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Chapter 239: The Use of the Golden Book

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“Jianghai city”

That was the first time Li Liushui had heard of that small place.

“Thats right.

You didnt use the internet before, so you dont know.

Recently, a genius martial arts expert has appeared in Jianghai city.

He cultivates both saber and sword.

I can feel his saber skills.

If he can compete with yours, perhaps he can help you improve a lot.”

Li Liushui nodded thoughtfully and immediately cupped his hands towards the Shaolin monks.

“These days, I have brought many inconveniences to the Shaolin monks.

I am deeply sorry.

It is also thanks to the help of the masters that I was able to control the power in my body.

“In the future, if Shaolin has any needs, you can send people to look for me at any time.

I will not refuse.”

The monks raised their hands and bowed.

“Amitabha, Saber God Li, you are too kind.

You are a martial arts expert of the nine provinces and have performed many meritorious deeds for the nine provinces.

You have killed several star beasts and saved the people from fire and water.

It is only right for us to lend a helping hand.

There is no need to thank me.”

“Since all the masters have said so, I, Li, actually feel a little sorry.

Unfortunately, at the moment, my inner demons have yet to be settled.

When I have resolved my inner demons, I will come to Shaolin to express my gratitude.”

“Amitabha, Senior Li.

My Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Professor, Fa Zheng, is also going to Jianghai city.

Senior Li can go with him.

It will save him the trouble of using spiritual energy to trigger the demonic nature that has just been suppressed in his body.”

Li Liushui nodded.

“Thats good too.

Then I will have to trouble little friend Fa Zheng.”

On the other side, Ye Xiao came to the Zhong City Martial Arts Library and went straight to the top floor of the martial arts library.

Previously, he used Professor Huangs reading card to read books, but Professor Huangs reading card did not have enough authority, so he could not go to the top floor.

However, when Beitang Ce found out his identity, he gave Ye Xiao special authority so that he could come directly to the top floor to look for him.


Ye, why have you come”

When Beitang Ce saw Ye Xiao, he immediately stood up and greeted him.

“Im leaving tomorrow.

I came here today to say goodbye to you.”

“Has Mr.

Ye finished his advanced studies Time passed quite quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

“Its a pity that this old man has to be responsible for guarding Zhong city.

Otherwise, I could have returned to Jianghai city with Mr.

Ye and exchanged more eye techniques.”

“Time is very long.

We will have the chance to meet again in the future.”

After a pause, Ye Xiao spoke again,

“I came here this time because I have something I want to do.”


Ye, feel free to say it.”

“I want to see some imperial techniques! This is the Zhong City Martial Arts Library, which is also considered a relatively large martial arts library in the nine provinces.

There should be some imperial techniques here, right”

Beitang Ce nodded.

“There is indeed some imperial techniques.

However, based on the imperial techniques that you possess, you shouldnt be interested in the imperial techniques here.

“The imperial techniques that are placed here are basically not good ones either.

“Those top-grade imperial techniques that have been passed down for a hundred years are all single-handed.

Some of them have even been lost.”

However, Ye Xiao did not have many requests for that.

He did not care about whether those imperial techniques were good or not.

In any case, they were not as good as his current imperia, techniques.

The reason why he wanted the imperial techniques was purely to synthesize higher-level techniques.

“It doesnt matter.

Give it to me.

Ill take a look first.

It might be useful to me.”

“Okay, since you say so, Ill show it to you first.”

After saying that, Beitang Ce stood up and walked to one of the bookshelves.

He pressed a few buttons on the side, and soon, the bookshelf opened from the middle, revealing a small safe inside.

Beitang Ce used a series of extremely complicated passwords to open the small safe, and from within, he took out two books.

“Ah, these are the two imperial technique books that are stored in the Zhong City Martial Arts Library.”


He looked at the two small books and fell into a deep silence.

There were only two imperial technique books in the entire huge library

Was that a joke

He had just seen the other party open the bookshelf and the safe.

With so many complicated operations, he had thought that there would be many imperial techniques in there.

He had not expected that there would only be two.

After all, that was not a small library.

It was many times bigger than the Jianghai Library.

Its foundation was many times bigger than the Jianghai Library!

There should not only be two imperial technique books!

Beitang Ce seemed to see through his thoughts and explained, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Imperial techniques are too rare.

How many people are there in the entire world

“Moreover, there are so many divine sects, and a portion of them havent even seen imperial techniques before.

“Other than those that were passed down from families, there was only the imperial techniques that were rewarded by the state.

“Even the Nine Provinces Library did not have too many imperial techniques.

“However, if we really want to find imperial techniques, there is still a way.”

“What way”

“Extract it from the grandmaster-level technique.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Extract it from the grandmaster-level technique Could it be that it was the same as his Golden Book divine soul, extracting the most basic technique from the cultivation technique and then synthesizing them into one

Beitang Ce continued to explain,

“In fact, all cultivation techniques are derived from the imperial technique.

Because the human races aptitude is very different, many people can learn the imperial technique immediately after seeing it.

However, the vast majority of people, when they see the imperial technique, its as if theyre looking at a heavenly book, completely unable to comprehend it.

“Therefore, the ancestors used the differentiation method to separate the imperial technique into grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, and then the grandmaster-level cultivation techniques would continue to differentiate.

“In the end, they established the cultivation system we have now.

“From ordinary cultivation techniques to extraordinary cultivation techniques, then to grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, and finally, the imperial technique.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao finally understood.

Strictly speaking, the sequence of cultivation techniques was not from the bottom to the top.

In fact, it was from the top to the bottom.

Therefore, using many grandmaster-level cultivation techniques was actually able to fuse and deduce, forming an imperial technique.

Previously, because the Golden Book divine soul was like a cheat, as long as he casually read a book, he would be able to extract the most basic of the techniques.

Then, he would be able to synthesize an imperial technique.

It would be too easy to obtain something, therefore, he did not think too much about that problem.

However, if that was the case, the Golden Book should be able to synthesize other imperial techniques from different cultivation techniques.

Why could it not continue to use other cultivation techniques to synthesize the same type of imperial technique after it had synthesized one type of imperial technique

Ye Xiao immediately calmed his mind down on the Golden Book divine soul.

After careful comparison, he discovered the profoundness within.

The paper that had already synthesized the imperial technique was generally thicker than the paper that recorded ordinary cultivation techniques.

The overall paper of the Golden Book was limited.

That was to say, the synthesized techniques were limited and not unlimited.

When a few or a dozen techniques had synthesized the imperial technique, the paper that recorded the fundamental techniques of that type of technique had also been merged together.

The synthesized sword technique required a total of nine fundamental sword techniques for example.

After the synthesis, other than one piece of paper that was used to record the synthesized imperial technique, the rest of the paper would be combined into two thicker pieces, the paper used to brand the imperial technique.

That thicker paper might also contain the most basic technique, so it would record the same imperial technique.

As an example, the paper used to synthesize a sword technique could only record the imperial-level sword technique.

The paper used to synthesize a saber technique could only brand the imperial-level saber technique because it contained the basic saber technique.

It was just that Ye Xiao had not noticed it before.

It was no wonder that after a cultivation technique was synthesized into the imperial level, it would not continue to be refined and branded just because it looked at the basic cultivation techniques.

That was because the paper was fixed, and the Golden Book would not go to the extent of continuously synthesizing those rubbish cultivation techniques.

That also solved one of Ye Xiaos great puzzles.

That was, even though the origins of many cultivation techniques were clearly the same, why would there still be different cultivation techniques that needed to be synthesized above the imperial level.

Just like sword techniques, he had already refined the most basic sword techniques.

Whether it was the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique, the Myriad of Swords to the Origin, or the Imperial Sword Art, they were all sword techniques.

None of them could escape from the most basic sword techniques, such as stabbing, chopping, slashing, sweeping…

However, they were still classified as different sword techniques by the Golden Book.

That meant that although the imperial technique was already out of the scope of ordinary cultivation techniques, it might be different in one aspect.

Perhaps it was the way to display it

The Heaven-cleaving Sword only had one sword, while the Myriad of Swords to the Origin had 10,000 swords, and the Imperial Sword Art had 108 swords for instance.

Perhaps it was the profound meaning of a cultivation technique or something

Ye Xiao could not really understand that point, but an imperial level cultivation technique definitely had something that was different.

Ye Xiao now understood two things.

First, after the Golden Book synthesized an imperial technique, the paper that recorded the basic technique would also be synthesized.

However, it would be synthesized into white paper, which would also have the basic attributes of that type of technique, then, it would wait to be branded with other imperial techniques of the same type.

However, after synthesizing the basic technique once, it would not synthesize the basic technique again in the future.

Second, even those techniques that were not included in the Golden Book did not mean that they had no use.

They might indeed have the same basic techniques.

Consider that the saber technique was one of the seven basic saber techniques.

However, they could still synthesize other imperial saber techniques.

However, it needed to be analyzed and extracted by oneself, it could not be done through the Golden Book divine soul.

However, that was also a good thing.

At the very least, he could use the library to continue searching for grandmaster-level techniques and synthesize them.


Ye Mr.


Seeing that Ye Xiao had been in a daze, Beitang Ce could not help but call out twice.

Ye Xiao came back to his senses.


Ye, are you alright”

“Im fine.

I just feel that its a little troublesome.”

Beitang Ce chuckled.

“Who says so Its easy to split the imperial technique into grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, but its difficult to combine the grandmaster-level cultivation techniques into imperial techniques.”


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