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Chapter 236: Another Bumper Harvest

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Myriad of Swords to the Origin was actually a very good move.

It was still the same saying.

Whether a move was powerful or not, the key still depended on the person who used it.

Just how good was it

The reason why Ye Xiao was able to defeat Myriad of Swords to the Origin earlier was mostly that he used two imperial-level sword techniques mixed together.

If it was not for the Heaven-cleaving Sword to augment the Imperial Sword Art, Ye Xiao would not have been able to easily defeat the other party.

There was even a possibility that he might even lose.

That was because the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique did not have a long duration, and the Imperial Sword Art was they type of technique that gradually increased with time.

It was impossible for it to reach the strength of 108 sword techniques in one go.

If Ye Xiao used the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique to support the Myriad of Swords to the Origin, he would also be able to achieve an effect that far surpassed the Myriad of Swords to the Origin.

Moreover, now that he had the Myriad of Swords to the Origin, it was equivalent to Ye Xiao possessing three imperial-level sword techniques at the same time.

That way, when his strength rose to the King realm, he would be able to directly combine a powerful cultivation technique that surpassed the imperial level.

Currently, among the cultivation techniques that Ye Xiao possessed, the healing technique was already completed.

There was the Morning Star Method, the Ultimate Healing Technique, and the Mending the Heavens technique.

There was also a movement technique.

He already had two, and he was still one step away from being able to combine them.

Now, there were three more imperial-level sword techniques that could be synthesized.

With that, there was a lot of hope for the King Realm!

As for poison techniques, Ye Xiao had never thought of them before because he felt that such a thing was despicable, and its effects were very slow.

However, since he had refined the Spirit-devouring Demon Art, he could not waste it.

He might as well practice it.

Who knows, he might have some surprises in the future.

That way, he could be considered to have harvested two cultivation techniques.

Next was meat.

Actually, if Ye Xiao could refine the two of them into medicinal pills, that would truly be perfect!

If that was the case, then his cultivation would definitely increase by quite a bit.

However, he could not do that.

Refining a medicinal pill required the flesh and blood of the star beast, the star core, and the soul to become one.

Relying solely on the flesh and blood alone, it was impossible to successfully refine it.

However, if he took away the star core, these two fellows would not be able to resurrect.

If he only relied on the flesh and blood of the star beast, the two of them would not be able to bring sufficient spiritual energy to Zhong city, which would be extremely destructive to the city.

There were so many martial artists here.

Once the spiritual energy supply was reduced, the speed of their cultivation would drop drastically.

At that time, there would be a chain reaction.

The increase in cultivation speed would slow down, and they would not be able to deal with the beast calamity later on.

Ye Xiao was not a god.

He could not possibly eliminate all the star beasts in the world in one go, right

The beast calamity in every place still needed to be resolved by the local martial artists.

He had snatched the star cores of these two star beasts.

It was indeed a great benefit to his advancement, but in the end, it might cause the deaths of countless people.

That was a little too selfish.

However, eating a little more of their flesh and blood, although it could not achieve the effects of alchemy, it could still obtain a similar effect.

If it was not enough, then eat a little more.

Ye Xiao quickly revived the two of them.

First, he revived the Poisonous Dragon Scorpion.

After all, his strength was relatively low, so it was convenient for him to cut off his flesh first.

The Poisonous Dragon Scorpion, whose consciousness had already sunk into the darkness, suddenly felt a ray of light surging into his consciousness.

That kind of light was very warm.

It made him recall the day he was born, coming from his mothers embrace.

‘What a holy light! So comfortable!

The Poisonous Dragon Scorpion slowly extended his large pincers.

However, a moment later, this light began to disappear.

Following that, he discovered that he had appeared in a sealed space.

In front of him stood Ye Xiao and Sword Dragon Azura, who had been split into two halves.


After a short moment of silence, he could not help but say,

“Is this hell Did the two of you perish together”

Ye Xiao answered him with two sword lights that instantly chopped off his head and stored his physical body into his storage ring.

The heart-wrenching pain woke Poisonous Dragon Scorpion up.

That was not hell一Ye Xiao and Azura did not perish together.

It was Ye Xiao who killed them all!

Moreover, that was the human races sealing array.

When he was in Shaolin, he was locked in that place to be the core of the human races spirit-gathering array.

D*mn it, this guy was actually so strong Even Azura was not his match.

Could it be that he had already become the legendary human king-rank prodigy

However, his brain soon could not think of these messy questions anymore.

That was because Ye Xiao had once again used the healing technique to repair him.

Then, before he could understand what was going on, Ye Xiao swung his sword again.

What is that guy doing

Has he gone mad

Resurrecting him again and again, then cutting off his body

Torturing people does not have to be like that, right

After he was cut down for the seventh time, he finally understood that Ye Xiao did not want to torture him at all.

He wanted to collect his own flesh and blood, because the flesh and blood of star beasts contained a large amount of blood essence.

After absorbing his own flesh and blood, he would be able to strengthen himself.

‘But… Arent you going too far

‘Just because you know how to use the healing technique, youre mutilating other peoples bodies

‘And youre not even going to let go of a scorpion

‘Are you still human

‘Even an animal is a hundred times stronger than you, alright

At that moment, he suddenly began to regret.

He regretted escaping from Shaolin.

He regretted coming to Zhong city

If he had not escaped from Shaolin, or if he had not come to Zhong city, he would not have met that d*mn pervert.

Now, not only was his flesh cut off again and again, but he was also sealed in the spirit-gathering array again.

That was more than a hundred times worse than being in Shaolin!

Fortunately, he was only a scorpion.

Just as he was about to curse, Ye Xiao stopped cutting off his flesh.

“Ill let you off for now.

I still need to use Azuras flesh and blood in my spatial storage ring.

Consider yourself lucky.”

Only then did the Poisonous Dragon Scorpion retreat to a corner with tears in his eyes.

Ye Xiaos gaze quickly landed on Azuras body.

Azuras strength was relatively strong so he summoned the Great Dragon.

He had to move quickly.

After cutting off his flesh, he would revive and then cut off more.

After collecting it, he would leave and seal them with the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper.


In the darkness, Azuras consciousness drifted absentmindedly.

At that moment, a ray of warm light suddenly appeared in the darkness.

That ray of light chased away the cold of the darkness, making him feel warmth and hope.

He could not help but stretch out his hooves and touch that warm ray of light.

In the next second, he returned to a very familiar place.

It was the spirit-gathering array and the sealing array of Zhong city!

He had stayed in that place for hundreds of years, so no one was more familiar with it than him.

Was he put into the spirit-gathering array by the human race again

However, it made sense when he thought about it.

The human race needed to use his body as the core of the array.

However, he did not expect that humans would actually resurrect him.

Hmph, those greedy humans actually resurrected him in order to allow him to unleash his remaining heat and give them more spiritual energy to absorb.

They were even more greedy than the greediest dragon among the star beasts.

Then, in the next second, he suddenly felt a pain in his neck, his eyes went black, and his consciousness fell into darkness again.

Then, very quickly, he returned to his original state.

Then, his neck was cut off again.

What was going on

What was that human doing

It was not until the eighth time when his head was raised high up that he saw Ye Xiao, who he feared and hated the most, standing on his back.

He was holding that thing that he did not know if it was a knife or a sword, chopping off his own head.

On the ground, there were still a few of his own corpses.

His muddled head seemed to finally understand what had happened.

D*mn it!

That human was actually farming him!

Using the healing technique to repair him, then killing and leaving behind his physical body.

He was a super powerful lesser divine-level star beast above Xiantian ninth grade.

The flesh and blood in his body contained a large amount of blood essence.

That human actually wanted to use him to advance


He would never allow it!







After he finished cursing, he was resurrected again.

Ye Xiao had already taken away all of his physical body and resurrected him.

Azura was so angry that he vomited blood.

He immediately shouted,

“Wheres that person Wheres that b*stard Where did he go Get out here!”

Poisonous Dragon Scorpion said faintly,

“Hes already gone out and even sealed the array.”

Azura was really angered to the point of collapsing.

“Ahhhh… D*mned human! Dont let me meet you again! If I meet you again, Ill definitely make you regret it!”

He let out a world-shaking roar, but unfortunately, under the seal, he could not even transmit it out.

After obtaining a large amount of star beast meat, Ye Xiao bade farewell to Beitang Ce and returned to the hotel.

That time, coming to the Zhong province, he had really struck it rich.

First, he synthesized a soul-refining technique that was indestructible, allowing him to continuously cultivate his soul.

Then, he obtained the imperial technique, Myriad of Swords to the Origin, and gathered the three great imperial sword techniques.

Not to mention the Spirit-devouring Demon Art, it was purely a gift.

There was also a large amount of star beast meat.

One was the Xiantian ninth-grade Poisonous Dragon Scorpion, and the other was the lesser divine beast, Azura.

One could imagine how much his blood essence would rise in the future.

Right, he seemed to have another spoils of war before that.

The Xiantian ninth-grade divine-level Shadow Bat.

‘I almost forgot about it.

Ye Xiao immediately took out the Shadow Bats corpse from his storage ring and used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan his star core.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Bats star core only had a spirit-type intrinsic cultivation technique.

Moreover, it was the same cultivation technique as the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, so it was unable to be recorded into the Golden Book divine soul.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

If a lame and trash-like star beast like the Shadow Bat could have a very good cultivation technique, it would be too unfair to the other star beasts.

However, Ye Xiao was not considered to be a pessimist.

That was because it could also refine medicinal pills.

A Xiantian ninth grade medicinal pill should be able to raise a lot of blood essence, right

Overall, he still earned quite a lot.


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