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Chapter 233: The Most Powerful Ye Xiao

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sword ray was falling, revealing the countdown of Beitang Ce and the death of the Zhong city.

At that moment when everyone was in despair, an accident suddenly happened in the next second!

From the south of Zhong city, an even faster sword ray suddenly shot over!

Its power was actually not much different from that sword ray.

It was mixed with lightning and thunder.

In a flash of lightning, it directly cut off Azuras sword light.


Azuras sword light exploded in the air because it had lost the support of the spiritual energy.

It was like a brilliant nuclear bomb, raising a mushroom cloud that reached the sky.

The shock wave pushed back all the clouds above Zhong city.

The clouds within hundreds of miles kept flowing backward.

The shocking power made countless warriors of Zhong city and those on the way to escape feel their hearts skip a beat.

That simple attack was an existence that they could never surpass in their lifetime!

Its power was rarely seen in the world.

“Whats going on”

“Who made a move”

“Could it be that the human martial arts experts have rushed over to support us But how did they arrive at such a long distance in such a short time”

The Poisonous Dragon Scorpion and the other star beasts were stunned.

They did not expect someone to be able to cut off the sword light of a martial arts expert like Azura at such a critical moment.

That was completely out of their expectations.

Azura, who was in the sky, was also in a daze for a moment.

Even someone as powerful as him did not sense the other party at that moment.

His gaze once again landed on Beitang Ce.

At this moment, there was an additional human youth beside him who was using a healing technique.

Azura slightly narrowed his eyes.

He was a little excited because he could sense the aura of his own kind from that fellow.

That was the aura of a prodigy!

The strength of that fellow was comparable to his own.

It was very difficult for ordinary people to have such a feeling.

Only superior martial arts experts like him would have such a feeling when he could not find an opponent.

The loneliness and coldness of being at a high place!

Ye Xiao used the healing technique as he said indifferently,

“Sorry, Old Senior, Im late.”

Beitang Ce was extremely excited.

Ye Xiaos attack just now was so powerful!

“Have you advanced to that realm”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im still a little short, but Im almost there.”

Beitang Ce felt a little regretful.

“Thats such a pity.”

“No worries!”

Ye Xiao spoke again, and then he looked towards the sky.

“At least, for now, it wont be a big problem to deal with them.”

At that moment, Shi Guanghao and the others were also heavily injured.

Facing a few star beasts and a Xiantian ninth-grade Poisonous Dragon Scorpion, they simply could not hold on.

If not for Ye Xiaos sudden appearance interrupting everyones battle, at that moment, they might have already been heavily injured and fallen.

“That… That youth, who is he Why havent we heard from Senior Beitang before”

“Its fine if we havent heard him mention it.

We dont even know that theres such a person in the nine provinces.”

The Poisonous Dragon Scorpion and the other star beasts also let go of them and slowly approached Ye Xiao.

Shi Guanghao and the others were already heavily injured and could no longer pose a threat.

However, if they wanted to kill them, it would still be difficult for them to do so in a short period of time.

Right now, the focus should be on Ye Xiao.

Under Ye Xiaos treatment, Beitang Ces injuries had already healed, and his combat condition had also returned to its peak.

He clenched his fists, and he could not help but sigh in his heart.

Ye Xiao, so strong!

Seeing the Poisonous Dragon Scorpion and a few star beasts approach, Beitang Ces pupils started to throb with dark green flames!

His expression was ice-cold as he said,

“Leave these few fellows to me.

I can deal with them.

You can focus on dealing with Azura.”

“Theres no need.

Ill be fine by myself.”

Ye Xiao continued to speak indifferently.

His face was neither happy nor sad.

To him, as long as ones cultivation was within the same level, they would definitely die if they saw him, not to mention these small fries.

Their strength was already a level lower than his.

Beitang Ce was slightly stunned.

He then looked at Ye Xiao with some emotion and envy.

‘Hes still a young man after all! Hes young and arrogant!

Shi Guanghao and the others were also staring at him.

When they saw that he was fighting alone, they were immediately puzzled.

“Could it be that he wants to fight alone”

“Isnt Senior Beitang already healed Why isnt he fighting together with him”

Lang Xinyue clenched his fists slightly.

He had probably thought of the reason, but he felt that it was too crazy, so he did not dare to say it out loud.

It was very likely that Ye Xiao did not need to put the other party in his eyes anymore, so he chose to fight alone!

The Poisonous Dragon Scorpion and the other star beasts flew straight towards Ye Xiao.

“If you want to fight with senior Azura, youll have to get through us first.”

The star beasts were as fast as lightning and as swift as lightning.

In an instant, they turned into a streak of light and slashed towards Ye Xiao.

All kinds of energy gathered together and formed a huge encirclement net, attempting to take Ye Xiao down.

However, in the next second.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The star beasts at the front exploded on the spot and exploded into a bloody mist in the air.

It was like brilliant and gorgeous blood-colored fireworks.

It was extremely beautiful and shocking.

A few divine-level star beasts were killed on the spot!

That move instantly caused everyones pupils to constrict.

“So powerful!”

“My God, this guy is so powerful that it makes peoples hair stand on end! Is He really a human”

They did not even see him make a move!

Everyone knew that that was not an eye-bloodline technique, but spiritual energy.

That was because his spiritual energy was too strong, after his spiritual energy condensed into a substance and threw it on the other partys body, it could instantly detonate the other partys body of flesh and blood.

That was not a serious problem in itself.

When divine grandmasters like them fought against the weak, they could also use that kind of move.

The problem was that those few people just now were not weak.

They were all divine grandmasters, genuine divine grandmasters!

Just now, they had beaten the others until they were almost crippled.

In the end, they could not even match up to Ye Xiaos mental strength.

That fellow was a little freakish.

However, the shock was far more than that.

Behind them, the Xiantian ninth grade, Poisonous Dragon Scorpion, directly released the poisonous fog and enveloped Ye Xiao within.

When this poisonous fog came into contact with the air, sizzling sounds of burning were produced.

It could cause damage to spiritual energy.

No matter how strong the other party was or what kind of defensive equipment the other party wore, under the attack of this poisonous fog, it was almost impossible for them to escape unscathed.

However, before everyone had the time to worry for him, in the next second, a golden saber glow actually slashed out from the poisonous fog that filled the sky.

The moment that powerful saber glow appeared, it tore the poisonous fog that filled the sky apart mercilessly on the spot.

Poisonous Dragon Scorpions pupils constricted.

He had never thought that such a thing would happen.

His poisonous fog was not only poisonous, but it also contained a very large amount of spiritual energy.

Therefore, even if it was an existence of the same level, it was impossible to easily split open his poisonous fog.

That Ye Xiao had actually split open the poisonous fog with a single slash.

That was too heaven-defying!

That was not right.

Now was not the time to discuss that.

The other party was so powerful.

He should not continue standing there foolishly.

Instead, he should quickly escape.

However, he had just come up with that thought.

Before he could turn around and fly away, he saw Ye Xiao slowly extending his right hand in the next second.

Star-picking Hand, activate!

His right hand only moved slightly.

In the next second, Poisonous Dragon Scorpions entire body seemed to have been fixed in place.


His expression instantly could not help but become terrified, but he did not give him the chance to react.

Ye Xiao clenched his right hand slightly, and in the next second, he was directly kneaded into a meat patty.

Crack, crack…

It took shape in one go.

He did not even have the chance to say his last words.

Everyones hearts shook.

Another instant kill!

Moreover, at that time, the other party was a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert.

That was way too terrifying!

Those few star beasts from before were only Xiantian seventh grade.

If you killed them in one instant, it would be one instant kill!

After all, everyone could still think that he might be a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

He had actually killed the Xiantian ninth-grade Poisonous Dragon Scorpion in an instant and even killed someone from a distance with extremely high difficulty.

Just how strong was that guy

When the last star beast Tree Demon saw that scene, it was completely frightened to the point of collapse.

Good heavens, that guy was way too strong!

Those guys were all Xiantian seventh grade and above divine grandmasters, and there was even a powerful Xiantian ninth-grade existence among them.

That was simply a child with a single slash!

No, he absolutely could not get involved.

Otherwise, he would definitely die!

After thinking up to that point, he did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

He directly used his cultivation technique in an attempt to escape from that place.

However, the instant he turned around, a sword ray suddenly fell from the sky and pierced through his chest on the spot.

The power of that move was so strong that even though he had a healing technique, he was still unable to save himself.

He had been completely destroyed.

It was Azura who had made his move.

He had killed the tree demon.

The tree demon turned around and glanced at him in disbelief, his eyes filled with confusion.

He was a star beast, and Azura was also a star beast.

Why did the other party want to kill him

Azuras eyes glanced at him in disdain.

“The others have all died on the way to charge, and youre the only one left.

You actually want to run The reputation of the star beast race and I are about to be completely thrown away by you.

“Such trash, Ill send you on your way.”

The tree demons body fell towards the surface of the river.

Up until the moment of his death, he still had a dumbfounded look on his face.

‘If you cant beat him, cant you run

‘Were both star beasts, so why make things difficult for each other

Azura did not think about that at that moment.

Tree Demon was his subordinate, but in the end, it made him lose face in front of Ye Xiao.

Of course, he had to kill him.

Next, what he had to deal with was Ye Xiao.


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