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“March forward bravely…”

Qin Yuyan murmured.

The confusion in her eyes gradually turned into sobriety.

She took a deep breath and put down the cat.


Ye, thank you.

I have the answer now.”

Ye Xiao nodded and continued reading while Qin Yuyan turned around and left.

The next two days passed in the blink of an eye.

In just two short days, the hottest topic of discussion in the entire Jianghai city was the sword art genius of the Han province, Piao Jiansheng, challenging the daughter of the Qin family of Jianghai city, Qin Yuyan.

Everyone naturally knew how powerful Piao Jiansheng was.

Although they hated the people of Han state, Piao Jiansheng certainly made a name for himself as he was capable of defeating all the sword art martial artists of Jing province on his own.

As for Qin Yuyans strength, it was hard for everyone to judge.

The Qin family was the most powerful family in Jianghai city, and they had the backing of Qin Shenglong, one of the grandmasters of the city.

Qin Yuyans sword art prowess was definitely not bad.

However, the problem was that compared to the entire Jing province, Jianghai city was not known to have much competition in that regard.

All the geniuses of Jing province had been defeated.

Could Qin Yuyan do it

Finally, on the third day of the unceasing popularity, the martial arts hall of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy welcomed the battle that was the focus of everyones attention.

In the waiting room outside the hall, Qin Shenglong stared intently at his granddaughter, whom he was most proud of.

“Yuyan, just calm down and try your best.

Every move you take is already considered a victory!”

Qin Shenglong was not an idiot.

He knew that his granddaughter was no match for Piao Jiansheng.

It was just like how the Qin familys sword techniques could not possibly be higher than the sword techniques of those aristocratic families in the Jing province.

However, the longer she persisted, the more she could demonstrate the level of the Qin familys sword techniques and her own talent.

Qin Yuyan took a deep breath and said with a trace of determination in her eyes,

“Grandfather, I have been under your tutelage for 21 years! In those years, I have listened to your every word and never dared to go against the Qin familys ancestral teachings.


“However, todays battle concerns the honor of the nine provinces, and it also concerns my future martial path.

“This time, no matter what I do, I hope grandfather can understand and support me!”

Qin Shenglong was stunned.

He looked at Qin Yuyan with some confusion and puzzlement.

“Yuyan, you mean… ”

Qin Yuyan walked past her grandfather toward the martial arts hall.

“I want to win this match.”

Qin Shenglongs body suddenly trembled, and then his brows furrowed.

‘Does she have a fever or something

Shaking his head, he followed her.

In the martial arts hall, Piao Jiansheng was already standing on the stage since early in the morning.

Many girls in the surrounding stands were shouting words likePiao Jiansheng, I love you, causing the faces of many boys to turn ashen with anger.

Piao Jianshengs looks were indeed not bad, which attracted many girls.

However, Piao Jiansheng kept his hands behind his back and his eyes slightly closed, as if the noise in the surroundings had nothing to do with him.

It was not until a voice appeared that he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Qin Yuyan is here!”

As if to fight against the girls, some of the boys also began to jeer.

“Senior Qin, I love you!”

“Qin, defeat that pretentious chump!”

Piao Jiansheng opened his eyes.

A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, but he quickly regained his calm.

A real martial artist would never be too interested in anything other than martial arts.


Even if Qin Yuyan was indeed beautiful beyond the mortal world, it was far less meaningful than him improving his own strength.

Qin Shenglong also walked to the stands and sat beside Professor Du Changfeng.

“How is it Is Yuyans okay”

Du Changfeng asked.

Qin Shenglong sighed.

“Im not too sure.

I feel that shes a little strange today.”


Du Changfeng looked at Qin Yuyan on the field and felt something strange.

“This childs eyes are so determined!”

“Im not too sure either.

She actually said that she wants to win against Piao Jiansheng.

Do you think shes motivated by something”

Du Changfengs pupils constricted.

“This child might have something up her sleeve.”

The battle in the arena soon began.

Section Chief Jin of Han state spoke,

“In this match, both sides must suppress their cultivation to the fifth grade.

“The weapons that must be used are sheathed iron swords.

“If you violate the rules, you will automatically be declared the loser.

“In the case of casualties, the violator will bear all the consequences.

“If there are no objections, the competition will begin!”

Piao Jianshengs hands that were behind his back slowly hung down.

The academy staff offered each of them an iron sword.

Piao Jianshengs right hand was about to receive the sword when Qin Yuyan suddenly said,

“Wait a moment!”

Everyone present could not help but frown slightly, not understanding what was going on.

Piao Jiansheng also stopped.

The next moment, Qin Yuyan spoke up once again,

“If this battle is just a sword art competition, then Im no match for you.

That kind of fight is meaningless, so I admit defeat!”

Once those words were said, the entire crowd burst into an uproar, especially Qin Shenglong.

“Has she gone mad What is she doing”

Du Changfeng felt something unusual and held him back.

“Old Qin, dont be rash.

Lets wait and see.”

Then, while everyone was discussing, Qin Yuyan said clearly,

“However! I want to challenge you using another type of martial art!”

Piao Jiansheng was slightly intrigued.

“What kind of martial art”

“Saber art!”

With that one word, she once again caused an uproar.

“Doesnt the Qin family use swords Why does she want to use a saber”

“What the hell is she doing”

Qin Shenglong immediately slapped the table and stood up.

He was not this furious even when Qin Yuyan admitted defeat just now.

“This d*mn girl! Is she planning to humiliate the Qin family She actually practiced saber techniques!”

However, Du Changfeng still firmly held him back.

“Old Qin, lets wait and see.”

There was a faint trace of excitement in his eyes.

In the arena, Section Chief Jin immediately objected.

“No, were here to challenge sword art martial artists of the nine provinces.

We wont accept the usage of saber techniques!”

They were not fools.

After all, the nine provinces were vast and had countless geniuses from all martial art types.

Competing against only sword art martial artists could reduce a large number of competitors within the nine provinces.

Otherwise, if those who used sabers, knives, guns, and fists all came together, it would greatly reduce Piao Jianshengs success rate.


However, Piao Jiansheng looked at Qin Yuyan with great interest.

“The Qin family focuses on swordsmanship.

Did you secretly learn saber techniques”

Qin Yuyan nodded.

“Then… How long did you learn it for”

“Less than two months!”

Everyone was in an uproar again.

“This girl is really crazy!”

“What the hell is Senior Qin doing Is she stupid She didnt use the sword art that she had been practicing for 10 to 20 years, but instead, she used the saber art that she had been practicing for two months!”

Amid the doubtful voices of the crowd, Piao Jiansheng stared at Qin Yuyan.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, he finally nodded.


Lets do it.”


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