.

That was because he had just thought of a problem.

The two problems he mentioned, regardless of whether it was aptitude or cultivation time, were only suitable forordinary people!

Even geniuses amongst ordinary people like them would not be able to cultivate a few imperial techniques at once.

As for someone like Ye Xiao… Hmm… He could no longer be considered a human.

If not for the fact that he was indeed a human, Beitang Ce would probably think that he was a spy sent by the star beasts

Moreover, his identity was very likely to be that kind of prince of the star beasts.

Ye Xiao did not think as much as he did.

He only thought about how to refine more imperial techniques and then use those imperial techniques to synthesize stronger cultivation techniques.

For ordinary people, it might be very difficult to refine imperial techniques from grandmaster cultivation techniques.

However, for an existence like him who had synthesized all the basic cultivation techniques, there was not much of a problem.

He was completely clear about the origin of those cultivation techniques.

As long as he took a look, he would be able to roughly distinguish the differences.

Then, he could easily find an imperial technique by linking the same cultivation technique together.

Moreover, he also had the help of a spiritual cultivation technique like the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

That way, it would be even easier.

After solving the problem of the cultivation technique, Ye Xiao opened the two imperial techniques in his hands and took a careful look.

Unfortunately, they were the types that the Golden Book divine soul had already recorded.

One of them was a sword technique, and the other was the same cultivation technique as the Dharma Scripture.

He returned the two imperial techniques to Beitang Ce.

Beitang Ce opened his mouth and said, “Theres a method…

“Actually, its not completely impossible.

If you really want more imperial techniques, theres another good method, which is to go to the space battlefield and hunt star beasts.”


That method was like saying nothing.

Did he not know that there were many star beasts with dragon-class bloodlines in the space battlefield that could extract imperial techniques

However, how could it be that easy

He could only be considered to be at the lesser King realm now.

He had not even reached the King realm yet.

On the surface, he could barely be considered to be a big shot.

However, in the space battlefield, there were many who were stronger than him.

At that time, if he really encountered some top-tier martial arts experts, it would still be very dangerous.

At the very least, he would have to wait for his cultivation to advance to the Emperor realm before talking about going to the space battlefield, right

“Ill consider it.

Since there arent any more imperial techniques here, I wont bother you anymore.

Ill be returning to Jianghai city tomorrow.

Lets meet again if theres a chance in the future!”

Ye Xiao greeted him politely, and Beitang Ce nodded.

Then, Ye Xiao came down to read for a while.

He found almost the same grandmaster-level cultivation technique and scanned it with his spiritual energy before extracting the essence of it.

As expected, he did come up with the beginning of an imperial-level cultivation technique.

Although he did not know if the cultivation technique he synthesized could be different from the imperial-level cultivation technique he already had and allow him to synthesize a more powerful cultivation technique, at the very least, that was a very good beginning.

It proved the possibility of that method.

In the future, when he returned to Jianghai city, he could also use that method to find more imperial techniques.

There would always be some imperial techniques that could be recorded into his divine soul, right

At that time, synthesizing a more powerful cultivation technique, would that not be a piece of cake


After resolving the origin of the imperial technique, Ye Xiao instantly felt the pressure that had enveloped his heart recently disappear in an instant, and his mood suddenly brightened.

It was as if he had found a ray of hope.

Next, he had to think of a way to find more energy to use to increase his strength.

It was impossible to easily advance to the King realm just by eating the flesh and blood of star beasts.

That was because the strength required to advance to the King realm was really too great!

That sea of cultivation gaps could not be quickly filled by eating the flesh and blood of star beasts of the same level.

Eating the meat of star beasts was far inferior to consuming pills refined from an entire star beast.

However, even if one ate several pills refined from star beasts of the same level, it was impossible for one to advance directly.

Otherwise, anyone could easily advance to the King realm.

Therefore, Ye Xiao needed to find a place that had a myriad of purple and red leaves, as well as natural treasures.

In the books of the Zhong city, other than the martial arts techniques that were needed, there was also much miscellaneous news related to it.

Among them, there were naturally many secret treasures.

Ye Xiao saw from a few high-level documents that there were many treasure troves hidden in the vast and fertile land of the nine provinces.

Ye Xiao randomly found a few of them.

There were two that he was more concerned about.

One of them was the legendary Nine Provinces Dragon Vein.

The Nine Provinces Dragon Vein was the place where the essence of the nine provinces was stored.

It could be said that it relied on the nourishment of the sun and the moon, as well as the gathering of the spiritual energy of the Earth, to form a treasure trove.

That treasure trove contained the extremely strong spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

If one could find it and cultivate in it, one could easily become an unrivaled martial arts expert of a generation.

However, according to legend, several hundred years ago, in order to prevent people from coveting their own world, an emperor specially ordered a divine grandmaster under him to cut down all the dragon veins in the world.

That was also the reason why it was difficult for the nine provinces to produce an emperor in the past few hundred years.

Even if there was an emperors bloodline, in the end, no one could become an emperor.

However, according to legend, that person once secretly released a dragon vein and left a seed for the nine provinces.

However, whether it was true or false, everyone was not sure.

Now, there were also some aristocratic families that would use ancient methods to specially create a dragon vein in order to increase the strength of their descendants.

They would use ancient methods to specially create a dragon vein.

Artificial dragon vein.

That type of dragon vein was also very strong.

Although it could not be compared to a real dragon vein, it still had extremely strong spiritual energy.

If he could cultivate inside, he would also obtain strength several times stronger than if he cultivated outside.

Ye Xiao thought to himself.

It would be great if he could find that remaining dragon vein.

If that was the case, his speed would soar greatly when he entered to cultivate.

He might be able to cultivate into a King realm martial artist within a few days.

Of course, if it was really that easy for him to find it, it would also be very easy for others to find it.

Therefore, Ye Xiao temporarily did not consider that condition.

He first considered another place.

Heavenly Devil Cliff!

That place was said to be an ancient battlefield.

In ancient times, martial arts experts would battle with powerful star beasts here, resulting in casualties.

In the end, they killed all the powerful star beasts at the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Due to that reason, demonic energy soared into the sky at the Heavenly Devil Cliff, gathering the resentment of many powerful star beasts.

Yin energy was abundant all day long, and resentment was everywhere.

It was extremely unsuitable for humans to survive.

Even human martial arts experts could not enter easily, or their lives would be in danger.

However, it was also because of that reason that many star beasts would hide inside.

There were also some rare treasures that would appear inside.

The Beast God Alliance martial arts expert that he had killed previously, Long Tu, had entered the Heavenly Devil Cliff after being defeated by Saber God Li Liushui.

He had entered seclusion for a long time before coming out.

After he came out, his strength had obviously increased greatly.

That meant that there was indeed something good in the Heavenly Devil cliff.

‘The Heavenly Devil Cliff looks pretty good.

If Long Tu can eat well in there, I should be able to too.

After all, killing Long Tu was as easy as cutting vegetables.

At that time, his cultivation had only just reached Xiantian ninth grade.

Now, he was already an existence of the lesser King realm.

Compared to Long Tu, he was much stronger.

After all, the Heavenly Devil Cliff was not the space battlefield.

It was impossible for King realm martial arts experts to exist in it, right

Another point was that Zhong city was located in the east of the Zhong province.

It was actually very close to the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

The Heavenly Devil Cliff was located in the southeast of the Zhong province.

It belonged to the intersection of the Zhong province, Chu province, Qin province, and other provinces.

He could let Yang Xi and the others go back the next day.

After they returned, they would not immediately go to work.

He would go to the Heavenly Devil Cliff first to see if he could find better resources.

It would help him further raise his cultivation and completely break through the last layer of shackles to reach the King realm!

Thinking of that, he sent a message to Yang Xi, asking them to leave the next day.

There was no need to wait for him.

Following that, he immediately rushed to the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

The Divine Intent art was activated.

To Ye Xiao, this little distance was just a few breaths of time.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

The scenery changed in an instant.

On the Heavenly Devil Cliff, the cold wind was biting cold.

Although it was only late autumn, it had not truly reached winter yet.

Moreover, the time at that moment was only around three oclock in the afternoon.

The sun was still hanging high in the sky and had not set yet.

However, there was a bone-chilling chill here.

That was the resentment and baleful aura that filled the entire Heavenly Devil Cliff.

He should have been at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff, but because it was too dense.

It had already affected the surrounding land.

Even the cliff of the Heavenly Devil Cliff and inside the mountain were affected by that energy, causing it to become bone-chilling all day long.

Ye Xiao came to the edge of the Heavenly Devil Cliff but did not go down.

He only swept a glance downwards and felt a strong killing intent pouncing towards him.

The entire heavenly devil cliff was extremely like a line of heaven on the ground.

A huge black mouth wanted to swallow him like a tadpole.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that although this place seemed to be filled with killing intent as if it was a desolate and barren land, in reality, who knew how many lives were hidden underneath.

It was no wonder that the Long Tu was able to enter closed-door cultivation for decades without coming out, and he was even able to raise his cultivation..


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